Why The Left Is Failing

My opinion on why the Left is failing. Let me know what you think in the comments!
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Hunter Avallone & Jaclyn Glenn – Live Discussion

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

105 thoughts on “Why The Left Is Failing

    1. Bravo, you have graduated from the basic Elementry school of Swear words. Need a medal for all your accomplishments?

  1. I think some people in the comments missed the point of the video. I have no problem having real meaningful conversations with people who are conservative however it’s harder for me because as a person of color, my wellbeing is directly tied to politics. I would really like to know the needs and concerns of people in rural areas because I dont know their life. Unfortunately I dont know what I’m walking into or what I’m going to get when I approach these people. After seeing videos of trump supporters simultaneously say they love everyone but they also support building a wall and deporting all foreigners and bashing black students in the head at trump rallies, it’s really hard to continue being friends with someone who also sees these things and still votes for a man who encourages it. It was easier to be friends with someone voting for Bush and I was on the opposing view than it is with someone who encourages violence against people who oppose him.

  2. Sweetie, I don’t mean to offend you but I did not subscribe to your channel to hear you rant about politics you have your opinion I respect it. But I will say this conservative or not against deficit or subsidy for the wealthy I think Trump has proved it to everyone.

  3. i watched some of your vids in the past because of hunter avallone, and they were shit. this is the first vid i’ve seen from you where i agree with you. not completely, but i have def given this a like. your one of these brain dead libtards that actually saw what was wrong with yourself, and without completely changing your beliefs to pander to either side, you actually kept most of your beliefs, and became a far more respectable person to someone like me (medium right leaning semi supporting trump). you used to be some libtard i would ignore and not even try to talk too. you’ve grown so much as a person, and i will probably drop a sub to your channel. ik my personal view really doesn’t matter much, but i had to comment.

  4. There is so much insight here, I can’t even… look, everything coming out of Jaclyn’s mouth here makes sense. People end friendships because of political views, as if they were hooligans rooting for different sports teams or even gangmembers. But that’s just it, i think a lot of it has to do with the mass psychological impact, the “us vs them”, if you’re not with us you’re against us. And the reason for more inflammatory hate from the left is because the leftists tend to feel more justified and thus more invested, because they feel their views are what everybody should be leaning towards, because the alternative is a right-wing hateful bunch of patriarchal stereotyopes who shit on women’s rights, who shit on the environment, who are basically satan on earth in their eyes.

  5. Right or left you pick a side you are losing what is important. We are one people. Anyone or anything telling you otherwise is trying to harm you or take advantage of you.

  6. Jaclyn I would like to invite you to support your thesis about liberals not calling out other liberals by showing us a large number of such cases. I am a retread hippy and all my life it has seemed to me that we on the left spend more time cracking down our own that we do fighting conservatives. In fact a while back the joke in liberal circles was that the our true skill was forming circular firing squads. As a “confessed” liberal you do not hesitate to turn your guns on dumb or bigoted members of our community. Which is the right thing to do.

    By the way, as a fellow atheist, I don’t see your continued attacks on theists as exactly building bridges. True, there are some vicious and dangerous fanatics that wrap the flag of their faith around themselves to hide the tatters in their own souls and then try to club other people with their religion. BUT most religious people I have met from a wide variety of cultures are kind and caring people. It is no coincidence that some form of the “golden rule” shows in most cultures around the world.

    Religious people only turn mean when they lose faith in themselves. But that can be said for everyone.

    By the way, have you read Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer?” If not I will send your PO box a copy. I think you would like it.

  7. i watched your videos a lot a few years back and just recently rediscovered you. my opinions from back then have changed a lot, im probably leaning more left than i was then and because of that i felt nervous about watching this video. but i did anyways and i actually reflected on my own behavior and understood where you were coming from. specifically about standing up against disagreements within the liberal community. i dont agree with everything you say all the time but i still feel like the content im getting is worth listening to.

    also i feel like some of these comments attacking the left kinda missed the point of your video lol

  8. why should i continue a relationship with someone who doesn’t support me? i’m a lesbian. why should i have to ignore the homophobia of a “friend” because we’ve been friends for awhile, or listen to the sexism of someone because he’s my father? i understand in some scenarios continuing a relationship despite differing views but if it comes down to someone opinion on my life (or others) i will end the relationship and feel little remorse.

  9. YES OMG I’ve always found the right to be more tolerant. Like I’m a left leaning bisexual woman, and the left criticizes me all the time for agreeing with some things right leaning people have to say (I love blaire for example) but the right really doesnt give a shit that I lean left, or that I like girls, or that I’m a woman in stem, or whatever but the minute I mention I love blaire white to a liberal I’m a racist homophobic nazi apparently

  10. I am incredibly encouraged by this video!

    Frankly, for a while, I was considering unsubscribing from your channel. It was long ago when passed through the ‘angry atheist’ phase and I have never been a fan of internet drama. So, your videos were amusing, but not meant for me.

    But, I am in your same boat politically. I’m stuck in a middle between my friends and family wearing red trucker caps or pink double-peaked beanies and I’m not entirely sure how to engage with either group.

    Maybe you can help lead the way down this new middle path with some reason and good talking points.

  11. You honestly get it from both sides. Right wing extremists are just bad. But thats the key. Extremists. I feel like online liberal extremists are more common. So you tend to hear more from them (toxicity wise). But in the wild (the non digital real world) its fairly even and you get some incredibly toxic right wing interactions. So its a bit unfair to clickbait this as a left wing issue. The title should be “why political extremism is failing”. But in so far as your opinion about left extremism getting Trump, its well reasoned. But its not the case. Trumps gaining the office of the president was a result of 3 core factors. First was Hillary’s lazy arrogance in assuming she had won. Second was the fact that Trump brought in votes who had never voted before, people who felt disenfranchised and who may have been even to some extent anti government. Third and finally, the fact that both candidates were so bad, resulted in a ton of vote splitting and due to the first two factors it ended up tipping the scales in Trumps favor. You can fact check all this, but its all supported by evidence.

    This is how we wound up here, with a president that behaves like an angry child. Is it better than if we had Hillary is president. To be honest not really, except I will say that due to one factor (Trump’s mouth) I am in a constant state of fear that we may somehow get drawn in to a war much more terrible than the Iraq War.I hope you don’t get hate for speaking your mind, its all we can do.

  12. I greatly appreciate your video and your willingness to speak out, speak up and speak against the behaviors from both sides we should all be wagging our finger at. Welcome to the Awakening! Glad to have you and love to see the free thinking happening here <3

  13. Back when Bernie started gaining traction I was quite far left, aligning with him and the typical leftie mantra, watching TYT and the like (euuugh). I then got a bit pissed off with their whiny ways and started to notice their hypocrisy and I started to go the exact opposite way and stood quite far right, watching a lot of Milo. I realised shortly thereafter that it’s important to look at every issue individually and form my own opinions about things, agreeing with someone on one thing and disagreeing with them on others rather than blindly agreeing with everything they say. I’m more in the center nowadays, it feels a lot more rewarding having opinions of your own.

  14. Haha, I’m not pissed off at all. I completely agree that there are extremes on both sides and that we do need to talk about it. Great video!

  15. It’s fairly simple. The right will talk and debate and converse. The left? Will simply blindly follow. So they assume everyone else must blindly follow to.

    That’s why they assume that if you agree with any one thing a conservative says, they assume you agree with everything. Because they do that. They follow blindly, either 100% for, or 100% against. There is no middle ground. They live by the fallacy of false dichotomies. You are either for them, or against them. You can’t possibly be somewhere inbetwen.

    And that is why the right is winning, and why I am far more friendly with conservatives than liberals. Because there are far less extremists on the right in my experience.

  16. She is moving away from Satanic liberal ideals, philosophy of Life changes 360 when Paradigms change. Eventually we may not even recognize Jacklyn from what she started as. Woke is not her final form!

  17. maybe liberals are less tolerant because conservative views includes caged babies. how in the fucking world could you ever unndeerrstaand that???? i don’t see how???? “they broke the law” sure but OML CAGING FUCKING BABIES IS NOT OKAY AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH TALKING IS DONE IT WILL EVER BE OKAY

  18. i used to be an egalitarian until i realize it didn’t get shit done. modern feminism has created a sisterhood (super evident on twitter) egalitarianism has created all lives matter, a movement dedicated to subverting minority issues in hopes of literally prohibitting further progress in racial equality

  19. When the left began supporting socialism and communism I shot straight over to the right simply because I refused to associate myself with the left anymore… I will defend freedom by abandoning the side that threatens it

  20. Look at the top comments Jaclyn. It’s a bunch of right wingers calling the Left libtards, SJW’s, retards, fascists, deranged and yet you only call out the left for insulting people in this video. It’s no wonder why liberals give you slack when you show sympathy for the Right, it’s because they know you’re nothing like them. And gee I wonder why it is that these conservative friends aren’t insulting you, maybe just maybe it’s because they need every ally they can get. And lo and behold judging by this video it seems to have paid off for them!

  21. I applaud this mode of thinking. There’s nothing wrong with being open minded. Anyone who would get upset over that stance needs to reevaluate their own beliefs. I have been trying to do something similar as I’ve always leaned left and realized that I had put myself inside an echo chamber by only following liberal minded folks who put their leftist spin on every point and make conservatives out to be the other. I’m starting to come out of that and while I do disagree with a lot of stances on the right there is plenty of common ground there as well.

    I think it’s important to realize that the majority of people on both the left and the right want what is best for the country, they just have different ideas of how to achieve a great America. We need to be open to having honest discussions across the aisle so that we can make progress towards achieving the dream.

  22. This comment section is bonkers. On one hand you have leftists proving her right by going ape shit, and then on the other tons of righties spewing just as much discrimination and hatred themselves and making her look like a fool.
    Both sides have polar opposite ideology, yet use the same superiority driven tactics to implement said ideology. (I.e tribal based petty name calling and insults.) The problem here is not right or left, but rather how people are raised today. So many people raise their kids to completely dismiss any kind of opposite thinking as inferior and then to attack it. There is a difference between challenging, and attacking, and that’s our problem. It’s beneficial to have your beliefs challenging, but to just attack is unproductive. And if you think your side doesn’t do it too, you’re delusional. This comment section has heaps of people on every side going off the fucking rails on each other, and what’s funny is 90% of the “factual” bullshit all of you say is completely pulled out of your ass in some weak attempt to strengthen your talking point. I know I got fired up there and went a little nuts myself, but goddamn, get it together America. Because playing this game of “You’re not my friend and a stupid idiot because you’re not on my team!” like 5th grade kickball gets us nowhere.

  23. It seems we have the exact same situations. I grew up very Liberal and Bernie Sanders-esque, but became a lot more centrist over time. I still think I am more on the Left, however. Probably on social issues.

  24. One of the big problems here is a lack of understanding about the political spectrum. The spectrum is not left or right. Both the right and left have a libertarian and an authoritarian branch. Think of it this way. On the horizontal axis you have liberals on the left and conservatives on the right. Then there is a vertical axis with Authoritarian on top and Libertarian on the bottom.

    Liberal ——————————Cons

    I, for example, am a Libertarian Liberal. I believe in gun rights, free speach, and that the government should stay the fuck out of peoples personal choices as long as they are not hurting anyone else, and I also believe in healthcare as a right, a living wage (tied to inflation), and other so called “far-left” political ideas like free state college.

    What I find to be the biggest problem in politics is authoritarianism. On the left this is SJWs, Third-Wave feminism etc.. and on the right this is best represented by Anti Abortion activists, Anti Gay activists and the fringe radical facist types.

    Seems like the biggest complaints you have about the “left” are all authoritarian leftists. People who want equality of outcome not equality of opportunity.

  25. *WELCOME* to the Fray of *SANE PPL* who have a variety of lifestyles, beliefs, & opinions but can actually openly share with & appreciate each other as actual PEOPLE! You’ve got My sub, Baby! :^D RAHHH RAHHH RAHHHHHHHH!! :^D

  26. Seems you’re making a good start, but your vague dig at Jordan Peterson for some “clearly awful” thing he supposedly said 7:39 (I guess it was so clearly awful it didn’t even need mentioning?) indicates you haven’t quite removed the demonization of conservatives 9:24 or are listening as well as you may have thought.

  27. Yeah, I’ve been having iterations of this issue with friends of mine… still not sure exactly how to state my position, but this video might be a good jumping-off point.

  28. I find both extreme of the two sides to just be children with crazy beliefs I just stay somewhere in the middle

  29. Politics and Equal rights won’t matter. We’ll all be EQUALLY extinct if we aren’t worried about making the earth better. We need to put this petty shit aside. Because one day you’re going to get sick from the earth air and die. Because no one cares about life, yet cares about rights. You won’t have rights at all once you have no life. We need to make this earth a better place, it’s a living thing just like us.. And the people in higher power say they want what’s best for us. But I’m sure they just want what’s best for their pockets. This was a world at one point, we had trees. Deserts were covered in water. We could eat the apples off the trees. But now everything we need is used for greed, profit. You feel me? And it’s all covered in plastic lies.. Even our food is “plastic”.. “lies” .. Yet people wanna make pointless shit a problem. Like what people think of them, and what they should do. You can choose to go on with life doing what you want. But you sit here, begging for rights. You don’t deserve a right to breath if you think you deserve rights. And contribute to the earth’s decaying by making it “me”. Instead of where we are currently living. Where we are right now. Trees would’ve been, and you sit her and make it about you. When I could give a damn about how people live their sex life… Sex life won’t even exist anymore if we don’t grow up and worry about the real problem. It’s this earth needing fixing. Native Americans always made sure the earth was green in the past. But now there’s not shit, 100 animals die a day caused by the man made climate change. Thanks alot America. The cleanest country alive, with the most smartest people working big roles.. SMH.

  30. I’ve always been in the center.. I don’t like taking sides when neither accuratly fit what I believe.
    But these days it’s impossible to ignore the behavior of radical individuals with severe grandiose egos..
    The right has a lot of problems and a lot of assholes making them.. but the Left has absolutely no credibility or moral high ground.
    The assholes that make up the mainstream left are just evil.
    I have honestly never seen such vile, hateful, malicious, self serving, arrogant, authoritarian, bigoted, racist, sexist monsters in my entire 30 years of life.
    With my nations history fighting for freedom against fascism.. I never thought it possible that my country could ever produce such evil and malicious human beings.

  31. When talentless attention seekers run out of ideas to click-bait, they nearly always resort to right wing politics………………and you’ll get even more desperate and resort to racism eventually.

  32. The best thing when it comes to politics is to think for your self…do not put your self in a group or gang lol

  33. True story!! I’m not at all pissed off So it’s not just me who noticed that about the left so many are walking away for so many reasons,

  34. I love how willing you always are to learn and expand your mind. I love that you can agree to disagree and be civil.

  35. This is such a perfect video. This is called intelligence and having respect for others. I wish more people thought like this and didn’t take everything to the extreme side.

  36. I think you’re attacking the right problem from the wrong angle. You’re in danger of falling for a long standing right-wing trick where someone declares that both sides are just as bad as each other (or both sides have valid opinions). It sounds quite clever and reasonable but its plain wrong. What has changed is that the left has recently shifted further to the left. In a way its an unavoidable reaction to a right that was way too far right. The difference is that the mainstay of the left has yet to be taken over by these extremists who are more interested in finding things to be outraged about than they are in fixing problems or having sensible discussions.The right is completely under the control of its worst elements.

    Are there valid viewpoints on the right? Of course there are. Thats never been the problem. The problem is that for the last few decades, the right have been lying about what they believe and why, making it impossible to have a productive discussion. The reason they’ve been doing that is because what they think or believe is often indefensible and they know the left can’t compromise with that. While this sounds like the left is being unfair or unreasonable, they aren’t. Some things are just wrong. Misogyny, racism and greed-based selfish wilful ignorance are things that can be given no quarter.

    When people fall out over politics these days its not a case of “We don’t see eye to eye on fiscal policy so we can’t be friends”, its a case of “You never told me that you were the sort of person who would vote for a corrupt, environment-destroying, racist, sex-offender, throwing millions of your fellow citizens under a variety of buses just to shave a few bucks off your tax bill so we can’t be friends any more.”

    People who voted for Trump forgave a whole host of unforgivable sins. It really does make you a bad person.

  37. Better to be Far-Right than Far-Wrong.
    According to I’m a Capitalist Fascist, and according to I’m a Libertarian-Conservative (also known as Paleo-Conservative, not Neo-Conservative).

  38. Not all of them in the right wing are like that. But calling them all that sounds like what an sjw would say.

  39. I completely understand where you are coming from. I grew up in a household that was Republican by nature and there’s no debate allowed. It wasn’t until after I graduated high school, and the age of youtube and other online information sources became so readily available, that I developed ideas of my own. I went from 100% republican by birth, to a centrist mix of progressive / libertarian. No matter what point I try to defend from the left or right, I get scalded as a lib tard, or a conservative nazi, because I don’t wholly agree with it. There seems to be less and less middle ground for people to stand on, and until we get to a point where real discussion takes place, and the spreading of ideas wins over the burying of critical thinking, we will only dig deeper down this divide of the American citizens.

  40. Fuck man, for some reason this hurts. I barely watch your stuff, but hearing you say these things now really sucks. You’re like a smart person, so maybe that’s why I expected a little better. To hear you use the same tired arguments such as the left being responsible for Trump is just disappointing. Trump is the ultimate result of Republican politics that has been influencing people for decades. Everything from the southern strategy to corporatism and neo-liberal policy that has been shifting the tax burden from the rich onto the middle-class. If the left has any blame in the matter, it’s because they didn’t fight hard enough. There is just something so disingenuous about people that like to claim their liberal credibility but suddenly decide to make a right turn. I can’t help but be suspicious of the monetary incentive. Self-proclaimed libertarian free-speech warriors are definitely raking in the cash on patreon these days, and it is no secret that many prolific Youtubers such as yourself have been struggling with demonetization. At the end of the day, I realize you’re probably just playing a role not unlike a character on a tv show, and you have bills to pay. I can’t really begrudge you for that.

    Here is the thing, I am tired of being civil. I am tired of having the right wing use our own values against us in bad faith. They are not honest actors. The way they come after people like Al Franken for air-squeezing a pair of boobs yet they put actual sexual predators like Roy Moore and Trump on a pedestal should make that abundantly clear. Meanwhile, you have these weak democrats that are so eager to fall on their own sword just to try and appease people that could not give a single fuck about them regardless. Do you know why we have Trump? It’s because Democrats (Obama included) always start from a position of weakness. They compromise before the Republicans even ask. They start from a position that assumes their opponent is half right, and then they choose to meet them halfway. Meanwhile, Republicans rally around their own, no matter what.

    Do you know why people lose friends over something like politics? Because politics affects every aspect of our life. For some people, it is not an exaggeration to say it is literally a matter of life and death. It fucking matters. I am reluctant to invoke Godwin’s law here, but I am genuinely concerned that the very same elements that existed in Germany prior to World War II are also present in your country now. It’s not hard to understand where most conservatives are coming from . They are largely governed by three things. First of all, fear. Fear of the other, fear of immigrants, fear or change, fear of socialism, etc. They resist change for the sake of tradition over most things. Secondly. psychological projection. Essentially, everything they fear from the left is actually a statement on how the right actually governs itself. The left is indoctrinating kids in school? Well, the right has religion for that. All those anti-gay activists? Turns out they’re mostly self-hating, closeted homosexuals. Pizza gate? Nope, instead you have kids being molested and abused in “detention centers.” Last, but not least, cognitive dissonance. It is distressing for conservatives to recognize a contradiction between their explicit values and their implicit actions. So they just decide to ignore it and engage in “whataboutism” and that is the end of that.

    Dictators do not rise to power in a day, they do it in a series of steps, each one more egregious than the last. I really hope you do not become complacent in that. Good luck.

  41. If you can do the same with Originalist Creationists (Kent Hovind, Dr Carl Baugh, etc) Then we would be very greatfull. -Love from a Born again Christian.

  42. I had a very similar story to yours, discovering Shapiro, Peterson, Crowder, and a plethora of other videos that oddly enough seemed to start popping up after I was looking up reviews on that ‘controversial’ star wars film, and also feel like my views have opened up more as a result of it.

  43. I gotta say it’s so confusing how the US treats politics, to me a leftist is a communist while a rightist is a liberal hahah guess americans have never had communist influence

  44. I had to pause and just think about it for a second. I think a big problem with politics are the people who are representing it on the news and in media. The fact that no one actually watches the *real* political processes on CSPAN etc but rather exciting political pundits which are constantly looking for a controversy (instead of discussing actual solutions) being paid by x y and z and call this becoming “more educated about politics” like you said is beyond troubling. I think not just you but all of us are infected with this sickness.

  45. The left needs to cut off the insular authoritarian far left cancer and move on to more important things. Holding us back so much.

  46. I am impressed by you. If all of the libs had your intelligence and attitude, I think us conservatives and the liberals could actually sit down and solve problems

  47. This video describes how I feel but it’s fliped right to left. I was raised conservative and I still have many conservative views. But I also have many liberal views. I have friends that I have had civil conversations with and we are both able to better understand the others point of view. Thank you for this video.

  48. Think of it as your doing a argumentative essay on a subject for school. How do you plan it out??? 1: You have your introduction paragraph which basically says your points and a few other things. 2: You have your 3+ paragraphs that explain your points in more detail. 3: You point out your opposing points saying that “other people might say this, this and this but the reason that those won’t/don’t work as well is because…” 4: Then you have your conclusion paragraph.

    (Saying the point(s) of the opposite side will make the other side feel like they are heard and will make them more at ease which will make it easier to have a respectful debate with them.)

    You WILL NOT have a good argumentative essay/debate without studying the other side(s) of the argument(s) in detail.

  49. You never truly understand the world if you’re not willing to listen to those with a different opinion of yourself.

    I’m glad that you’re willing to listen to the other side, Jaclyn.

  50. LMAO where are you finding these Righties 😂 i haven’t met one yet that’s willing to have a conversation and actually listen to why I lean left.

  51. The first video of yours that I saw was the one of you at Comic Con. I’m not a religious person, but I’m generally not a fan of atheists.

    Then I saw this video. Everything you said here is basic common sense, however that doesn’t mean it’s not on point. Most people don’t have common sense, unfortunately. You have a new subscriber now.

  52. There are fortunately people on the left like that, very few admittedly, but Natalie (contrapoints) is one!

  53. If you tolerate intolerance, you’re not tolerant. It’s easy as that.
    Doesn’t mean you should be disrespectful, but if people constantely put themselves about others (what intolerant people, mostly right people do), you tend to loose your nerves sooner or later and have the need to “pull them off their throne and back to earth”.
    Again: doesn’t mean you should be disrespectful.

    And why on earth would I be friends with such people?
    In the 1930s would you have been friends with Nazis and be like “why shouldn’t I? Because of our different opinions? It doesn’t matter. I think jews shouldn’t burn and she thinks they should. But why should it matter?”.

    And don’t tell me “killing and hating is not the same, cause killing is worse”.
    How do you think the KKK started? By waking up one day in the morning and thinking “oh i should kill some black people”?
    No. They started at some point to hate them a bit, then a bit more… Then they looked down on them a bit more and it got worse and worse.

    Furtermore, you label people.
    Just because the right ones *you know* act like that and the left ones *you know* act like this, doesn’t mean all do. So what is the point of the video?

  54. Hang in there. And conservatives are just as bad. Seems does not matter what side your on if you don’t agree most of the time that side will take you down. And this lets people like Trump to move in and do more damage both to left and right. As a Atheist I get liberal friends calling me a Christian fanatic. And my conservative friends telling me I want to take there religious freedoms away. As a gun owner my liberal friend tell me I want to kill people while my conservative friends tell me I Want to steel all there guns. Jaclyn I tell you right now. your luck to have center friends who can talk to you on both sides of issues we can’t even talk about any more with out some group in our face.
    But let me be clear on two things. the winning group. AKA liberals (left) Tend to “know” there right. Just as the winning group AKA Conservatives (right) Tend to “know” there right. But when there loosing there no talking to them no consoling them and not reasoning. Look back a few years when the left was ahead. You could not even talk to a right wing conservative with out them freaking out on you. Reverse and there calmer now as there in charge. and the left is in a panic.
    Look at it like this. There like wild animals up against a wall and lashing out to try and survive. in 2 more years if we are lucky and Orange man is wearing Orange. We will see reasonable Left and unreasonable right again. Until it switches once more.
    Machiavelli was right in how the world works. And so was Lincoln. IF you not seen it watch this then get book.

  55. Spot on… Liberals are haters. Conservatives don’t have all the right ideas, but at least they will talk to you and be civil. Liberals throw tantrums like little babies.

  56. I was surprised to hear that the left bashes you worse than the right. Good video. I will definitely open myself up. Can’t guarantee the results but we will see what happens.

  57. How does one have a respectful conversation with a bigot? It goes to their moral core. And that’s why I shake my head when trying to talk to my conservative friends. They will not disavow this administration. They take delight in giving the middle finger to “libtards” and Hillary.

  58. As someone who is pretty firmly liberal, I agree with this video but not with many of the comments below. She said “be tolerant”, not “every left-leaning person is an extremist and they’re dead to me now”. The right suffers these same problems. YES there are hateful people on the left, but the right is no different, and independents for that matter too. Perhaps people would do well to remember that the vast, vast majority of shootings and other violent atrocities are executed by conservative groups and individuals. I’d rather have people yelling at me that I don’t respect their gender identity than threatening to blow up my home.

  59. I think it is completly fine and understandable if someone wants to chose their frienships based on their political views (among other things). I couldn”t be friends with a Trump supporter because I feel we have completly different views about the world and I think we wouldn’t have much in common. But that’s just my personal opinion. I have yet to find a person from the far Right that I can be friends with. But that doesn’t mean I go around telling people how to chose their own frienships. I think the Right and the Left (and the so called centrists) have fallen in the fallacy of the “polarization”. Guys, it’s not bad to have disagreements. It’s exactly through disagreements that democracies are built. People from all across the political spectrum need to learn how to take criticism.

  60. I too went from being very liberal in my younger years to conservative after graduating college. I found out about you after watching Blair White’s video. I am glad there are people like her who are conservative. It shows that just because you’re part of the LGBT community, you don’t necessarily have to be liberal.

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