“You got what you deserved” – The tolerant left about my situation

I had no plan on making this vid but SO MANY of you wanted me to talk about the hypocrisy and since I cater to your everlasting needs – here it is. Exposing the left, yet again.

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

106 thoughts on ““You got what you deserved” – The tolerant left about my situation

  1. I watch her videos. I’m on the left.  some people on both side take it to far and it turns in to kids in a sand box fighting. People just need to calm down and find whet we have in common. A society can not prosper like this.

    1. Phoebe
      Well, you are an UNUSUAL one! I mean I watch a lot of people on the left, but I think many on the right do. People on the left that I have spoken with in a VERY civil manner, saying something that isn’t even really debatable or insulting, etc…. often would rather YELL at me than discuss things or leave it alone.

    2. Amen Phoebe! You’ll be back soon Barb. Another one of my sayings comes to mind, “God must have loved idiots because he made so many of them”.

    3. Phoebe nah libs are scumbag hypocrites that lie and twist and those people take it 2 far. Get ur shit str8 noob.

    4. Liberalism is a mental illness. It has no place in any society. The lefts ANTIFA fascists are the perfect example of why. Or the Democrats KKK. Yup they own the KKK. How about the racist BLM or the racist SPLC? There is no common ground with the left.

    5. Phoebe Ah! A fellow Human! Few and far between it seems. I greatly appreciate your sight on this, what happened to “Sticks and Stones” and “If you can not say something nice”? (Comedy is obviously safe from these rules. Should be.) And Karma? They do not understand the meaning at all.

      It is a bunch of children who are saying these horrible things. I hope all goes well for her and the ones spouting the hate find out what Karma TRULY is.

  2. WAIT A SECOND! AREN’T they the ones that said ALL whites have PRIVILEGE? And YOU are SLAVIC! That is pretty white! They shot down their WHOLE narrative just to try to attack YOU! WOW! They are SO stupid that they are now saying that trump is sending LEGAL citizens back. They AREN’T legal though, THEY BROKE VARIOUS RULES! Take Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev, for example! He wasn’t REALLY a legal citizen! He committed a terrorist act act based on the timing, etc…. it looks like it was planned from the beginning. HE would have been one of the first to go back. When he gets out, if he ever does, he will probably be told to take a hike back to where HE is from.

    Barbara4u2c The US, like most countries, is KNOWN for being SLOW! Lawyers can be idiots, and THEY cause a lot of problems. You were simply unfortunate enough to fall prey to that. I’m sure you will be back. AND, if you aren’t, you still got a lot of experience, maybe some connections, etc…. and you will probably have something to laugh about in a few years. You are right, the left can be NASTY! A lot of THEM probably aren’t even HALF the person you are.

    Barbara4u2c So far as I know, you can have as many visas as you want! ALSO, ALL visas are deemed valid as long as you haven’t hit their expiration, and can remain within the terms of the visa. So if you had a visa that didn’t expire until 2012, and you can still stay within the terms of it, you CAN stay until 2012. Of course I am not a lawyer, and would recommend talking with the consulate, or something similar to validate that. They should know this stuff practically in their sleep, as it is one reason they are around. They ALSO should be able to check YOUR specific case! Hopefully there is an american counsulate not far from where you are at, though you should be able to just call them, with simple questions. Getting details about YOUR case might require you to present proof that you are who you claim to be. WHO KNOWS, maybe THEY will even fight to keep you in the US. You sound nice in more ways than one, and going back because there is a minor doubt is admirable!

    By staying within the terms, I mean that….Education visas require certain educational goals to be met at certain times, H4Bs require you to be married, H1Bs require you to be working in many cases, etc….. If you fail to meet the requirements, the visa is no longer valid. It is kind of like a contract. Even then though, I believe there is an appeal process, etc…. Such things are why lawyers are so often involved. Also, undue welfare, subsidies, felonies, perjury, treason, etc…. can hurt it as well, which is why I say Tsarnaev wasn’t a valid citizen.

  3. We want legals like you. Not the illegal kind. Although if you keep wearing that hat you can stay out of the country. 😜

  4. The reason Leftists attack everyone else is because they’re trying to hide their own insecurities. They’re just like bullies in that way.

  5. Hi , i live in California and you are welcome here . intelligent productive well spoken and attractive . we need a few women here like you

  6. Love you barbera just by watching this you do get to see who really are the racists who simply hate everything without answers or are just too dumb to go to school and learn to read and write😆😂
    Peace and love everybody 😍

  7. I don’t feel sorry for you. That’s because I love you and your videos and don’t wanna see you set yourself on fire. ☺

  8. LA apartment is that you!? Lol Hahahahahaha. There are so many unethical, ignorant and stubborn people out there, you have to get good at ignoring them because that’s what we (enlightened/aware people like you and I) have to deal with in this flesh..
    Sometimes you do got to call it out and address the issue when people don’t get it.. Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOL, I wouldn’t give a shit about those comments 😀 Beautiful and wise, very rare to see those in the same body, and pretty awesome personality 😛 I hope the visa gets done asap and you can have a nice stay in the Country that looks like a chicken…. At least it doesent look like a penis like sweden does…. Keep the high spirits up, u go girl!

  10. ‘”I would rather set myself on fire, than have anyone feel sorry for me.” 4u2c, Barbara. I think this can be a great t-shirt quote!

  11. Stay in your country and talk about immigrants that makes sense and don’t act like
    you are not from a poor country

  12. OK, Barbara. i do really like you, but you really should not let it look like, as if it was some kind of punishment to go back to slovenia.
    slovenia is a great country, i go there for holidays. it has one of the biggest pharmaceutical industries of europe, krka from novo mesto. the “koper cabana” beach is legendary and the isonzo/soca is a far known fishing paradise with endemic trout species … attracting fishers from all of europe.
    and you should have some historical pride. the patriarchat of aquilea, the county of gorizia and gradiska, the wendic marches and the county of kraina … so much stuff was going on.
    what should those ameriskis think of central europe, if you let it look, as if it was some kind of unfortune to go back ? does their opinion even matter ?
    greetings from austria

  13. Moments of weakness shows you are human. Id rather see human moments rather than bullshit. Honestly the visa process is difficult but it is worth it in the end.

  14. We need to implement eugenism ASAP or the gene pool will be so diluted there wont any come back from the abyss of stupidity.

  15. Now your back in europe maybe a euro tour to show how europe is really screwed , iam sure you could stay for free on your tour ,

  16. Hard correction Barb: You are not showing weakness by your honesty; that is strength. Hiding behind lies and deceptions is weak!!
    Social norms are mostly cultivated BS. We love you because you follow a higher standard than most and you dance to the bear of your own drum while you do it.

  17. I’m happy to sponsor you in the US Barbara, on one tiny almost insignificant condition….that you do a Playboy spread…all artistically shot of course….and you can keep your hat on 😜👍

  18. The vast majority of people don’t have a problem with legal immigration. Thank you for respecting the laws of your host nation as I would in yours or any other Nation. I don’t see how this is so complex for regressives to understand.

  19. Barbara I’m from England and recently moved to the USA as a permanent foreign national. First of all as a Brit immensely proud of my new adopted country I wish you success in getting your visa.

    Secondly i regret not exploring Europe more when it was right on my door step, could you make a video of the sights of Slovenia? I’d love to see it.

    All the best.

    Ps. You say ‘literally’ like an American…. ‘lidely”.

  20. Again. Screw the hat; just keep the 80’s exercise machine in the shot! There are a lot of indescribably stupid people out there barb. I think it’s great you expose them and you provide education that is entertaining!

  21. You can teach people how to do many things, but you can’t teach people to be more intelligent or have a better attitude. Haters gonna hate, and idiots are always gonna be idiots. It’s just too bad that stupid people are too stupid to feel stupid.

  22. Funny you didn’t stay because you want to do it legally. Where these idiotic retarded moronic foolish brainwashed lefties defend illegal aliens. Funny you walk your talk and they just don’t get it. That must be it your not a hypocrite and that is what their ideology promotes. When you live your life off of other people’s lies, it makes it very difficult to understand people who are law abiding (like yourself).
    Glad to see you make fun of these useful communist idiots and not let them get to you.
    One more thing, the communist lefties just hate the very thing you are. Which is a beautiful young woman who can think for herself and follows her own beliefs. This commie bitches change their beliefs and the meaning of words to fit their own agenda.
    They just hate people like you, which shows you you’re going about things correctly.

  23. fly back to canada….stay there get your passport stamped. then re-enter the usa ….canada has an open door policy

  24. Hang tough kid and keep playing by the rules. I fully respect what you stand for and your contributions to this great nation.

  25. We never lose when we take the high ground of truth and righteousness. Kudos to you for doing what is right and following your conscience. I wish you well wherever you call home, but hope you can return to the U.S. We need more like you to overcome the lunatics.

  26. That’s it! I’ve had it! I’m GLAD as hell and I can’t take it any more! Your channel is now my 5 star favorite. 😉 You’re an angel of awesomeness riding your unicorn into battle! Never stop fighting!

  27. LOL, I like how when you follow the rules, they say “karma”. GFB, Hope you hear back soon and return. Will love the comments then.

  28. I would love to take you out for a drink if you make it back to LA — normal guy, also works in entertainment

  29. Barb, you are a shining beacon of light. Please, make your way back to the USA as soon as possible; we need more people like you! I wish you nothing but the best!

  30. You are doing it right. You are walking the walk and talking the talk. I hope you get your visa and citizenship if you want it. My Grandparents came from very very South Poland and had to have a useful trade, sponsors, and pass a health inspection at Ellis Island. You would provide great value in the US, should you ever decide to stay here. Just curious, are most Slavs conservative? Almost everyone I know is. God Bless.

  31. @ BARBARA… Remember obstacles makes us stronger, and learning wiser…. As papa use to say to me.. “CAS.. EVEN IF YOU FALL 99 TIMES JUST REMEMBER TO GET UP 100 TIMES” there’s always a way…. I’ll be glad to help in any way… God bless you 😘

  32. Most Americans, even on the right have NO problem with LEGAL immigration. The one category that people hesitate with is immigration of Muslims. If you are Muslim but you want to live in the west because you want to live as a western, assimilate and integrate, we’re okay with that. What we don’t want are people of any background who want to come to the U.S. and attempt to completely change our society. We’re not perfect, and we’re open to constructive criticism, but we don’t want things like Sharia.

    Despite what the media will tell you, the U.S. has done multiculturalism pretty well. I’m in Chicago, I was born and raised here, and our city is 1/3 white, 1/3 black, and 1/3 hispanic. If you listen to the news you’d think Chicago is in a huge racial standoff. Not true. I’m from the southside of Chicago and for the most part, we all get along just fine. We see each other as Americans. Yes, we have a LOT of shootings but if you look at the stats the overwhelming majority of shooting occur in condensed areas on the west and south sides.

  33. This is due to ignorance of any actual immigration laws. Everything you explained can be googled and read up on in 5 minutes. And how the hell do you make a mean comment about following the law? It’s like saying wooow you paid for that car instead of staling it? What an asshole.

  34. B, you are unique, I find it so difficult to laugh about the problems caused by our F***** governments, social media etc… But you at least make me smile 🙂 Take care, and all the best, hope to see another vid soon

  35. I’ll watch the video here Ina sec. Just dropped by to hit the like and leave kissie faces

  36. They’re mad ’cause you actually respect US immigration laws and borders. Pretty pathetic what they’re doing on twitter, spreading complete lies about you.

  37. I sucks that Barbara4u2c didn’t move in with me in Canada to avoid flying all the way home. 🙂 . ignore the hypocrites Barbara we know what is right.

  38. Hi, good luck for all your projects in the US ! Hope they will take you back asap ! A ‘friend’ of mine has been deported to Europe and then she’s still waiting for a new visa since 2 years now… she should have done like you !

  39. PS – If you read my other comment and are curious about those Chicago stats go to http://www.heyjackass.com. They keep unbelievably specific, accurate, and up-to-date stats on Chicago crime; from what neighborhoods the shootings occur in all the way down to where on the body people get shot as a percentage.

  40. Don’t let those leftists hipocrates afect you. You are better and stronger than those scumbags. Everithing Will bee fine,don’t worry.

  41. Of course they gave you shit. You’re beautiful, smart and self-reliant. EVERYTHING the left HATES!!! They are literally the Orcs from Lord of the Rings

  42. Stupid ppl are just so entertaining. Thanks for respecting the law, Barbara. Hope to see you back in the states soon.

  43. You’re still hot…But your thick, wonky eyebrows are going to ruin your entire life though if you don’t fix them. Go back to more natural looking you beautiful thing! P.S. – SCREW THOSE LOW IQ, FAR LEFTIST, LOONS!!! Come back to USA soon…just don’t go to LA.

  44. Man,there are some seriously stupid humans out there. If these fake Liberals watched the videos,they wouldn’t look like inbreed Idiots. MOCK THEM! MOCK THEM!

  45. Slovania is so beautiful this time of year! It took me three times to type that because of auto correct kept changing it to Slovakia.

  46. I repeatedly see references to “Karma”. This is a misuse that will bring them suffering inside.

    Karma is not a weapon to be weilded or called on people like a Jihad.

    Karma has no place for Creatures the likes of those who use it as such.

    When you use Karma in such a way you actually create negativity in your own soul causing* you to become more hateful and cruel and making you less human and further from enlightenment.

    Karma will effect your soul.

  47. Barbara, good people like you will always be welcome in our country. Bring all your friends and family from Slovenia, errrr, Slovania!!!

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