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  1. i have anxiety too it makes it hard to do things that are simple for other ppl…but that aside can we flag YouTube itself?

  2. You’re channel was good like 4 years ago but now you’re constantly faking drama and acting dramatic over nothing. It started with that fake debate with that preacher

  3. I am scared! Google Plus might get me!- wait a minute I have a better idea!
    . Destroy my whole phone!

    That’s a great idea

  4. pretty sad when most of the comment section doesn’t give a shit about the video, just the subscriber count.

  5. I’m not an atheist but I’m not a Christian, I believe in the supernatural and higher powers but I don’t believe in Christ. You have been such a great inspiration to leave such a terrible and toxic environment of Christianity around me. So have a good day.

  6. Similar thing happened to bearing i think. Might’ve had something to do with in video promotion for some particular product that youtube doesn’t want promoted?

  7. Ever noticed that If you start bleeding randomly from your head no one will no…

    Wow, that sounds really creepy.

  8. BitChute.
    Get an account now.

    You can set it to copy all of your YouTube videos as they are uploaded, description included.

  9. You should have your own website where you post news on like https::// does where he collects all his output from all the different platforms he is on.

    You know atheists are so deluded thinking to believe that he doesn’t exist,that link is only the first proof of God i’m gonna give you more examples
    1.If the bigbang is real then why doesn’t any planets form when i blow up a fire cracker? Answer becuase the bigbang is false
    2.I have proof that the bible is real,if you look on the old testament and see the new testament it proves that God exist,example when the old testament predicted jesus it did!Check mate!!!
    3.If God was not real then why was the wise men lead by a star? Answer:Because GOd exist if he wasn’t there would be no star to guide them 4.IF Adam and Eve was not real then why do humans does sex? Answer:Because of sin.
    5.IF GOd is not real then who carved the moon every week? Answer:God did it.
    6.If jesus was not real then how can you explain the photos of him today? Answer:JEsus exist
    7.Bible is not a damn fairy tale,if it was then why do i say it is true? ANswer:Becuase that’s what the bible says
    8.If evolution is real then where did the monkey’s came from? Answer:Because God only created man and woman.
    9.Christians are proven to be smarter than atheists,why? Answer;BEcuase that’s what the bible says.
    10.If Moses was not real then how come he appears on movies? Answer:BEcause the bible and moses are real.
    1.How was the universe formed? Answer:God did it.
    2.How was earth formed? Answer:God did it
    3.Why are there bacteria’s and all Answer:God did it
    4.Why is the moon not on fire like the sun? Answer:God did it
    5.Why do humans have no tails? Answer:God did it
    6.Why is there a hell for atheist to go? Answer:God did it 7.How was the bible so real and has no contradictions? Answer:God did it 8.Why does evil exists Answer:God did it, (I know what your thinking it was Satan,OK)
    9.Why does evidence on earth contradic the bible? Answer:God did it( and to test your faith.)
    10.Why did unicorns became extinct without evidence? Answer:God did it (unicorns exist it’s in the bible)
    A).The bible says that adam and eve was real,if you want proof go to the creation museum to meet the most intelligent christian eva his name was KenHam. b)There are even dragons in the garden of eden as the creation museum says so. c).Jesus is real,oh yeah how do i know so because there was a woman which jesus sent her some goldfish crackers
    1.If you say that God is not real then we have proof,of course the bible and KEnhams creation museum.
    2.If atheists are good people why didn’t Atheist Bale visited the hospital but Christian Bale did.HUH Checkmate atheists.
    3.Evolutionists are so deluded about the blind worship of the fossils,if that fossils were indeed true then why does the bible did not mention that one ,checkmate
    4.If there was no God then why did women have a long hair,it doesn’t look as though someone will command it right,Checkmate.
    5.If God is not real then why do Atheists hate him so much,,Another check mate.
    6.If evolution is real then why is evolution cannot be seen and why my cat doesn’t turn into an elephant,HUH checkmate
    . 7.Atheists thinks homosexuality is good,do you have any evidence that homosexuality is good,at least we have proof,it is found in the bible.Checkmate
    8.Jesus cleanse your body,proof?that’s why you pee and poo,Checkmate
    9.If jesus is not real then why do we have photos of jesus today HUH checkmate.
    10.athiests has no proof of their own like an atheist sripture,that’s why atheists are blind.

  11. deleting your content to adhere to youtube just allows them to direct your personal growth. Whether you think there is an agenda from youtube or not or whether you feel that you have changed, dont allow youtube to control your opinions from fear of being censored.

  12. Worry not,dearest Jaclyn
    Us watching you shall not end
    Keep the fight for sense alive
    No matter the depths you may dive
    You help lead us by willing to learn
    And with that example nothing more you need earn
    So we all agree that you should take no flak
    Keep going and get back on the attack

  13. YouTube doing this is like turning up to work one morning and there being a closed sign on the door. You can’t give someone a job and then just take it away without explanation. YouTube needs to get its act together before creators start finding other ways to share content

  14. fuck you tube… that’s right I said it! DAILYMOTION RULES (not really but what else is out there?!?!)

  15. Now you know what it’s like to be a youtuber with conservative political opinions. lol. Not that they even exist anymore. lol

  16. That sucks 🙁 but I get it it’s a good reason to actually delete a full videos since they are no longer relevant to your views NOW.
    Yeah I always talk about how great it is that you can see your adventure in life and how you grow in all the ways like Christian to atheist like it’s so cool seeing that process.

  17. When are conservatives going to realize we need a conservative replacement to google and youtube. until then discrimination against conservatives will not change.

  18. Who’s going to pay for your next boob job now? Could’t stand your channel anyway. It was all about you, You YOU.

  19. I feel your pain, Jaclyn! Your experience with Youtube is eerily reminiscent of the “boot-on-the-head” actions of totalitarian regimes, like North Korea, where people they feel threatened by just simply, disappear along with their ideas. To me, the fact that you were judged and “convicted” without rhyme, reason or evidence, and without having had the chance to know your accusers or what you were even accused of is pretty frustrating, if not downright sickening! When you stated that you were going through and deleting other videos because of what you “think” they might object to, all I could picture is the omnipresent “big brother” in the novel, “1984”, who is ever poised to “cleanse”.

    I think that the best weapon we can use to force transparency is the one that hits Youtube’s bottom line. Perhaps one day soon, we’ll figure out how to do that, Jaclyn. Stay tubin’, sister! 🙂

  20. Fuck….I only do YouTube and Facebook because I don’t really want many social media type things. But I need to be able to follow you, not in a weird way, you’re just simply  where I like to go to learn and watch and get some sort of inspiration in my terrible life. Fuck.

  21. Wow! I can’t believe this. Jean-Francois Gariépy on one of his new videos where him and his co-host spread lies about LGBT and joke and advocate burning LGBT people being lit of fire as a cure for “The Gay”. And I have reported that twice and nothing has happened to him but with you and how little this incident was; is baffling to me. Seems like Google likes the advocating burning LGBT people and likes to go after tamer channels. Thanks Google and YouTube for letting me know who you are now. Disgusting. I am sorry this is happening to you. YouTube have secretly become evil.

    So my conclusion is that YouTube supports lies and the advocating of killing LGBT people; and strikes down any channel that supports the truth and the support for equal rights or just the normal life LGBT people led like everyone else and their struggle. Google and YouTube seem to be on the white nationalist hating everyone different or telling the truth side of things now.

  22. I remember just a couple years back when Youtube was a bastion of Free Speech. sigh, what happened? Oh,yeah, Leftists.

  23. Jaclyn, you might want to do videos more in a more respectful way, Even in videos on your stand point of religions such as Christianity. Try a Experiment with like say, why is The Gospels of Jesus helping people and curring people and stuff. Compare it to other stuff like the Quran and stuff. I wa a Skeptic atheist andhaving been a Atheist, te only real way I think to expose some thing, is at the very sourse. Though I had actually converted to Christianiy, not from force, but but by te actual evidence I found. Which My years from 1997 to now pretty much I canged dramaticly. I used to get angry very easy and start breaking things, Now I hardly ever get in a rage any more. And if I do, it is very rare now unlesssome one messes with Meor My Family. I would have been inlisted in the Military if not for My disabilities, of not seeing well, and Asthma.

  24. That’s weak. What’s the point of having your own channel if you’re just going to be a puppet bitch for YouTube? I’m almost done with this PC nightmare site. Don’t be a pussy. Have some dignity and tell them to go suck start a shotgun. I LIVE FOR THE BAN!!!

  25. Hi.. JackynGlenn .. can you make a counter argument versus Bro. Eli Soriano? He is a preacher here in the Philippines and he thinks he is all that smart to mock atheists and science. He is a total Dick.

  26. Oh my god I just realized that I was unsubscribed from ur vlog channel and saw I missed months of videos. Wow YouTube

  27. 7:15 I just farted at this point in the video.. It was a random selection, trying to be more spontaneous in my life.

  28. We can have a channel of Logan Paul and his bullshit stay up but the many YouTubers talking about LGBT and atheism get banned. Really YouTube? Also, cool that you picked out my tweet.

  29. I know you probably don’t want to hear this but I’ll be praying for you you don’t deserve this treatment

  30. You know, honestly…YouTube’s completely opaque method for them “flagging” or “deleting” a channel is the only reason I haven’t done anything with mine. I have one that I use as a sort of “video-email-forum-example-folder”. What really pisses me off is that “Your channel has been deleted. No, we aren’t telling you why. No, you can’t talk to us about it. No, we aren’t telling you which video it was. No, we aren’t telling you…well…ANYTHING. POOF! You’re gone!”. That’s just total BS and goes against EVERYTHING that is considered “fair play” or “polite”.

    PS: Get a BitChute account. I don’t “do” social media…it’s..well…I just don’t.

  31. I can relate to not knowing what happened to something important. In middle school, my school had a point system. One time, one of my teachers took a point from me and thought it was another kid who had my first name. Thankfully, I found out, and he corrected his mistake.

    Also, thanks for inspiring me and giving me more freedom to be myself as an atheist in a mostly religious neighborhood. I swear to science, the next time someone asks me if I was sick and couldn’t leave my house on Sunday…

  32. Lesson: always have a backup plan! Be resourceful as best as you can! Love you making fun of The Hate Comments, you’re awesome!

    1. Have you noticed how unattractive she has gotten in just 2 years ?
      Not good breeding material.
      As an atheist I like to find as many young, attractive, intelligent, healthy females to mate with to make sure that my genes have a better chance at surviving in this evolutionary process as Darwin spoke about in one of his books as being completely normal.

  33. Because you got into the Bill Maher wannabe racket nearly a decade after it was risque & now atHOists are just boring, predictable, whiny typical Michael Moore evangelizing white attention whores

  34. That’s the reason why you can’t live your life according to other people’s controls. You have to be ok with your channel just disappearing overnight FOREVER or you will be at the mercy of these feelings! Why? Because you don’t control… you don’t own your content. Youtube does. You have such limited voice and recourse related to your own account. Yes, they may care a tiny bit more if you are generating massive loads of ad revenue for them, but they also don’t care if you go away. The only way to survive is to make sure you have a backup of all your content somewhere, but that does nothing about your interactions with commenters and/or your hard work building up your presence. That’s just how it is, sadly. Google owns Youtube. You’re at their mercy.

  35. also you deserve to have your channel taken down, you’ve copied from small youtubers and then you get all pissed when you think buzzfeed copied from you. You’re a narcissist

  36. Either this is new or I need to pay better attention, however, when did the bell (next to the “Subscribe” button NOT the one at the top) happen?! I always just remember hitting the “Subscribe” button and that was it…..I thought?

  37. Watching on Twitch now. Just signed up. Too bad YOUTUBE is becoming such a cowardly corporate shill. Hopefullly Twitch is better.

  38. Youtube hasn’t been a reliable platform for years.
    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, find other places to push content.

  39. Youtube is starting to have a somewhat long and rich history of screwy systems and algorithms that mess with people’s channels, which goes back many years at this point. It’s clearly not getting better, but worse, and any content creator should make sure they create a tether with their users beyond Youtube, such as an interactive website, and also look into alternative distribution platforms, perhaps even blockchain based (decentralized) ones. Youtube does a lot for exposure, but it is *not* reliable.

  40. Yep this is censorship already starting due to the lack of net neutrality especially when it comes to criticizing religion.

  41. What would be the point of unsubscribing to a dead channel anyway? It’s not like it’s spamming your feed or putting out stuff you just don’t like anymore.

  42. Yet that channel named Cut is left up. It’s totally fine even though it features children being shown sex toys and talking about masturbation with their parents.

  43. Obviously, at least a few of the people in charge of monitoring videos are religious zealots and taking out their frustrations and anger on channels/videos THEY find offensive.

    Welcome to America, land of the free?

  44. There are literally hundreds of neonazi channels up that basically say “kill people” and they are still up.

  45. THANK YOU GOD! See, He is real. I really want to see you fail, be depressed, and just overall be useless in life. LOL. Huh… prayer really does work! Just go away now little atheist slut.

  46. Don’t delete the vids…make them private instead…then you will have the option of making them available at a later date if you wish to illustrate your own evolution.


  47. My advice is to go through and backup ALL of your videos ever ever ever and keep them on your own computer. You can always reupload them later to Patreon or another platform, but don’t use your channel as a place to STORE those videos because like you said, if Youtube takes down your channel, you’ll lose all your memories. I think you should have the option to download high quality versions of all your videos from your dashboard, but I guarantee in the worst case scenario there are fans who’ve ripped your videos through Youtube download sites (I used to do this all the time when I didn’t have WiFi)

  48. it’s google, not “youtube”, just like msnbc is really comcast, a corporate right wing money sucking machine… and you’re absolutely right, before google took over there was a communication between youtube and users, that is gone and google is only in it for the money, the days of a “community” are long gone, this is nothing but a computerized money sucking operation that overreacts to advertiser complaints.

  49. This is why I’m hesitant to post anything. If it’s not some butthurt wimps who got offended filing complaints, it’s YouTube’s broken system that ruins everything you worked so hard for. It’s not worth it

  50. Did you hear awhile ago Stampy got deleted, frikin stampy, the MINECRAFT YouTuber, the one who never curses for Plays any inappropriate games. Like, how the HELL did he get deleted, and he still has no reason for why he was deleted!

  51. Jaclyn I hear you but your channel is not your whole life. I believe you could lose all your channels and make a comeback. Anyway, I’d like to hear you talk about Atheism and Jordan Peterson’s latest apologetics. There seems to be a religious undercurrent to the tension in our nation that is worth discussing. Congrats on getting your other channel back!!! 🙂

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