Why I Stopped Taking My Antidepressants

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Side effects of taking an antidepressant – weight gain and feeling emotionally numb. This is just my experience, it’s different for everyone. Just talk to your doctor to figure out what’s best!

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104 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Taking My Antidepressants

  1. I’ve followed you on and off over the years. You’re young, with the best times of your life yet ahead of you. Don’t let the casual pharma emotion cycle trap you in an endless cycle of dependency. I speak from experience. Those meds were originally created for people with very specific, physiological conditions, not for the mainstream of society who will normally go through periods of intensity. We are meant to learn to cope with those episodes as naturally as possible. Some do it through exercise, some through spirituality, some through community and friends. And a few might need very temporary medication. But the pharma industry and our broken mental healthcare system push us into permanent co-dependence. That helps no one but shareholders. Be well. Be happy.

  2. Don’t waste your money and pills and pharmaceuticals. Just spend it on weed. I’ve tried antidepressants before to and they didnt work. I think they actually made me more depressed. But ever since I started smoking weed I’ve been alot better off. Might not work for you Jaclyn but to each is own I guess.

  3. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

    There is unlimited and eternal love wanting to be with you. Don’t need to listen to me or anyone about our opinion, just ask God to show himself and enter your life. All you need to do is just to accept him in your heart and you will see your life changed and filled with love.
    Even on your worst day, he loves you !

  4. I take antidepressants, and they’ve been really helpful. However, I also try to eat right, exercise daily, and I make sure to get plenty of sleep at night. I feel like those things sound really basic, but they’re all really important to my mental health. 🤷‍♀️

  5. you💕 are so loved💖😀😄😊sweetheart💞love you💕 love you😝😜💕💕😜😝💖love you😝💋😝💋😄

  6. It’s better to work on yourself, to understand that it can get better , but it will take time and also after anti depressants it can take up to 2 years till your brain chemistry is back to normal.
    A much more natural way to feel better is to do do sports, work out , or even go for a walk in nature and try to meditate daily ^^

  7. I stopped going to therapy almost a year ago now. I’m on 200MG Lamotrigine ER and 45MG of mirtazapine. It’s been enough to stop physically harming myself, but if I don’t have any immediate things I’m obligated to do, I just kind of sleep so the days are shorter and I don’t have to feel so much. I think I’ve just been ready for a few years now for my life to just come to an end. Not kill myself, but I’m ready for some natural cause to swoop down and claim me. I might try out that app though. I suppose it couldn’t hurt, I just hesitate to back to therapy because even if I have a good session, their advice has always ruined some major part of my life.

  8. @JaclynGlenn I love this I tried a few and I feel like running or cleaning for me helps soooo much. You are freakin amazing and brave because I get anxiety just hearing someone ask me what I have or haven’t done.

  9. I’ve been considering trying out better help. Phillip defranco has been talking about it too. I have the same issue where when I’m depressed leaving the house is very stressful.

  10. What? Other people have worse (fill in the blank) than you do. Like that ever works, it just makes things worse.

  11. I’m in the process of switching off my antidepressants to cannabis oil without THC. I had been on pills for 14 years and it’s time for a change.

  12. You said this pertaining to your current situation, it was, ” What happens in Vegas ends up online.” Idk why but it randomly helped me so much. Lmao.

  13. I’ve got to say, being a YouTube personality can’t be good for your anxiety! I get anxious with social media and stuff and I hardly get a response online compared to someone like you, but it still makes me anxious sometimes.

  14. I can’t drive. It will make me vehemently ill. I’m 22 on July 12th. It’s something I was so excited to learn to do, but as I got older it just terrifies me. It’s a thousand pound vehicle. And it’s not so much me driving, it’s he other ones around me. I work from home too so when I Do have to drive it makes it worse.

  15. Hi Jaclyn!

    I have bipolar and have been medicated since 2014. I am on a blend of anti-psychotics and mood stabilisers because my bipolar presents with both mood instability and psychosis (lucky me!)

    I was extremely hesitant to go onto medication when I was younger and resisted it for years, which I think is worth mentioning because resisting it was one of the worst decisions of my life. I don’t think medication is ideal for everybody but it has given me a life that I can enjoy and (as far as I can tell, it is hard after having mood disorders for most of your life) is normal. So, I love medication!

    Having said that, about a year ago I started seeing a psychologist as well as my psychiatrist so I could tackle some of my triggers at the root. It has been a long and arduous journey but starting therapy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness both allowed me to have greater insight and control over what I was feeling and how to cope with those feelings in a productive way (instead of curling up in a ball and crying). As a long time viewer, I am so glad to hear that you are using better help (I’ve used them in the past they are amazing) and are actively working towards better health. I think it will continue to be a life changing process.

    Having said all that, I do have some advice for you about something that I have been doing recently. At the beginning of the year I took a meditation course and I have started meditating daily and it has changed my life arguably more radically than medication and therapy. It has been really bizarre and unexpected, but truly wonderful. I practice transcendental meditation, but there are lots of alternatives out there that are also amazing and worth looking into.

    SO glad that you are doing well!!!!!!!!

  16. Thank you for adding to the conversation/highlighting your experiences on this topic.
    We need more open discussion on topics that effect others without being TRIGGERED

  17. I know that depression is a problem that needs treatment when its to overwhelming that you cant cope and or work . I have serious health problems, DRs cant fix it so I look at the upside, Your breast never looked better, IDK if you want to talk about them, I don’t want to offend. I hear an amazing person when Im listening to your videos, but when I see you I cant help but look down..

  18. The Best thing I did for anxiety is eat Healthy & stop Sugar Drinks & Drink only Filtered Water hope this may help you ((HUGGS))

  19. IN my case, I never really got diagnosed, and it still lingers around like a dark cloud waiting to consume me at the most unknown timings. I usually try and see how people will react and I keep this one rule hanging around, “I have problems, but I will not burden you by sharing with you unless you are very close to me.” That usually works out until people who I’m not close to/ suddenly feel like they need to dictate my life decides to stick their nose into my business.

  20. My sister takes this . A drop or 2 twice a day. It alleviates anxiety. This particlar brand is only CBD (which is the calming part of weed) and no THC (which is the high part). Also, it’s from hemp so no legal issue there. Alhough this is pretty individual as to how well it works for different people. On the other hand there aren’t really any side effects associated with it. I definitely think that behavioral therapy (identifying habitual thought patterns and changing them over time to better thought patterns) is the best way. But it’s impossible, I think, to give blanket advice for mental health, as different people are different. Some people would not be able to even avail themselves of therapy, without help from medication, at least at first. And in extreme cases or situations, Medication might save someones life. So I think it’s unique to every individual, as to how to find their own path in terms of what they find helps them, and what they need, and what they need to avoid or is unhelpful, or what things they need to do, or help they need to avail themselves of.. I wish you the best of luck.

  21. You should watch Jordan Peterson Jacklyn. He is brilliant!!!! A certified clinician who explains why anti depressants work for some people and it doesn’t for others.

    If your lazy to do that, I’ll give you a brief:
    Anti-depressants will only work for a group of people who already have their lives in order. I.e. a stable income, family and friends.

    If you lack these basic precepts for a stable social life, and you take anti depressants, they will not help correct your mood in any way.

    So please watch Jordan Peterson and get more advice on life in general. He is very objective. ♥

    On top of that, even though you did a hate video hating on her, NICOLE ARBOR struggled with depression. Personally, I adore her. She has my kind of humor. I think she she so funny, beautiful and intelligent. She even has talks on YouTube that aren’t satire but telling people how she managed to change her life around. She is also anti- medication. She advocates exercise to change the chemical composition of your brain. That is a study backed up by Harvard University. All the best.

    So those two : JORDAN PETERSON and NICOLE ARBOUR. you’ll thank me later-hopefully.

  22. Hey JacynGlenn 🙂 First off love you girl. I’ve been watching you since the beginning. I really enjoy your content, and I’ve always felt like I knew you.

    Secondly. And most importantly!!! You should feel so damn strong for talking about this.

    Ignore the muppets who say otherwise. You are strong, you are wonderful, and most importantly you’re doing what works for you.

    Thirdly I’d like to thank you.
    I have PTSD, anxiety and depression. I’m currently on a bunch of meds, none of which are one a day anti depressants (I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with those). All of which help me stay sane and continue my journey towards and through happiness.

    I’m also an atheist (obviously) however I was born into a household where both my biological parents are atheists. Hell my dads a radical, annoying anti-theist, (think Sargon of a cad). Because of that I never had to struggle against my families, or society’s expectations on my faith.

    Quite the opposite actually. In my rebellious and lonely teenage years I had to struggle against the urge to just give up on rational thought. And shamble towards the comforting light of a church where the book is clearly fiction but everyone just pretends it’s not.

    However the point is that I’ve never really had a community around me. I have family that loves me, and am in a healthy and mutually supportive relationship.
    But my PTSD and past homelessness/sex work have at times prevented or held me back from making friends or a community in real life.

    You’ve been my community in a lot of ways. So I’d just like to thank you so much for making these videos. You’ve been a lifeline for me. So from one person to another. Thank you. ❤️

  23. Klonopin is literally the only thing that works for me. The side effects and withdrawals are terrible and can be life threatening, however, it’s worth it to me to be able to live a life outside of my bedroom.

  24. You’re a satanic hidden trannie and you will burn in the lake of fire. Jesus Christ is king of kings and lord of lords! HALLELUYAH!

  25. I personally take wellbutrin and it helps my depression, but it doesn’t help with anxiety so I am prescribed hydroxyzine if I ever have a panic attack or lots of anxiety.

  26. I also felt awful for about 6 years, i stopped taking my birth control pills (now i use a copper iud) and i feel SO MUCH better, i can think properly and identify why i feel the way i feel, its really been a game changer for me

  27. I have GAD, Depression and OCPD… Therapy didn’t make much difference to those issues, but the one thing it did help with was anger management. I’m on 300mg of Effexor XL and I’ve been on it for 16 years… I don’t notice the drug when I’m well, but it has one of the worst withdrawal reactions of all the SSRI’s It’s actually an SNRI at the dose I’m on.

    I’ve had a weigh problem since taking SSRI’s and don’t like that aspect of the medication, but I can’t see life without it, as whenever I’ve tried to reduce the dose my Anxiety comes back with a vengeance. My doctor who first put me on them, and also has Anxiety himself, said one important thing. “When the anxiety is this bad, this often, you can’t think your way out of it. You need some help”

    Exercise is my only path to keeping the weight off, so that seems to be my regulator at the moment.

  28. The first time i saw one of your videos the first thing I noticed was your eyebrows . I don’t know if you have heard of the believe than every feature one has says something about oneself . Specially eyebrows, this believe says that eyebrows that have a circular shape down are usually from people who suffer from depression. As crazy as this sounds you should look into this and maybe even change your eyebrows shape.

  29. Lexipro is a horrible 2nd gen drug. My son, father and myself have all been on it. It has horrible side effects. I felt like a ZOMBIE FOR 3 MONTHS. I found that Trintellix has worked well with very few side effects. It works different (a new gen drug)than most other Anti depressants.

  30. Idk- I would post my story with that, but some of it is a little long and just slightly scared to do so.

  31. I’m very happy you can find a path that works for you! I do need my meds long term (severe ptsd and bipolar II) and with talk therapy, I’ve found my way. I know how hard it is to connect with a therapist! And I can’t drive because of my anxiety, but I’m hoping to get over that soon! Nobody can tell you what’s best for you. Don’t apologize. I know I will never feel shame for needing my meds, don’t feel shame for walking away from them. Best of luck! Oh, and I’m subbing! 👍🏻 PS…don’t worry about how that shit correlates to Richie. It doesn’t. Some people are slow.

  32. Another thing I can relate when people say keep ur head up don’t be sad. When I try sometimes talking to teachers about it I end up freaking out and just end up getting in trouble for walking out and I don’t come back. When I do talk about it sometimes people don’t take it seriously and they just say it’s all in ur head. Makes me sad to think that my own family or adults think like that 😔. Right now I’m struggling with anexity and depression and I haven’t taken any medication for a while which sucks. I really don’t have anyone to talk with that I feel comfortable to share everything about me.

  33. Grrr I just had this decently sized story typed out and the stupid auto-play moved me onto another video… ugh. :< Long story short I guess, Lexapro sucks. I took it as a teenager though, back before it was known how it affected children. Shortly after starting I lost my appetite almost completely and felt emotionally numb. I hear it works great for some people though, but I will probably never trust anti-depressants ever again.

  34. JESUS ….. IS …. THE ……CURE

    Every time I read the word, anxiety flees like a bird freed from a cage.

    The Bible is the ultimate therapy book. Drugs only have side affects. Anxiety is a demon. It can not be cured by physical modalities people.

    1. The Bible is the ultimate therapy book. Drugs only have side affects. Anxiety is a demon. It can not be cured by physical modalities people.

    2. Jackie Beaupre she does not know the word of God, there is actually a specific part in the scripture that kills the demon of depression, It would not hurt to try reading it as a supplement to you daily intake it starts in the book of James and goes to the book of Romans. I encourage anyone with stress of any kind to check it out.

    3. ChiChannel actually she’s very educated about the Bible and I was raised in a church like she was. Neither of us believe in god now. Have fun with your imaginary friend ✌🏻

  35. I to take Lexapro ten mg. I get Bad nausea I have. No clue what to do about it. I have ptsd. To witch is a problem

  36. I’m no doctor, but when you read the side of readily available drugs like ibuprofen you have to take varying doses depending on bodyweight and age. I can’t imagine anti-depressants are any different in that regard. Lets say the medicine causing you to put on weight made the medicine less effective then wouldn’t the dose being doubled cause the medicine to have double the effect of making you put on weight which would continue to make it less effective? I feel like the prescribing Dr should’ve checked that out. Glad to know that Betterhelp is helping so many with their product too.

  37. JAYSUS is the only anti-depressant ah need. But seriously, everyone has their antidepressant, whether it’s religion or coffee or food or alcohol or all of those. And many of them only mask the symptoms rather than treating the cause (and they all have their own side-effects). But running is a way of treating the cause rather than just hiding from the symptoms. Any exercise will make a difference to mental and physical health.

  38. Maybe a vacation from social media? Social media gets like that… Some cyberbullying is online , but really I hope your doctor knows. What ever helps, and no judgement from me.

  39. Wellbutrin doesn’t cause weight gain, Just something to look into. Edit: NAME BRAND. Don’t take the generics. Secondly- Please go to a LICENSED psychiatrist, or if you find one, a psychologist who can also prescribe (they’re separate entities). If they tell you increase the dosage, change doctors.

  40. Drown yourself in the anxiety. I know it sux. Instead of trying to find a release of the suffering and pain. Learn to add more instead in such your level of stress and pain you learn to handle becomes greater.

  41. If you want to learn to control your anxiety to the point where you don’t worry about getting anxious, you have to face your anxiety, and find out what coping mechanisms work for you. Once you learn to cope with panic attacks or severe anxiety, you will notice you will rarely experience that crippling anxiety anymore because you don’t fear it. I used to take klonpin all the time, and I lost my health insurance a few years ago, so I stopped taking them cold turkey. It was rough for a while, but being put in that positon, it forced me to face it head on. It was the best thing I ever did. Anyways, I wish the best for you.

  42. You are incredibly brave for talking about anxiety. Although i have anxiety, i have never had panic attacks or anything on that level. As much as i fight with myself, i can only imagine what its like for others to go through something more severe. When you mentioned you knew of others who get anxious while driving, i’m one of those too. I’m a father and a husband and it sucks that i don’t get taken seriously, or looked at as timid or not ‘man enough’ because of this shit anxiety does. It brings much relief to hear you open up Jaclyn. Thank you!

  43. So I came from a religious household and I had an idea for a video you or someone could do, what are important things you learned after leaving religion? I’m struggling to figure out what I need to learn about to start learning about it. Learning about evolution was one of the biggest things for me but there are a lot of things I feel i should have learned as I was homeschooled by my very sheltering mother. And now I feel lost and ignorant because of the ignorance of my parents.
    sorry this was kind of ramble-y but i’m kinda drunk rn.

  44. I’m quitting welbutrin, I think SSRIs&SNRIs are 2spooky & can cause unhealthy thinking, at least in the long term setting…..

  45. Hi! Jackyn, you should research black seed oil, it says that it helps with stress and anxity, sorry fir bad spelling, but look videos online about black seed oil for anxity.

  46. I know what your feeling because i use to get panic attacks too! And people that never have panic attacks don’t understand what you feel and its scarry! I have a causin that started having panic attacks from taking a cold medication, ever since she took some pills for a cold she was never the same after that, she has had all kinds of test to figure out what is wrong with her because she feels her heart rises, she feels tingling all over and her face gets hot, and she feels like she is going to die! And thats how i feel too when i get them!! So i started taking black seed oli and i feel much better i haven’t had a panic attack for a while!! So just read about it and see all the benefits, it help for sleeping better too! Hope this helps!!!

  47. Sorry forgot to mention that they say that black seed oil is on the bible and maybe it helps people to try it but i don’t take it because they say that, i’m an atheist! I take it because of the benefits it has, so skip the religious part and read what is good for only!!😁😁

  48. Hi Jaclyn! I’ve been going for therapy once a week for seven years now, and have been on a bunch of medication. Right now, I am on Venlafaxin, it’s not helping me that much with the depression, but my anxiety is down! I hope you will feel better soon, You’re precious!

  49. Remember when Katie Perry rejected Jesus Christ and embraced nihilism (aka atheism)? She fell into a great depression and started seeing all sorts of shrinks. Coincidence? Nah, of course not.

  50. My best friend and the loml, has depression and anxiety. It’s crazy because I was thinking that I should really look more into it, and then I saw your video.

    Btw you are a beautiful person, and I really appreciate the vulnerability, I can’t imagine how hard it is for you.

    I do have a question, what ways do you like for your friends and family to support you when you are really stressed and anxious? Do you have maybe an activity like a favorite family board game, or maybe just sitting down and pouring out your heart to your friends/family?

  51. Hi Jaclyn!! I had really bad anxiety about a year ago, and I couldn’t really process a lot of stuff but then I started to do Yoga and meditate and I haven’t really been at the level of anxiety that I have been 🙂 that worked for me!
    Ps, I Love you and I’m so happy you’re feeling better ❤️

  52. Exercise every day, get your heart rate up and sustain it for at least 30 min. You will notice an immediate drop in your anxiety. Lower your caffeine intake, increase water, and a healthy balanced diet.

  53. All SSRI’s have the potential for a significant and dangerous side effect for causing suicidal thoughts.

    Exercise every day, get your heart rate up and sustain it for at least 30 min. You will notice an immediate drop in your anxiety

  54. I overcame most of my hard hitting anxieties after I read the book ( Six Pillars of self Esteem ) Nathaniel Branden. You might think that self esteem is irrelevant but I strongly believe that it’s relevant for an important reason: You mention a lot how people’s comments are affecting you ; that’s a major self esteem problem, one that’s “surprisingly” common among celebrities and people you would think are the least likely to have such problems. Drugs are only short term solutions, such problems can only be solved (on the long term and in a healthy drugless way) through psychological means not biological. That’s what I think, give the book a shot ” it’s written by an Atheist :)”

  55. Antidepressants are BS.I did some in August-September 2017 and started LMFAO randomly…uncontrollably…

  56. Personally anti-depressants didn’t work for me, I really benefited from therapy such as CBT instead. But obviously some people are different

  57. I know this isn’t related but..THEY STOLE AGAIN “Women stop taking birth control for the first time” THEY ACTUALLY MADE A VIDEO OF IT

  58. I’m currently on wellbutrin and it did help me over a very low point I was going through, unfortunately it can (and for me did) lower your sex drive. Maybe it’s a stupid guy thing but for me that was a tradeoff I wasn’t willing to make. I personally feel that the only time you should willingly ignore side effects that lower your quality of life is if it’s helping you get through a time when suicide seems like a good alternative. If suicide starts feeling preferential to the medication then it’s doing more harm than good.

  59. Honey the first thing you should do is go learn about oxy & how it’s development was specifically designed to create a nation of addicts. These are the same assholes that worked up “antidepressants” that make you even more depressed thus guaranteeing you’ll take more “medications”, there’s no $$$ in healthy people honey, learn who your enemies are. Second, if you are stressed & talking helps that is great, if not then go smoke a joint or have a glass of red. If you really do have a nonaddictive personality then your set & are in no danger of “gateway drugs or the disease of alcoholism” (utter bullshit on both counts, EVERYTHING is a choice except your biology & death) Thirdly, get off of social media, You are a stunningly wonderful woman to behold, darlin’ yer gorgeous! & as such please make every effort to feel more comfortable in your own skin & that begins & ends with a healthy mind. A beautiful woman that is intelligent, self aware, kind & can hold a room with just her conversational prowess is truly one of God’s little gifts whether you believe in him or not is irrelvent. Life is about a journey, it’s different for everyone & death is the best ride of this journey, that’s why it’s saved until the end. 😉

  60. Hey Jacklyn.
    Would you mind to enable option for creating subtitles for your movies?
    I would be able to translate english-polish at least for some of your movies for people from Poland.
    Glad if you could answer.

  61. Therapy has helped with my anxiety. But it never really goes away. I’m been trying different meds, most of which have sexual side effects in men…which creates a whole new level of anxiety. Xanax is the only drug that helps absolutely…but that’s an addictive drug which I try to take as little as often. Lexapro, Effexor, Cymbalta have failed so far…I wish there was a silver bullet but I’m doubting it exists.

  62. Can you please do a video on Sherif Gaber who is an ex-Muslim from Egypt who was arrested. He has had over 12,000,000 views from 20 videos!

  63. i had little depressions when i was 8 to 9 because my mother died because of depressions because my granddad raped her as she was yung😬😪 but now i like have my ups and downs but im pretty good

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