“You’re Not Allowed To Walk Your Dog!” SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #63

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

103 thoughts on ““You’re Not Allowed To Walk Your Dog!” SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #63

  1. They aren’t aware of themselves like she was saying because the truth is they’re chanting all this shit about “they don’t care about you” “they care about their pension” “they care about their money” and blah blah. There’s 50% truth in that. Everybody cares about their money in their pension ,but you don’t get into a business or a career like a police officer if you want to be rich. That’s what some people don’t understand Fire Department, police, military, and some medical like CNAs and nurses and pretty much every other rank-and-file medical worker other than surgeons and doctors and CEOs do it mostly because they love it. They feel good about helping people or whatever their reasons Maybe. People don’t realize nurses, police officers and other professionals like this don’t even crack a hundred thousand dollars a year sometimes. They’re not doing this to get paid. Yes they do get paid and yes they get paid better than somebody who works at Burger King and it’s much deserved pay, but it’s nowhere near rich and it’s usually just enough to keep your lights on food on the table and all your necessities. These little fucks are chanting this shit and they would be the first one to cry and ask for help if they get raped ,beaten or mugged. There’s such smug little fuckers who have lost touch with reality and it’s a fucking shame that they act like this it’s almost like a two-year-old having a temper tantrum.

  2. This video shows exactly what SJW is all about.
    Being loud, without a message and crying over nothing. Just like toddlers.

  3. Bitch you fuck with my dog and your worst nightmares will become reality faster than you can wrap that hijab around your head

  4. dog like , “this human barking at my alpha, this woman being aggressive to my alpha, this woman CLAWING MY ALPHA, BACK THOT I SHALL BECOME THE EVIL YOUR RELIGION THINKS I AM LEAVE MY PACK ALONE !!!”

  5. I hate to be the devils advocate here, but the guy on Tucker Carsons show has a point. Just because on average Asians have a higher income rate, maybe she specifically had undergone some racism in her neighborhood or her childhood. Not defending the absurd claim that we cant judge her or we’re racist, but lets not say she has never experienced racism just because Asians on average are more privalleged than other genders

  6. It’s amazing to think that nobody has physically hurt these morons because they were “in fear for their life”…that would be a pretty solid defense when there are 5 or more people with weapons or yelling obscenities at you…

  7. i live in abu dhabi and go to oman for holiday and when i see a dog i need to go and play with him but some are dangerous *strays* they attack so thats why she was angry *probs* so enjoy this explanation, you’re welcome

  8. And THIS is why protesting is losing it’s power, because people who actually protest against real injustice are being compared to these degenerates.

  9. Good dog, he knows how to protect his family, and he was just probably wanting to get pet, oh well, that’s what happens when assholes live in our society.

  10. If you banned the police, trust me you wouldn’t live to see another day, it’s called watch the purge movies

  11. Why is your dog attacking me !?!
    Idk maybe because it doesn’t know you and you’re verbally shouting at this man

  12. If that was me the dog should have hold me becase I would slap the shit outta her if she comes to my face screaming like that.

  13. That first video were muslim women dedicating themselves to aggrevating and abusing a white person to point of retaliation so they can clame it as a racial attack.

    Ffs people, we all know what the headlines be, something along the lines of EDL trained dog and his nazi owner attack innocent fatherless muslim family, The media would never post a true incident like muslim family attacks lone white british male.

    WAKE UP!

  14. Do these people even hear their own logic? They’re screaming and accusing a black woman of being a white supremacist. Why would anyone of color support white supremacy when it means the elimination of everyone who is not white? I’m telling you, the unapologetic stupidity of the far left has no bounds.

    As for the woman flipping out at the man with the dog. The dog is trying to protect his owner, which should give the woman a clue that she is doing something that is being interpreted as threatening.

  15. Here’s an idea, if you think the dog is aggressive or hostile maybe don’t start yelling and acting aggressive towards the dog’s owner. Jesus this lady is braindead

  16. the Candace Owens clip reminds me of the pictures and videos of the Arkansas schools being integrated in the 1950’s. The angry white people back then were democrats also.

  17. Yo could we get something more about the first clip? It’s so out of context I thought she was mad at the dog because it said hijabs are stupid

  18. Can someone tell me the story behind the dog segment? I am curious because I have heard over the years stories of Muslims abusing dogs in various circumstances, and I suspect that it’s because of their faith.

  19. As an Arab Muslim to the lady that was attack the man with the dog. I’d literally unleash my dog on her children and beat them living faith out of her till she’s knocked out. Fucking whore if you go to someone else’s country YOU SHOW RESPECT AND STOP BITCHING whore the dog seemed harmless to me. Keep fighting my friends these cunts needs a shocking backfire to put them in their place

  20. “She got in as a dumb person” So true, but that’s true about every other school.
    We need entrance exams everywhere, just on logic.

  21. Even when she’s screaming the dog is wagging his tail, then she grabs him and the dog defends him? I’m sorry what? I don’t think we need a wall between the borders. We need a huge walled in area, (we’ll use a total shithole place as an exclusion zone) to put all the shit people together, regardless of race, orientation, ethnicity ect. Then we weld the door shut and leave them all to their own devices. And all the nice ethical people can share the world in peace ✌️

  22. I’m not a white man. I’m a man who has pale skin. Stop using race and gender as excuses.
    Look at Judge Judy. (Just using her as an example.) Judy isn’t a woman judge, she’s a judge who happens to be a woman. She wanted to be a judge and she did that. The only person stopping you from doing what you wanna do with your life is you. Quit making excuses and actually try for a change. Life is difficult and it’s hardly ever perfect. The sooner you understand that, the better.
    ‘_________ didn’t address me using my personal pro-noun.’ F*cking deal with it! The world isn’t perfect and it never will be.
    Get a f*cking grip.

  23. well of course the dog will attack when there is screaming a crazy lady and its owner is being threatened dogs will fight back

  24. @2.40 wait a minute are those white people oppressing that poor black woman and her business? lol hypocrisy at its finest especially when chanting fuck white supremacy to a black woman

  25. Sadly, it is clear these mutants are unemployable, uneducated and brainwashed. So sad, but I enjoy watching them lose their minds. Laughable and they have no power to change anything.

  26. Oh my god they are cancer…they are literally living, breathing cancer cells. I have never been a supporter of abortion but I am a supporter of destroying cancer cells ;D

  27. 10:35 “White people are still in charge of this country.” …Okaaay and what color is a person of Asian ethnicity…last time I checked they consider themselves white in color, or maybe tan-ish, but of Asian ethnicity. I was born and raised in America, my family coming from Ireland, Czechoslovakia, and Denmark. Great grandmother met my great grandfather on my fathers side in Ireland and moved to America, my great grandmother on my mothers side is from Czechoslovakia and met my great grandfather in Denmark. I have olive skin tone but I consider myself white as would many others, in fact they don’t call me Irish, Czech, or Danish, no I get called white supremacist, Nazi, and racist (which I still don’t get. One, I’m not racist and two, even if I was if you want to be so PC, at least say ethnicicist)…This way of thinking makes no sense. White could literally mean anyone logically thinking and speaking, unfortunately, these imbeciles don’t think at all…

  28. The dog walker should have just left and if the walking simian pillar box stopped / assulted him he should have planted his fist squarely on its snout and continued on his journey .🐽

  29. Just because a group isn’t oppressed doesn’t give you the right to be racist towards them. And not every white person has it easy. All of the successful whites had to work where they are now unless they had rich parents who pass them done money

  30. I really don’t understand the story about why the black lady and white guy were being yelled at outside that restaurant. Can someone explain???

    1. Imani S. H. I think , now this just my thinking from what I can hear her saying,, that he could not walk away . So the dog must have growled at her or snapped at her .

  31. “We love America” “SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU *breathes american air of free speech* *hoping for the government to pay tuition*”

  32. Someone plz get there retarded white sons and daughters that didn’t get loved at home cuz there queers I love how it’s all white people yelling at a black women that she I s a white serpremisist? People in this generation really need a life it so sad

  33. I just pray that the dog got a few good bites in before it tasted her NASTY ASS leg in it’s mouth !!! 🤢🤢🤢😁😁😁

  34. F… withe supremacy f… withe supremacy… wait! isn’t that girl black? Sssh! We come to far to start thinking now, just keep screening and acting mentally retarded, probably no one will notice it.

  35. “Enjoy your capitalist breakfast,” and “Fuck the bourgeoisie,” says the people who most definitely live in gates communities with gates fences, automated security cameras, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool in the backyard, and two door garage.

  36. Good Dog, protect your owner

    Just wondering though, the video started off with her going nuts, did the dog do something before that for her to react like that? just curious?

  37. Muslims saying a dog on a leash, wagging its tail is dangerous… not like freaked out muslims have ever caused any trouble or anything… dog’s no more dangerous that you are.

  38. Ok, so playing along with the stupid…. what was blowing whistles, screeching and using a megaphone in the face of Miss Owens, while yelling at her (a black woman) about white supremacy…. supposed to accomplish anyway?

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