Why “women only” festival in Sweden was a bad concept

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

100 thoughts on “Why “women only” festival in Sweden was a bad concept

  1. In Doha, they restrict the mall to strictly women for a day. There are train cars in Qatar and Japan that are purely for women.

  2. If girls would find themselves a good man (not a gamma or delta cuck), and go out with him, they would not be in fear.

    Of course, it would help if society would also ease up on defense cases, being more supportive of defense in general.

  3. I want photos of the all-female rigging crew that put all that tri-lighting up and hung all of those lights. And the crews handling the waste and sewage.

  4. Listen, I could go in there and grope peeps, then? Not that I’d do it, basic human decency is in the way big time, but nothing prevents women from groping. We have hands for it like most everyone, except the decency keeps us from doing that, that same decency that also is in the way for the vast majority of men.

  5. There are not alot of immigrants at Sweden Rock Festival, the festival without any rape charges. Who would have thought that? 😝

  6. I doubt any man would give a shit if there is more woman only festivals… just dont expect men to set up for you… as to the blokes all left out of the festival, bet the pubs did a booming buisness that day… and the shore lines were full of fellas pissing up while fishing.

  7. It would be funny for some guys to identify as women and go there to trigger some misandrists, but they’d have to listen to all-female bands all day.

    Would it be legal to have an all-Swedish festival, because we all know what the real problem is?

  8. It should be a Muslim free festival. Those are the fucking animals causing your problem. It was never a problem until you brought in the sub humans.

  9. as a man i have no issues with women only anything. I also have no issues with men only anything. what I have issues with is flat out hostility towards a group of people while shouting equality peace and love. I hate lairs.

  10. Its not a “statement against sexual abuse”. Its a statement against straight white men. Why white? … because the Left refuses to acknowledge that its Muslims that are doing the sexual abuse. White men are guilty by association with men.

  11. the most interesting about this is that i can bet my whole savings that they hate or dislike SD for similar thing but with immigration and with Sweden instead of a festival. Double standard!

  12. Now, they could just ban Muslim men from attending and then cut the assaults down to almost nothing but that would be discriminatory. You don’t want to ban an entire group of people based on the actions of a few . . . oh wait, they are banning all men . . .

  13. The rape jihad is working, Moslem men are getting these Swedish women to start thinking like Moslem women. The irony is that feminists defend Moslems claiming they’re not all rapists and murderers yet that’s exactly what they do when blaming all men for rape and sexual harassment.

  14. Men should stage a protest. Resign from their jobs and refuse to work or economically engage with society for a year. I guarantee that every many, no matter how unattractive and unsexy, would have his girlfriend throwing him a nice new years eve dinner party by the years end. Even if he doesn’t have one already and never could get one….

  15. Rape went up with 14% in 1 year. Where there was a 50% increase of rape by immigrants. They could not keep immigrants out but then all men get blamed for rape. Which apparently is the right discrimination.

  16. Wouldnt mind betting these are the same brainless people who voted in your Social Democrat party and who keep voting for them. Middle class white men should refuse to pay their taxes. Whether business owner or employed. Watch what happens then.

  17. Blame those damn Africans! Swedish men are not to blame. The left/feminists have fucked up Sweden so much that I never want to visit. That would go for Europe too.

  18. This is why I do not bother dating anymore. Sick of this crap already. Women age like Milk and Men age like Wine. Men that are real men are just fed up with the empowerment of women. We are supposed to work together as a couple and as unit that empowers each other and to compliment each other. You want to be a Queen then treat your man as a King and you will have what you desire.

  19. it’s up to them to find the female construction workers, electricians, chefs, managers, garbage disposers, security guards, audio technicians, artists, baristas, djs, standup comedians and so on required to make this festival possible.

  20. The flood didn’t get rid of the wicked barbaric lifeforms when the world had become barbaric during Noah’s days, but the sun will and the good and righteous will be put back onto the new Earth while the wicked will be imprisoned in the black holes for eternity, that is after they get a good suntan. Inviting barbaric animals who only know violence and ripping the heads off christians will only result in countries reverting back to barbaric days, just as it was during Noah’s lifetime. All that is good and righteous may very well experience death, but the angel’s of God will be there to lead those good and righteous individual spirits away from the Earth before God destroys everything. Death may be painful but burning slowly from the sun is a death i can’t even imagine. The lakes and rivers and ocean will catch on fire. This time the wicked will not stay here, it is the good and righteous people why the reason God doesn’t destroy the Earth with the sun. We all must go one day but in time eventually barbarism will happen and then they will see.

  21. I dont even believe that all sexual assault accusations are against men. When women get drunk, especially lesbians, they get violent and dominating.

  22. They talk about wanting separated spaces but when a man asks for his own separated spaces, women complain about sexism and force their way in and of course, some man will ask to let them in and you lose your man space where men can talk about anything confidently.

  23. The rapes are not accidents and by this result it seems to be working. It’s called taharrush jamai.
    Since it results in us separating by gender, it’s their win.

  24. This is a great idea! 🙂 Because, when women can do this, also men can make their own Cafes, Restaurant, Gyms and festivals where women are not allowed anymore! As one side can seperate from each other, men, at least, can go their own way, (MGTOW!!!) again, can stick together as in earlier times without being forced to integrate any female visitors. Sorry, for my bad english…Greetings from Germany

  25. Segregating women from men?
    You mean like Muslims?
    I guess the Muslims have won.
    It’s been nice knowing ya Sweden.
    Where do I send the flowers?

  26. The men that assault females at concerts are all immigrants. If these stupid women don’t want to be harassed or worse they should want immigrant free concerts. But Swedish women are apparently too stupid to figure out the obvious.

  27. I like the concept. But make sure you don’t use services of male bodyguards, male technicians, male planners, male organizers, male police officers, male firefighters, male plumbers, male website designers, male graphic designers, male media partners, male business partners and male sponsors while organizing this festival.

  28. Real men do not want a safe space. They prefer deaths ground. It is the only way to know what you are made of. Better to die free than live a slave to ideologies. Have fun in a world where men are made into girls. It will be hell on earth and the end of mankind.

  29. Not only was it all men who set up and built the stage and all the other structures, did all the heavy lifting, all the technical work setting up the sound system, it was all men running the sound and fixing everything as it goes wrong during the concert because it always does at concerts. How do I know? Because there are NO women who know how to do any of that – there might be like ONE super butch bull dyke who can in all of Sweden, other than that, 99.999999% men.

  30. Sweden’s future is lot more dark 😁 they are being islamisized and their men are becoming more progressive I mean they becoming hen.. So see y’all ladies after few years

  31. A festival with only women and transgenders in the public, line-up and staff is not hard to imagine. they are going to run out of women-only and trans entertainment eventually and repeat performances will get boring at some point. and when that moment comes, someone fetch the popcorn, cause it’s going to get crazy-funny

  32. 2018 and there’s stll people who believe feminism is about equality.
    The way things are going on Europe, the next edition of this festival will allow only the entrance of muslim men.

  33. if I would ever come to cross ways with a sjw or feminist provoking people or praising their bs, I think my fuse would blow up. I hope it never happens, dont want their filthy blood on my hands.

  34. The only videos that I have found on this subject were made by WOMEN. I don’t believe that men care or even think about this issue. If women want a women’s only concert, then go have one. Enjoy!

  35. In islamatic culture’s woman and man are seperated because the islamatic people believe that when a woman is allone and undressed they can get raped because man can’t control themself.

    you are bassicly giving the islamatic people what they want

  36. The “women only” concert is pointless. It’s a mish mash of two incompatible concepts: feminism and gender denialism. You can’t ban all men if men is a social construct. I’ll just say I identify as a woman and I can get in. You can’t be all for women if women is not a real thing. That’s like banning god at an atheist convention. It’s a pointless virtue signal that rapists can moonwalk past with a simple, verbal gender change.

  37. No rape problem before Muslims mass immigration, Big rape problem after Muslim mass immigration… feminist logic, all men just got rapier in a few short years…. just because they’re men.

  38. Was this a TOTALLY male free festival right down to the roadies and riggers? I think not, no way these snowflakes built the stages rigged all the electrics.

    If men did the same thing there would be hell on, the SJW’s would be bouncing of the wall.

  39. My first thoughts on this festival

    Like the meme where you add n’t on the end of a word to make it the opposite. So this would be the opposite of men (women)

    Sorry if explaining it ruined the joke. But its my comment and I’ll do what I god dam want!

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