Why Socialim Will Never Work & Why Socialism Is EVIL VOICE OF REASON #22

Every once in a while its good to hear the silent majority talk and
hear some voice of reason

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

89 thoughts on “Why Socialim Will Never Work & Why Socialism Is EVIL VOICE OF REASON #22

    1. Galna Dagar You anti-Semitic piece of shit

      Do you know how much Jews have contributed to this world?

      Examine yourself

    2. You are delusional if you think the top of a pyramid can stand without the layers beneath it. And no, jews are not the top of that pyramid for the fuck that said that. And for the record I’m not Jewish.

    3. Shadow Ling Sorry rabbi. I’ll take back my words about Jews being behind communist revolution attempts in Germany, Russia and other European countries in the early 20th century. Oy vey!

  1. What is with these people? Socialist ideas have never work! Although they have killed millions of people.

    1. None. In a free market system, erroneously called “capitalism”, killing people is counter productive. You cannot hire people to make things, build things if you go around killing the. Furthermore, what you failed to mention or understand is that the 100 MILLION people (conservatively speaking) murdered by marxism/socialism/communism were all killed ON PURPOSE!

      Hitler, in his socialist plan slaughtered over 6 million people deliberately! He wiped out entire family lines.

      Stalin deliberately dug huge trenches and shot people to death by the hundreds of thousands and starved many more millions to death using the Russian winters to do his dirty work. He would end up killing over 20 MILLION people.

      Pol Pot first collected every educated person and took them to the killing fields and wiped them all out simply because they were educated and would pose a threat to his socialist takeover. He killed about 20-30 MILLION people.

      However, the grand prize goes to the democrat party for lying to the supreme court and getting Roe V Wade passed. As a result of the democrat party’s success 50 MILLION babies have been slaughtered in the womb since 1973 courtesy of the socialist democrat party.

      You want to talk about people who died as a result of over eager business people, or careless business people? It is not even close. Plus, the business people, aka so called capitalists, didn’t kill anyone out of malice or to further a political agenda as the socialists did. Additionally, you forgot that it was eager business people who developed vaccines to wipe out Polio, Typhus, Diphtheria, Cholera, Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Rubella—-and many more saving MILLIONS of lives. There is no comparison between the two ideologies.

      The free market is about letting people guide their own lives making their own success or failure. Socialism is theft—period.

    2. Shadow; Stalin did not starve those people to death for profit. He starved them to death to get them out of his way. He knew which areas of the country were most likely to oppose him and wiped them out.

    1. none ya I mean unless you would rather die young because your healthcare system sucks and have the debt collectors rape your family? Because that is what has been happening

    2. _”These fucking people don’t realize FDR was a socialist.”_ ~ Shadow Ling

      The Nazis were the National Socialist Party and they lost. FDR was a Communist as evidenced by his “a chicken in every pot” quote. Now sure, you’re going to jump to “the Nazis were fascists.” Ok, fine. What’s the difference between fascism and socialism? Both are economies with highly government regulated private businesses. A rose by any other name…

      The similarities are undeniable. Modern “Socialists” blame Capitalists for their economic woes. The Nazis blamed Jews for their economic woes. Both are/were pro gun control and animal rights legislation. Both sympathize(d) with militant Islamists.

    3. none ya Talk to some European, Canadian, or Australian people

      Just if they try to talk about our guns tell them to go fuck themselves.

    4. OUtsourcing is also done as a response to regulations, I work in manufacturing, we have tons of workers who will do it for “cheap” the problem is that their “cheap” isnt that cheap, and regulations are a huge problem especially with emmission controls and other regulatory hoops that companies have to jump through in order to keep their doors open. America is a Socialist country with tons of regulations.

    5. Shadow Ling no they don’t. 9/10 of the best universities are in the U.S. There are medical shortages across Europe because of ‘free’ health care. Construction is entirely different to compare our country to because of how densely populated Europe is compared to our country. That’s just false.

  2. FDR was a socialist.

    You forgot the people who are literally starving in the streets degenerating and physically cannot work because society has abandoned them you greedy blind fuck.

    He’s got some good ideas, but he doesn’t see the whole picture.
    You can rely on the government and independent citizens BOTH for charity, they are not mutually exclusive.

    Fuck off. Jesus

    1. Dragon Energy Yeah, Marxist Socialism does not work and has killed millions of people. National Socialism does work, and with a majority white demographic it succeeds.

    1. Gouky Actually, you have no idea but you’re just cherry picking similarities and making false equilevants based on them. Just the same, I could claim neo-conservatives/republicans = liberals, because they both share similar view on, for example, human rights.

      Fascism isn’t socialism in Marxist sense. Fascism can have economic policies that lend certain elements from them, like for example the Nordic countries do, but essentially fascism isn’t about economic nitpicking and has the contrary worldview and values to those of (Marxist) socialists.

      Sincerely, a fascist.

      PS. you sound like a liberal, calling everything you dislike as “fascism”.

    2. They are the complete opposite ends of the political spectrum. You actually couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

    3. Socialism turns into Communism turns into Dictatorship turns into a hundred million people dead

  3. i am a republican, i am handicapped i get SSI, a form of social security for handicapped people, i live in minnesota so snow would make me incapable of getting to work, my parents are to busy with their work, how would i get by in life if i wasnt given money from government, my parents dont make enough to get me a handicap accessible car, just overall in my situation i am screwed in life

    1. Prior to socialism you would have gotten charity from private citizens and/or organizations. Under socialism people don’t have the money available to donate to charities because it’s confiscated by the government.

    1. Socialism works in two places
      Heaven…………..where they don’t need it, and
      Hell…………………where they already have it
      —POTUS Ronald Reagan

  4. Ben speeds through his points like a race car driver so no one can catch his faulty logic. For instance, if he’s the only one in the room with $5 and gives 4 other people each a dollar, one possibility that he doesn’t mentos that one of those people might now be enabled to create something useful where as before they had not been able to.

    Watch out for people who talk very fast. They are not so interested in the sharing of ideas as they are in driving home their agenda.

    1. Or instead of stealing from others try and get a job , raise money and then do that “something useful” .

    2. He explained alrdy you lose incentive when you do that. There will always be someone better to take from and that kills incentive to rise up ahead in society

    3. Eve A. Like all these Top5 and Top10 YouTubers who do nothing but steal shit from other channels and give their own opinion voiced over gameplay footage like Fortnite or some shit to fill in gaps to make the 10 minute mark. Since when did sitting on ones ass editing YouTube vids constitute as a legit job? A legit job has things called benefits and insurance, interaction with co-workers in real life, and actually benefits the nation as a whole. Fucking millenials, so sheltered and entitled.

  5. Hi, I’m a Venezuelan young women and let me tell you why socialism ACTUALLY works:

    It doesnt

    If you believe it does I invite you to live in my hometown where people make 3$ A MONTH and can’t even afford to pay bus to go back home after school/work.
    The experience will cure you of your stupidity.

  6. National Socialism worked better than any other government platform in history.
    Then again, despite it’s name, it’s not the same as socialism today.
    That’s because the socialism aspect is pertaining to public services cared for by the government. Healthcare, Veteran Assistance, Workforce Training, ect. Things America and Western countries already practice. Capitalism also played a strong part as well.
    Right now, in the US, what we have is not Capitalism, but Corporatism.
    Corporations, owned by jews, share corruption with the government through their lobbies. In exchange for generous campaign contributions, they get legislatures and regulations passed that benefit them, while making smaller and new companies impossible to compete. They get government bailouts instead of failing, like bad businesses should. Duopolies are formed so that they give you limited choices for particular services (like telecom), that either will screw you over just as bad as the other.
    Only capitalism through authoritarianism can ensure a thriving economy.

    1. Also, LMAO! Calling NatSoc, Communism? I think even the Talmud public school that taught you made some notes on conflict there.

    2. Nazis is an old Bavarian insult, meaning backwards peasant, used by international jewery in their newspapers and movies. It was never used by any party to describe themselves.

    3. Lyles 🐢 in America that means some who supported or at least Condones the actions of the government of Germany in ww2. I’d like to know of a real country that has lasted for more than 20 years before breaking down that has championed the cause of socialism.

  7. Eipc sjw debunked funny epic style 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇱🇷 😅😅😅😄😄😄😋

    1. gang gang Check out this based black transvestite Jew debunking feminism 💯 th time!!! Capitalism is the new counter culture!!!!

  8. So almost a hundred years of failed countries because of socialism and they haven’t learned yet

  9. But what I’m saying is fuck money just grow food build houses, have sex, do yoga 🧘‍♀️ live in sync with nature. ✌️

  10. I know people freaked out about how Trump has so-called stopped welfare I always say no he has not he stopped it for the people that are able to work they always hear what they want to hear

  11. this idiot talks so much shit it’s hard to know where to start. if you believe this guys definition of socialism you’re a fucking moron

  12. Socialism doesn’t work because of imperialist shit holes like Amerikkka that do everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t work.

  13. My subjective vision for humanity must be implemented at all costs. Fuck all the objections. It’s for the good of everyone!

  14. Socialism in skandinavia works and dont lie to yourselves it works tell me why it dosent work and i will debunk it

  15. _”Social Security is a mess right now but it has helped people in the past.”_

    So did Bernie Madoff. The only difference is that you weren’t required by law to give your money to Bernie Madoff. The people who “benefited” from Social Security were the ones that didn’t pay very much into social security when it first started. Meanwhile, if the people who were 18 when Social Security taxation first started had invested that money in to the Dow Jones, by the time they retired they’d all be millionaires. Nobody has ever become a millionaire from Social Security.

  16. The British would die without having a ‘labour’party to fall back to when the tories screw up which they inevitably do eventually.Its what they think is ‘democracy’but it is really just a nicely contrived system to keep a large number of people in very good economic circumstances.Every 5 years we are invited to cast a vote for either establishment party after some nicely argued points about which party is best to maintain the NHS .Nothing else really matters to the establishment parties because 1 they refuse to talk about other issues and 2 they couldnt solve those issues anyway without risking splitting their parties and thus losing seats in parliament.The more serious issues are only raised after elections when the chosing of government has been concluded and thus no chance of upsetting the result of said election.Thats why nothing of any real substance is ever done in Parliament but the country is once again fooled by this charade and stability is restored.

  17. “What do you think about these successful socialist programs like social security”
    “Please kick cenks ass”
    – that guy got instantly redpilled

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