WORST date of my life…

Here are some HORRIBLE dating stories mixed in with some (hopefully) good advice 🙂
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

110 thoughts on “WORST date of my life…

  1. Might be fucked up, but it’s so hard to believe some men get so pissed that women won’t fuck them on sight, or after first dates. Who are these guys?!

  2. You rock Jaclyn. F those guys.
    MB you should get yourself a basic guy like Captain Awesome.

    ya know, if it doesn’t work out with your home grown bf.

  3. Also, girls who can kick tail are hot. What if we’re in a club and someone is coming up behind me with a pool cue while his friend is beating me down. Do i want the girl who quite uselessly shouts “Look out!” or the one who disarms him with a basic self defense move.

  4. I would like to go out with you I know you don’t know who I am but I think your a great women sorry about your bad dates

  5. Hi Jaclyn. I just want to say i’m so sorry about the comment I made to you about going to marry a scientist with a small dick. I actually don’t wish you ill. I just get super jealous of attractive girls. I know you want to be promiscuous and i’m fine with that. Be you whatever your dogmatic beliefs are I don’t care. Good luck and god bless.

  6. Your mind has hair of its own 🤣 🤔 lol no but seriously your very intelligent and beautiful ❤ maybe one day you will have faith I pray that you do LORD bless you have a good day!!!

  7. I don’t like you as a human being but the decision you made was 100%. That was probably the only decision you made right with your life. You are forgetting one important thing, you live in Commiefornia. It’s no longer a felony to give people AIDS. It’s best to be on your guard as people with STD’s no longer have any reason to fear the law.

  8. @jaclynGlenn Why on earth would you ever bother pissing around on a dating site? Dating sites are the worst possible avenue to meet someone.

  9. That guy you’re talking about at 7:00 or so, he sounds like was trying to “pick-up artist” you. Using slow, constant pressure, trying to smother your resistance by throwing out “reasonable” alternatives or scenarios which all led back (or were meant to break down your “resistance”) to sex.
    Yeah, wow just typing that gives me the willies, he may have been worse than the aggressive dude, in possible outcome and intent. Like a mantis or pitcher-plant. Looks like something benign, turns out not so much (also luckily doesn’t always make it to the “goal”). At least when you see fangs and claws you SEE the potential consequences, well, unless you’re a tourist in Yellowstone I guess . . . or that one safari park in Beijing. Or that lady in Berlin with the bear. Ok, I guess fangs and claws aren’t always a deterrent. Hmph.
    You’re right though, that sort of guy/date isn’t talked about a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. It’s interesting how things like this can happen in marriage too. I don’t really see people talk about this either. The pushiness. Like how your partner can expect sex just because you’re married. If you refuse they can become irritated, upset, or just plain pushy. Just because you “pledge yourself” to someone and feel as though they are your soulmate or whatever…. does not mean they are owed your body. You do not “owe” them anything. You still have control over your body. You are still allowed to say no even if you’re married to that person.

  11. I have an easy way for us to make 17 billion dollars, all we have to do is lie and say we are christians.. I am very self absorbed, but I would love to listen to you

  12. Yeah that guy who lost his shit from being denied a shag on the first date…proooobably a rapist

  13. About that guy on a third date, which you were confused about. The thing is you need to leave your hard-on behind so to speak and the only way to do it is to be really interested in a person you date, interested in simple conversation and getting to know each other better. Like me personally whenever I’m on the date, I always feel that need to talk about everything first, like to get to know about person as much as I can. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guy, I mean if she’d put out right away I’d probably have at it, cause we’re young and stuff, and if she does, she obviously not the one I’m looking for, but a night is just a night. But I wouldn’t even think about pushing it untill I’m really sure I like her as a person, and even then I’d wait untill I know she’s ready. It probably comes down to one thing, whether you date a guy who basically likes intelligent women and a guy who likes the others.
    Even in my horniest days I would still be patient and just talk. I love to talk. Don’t wanna brag or smth, but that’s exactly how it should be.

  14. you saved my life , so I am moving to los Angeles . I am a little short shit, I stand 5 feet 6 inches tall and a little over weight. but I am very intelligent and planning on attending the university of southern california as I want to get a law law degree and minor in mathematics… you are the complete package, you are both beautiful and intelligent

  15. what is your reason for hating avatar the last air bender? because zuko and ketara, have fire and ice abilities? and you think that makes them jin? for some reason? what your reason for hating secret of nym. because the main character is a girl? and you dont like women. what was your reason for not liking wolf rain again? you didnt like the main character was white.

  16. When choosing between toilet-paper and acetone.. TP is always the one that is higher priority.
    And ya never date someone that doesn’t have money for BOTH.
    I don’t have a car, but I uber or taxi everywhere.. don’t date mega-broke people. They need to focus on stuff other than dating first.

  17. I wishhhhh I had social media (other than YouTube) that I could contact you over because I have a million questions (I’m an atheist that has NEVER MET ANOTHER ATHEIST BEFORE) and I want to know more lol

  18. the greatest compliment that I can give you. is that I am the proud father of a little girl. and I have named her ” jacklyn glenn rozensky”

  19. fact is that no religious God’s or messiahs can be identified by science or by mathematics. My toilet is more of a God to me than any religious God

  20. I’ve been that pushy guy before :(. Really liked the girl but knew it wasn’t happening and resorted to begging (not for sex, that’s pathetic.) Were I the girl in that position, I’d say thank you for taking me out, pay for the dinner and Lyft out of there.

  21. Omg yes the friendly but rapey tactic. They think they’re being polite because they’re not physically forceful but basically don’t respect you and your feelings. I’m on you with it being even more uncomfortable, it makes you feel dehumanized

  22. nice to see how you vent like a normal person, but still keep a positive attitude about things as you push forward. this is pretty common stuff though. I hate throwing large sums of people into any one category, but typically most men and women are in full on theatrical mode when you first meet them. they try to present themselves as whatever they think you want. its almost like you’re meeting their representative, more so than the actual person. it’s sad that you have to keep your guard up a bit, but that’s why its usually a good idea. if people were honest and up front like the one guy you mentioned, everyone would be better off. hell, its faster and easier to tell the truth than it is to conjure up a lie and maintain the act. but I guess that’s not as fun to someone with an agenda. just keep focusing on your own happiness and eventually you’ll cross paths with someone you like who’s not completely f.o.s.  in the meantime, happy hunting I guess…  lol

  23. I can explain how to you why the guy acted the way he did that you reference around the 8min mark for about 30 secs or so. Sense you say he was a nice guy and that he would stop when you ask him to but a few mins later he was trying again. I would say he honestly thought you were playing a game. That you really wanted him but that you wanted him to work for it as a lot of women do this and then drop us that famous line; “I never do this on the first date” Some women just like to play games were others don’t want to feel like a ho or want you to think she’s a ho so she’s going to make you work for it. You know the old high school B.S. where girls did the same act. I’ll regret typing that as today’s world gets so hurt if you just express what you’ve witnessed personally. I’m sure men do a variety of things as well but I wouldn’t be aware of that. Anyway I would guess he probably thought that you were really wanting more bc maybe your body did or the actions led him to believe it did. Also most adults really don’t make out All hot and heavy unless it’s leading somewhere or at least most of my experiences haven’t anyway though I do like to make out if I like really like a woman and would always respect her boundaries. Hope this might explain why he kept trying.

    1. I commented before hearing the end of your story so maybe what I explained above was not the case with the guy you mention as he sounds like he might have just been a creep but I hope you still see my point even though it might not actally imply to the guy or situation I first used it as an example for. I’m actually sorry any guy would ever make any women feel that way and I guess I will always watch the full vid before I comment next time

    1. Good. having sex isn’t as desirable as it seems. sex is a very serious matter did you know the bible says you become one with every person you have sex with. you will pick up their demons. you create soul ties with every person you have sex with and even watching it

    2. Not too long ago I would have laughed in your face but then I learned about the quantum eraser and I’m not so sure religion is dumb anymore

    1. 10:29 remember … if in doubt go for the groin then the eyes then the pinky fingers kick, gouge, tear 🙂

  24. If you ever come to the UK and you want to be wined and dined properly I’d be honoured! You’re amazing 🙂 xx

  25. Speaking of covering drinks…..don’t trust woman either. You never know….there’s been cases where woman have helped men sexually assault/rape them. So just like Jaclyn said DONT TRUST ANYONE. That goes for woman too.

  26. It goes both ways. I have had such bad dates with women that I have all but stopped dating. I am going to end up alone with a house full of cats. I am ok with that. Cats are the answer to all life’s problems. -Me(ouch)

  27. You are a truly beautiful person with a hell of a story. Found your channel earlier today and I think if we’d met in real life, we’d be good friends. Wish you the best! Thank you for the awesome content.

  28. My step-grandfather (whilst married, dating two women, and getting nudes and messages from tons of women, and also he was like 70) was with this chick at a grocery store because she needed tp. Somehow he got seperated from her in the store and no toilet paper was purchased. And she sent this amgry message that was like, “If he doesn’t take care of his wife, how can you expect a man to buy you toilet paper?” (His wife is in a nursing home, paralyzed. He died recently and we have his phone.) Classic.

  29. I know this may not be appropriate to admit in a comment section, but I know exactly how you feel about the pushy guy. I dated someone for a year on and off. He used to sexually manipulate me exactly this way. We never slept together, thankfully because I never wanted to be in a room alone with him. This was literally just last year when this happened to me and I still haven’t recovered. He used to violate me and molest me, thinking it was okay even though I was saying NO. He would tell me to hush and act like it was okay. He tried to act like he was soothing me and it was absolutely TERRIFYING. I used to go home and break down every day because of him. After him and I broke up, his attitude turned aggressive. He still kept trying to touch me sexually. He tried suggesting a poly relationship with me. He insulted my body, ruined my friendships, physically harmed me and sexually assaulted me. I was finally able to completely be rid of him after he choked me literally two months ago. He still tries to fuck with my life by taking friends, and it’s honestly killing me but it’s whatever. He’s a shitty person and if my friends choose him over me after knowing what he put me through, they’re pretty shitty too.

  30. Its okay I to have had some too, its great to be critical about dates, you soon find what you want in someone. I keep looking to find simular values and originality. That guy who talked just about himself? why didn’t he ask anything about you… Pushing guys don’t take no for an answer, when a women says ‘no’ it does mean ‘no’. always listen to what women say about themselves and believe them.  Its best to ask more stuff about you? but because of YouTube if it were me I would already know a lot about your political and philosophical views 🙂 haha. Good Advice. Sex is beautiful when shared with someone your comfortable with.

  31. I’d get a grow a girlfriend after a break up. All my exes would be jealous………just kidding that’s just creepy. Just imagine bringing a date at home and she sees it in the bathtub.

  32. Its been a while since I’ve been on YouTube, like a good year. Did you forgive Social Moth boils after he fucked another lass?

  33. As much as I love tits.
    I liked her channel a lot more before it became the “I have fake tits. Aren’t I hot channel?”

    I first saw her on Jesse Peterson. And loved her on there. And was surprised that her channel was so much different. I wish her attitude as always the way it was on that appearance with that moron.

    Just my opinion tho. It’s her channel and clearly people like her content.
    But I’m sure there are others that came from that interview that were surprised at how much different she is.

  34. Sex is for marriage. The Bible says so not me. It also says to provoke one another to love and good works. Be strong ,we can overcome the temptation of this world because Jesus did.please keep me in prayer to stay strong. Thanks

  35. This is some weird shit.. I mean what the fuck ever happened to having chemistry? You either do or you don’t.. pushy motherfuckers are weird. If you don’t have enough intuition to realize your date isn’t into getting physical then don’t make it fucking weird.. The art of being a gentleman is dying fast…

  36. Why should women have to feel that way because of men’s egos to score? Be like knights in shining armor. Be true to yourselves, go out with petty women, be proud to have beautiful women on your arms, and have plenty of fun together. Get to know each other, but if it doesn’t work out? You may still have beautiful friend to take out every once in a while because she trust you like a brother, so be it.

  37. You look like 155 lb bag of severely beat assholes. You basically took WHORE and amplified it by 1488%
    You deserve the abuse you get…all of it.

  38. I’m at a point in life where if sex isn’t involved, dating just plain isn’t worth it in terms of time and money invested. And I get it if that’s not what a woman is looking for; I make it clear what I’m looking for, and if she’s not even willing to entertain the possibility of sex after a first or second date, I don’t bother asking her out. Why waste either of our times?

  39. Finally, a video about reasons to not have sex on the first date that’s not saturated with religion. These are actual, good reasons that every girl/guy should know

  40. The nice guy that was pushy didn’t have game. He basically failed to turn you on, don’t beat yourself up.

  41. Kill the atheist !! How tf gonna talk about repose being weird but your a atheist and look like you Emo since middle school.

  42. has anyone ever experienced someone who wants to be shared? lmao like da faq? Nooo like guy and his gf b4 me of 6 years are on a break..like and he asked me if I’m able to still love him even if he still loves the other woman too
    I honestly can’t..But I dunno an I being too uptight? lol I know it’s cuz I’m jealous but I just don’t know how I should feel..*sigh* nd just when I thought wow he’s the one for me to share my life with and my happiness and just be in love with someone as special as him..but guess not

  43. And I thought that a date with me would be terrible , what with the awkward quietness or nervous ramblings. But you prove that there may be a chance that I’ll find a connection with someone one day, if the competition are a bunch of jerks.

  44. I invited a long time internet friend to my home. First thing he did was to rape me….Turned out he was a psychopath. Now he keeps stalking me. Psychopaths have no respect for personal boundaries. Run away from those people as fast as you can! They are very dangerous!!

  45. To sum up, if your date pushes you to sleep with you, that person is not worth having another date and it’s not in the same page as you are making you feel uncomfortable, then that person is not the ideal person to date anymore. So sick guys like that give us a bad reputation to the good ones. I would wait until the girl tells me I’m ready. I’m not a pushy guy. I’m just saying

  46. My ex was very pushy with sex and I told her I wouldn’t cuz we only knew each other for 2 weeks and she ended up cheating on me so I get it

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