108 thoughts on ““White People Dont Struggle” SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #56

  1. Here are the facts – even if you do not like them. There are more poor white people in the USA than any other race. That is simply because there are more white people than any other race. in my own case, there were 5 children and my Mom was divorced – Umm. (that’s poor ) So apparently – you can whine like an idiot – if you happen have a proper skin tone — ….. so being dumb is your elective option but poor doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stupid unless you are just stupid …. get it .. ? so why not stop with the “I was poor so I can do anything – NONSENSE !”

  2. If we stopped eating beef and drinking milk cattle would die off by the tens of millions. Cows at this point are so domesticated that they can’t naturally birth their own young anymore. Take out the profit motive and no one would take care of them. The species would be nearly extinct within a single generation.

    I’m a white man who went to a high school that was ~%70 black. We didn’t have a black student union either. Or a white student union. Or any student union.

  3. Hippos with problem glasses at college? What’s next? Puerto Rico should have stop electing politicians that steel monies infrastructure or you get disaster ..not my fault

  4. SJW: “I am a proud product of affirmative action”

    Also SJW: “Are people getting in based on affirmative action?”


  5. Yes…whites have more father’s at home, and why? Because the welfare state creates an incentive for the destruction of the black family. Who pushes these oppressive policies? Democrats! So why vote Democrat when they are oppressing blacks?

    Why is it Democrats control inner city politics and governance, that keep inner city blacks in failed schools and deadly ghetto housing, continue to vote Democrat? Therefore, inner city oppressions of blacks by Democrats get full support from inner city blacks. How does this make sense? Answer: welfare state allows them to support their own oppression, apparently.

  6. The Black man interviewing the idiot was level headed He used facts not emotions to drive home logic. You know she was thinking to herself this guy is an uncle Tom. That is how Liberals dismiss Black people who think for themselves …Its refreshing to see him slam her for her opinions about Racism she had no actual facts only talking points from the Al Sharpton Race Book

  7. Guess what lady??? There’s very few black people here in Montana. And guess who is pulled over and followed around in stores? White teenagers. I still see profiling at gas stations and grocery stores. I’ve seen the employees follow around the teens. And guess what? Teens steal a lot of shit.

  8. “With grocery stores, we don’ t need [to milk cows] anymore”.
    But…. but… where do grocery stores get their milk?!?!?!

    1. I understand what he was saying, and technically he wasnt wrong. Soy milk exists (though it is disgusting), and can be used as a substitute. All he was saying is that the needless cruelty to animals doesnt need to happen, which is true. I believe the reason that clip is in the video is because of the man behind them who was blasting some gay shit into their ears for no reason while she was asking him questions, and probably just trying to educate herself or others.

  9. Ah yes white people don’t struggle, don’t see white people in shelters or eating at soup kitchens no sir.

  10. “Black people can’t be racist” okay bitch, so when I got my ass kicked weekly when I attended an all black high school because I was white, what the fuck do you call that? What a stupid cunt.

  11. If you are white and been as broke as I’ve been please raise your hands.. Wow that’s a lot of hands..

  12. Its called affirmative action. 4 times I was turned down for Hispanics and blacks because they need diversity. Same thing with police academy even when I scored higher. Plz tell me about white privilege

  13. According to her logic, white people could not possibly be racist while Obama was in office. They were not in control. So only black people could be racist while Obama was in office and now that Trump is in office it’s only white people again. Makes sense.

  14. I made a joke in my head about cheap vegetable labor for instead of cheap child labor and now I’m picturing the veggietales in a sweatshop

  15. I am white and I went to the Oakland Post office and asked for an application for employment. The black woman behind the desk said. “Honey you aren’t black enough.” I asked her to give me that in writing. This was before cell phones with cameras or else I would have had a discrimination law suit against the government.

  16. 5:13
    Well actually, racism *does* exist, but it’s REALLY subtle. And it goes for every race, not just black people.

  17. Affirmative Action in schools and careers is making it so that lesser skilled people get jobs and in better schools than higher skilled. That means the next time you go to a non white dr, that dr may have been handed their position simply based on their race instead of intellect. Does that make sense to you? Does anyone really want that? Giving people jobs and letting them in schools just because they are not white even if a white applicant is way more qualified is frightening.

  18. “segregation is good”
    My good woman that is a form of racism and that can actually start wars.
    But what do I know. I apparently own a mansion and a caddy and didn’t have to work for it.
    Get fucked cunt.

  19. GOTCHA! “your black, why don’t you see white privilege?” AHA!!! so by her words if your black you automatically can see this imaginary world of !white privilege”. she is a horrible racist cunt and she fucked herself right there!

  20. That Black woman was infuriating on so many levels, especially how she tried to patronise that guy. She seems bitter and jealous of the opportunities that other people have created for themselves.

  21. Black people cant be racist, yes they can it is easy!

    👦🏾 Cracker! 👱🏻‍♂️😢

    👱🏻‍♂️ Nigga! 👦🏾😢

  22. If they want segregation I say we give them segregation. It turned out great for Zimbabwe 😀

    The older I get the more I lose faith in democracy. Especially when majority of the institutions are brainwashing people.


  24. If retards like these came here in the Balkans and tried this SJW shit someone would already beat them up senseless…or threw a grenade at them.

  25. By her gestures, she seems to believe she has more insight than any of the other 100’s of millions of people born before her. Finest example of moral indignation.

  26. Racism = you cant have something because of your skin color …… White privilege you CAN have something because of your skin color ( in this case white people) ….. it’s really not that hard to understand

  27. “I believe all races have the right to segregate and interact in their own circles”


  28. I’m just saying if the reason they say white people are racist but minorities can’t be is because racism is from the beliefs that your race is superior and some minority’s may say that’s why and say we can’t be racist isn’t that basically saying we are a better race because we aren’t racist which means they are? That might be confusing but I just thought of that

  29. Blacks can’t be racists! She really said that! What a complete and utter black privileged bitch. Affirmative action (Positive Action here in UK) to get her to UCLA from a Poppa who went Harvard. White privilege don’t exist just a made up excuse by blacks.

  30. She is for segregation, but complains about “her lack of economic opportunities” even though she had them. She lost, he verbally eviscerated her.

  31. “White privilege exists” as she talks of how she got help getting into a college because she’s a woman of color. Yet they can have a show called “dear white people” but if white people made a show called “dear black people” they’d be absolutely crucified. Stop playing the victim. Sorry you actually have to work for anything in your life like the rest of us. Grow up and quit blaming the rest of the world for your problems.

  32. They literally have all black colleges that white people can’t get into and you wanna tell me white privilege still exists.

  33. the black woman taling about privilege is both right and ringey and it hurts
    white privilege is certainly real
    YES, everyone fucking has their strggles
    but people of color have it worse, by a long shot
    and it’s literally only because of their skin color
    it hurts because she has the right idea, but she gets defensive with this dude during a debate, when he asks for proof
    like there’s proof everywhere, but you have to give an example, not get defensive :l
    tell me white privilege doesn’t exist when i get followed around in a store for no reason, only other than i have brown skin
    white people, especially old white people, are the biggest fucking thieves where i live
    but it’s only me that gets followed
    this world is pathetic

  34. I am white as well. My father died when I was 8 and my mother went to a nursing home when I was 13 leaving me pretty much on my own. Where was my white privilege?

  35. She is a racist person. She is the chocolate KKK. Interesting to point out under the FBI star page Blacks in USA are more violent, attack more whites and commit more hate crimes also they have the most hoaxed hate crime reports. Often caught red handed lying by the police or FBI.

  36. I don’t get the woman’s point. I’m Cuban and even if we have what she said, is not as cut dry. Yes a lot of our people do know how to read and write, but a lot of the population does not make it pass high school either cause they drop out due to lack of interest or because they need to work in order to maintain themselves and their family. Poverty is a big issue we have with many people being unable to have basic needs like food, shelter or water. And the main point is that open criticism of the government gets you killed or arrested.

  37. bitch im from puerto rico and live here, dnt blame the USA for our problems, our goverment is the problem thats why many people died in the hurricane cuz the goverment u defend its fucked up, people like you that want to be freed from USA ownership while having a goverment triple as bad are dumb asf, so shut up, u making us look bad

  38. so its white people fault for black people to prefer going to the public school on the hood, for your dad to beat ur mom, your mom to beat you, your dads to leave you, for you to being stupid, for you to follow what every other black brained washed fool follows? please, dnt blame other for your mistakes or the path you wish to follow

  39. They must have ran out if white privilege when they got to me im 15 and I have been doing concrete, landscaping, and construction with my dad whenever I want to buy something.

  40. I wish I knew the black gentleman’s name, I like his outlook and how he handles the trash talking B.

  41. That chick screaming about dairy cows is dead wrong lol. I worked and lived on a dairy farm for 6 years and not one cow was raped or lived under 4 years lol. And the cows babies arent being taken away from them. The calfs are born and they live in the same barn right next to their mother lol. Dumb woman…

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