“The dems are to blame!”
“No, the reps are to blame!!”
“But what about_____ “
“Shush, that’s not important”

The rest of the world: ???????

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

105 thoughts on “WHERE CAN I EXIT THIS PLANET?

  1. Quite a lot of people in this comment section are playing a judge as to who deserves to die.
    before you leave any more comments saying you have “no sympathy” for this girl being killed read this:

    1. You’re lecturing a dead girl.
    2. She was 20. Yes, age is not an excuse but considering school system these days, ever thought she hasn’t yet had an option to hear the other side?
    3. That was one tweet, ONE. I went through a whole year of her tweets to see what everyone is fussing over and I found nothing but love for her family and life. She barely discussed politics let alone talked immigration. If that one tweet hurt you so personally, you got bigger issues.
    4. She wasn’t a politician.
    5. Wishing death upon someone over politics and then trying to sit on a moral high horse is the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen.
    6. The issue is the many holes of immigration laws NOT a 20 year old dead girl who loved to jog.

    1. Barbara4u2c Love the channel. I think that the fault lies with a system that would NOT feel sympathy for this girl and her family, this was totally avoidable no murderers in Iowa no murder happens. it is simple. as for the owner of the farm, it is not his fault he thought he was helping this man earn a living, usually the leftist love that behavior, it’s not fair if it’s only bad when a Republican does it. God be with the Tibbets family.

    2. “Where is story about White Americans charged with 1400 counts of animal rape in Pennsylvania? Where is story about Brits in Rome parading Naked? Where is story of white American father killing wife and 2 kids? Where is story about American father killing his son in name of Jesus??”
      Even when you take into consideration whites are stillthe majority in the USA.

  2. Interesting when one considers your immigration status. Somehow I don’t have any fear you might do the same thing. Take care.

  3. I plan on exiting this place in the rapture, when Jesus returns for his believers. It will be sooner than people think.

  4. Sorry Barbara , You can’t.
    Only a few men were able to exit this planet. And they had to come back soon.
    They went to the 1 place that is not Earth anyone can go to , The Moon. And this is the only rational answer you will get This happened before you were born so you probably don’t remember this.
    They were astronauts who were in NASA’s Apollo space program. They got on board a huge spacecraft in Florida, which took them to an orbit of the Moon. From there they got into something called a Lunar Excursion Module. The LEM left the Apollo and landed on the moon. They were able to get out and walk on the moon, but when the oxygen they carried in a tank in their back packs, was about to run out, they had to climb back into the LEM.
    This happened in 1969 and a few other times in the early 1970s. I would tell you about the later missions when they had brought a special car with them and went for a ride, but I can’t expect you to believe that.
    This program proved that space travel was too expensive. so that was as far as men have, and ever will get. America was a greater country back then. And was the only country who could afford to do this. No other country will be able to build another apollo spacecraft, and the only place a LEM will ever be built is Long Island.

  5. as an Iowa resident, this was sad and angering. I leave the details to the justice system. I don’t know the details and can’t get all the details that the system can get. as far as the farm the killer was employed at, the owners of the large farms really don’t know who works for them. there may be a dozen farms in that guy’s name. I worked in a system like that, and it’s hard to know all 1200 employees. if you like, please look into the over 40 people when have gone missing in Iowa in around a months time. it’s getting scary. someone I know was abducted last week.

  6. at the sushi restaurant i work at i had two illegals from honduras i worked with. name is ronney and delmey. delmey is his aunt. anyways they were teerrible workers but got paid shit money. i called ice and they dissappeared and i got fired for that lol. everyone at the plaCE THINKS IM RACIST TOO LOL

  7. Congratulations to the world class morons who think that laws will stop ILLEGAL immigrants from coming here. The clear attraction for both the illegal and the employer is the fact that the illegal will work for less than law mandated minimum wage. Still waiting for people to wish the duck up to the fact that government is the cause of all of these issues

  8. The real cause of death is a crappy person, which have existed on this planet forever and will continue to do so.
    Immigration as a whole needs reform and I don’t necessarily mean more laws, but actually enforcing the laws we already have in place. You know that set of laws that worked just fine for millions and millions of immigrants.

  9. Since I dug deeper into this girl Mollie’s past what she stood for, I have discovered she was OK with illegals being in this country and she like at least one of her feminazi relatives carried a grudge against whites especially white guys. Her relative wrote a article to that affect. And instead of her feminazi relative taking any of the blame for where she stands on illegal trespassing into this country, but instead wants to blame white men that had absolutely nothing to do with Millie’s death whatsoever other than the opposite being true to prevent deaths such as trying to enforce our borders and laws.

  10. People are afraid of following the rules and the laws of this Great country!!! Just so ”illegal immigrant” peace’s of s#!t like this can get away with murder! WE THE PEOPLE of this GREAT COUNTRY are made up of ”legal law abiding immigrants”! My family came to this GREAT COUNTRY with no money just the hope they could have a better life and not just to have our lives taken away from a invading force again! All of my family and friends are praying for this poor girls family and friends I hope you will too!

  11. There was no background check, e-verify is denounced by the left,but it is pretty accurate,no system is perfect. However, the left in all western countries are for open borders.

  12. E-Verify puts the pressure of abuse, or misuse, the penalty’s on the employer. It just means the employer has done what is supposed to be done anyhow, which is show a state-issued ID, or DL. The illegals are under no more pressure than before without E-Verify, of stealing an identity.

  13. Yeah this one makes my physically sick! So sick of illegal alien criminals and the democrats who support them!

  14. If people want to get rid of illegals, stop hiring them. Here in Massachusetts, it’s almost impossible to talk to the people that fast food places hire. On the bright side, it keeps me away from that kind of food.

  15. Who cares, if that was a Man killed, no one would even know. Women are Victims, that is ALL they are. Well they are Criers and Whiners too.

  16. 0:55 Did you just say Rivera was Somalian, or is the English subtitling wrong?

    He was / is Mexican.

    _”Cristhian Bahena Rivera, the Mexican farmworker accused of killing a 20-year-old college student and concealing her body beneath corn leaves, seemed to have built a quiet, productive life in the seven or so years since he slipped across the southwest border and found work in the fields of Iowa.”_


    RIP, Mollie Tibbett.

  17. So not 100% sure how true it is but i have seen pictures of the go fund me page for the killer to get him out of jail for what reason i have no idea but when i saw it 130k raised of 5million. There was a illegal that worked at a factory i worked at out of highschool he was hired because he used his legal brothers SSN. The fact he was working here illegally is not part of this story they are allowed to work in sanctuary cities without any issue he cheated the system the farmer ‘s job isnt to run the extended background an vet this guy if he had proper paper trail to be able to cheat the system that is on the government either way he was illegal taking a job from an american and blacked out and killed a college girl (who was for open boarders) after she told him to stop following her or she would call the cops, sounds like an animal to me and he deserves to be put to death. This family endured hell for over a month and the only reason he turned himself in was they found video footage of him stalking her the night he killed her.

  18. I love Barbara4u2c so much. Hope someday she can be cloned and I can have one . What a cool, neat interesting girl !

  19. Yur question or statement as written in yur header.. Where can i exit this planet..
    Its simple,, just open that door a walk through it..
    And be real,, the comment section is what makes a vid.. So what if peeps joke about it… Its not going to change what happened.. Wow people killing people,, like thats something new.. Its always sad,, but it is what it is.. Carry a gun and do the killing and not be the killing..
    Oh and one question,, are you here legally.??

  20. Jews control the politicians….force the politicians to open all of the borders in the West….which creates mass illegal immigration. You cannot solve the problem….this is part of their religious scripture.

  21. So sad and her poor family. It’s a tragedy that she made some bad choices but nobody deserves to die. Anybody caught employing cheap foreign.Labour should get a minimum ten years and seizure of assets.

  22. She hated white males. I am one. I do not hate her. Her death is an insignificant event to anyone but her family. The world goes on.

  23. Same week a white Colorado man killed his pregnant wife and 2 daughters who were still todlers I’m not sure FOX even mentioned it. What happened to Molly is horrible but FOX is definitely very selective about what they report and don’t report on. FOX in all honestly is more a political opinion tv station rather than news station.

  24. ..Theresa May lives a life of danger…..to simple common sense, she is a stranger….With every move she makes another chance she takes,odds are she won’t have a job by Christmas……..Secret Agent May , Secret Agent May……..they just give you a number,, and do not use your name…………..What is behind the veils that they must wear, …could it be swollen skin, or some scabs there…Or could there be a bruise from domestic abuse……..Odds are she won’t live to see tommorrow………..So called Asian men,,,,can do what they can……They just give you a number and do not use your name……..She said that she was in favor of Brexit……Judging by what she’es done, we know that’s bull ** ** ………..Be careful what you say youl’ll give yourself away……odds are she won’t have a job by Christmas….
    This is the original 1966 version that was a big hit for Johnny Rivers, It was the theme song for the TV show of the same name.
    There’s a man who leads a life of danger
    To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
    With every move he makes another chance he takes
    Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameBeware of pretty faces that you find
    A pretty face can hide an evil mind
    Ah, be careful what you say
    Or you’ll give yourself away
    Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameThere’s a man who leads a life of danger
    To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
    With every move he makes another chance he takes
    Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameBeware of pretty faces that you find
    A pretty face can hide an evil mind
    Ah, be careful what you say
    Or you’ll give yourself away
    Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameThere’s a man who leads a life of danger
    To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
    With every move he makes another chance he takes
    Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameBeware of pretty faces that you find
    A pretty face can hide an evil mind
    Ah, be careful what you say
    Or you’ll give yourself away
    Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameThere’s a man who leads a life of danger
    To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
    With every move he makes another chance he takes
    Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameBeware of pretty faces that you find
    A pretty face can hide an evil mind
    Ah, be careful what you say
    Or you’ll give yourself away
    Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrowSecret agent man, secret agent man
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your nameSecret agent man, secret agent man..
    They’ve given you a number and taken away your name…………….n.b……The idea is an “agent” is someone who has been paid by somone else to do something for them………………………….. So, Ms. May works for the people of Britain, but is this her only job? It appears to me she may be working as an agent for someone else. Who this is, is a secret…Why she does certain things is a secret too. Do you think she may be paid money by someone else who is a secret partner? I won’t profess to know if this is true, all I can say is May may…..be doing this but so far this has been kept secret. IF She has a numbered account in a Swiss bank we MAY not know if she has much more money than she got from the pay checks she has received from the Queen’s treasury………..If she were working as a secret agent for someone who is outside Britain, she would certainly be earning her pay. if said person were not on the side of the British people………….Those women who wear a hajib may be doing it because of religious reasons, however they MAY also have to cover as much of their skin as possible because they were hit with a stick by their husband , and they prefer that not everyone can see the damage. Their husband MAY not have wanted to hit her, but he had to because she had not learned how to behave herself, and according to their holy book, a little pain can help a woman remember to respect her husband, and thus not do certain things again.

  25. R.I.P young lady. We have to kick out these scumbags and the traitorous politicians that facilitate them. CNN is a cringe worthy puke-fest. Anderson Pooper is an absolute fuckwitt.
    Bigups Barbara have a nice weekend.

  26. sorry I got the country wrong , was hard to find it disappeared , was Dutch not Swedish , what I am gonna post is not for the purposes of anything but the fear stuff like this from America and Europe I have and the utter hate I have for something so insane and brutal and real and I think no one listened ,it was silenced and someone should at least see the link , it is just news , don’t click if you don’t wanna see the real truth https://kevinwhiteman.com/tag/suicide/ , sorry barb

  27. I am pretty sure it was Yarrabee Farms that was selling food to the Red Hen Restaurant when they kicked out Sarah. I yelped about it and then I did some research and decided to email all their produce providers and ask them to stop selling to Red Hen due to their actions. Hmmmm………..see the connection? THEY hire illegals to work their farm, the illegals told the owner of the Red Hen to kick her out. Remember, she took a vote? Who are all the workers at Red Hen? Yep, you guessed it, illegals. Reminds me of the song, Stand by Me.

  28. In Germany very young girls and woman stabbed, raped and strangled to death by illegal migrants, but also men have become victims more and more mostly they get stabbed or beaten to death. The death of a German Cuban local beeing stabbed by a syrian and an iraqui caused the riots in Chemnitz. it is not a protest of the ultra right wing only as the press may make you believe. Thats a lie. Its also normal citizen that have enough of this shit.

  29. There has been the case in germany where a young woman was raped, killed and drowned by a ‘refugee’ which just came illegally into the country.
    The media reported that the young woman was missing. When they found out that she was killed by an illegal immigrant the media reported *nothing* .
    So relatives and people who found out about it asked why it was not reported on the news. The national news (which has to be neutral by law) responded that they decided to not report it because *it’s neither regional nor relevant to the population* .

  30. Its easy to hire an illegal worker in AZ. Almost all do the same thing they just get a good set of papers off someone. I mean the SS# and name its easy. I work at a large factory and several years ago ICE came in and lined ALL of us up. Seperated whites/blacks to one side. Mexicans to the other. They took two dozen. A couple white guys had regular warrants also. I felt bad some were my friends but they were sent to Eloy.

  31. First of all. You look cute. Second. Just start “kicking”(almost murder) illigals out yourself ppl. A murder like this could happen to someone you know. And the “law” isnt gonna do anything.

  32. I’ve come across this E-verify step in a few job applications before. It’s more of a nuisance since I was born and raised here. It is covered in American flag designs. And it gives the impression of ‘extra security and selectiveness’. I’m sure it is useful for scaring off most illegal immigrants – but only in as much as the standard ‘Drug Policy’ part of the typical application process as well. Pot smokers can still get a job – if they know ahead of time that the company doesn’t actually ‘test’ for pot. You guys know what i’m talking about. Some jobs test. Some jobs don’t. But they all have to say they can test you for marijuana to scare you off.
    I’m guessing it’s the same for illegal immigrants with the e-verify thing. Just because a company gets (money) (or tax breaks) for having ‘E-Verify’ as part of their hiring process, doesn’t mean they actually use it.
    The worst bottom-line jobs i’ve actually experienced don’t test for drugs, because of greed. Not in the people, but the company. They are fine with people going to a shitty factory job on meth. I’ve seen it. These users look like complete shit, but they make more parts per hour for the company, and provide a new standard for other employees to follow. Which is naturally unrealistic.
    In conclusion, Not every illegal worker is magical. They don’t work faster just because of being foreign, but because of illegal drugs (specifically uppers). And it hurts everyone.

  33. Barbara, I went to Mollie’s funeral. It was the saddest day. I estimate the attendance at around 2000 brokenhearted people. She was a wonderful, sweet, lovely person. I feel so bad for her and her family. She was totally innocent. I don’t understand why anyone would not have sympathy for her. What did she do other than assume she could go for a run down a rural road in Iowa unarmed. If ICE was supported maybe they would have caught up to this creep. Rivera had fake documents. If we had had the wall she would probably still be alive. We have to know who is coming in the country. Nothing racist about it. I’m worried about a Russian walking a backpack nuke across the border. Last time I checked Russians are white. If you have no sympathy for Mollie or her family you have no soul. You are lost. You make me sick. If this happens to someone in your family I bet you will change your tune. Someone has to speak up for her. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of your audience.

  34. Another important reason of why people were covering her death is the mass amount of media attention that it got when she went missing. When a missing persons case is covered that much, there’s no way that news outlets won’t be covering it.

  35. Sad that it takes a LEGAL immigrant, such as yourself, to have the perspective and GUTS to openly point out what is really going on. As an American and a Marine veteran, I truly thank you for your guts and service!

  36. Not everything should be about politics, an innocent young woman was murdered for fucks sake. It doesn’t matter if you’re illegal or not, pay your taxes or hump a statue of Jesus before you go to bed, you kill an innocent person intentionally for no valid reason then you’re just another worthless, wretched criminal and deserve to be put away for life.

  37. They always seem to bypass the system is cause these companies know they are illegal and want that cheap labor. A job I had a year ago had tons of Mexicans and we all knew they were illegal so of course the company had to know. Just a few months ago they were hiring desperately due to all the Mexicans there had been deported. That poor girl died a senseless death….bless her.

  38. how türkish mass imigration stoped the economic miracle in germany , thx USA for that-_- , if anyone tells u aliens are good for ur econemy dont believe him, he will probably lie the blue from heaven just to get promoted

  39. the fact of the matter is she would not have been murdered if the law had been upheld and this person had been kicked out of the country. Legal immigrants are given a background check. We have enough murder in this country by citizens. We don’t need it added to by illegals who’s history we do not know. Maybe just a statistic to the liberal side of things, but if it were your daughter or sister or mother or wife, the reality of the fact that this was preventable would be smacking you right in the face.

  40. I have friends from YouTube that are from Slovenia, they are really cool guys. I hope you can stay in the States. Get ready for a debate weather you are hard right or hard left. That is what makes America Great, the debate and the vote. USA ain’t perfect, but its the best we got. Remember evil is everywhere, also in Government.

  41. The problem I see is relying on self serving politicians to keep Americans safe. It doesn’t work. It won’t work until government is held accountable and the behavior is not tolerated.

  42. The Dems are to blame, not the Republicans. Look at what the Dem party stands for…..open borders and 3rd Worlders allowed in never ending. Put the blame where it’s due.

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