Watch me get bullied by hateful Internet comments

This became an inside joke in less than 24 hours lol.
I’m a special little snowflake.

The video is still up on Bitchute.


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Author: Social Truth Warrior

262 thoughts on “Watch me get bullied by hateful Internet comments

  1. Guys… seriously, I am zero bothered by these comments.
    I posted this ironically cuz I got a strike for bullying… get it? :’D

    Watch till the end.

    1. +Barbara4u2c,

      Today I was like “Barb hasn’t put out a video in a while, I miss her”, check out your channel and I’m like “I’ve been unsubscribed”.

      On the bright side I’ve got quite a few video’s I haven’t seen to catch up on.

      Much love.

    2. +Fook The Daiz Brothers,

      Your part of a majority my Brother, even SJW men want to marry her (I mean who would voluntarily marry an SJW chick).

      P.S. I don’t want to sound like a crazy fan, but I think I’m in there, as I have personally met her and her smile was huge, either she was being nice, or she was impressed (I’m going with the latter).

    3. We love you Barbara. Don’t listen to the moron bullies who can say what they want but if you point out hypocrites like Hogg (what an appropriate name cause he’s kind of a pig), you get banned.

    4. +Test Channel,

      lol at the Hogg joke.

      Hey, when I think of “strong independent women” I think of the likes of Barbara, as Woman who can make her own choices (despite what people tell her).

      When I think of a “Weak, dependant Woman” I think of a Feminist, an Feminists literally are Weak and Dependant (weak minded, and dependant on the state).

    5. But please don’t get bothered on good comments, cuz we’re like you! There are many people who like and adore your work and all your activity for the sake of common sense and something sane.

  2. Well, while we are on the subject of hateful comments…..
    As a Slovene and someone who is familiar with the migrant crisis YOU are just the person America needs to answer this question….
    In America our prisons are overcrowded and judges keep ordering that we let some of them out on parole, even if we are sure a particular prisoner will probably just commit another crime or two before he gets caught. So how about when he is ready to be let out on parole we put him and a few hundred other carreer criminals on a ship and go to the coast of Slovenia and throw these guys overboard and throw them some inflatable life rafts that they can paddle to the shore. When they get to the beach they claim to be refugees so you guys have to give him something to eat and take care of his other needs.
    No matter how much your people want to say GTF out! ,they can’t be cause they will be afraid they will be called racist ( look, wer’e not gonna throw a white guy overboard, you know what I mean) We could take them to a beach where there are white girls wandering about in bikinis. I’m sur the ex-cons will want to stay.

  3. Part 2
    So, Barbara, as someone who lives in California, ya gotta admit this plan would be a step in the right direction,eh? Look Slovenia has not taken its share of the white man’s burden, It’s about time you guys did.
    n.b. If you don’t post an answer to this, I will perceive your silence as your way of saying there is nothing wrong with my plan.

  4. You know I read these comments on ‘immigration’ & Israel, middle east etc.The comments often don’t make sense an they fall over their own feet cus they want to insult you in 10 different ways at once. Raging. O.o “we don’t owe them anything” . . Since when ?.

  5. I have a question. I pay not to see ads, so when they demonetize a video. Do they still have ads and you get no revenue or they just don’t have ads in them? Seems if they leave ads they still capitalize on your viewership, that would be a big class action suit against them. Love the content and the (English is not my first language comments) witty replies.

  6. What camera do you use for your videos? I thought it was the webcam on your MacBook but obviously this is not true. 😉

  7. Thank you so much Barbara for this and all of your videos.  I am able to stay positive because of your great attitude towards these meaningless negative comments that you shared with us.  I wonder, does YouTube ban/suspend or otherwise discipline these commenters that toss all of the hate and racial slurs at you?  I certainly hope so, but I doubt it.  You’re GREAT!

  8. White genocide exists. Its called the kalergi plan. Its in the hands of the Zionists now. Kalergi itself was not Jewish

  9. I saw your video on Pork Chop again today. That’s 3x now. Damn you are funny. One day when comedy comes back (hopefully) you will always have a career in stand-up if the current plan doesn’t work out 😉

  10. I agree that ppl should stay in their own countries…. so why is it okay for a Slovenian to be in the US? Go back!

  11. I can’t belive there is accualy a girl from Slovenia talking the truth. You go girl.
    Počasi ampak res počasi se tudi v Sloveniji ljudje prebujajo.

  12. You came to America to suck diverse cocks yet you don’t want that same diversity in your central European homeland. That’s not fair to all the other sluts like you who live there.

  13. That video wasn’t even that offensive. Jesus anything can count as bullying these days soon nobody’s going to be able to criticizes or make a joke about anyone without getting into some fucking trouble.

  14. living in Oregon now, I am from Apache lineage, Republican, Christian, USMC retired, born in San Francisco California, (Shame Shame now) And I say Barb wire Rockit Sister Sister you’re awesome… oh by the way I used to be Democrat, and I voted for Donald Trump… God bless you little sister shake them up wake them up…

  15. @barbara4u2c perhabs they think the lines of a globe r real fences not describtions of the shape of a country.
    Im curious if these people drive around the states and wonder when they coming to one of the lines where the borderfence is!

  16. How dare you make fun of 8 year olds comment Barbera?
    White: color of skin, muslim: a religon (can be any color).
    All adults know the difference….. 😛

  17. Family huh ? Well. we can’t live without you either… 🙂 You didn’t tell them you were a republican did you ? Three YouTube Trikes huh ? LOOK OUT, YOU’RE DOOMED… :-i

  18. I am Native American Pagan of the Southern Sierra Miwok Nation and I love Barbara and if you don’t like that, feel free to get out of my country!.

  19. For the scum claiming that migrants are “just looking for a better life”, people like them are the reason their countries suck in the first place. Nobody has to put up with their low IQ, shitty backwards fucking culture that wants to turn first world countries into the same shitholes they’re supposedly fleeing. Nobody is fucking up the planet more than third world countries.

  20. One reason the immigration problem worries me, as a white person:
    I just downloaded a chart of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world.

    Percentage of dangerous cities where the dominant demographic is “non-white” = 100%.
    Percentage of dangerous cities where the dominant demographic is “white” = 0%.

    Now just sit back and watch how many leftist morons respond to this comment by calling me a racist simply for posting a statistic……

  21. This chick gets it. Illegal immigrants and refugees ruin countries! But i guess Youtube and FB preffer it that way.

  22. Barbara you are a rock!! A rockstar!! Every time I see a video from you I’m absolutely proud to be a patron of yours!!!

  23. I still don’t understand why anyone would like to go to USA or EU, especially Muslims. They created their perfect culture in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran and many other countries. Why would any Muslim want to go to USA or EU instead of going to Middle East?

  24. Do you mind if I mirror your banned video? I hate to see things censored and wonder if YT would even notice with my 15 subs maybe it will slip under the radar.

  25. I have just subscribed to you after many weeks of watching your posts and I must say you are one off the most down to earth person, ie female, that I have come across. You are so to the point and tell the truth, and I love the way that you make me smile with your funny ways. Keep up all the good work, you are a treasure on You Tube. R

  26. As usual Muslims immigrants want to live in christian countries……….whats new. As for you Barbara: you are gorgeous and so. so bright.

  27. I’m kinda glad they pulled the one vid , it was a terrible theme song , I don’t like the guy , but I couldn’t get threw the vid lol … Love ya Barbi 😆😉😝😘😘😘😘

  28. Girl you should love these comments! They are very very funny, and a bit sad too. They are sad , not because of the grammar, but because they are so off track with the information you have presented in your videos. What should be common sense is not always the case, I will try to give an example in hopes that those for whom these concepts are too strange may get the drift.
    Example: I live in a tent, it is a single person tent. I keep my food in my tent, I worked all day to get this food. One night as I am sleeping I am awoken by a sound. There are two other people in my tent and the are eating my food! I ask them just what in the hell they are doing. “Well” one responds, “you were asleep and there seemed to be enough room for us, and we saw that you weren’t eating the food so we decided to eat it”.
    If they do not see a problem here…..they never will.

  29. You are adorable! I wish you were my granddaughter (I am old otherwise I would wish you were my daughter). You are brilliant, beautiful and adorable and I would trade my daughter for you any day (my daughter is an actress who plays the fake hispanic housewife on Bravo TV Housewives of Orange County called Kelly Dobbs…all bullshit…her name is Nicole Merie Jones and she is an American of English German descent…no Mexican at all) anyway, you are a darling …keep up the good work.

  30. I don’t understand why I resubscribed you. But, I did. Must be your innocent pouty face and is in no way related to your gorgeous intelligence! Also, I double-dare you to follow me on tw**ter.

  31. English is a neobarbaric language iam not going to follow its phoneticogrammatosyntactic rules

  32. Well maybe, just maybe, if you would show some empathy towards the people you virtually meet in cyberspace and not used them as a subject to make jokes about, you may not have so many people hating you,
    for example how about the vid you did on body positivity?
    Although those women may have been able to use one of 3 methods to lose their extra fat, not everyone is as lucky to have as few fat cells as you do Barbara, many people have to just accept their shape and get used to it.
    If these plus sized women can tell each other they are beautiful just the way they are, and believe that, They could feel good about themselves.
    In the near future there may be a need for these delusional women.

  33. continued….
    But no, You and all those anorexic runway models have to keep reminding everyone what a woman is supposed to look like.
    The thing is, the sexbots will be on the market in a few years (at an affordable price). Now they are trying to develop artificial intelligence to put inside the heads of these silicone women, but since she will have a computer for a brain, she will also have all the artificial stupidity a computer has, so we can’t expect such a product to work right.
    The answer to this problem is a chubby girl who wants to believe she is beautiful and also wants a boyfriend who thinks she is (believe me Barb, if you were a man who was in bed with such a girl, and it was not at night with the lights off and the curtains drawn shut, YOU would know how hard it is to keep your thingie that way long enough to get the job done) ,So if you put virtual reality gear on the land whale. She can see what the eyes of the robot sees, but the man can’t see her , to him it appears he is with a sex doll who has come to life. Thus he can tell her how beautiful she is and he won’t be lying to her. They can also attach sensors to other parts of the fat girl, so she can control the movements the ‘bot makes.
    Now as far as I know the art of teledildonics has advanced to the point where they can make love and it will feel like the real thing.
    I’m sorry if you have to re-read this post Barb, but I am making sense if you think about it.

  34. in conclusion,
    So try putting yourself in the place of the other person before you call them a dunbass snowflake

  35. Samiya Yousef’s comment….countries like yours bombed them…LMMFAO !!!
    Tell the truth, and only stupid brainwashed morons will try to explain that you are telling a lie.
    Duh !!!
    Refugees need to stay and fight for THEIR country !!!
    If not, their types/their families/their values/their customs should disappear and erased by the victors !!!
    That is the way of the real world.
    Plain and simple.
    Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  36. The shit you have to listen to from these mental midgets… embarrassing how dumb people are.

  37. Hey Barbara how are you doing. For some reason anytime you post is no longer coming up as I am a subscriber. I get no more notices that you posted a new video. Also YouTube has you on now as (un)popular opionions. What’s up with that shit? Hey I watched you with bit of Brit that’s when I first noticed you and subscribe to your Channel. But seriously, what’s up with the eyebrows? with your normal eyebrows you were absolutely gorgeous. I don’t understand the change. Now it seems like when I watch your videos all I can do is watch the eyebrows move up and down. Anyway I love you, keep up the good work, and I’m going to have to dig around to find your new videos.


  39. Question: What is the difference between a wall in a socio-communist country and a wall in a free-society with human rights and representation?

  40. I am still wondering why all the left leaning governments in the EU are still around. I suppose they are letting the headchoppers in because the Israeli’s told them to.

  41. 1:40 I’ll renew my passport from the US just to sit down and have a coffee with you. My interest include politics, geopolitics, philosophy, and the constitution. Love your videos <3. #FreeTommy and F YT management.

  42. to all the highly intelligent {people?} who wrote those comments, let me educate you on the difference between you and Barb. first of all, she hasn’t been here long and has better command of this language than all of you put together. she has assimilated. {look it up muslim}. she is educated at a level you can never hope to attain. she is a free woman who will achieve big things. barb is self sufficient and does not cause undue stress on our eyes or economic situation. my personal solution is that you all climb back into the huge sandboxes you call home and continue to violate laws of nature by raping animals to death. where ever you go in this world, you cause a downward spiral of the particular culture. you add nothing. you simply put out your hand and then proceed to rape the native population. also while Barb busts her ass to get by, you lazy inbred sand spiders are not big fans of working. that’s probably why the middle east hasn’t invented anything new in 3000 years. so kindly take your hairy ass women back to whatever 3rd world shithole you crawled out from. if your country sucks, too bad. I don’t care. another fun fact for you to ponder is why a billion muslims can’t beat tiny Israel in war. you are an international laughing stock. now go cry.

  43. You have no idea the hordes of Third World animals coming from the South, unskilled, with criminal records in their countries, jus hop the border and you are free. Don’t speak the language and their reply is, we don’t need to speak the language!, they don’t speak that shit. These people come with a culture that would blow your mind, animals and sexual deviants. You would have to live in a community packed with these type of smart ass Crips to realize what I am talking about. .

  44. Barb , Trolls feed off replys , Hence my name alot of people hate me , The best reply to get under their skin LOL it drives them nuts , IM 58 yrs and call it like i see/ here it , Stand tall , Your smart , you have grace , poise , and great humor , Thanks for what you do,

    1. And also to ignore them. But definitely to not get into a tug-of-war. Your idea- responding LOL- sounds pretty good.

  45. Well, I learned that we better education in the English language so that we all may understand each other, this is atrocious and embarrassing how illiterate people are. Until you can form a decent sentence, please don’t try to take task that require more brain power than the basic sentence you fail to compose on an elementary level. I don’t need someone who can’t spell ‘throw’ to dictate the laws that govern me.

  46. Awwww…the thumbnail made me feel like I should buy you an ice cream and give you a big hug. You do that pout really well. Perhaps too well.

  47. Hmm… Careful your becoming a “Grammar Nazi”. LOL
    I wonder if the loony left is pro “Word salad-ing”? 😉

  48. What Americans and also Europeans need to do is to create a “Freedom of Speech in the Internet Act”! A Law that would outlaw Community Guidelines of Social Media Giants and than would make them Useless!
    That would than lead to the End of Mass-Censorship on the Internet!

  49. Hey Babs, you should really get into standup. Perfect temperament for it to go with that razor wit. And if your government needs muslim dick, it’s beyond time for armed insurrection. Stay classy!

  50. “I hate you so much it hurts. Why don’t you want to share your home with ten large black men, with desperate sexual urges?”

  51. The people who adore migrants and refugees forget that their lovers from wild countries will soon bring their whole fucking families. Then they will produce many more children and suffocate every native European.

  52. Barbara, you are amazing! You had the courage to leave your country, traveling all by yourself. You entered the United States legally and went to school. You have learned to speak and write in several languages. You have accomplished a lot in your short young life. You have plenty of reasons to be proud of yourself and your race. Don’t listen to those nasty people who can’t even write correctly in the English language. Love you and your videos.

  53. When you speak truth expect the hate ! Liars and uneducated people always need to make excuses for their actions because they hate the truth with no courage or honesty and not bringing anything to the table except a open hand to fill !

  54. you no little bitch. you are an angel. from those comments sounds like a lot of clueless uneducated fools.

  55. I think you do a wonderful job and enjoy your videos greatly. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  56. clearly… everyone who leaves these kinds of comments have gone full retard… they are officially idiots with no logic, education, or morals… and any subsequent video and comment s like these therein requires full shaming of these turdnuggets

    1. 90% of those comments are probably from kids and teens. The other from people with some obvious mental problem.

  57. Barbara youre a strong beautiful conservative woman, keep up the good work, P.S I love your sense of humour

  58. See. Everyone should have their own inbred autistic fanbase. Ingsoc… lol… You kind of remind me of Julia 😉

  59. Muslims Are Inbreeds And Their Own Grandfathers. They Hate You Because You Are More Intelligent Than They Will Ever Be. Women In Islam Should Be In The Shadows And 10 Steps Behind.

  60. But two of those wasn’t negative l, one guy called you sexy and another mentioned how bad the illegal immigration is on Texans in the USA ok i understand some people get offended when they’re called sexy but I don’t understand why the other one was included.

    1. +Fordman 1991,

      He called her sexy, then admitted to joking then said she is ugly and has ugly eyebrows.

  61. All leftists are retarded and human sewage! The have no intelligence so obviously they can’t form proper sentences! All these races are extremely jealous of white people because white people have a higher level of intelligence and can actually build productive societies! These inferior races hae ben created into excrement by the Joos! Joos are racist scum!

  62. Those comments. Shouldn’t phase. Intelligent People. They were written by complete morons with little to no education. Damn people. Check your comments. Yes Barbara, I’m saying you’re intelligent. Great effort trying to interpret that crap.

  63. Well, As for me, I happen to appreciate the insight you provide that I wouldn’t be getting otherwise. I’m near Seattle, Wa., USA. I am, of course, very aware of the immigration problems MY country is facing but you help me to understand what’s happening all around Europe. And, I like the smarts, the cute, you’re nice to look at and I like your accent. Thanks!

  64. Just found you a few days ago. Please accept my love and respect to help balance the meanies….Never stop!!!

  65. me like 🙂 don’t really know what you are talking about but i love the energy. When is Tommy coming out?

  66. Last week I got a book about history of board games in middle age England. There were some examples of texts written in middle english, and I had less trouble reading that than these comments 👍

  67. The most stupidest non-sense comments.They even dare to offend .Not surprised..Let’s deport all non-whites out of Europe.We don’t need them remember…They need us.And also lets deport the sick leftists traitors along with them.Keep it up Barbara 😉 we all know we’re in the right side and soon things will be better for us and very bad for them….At least that’s what I believe.Pozdrav iz Furlanije


  69. Those comments become quite worrying once you’re aware of the correlation between low verbal iq & authoritarianism. Red flags everywhere…

  70. You are adorable, funny and smart. And I agree with you. You should not have to keep wearing that shirt!
    Next time, no shirt.

  71. I don’t want to deal with any buckshot. If you got nothing to say then don’t release a video because its boring the way its fone

  72. Yeah… As a born American. The diversity of the U.S.
    SUCKS !!!!
    Call ME a racist. A biggot, or whatever.
    From now on i’m going to totally agree with that. Why not ? The other side are just as racist and bigoted and THEY’RE fine with it !
    Barbara, i hope you stay in our country !
    Just get the hell outta
    the insanity that is California. Lol !

  73. That last comment was a good one. I lived in Key West FL for a bit. One day we read a local news story stating that the local Dunkin Donuts corporate had told our local owners that they had to get rid of all the illegals working there or they were pulling the franchise in two days. Well, two days later it was no longer Dunkin Donuts because the local folks said no. Who were the illegals you may ask, probably not because we were in south Florida, Europeans!………… Yes, they were all euro trash hippies that had jumped visas. Made me sad because I loved DnD, but I completely understood and was actually very happy with DnD for doing it.

  74. Wish you all the best, I’ve read on Twitter what is going on. Fingers crossed everything goes well, although it’s sad you want to leave good ol’ Europe for good.

  75. Keep shooting Barbara. Your voice represents the opinion of the majority of people in the countries all over the world (the civilized ones at least). Don’t care about those stupid commentators. Migration isn’t a fundamental human right!!! All countries in the world has their specific migration laws and system. No country has to be forced to accept uninvited undocumented incomers!!! We can see some reactions from good politicians in Hungary, Poland, Italy, Austria and others. Save Christianity, save the world!!! Stop Christianofobia!!! No to European Christianofobia! Down with the Sick Leftist Politicians of Europe!!! NO more European Union!!! Let’s stand for the sovereignty of each European country!!! Salutations from Brazil.

  76. 3:49 is the best comment 😂

    “Barbara is sponsored by BJP India”
    “Come on migrants please rape Barbara as soon as possible”

    Barbara please include my above comments in your next video 😛

  77. I got a crush on you, I hope you feel the way that I do, I got rush when I am with you. Never mind the haters!

  78. I will sub just because of these haters. We need to stand strong !
    Subbed to YOU ! great ! hihihi
    ps : I love people like you who defend their ideas and fight with words !
    Education pays ! great !

  79. You know the V4 group has already accepted hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Eastern Europe like Ukraine and even other parts of Asia, who are just as bad as the immigrants coming from north Africa and the Middle east, so I don’t know whats the hassle with ignorant fools saying that the V4 Groups isn’t accepting No IMMIGRANTS whats so ever 😛

  80. nothing a mass bombing at google won’t fix. seriously i can drop a steel 2 inch plate thru their power lines in about 5 seconds that will take them a month to restore.

  81. social justice warrior are funny they will call you every name in history they think related to oppression and evil , you a privd cro magnum white Neanderthal geocoding , dinosaur killing , dog raping brain addled retard , who kills birds and insects in xenophobic racist Islam desert discriminating ways, unable to accept hydra a sexual science cause you are small minded and cannot see past the lies of fake flag anthem apes who shill out death and kill innocent minorities and immigrating honest people in the streets with guns next to them by accident or put their by blue supporting racist Nazis and leave bodies in the street of poor victims by the tens of thousands from slavery of the pyramid building Zionist, fucking loser that cant see the truth , I wish someone would tie you to a stake and burn you with cigarettes as you are eaten by flesh boring beetles and people like you should be kicked into space to suffocate DIE and cause you cannot accept reality that you need to pay restitution to the grass you have cut by oppressively mowing every week of your life like the genocide supporting 54 pussy grabbing evil demon POS who shouldn’t even be allowed to vote due to the offences you dads brothers cat suffered from your kind in 323 bc , wake up you puppet lol

  82. “Grimah” there is probably imagining giant border walls w/ machine-gun wielding guards; like the Berlin Wall, Trump’s wall, the Korean demilitarized zone, etc.

  83. This world would be so much better if we could clone you like a billion times…you contribute more to intelligent society then about 95% of Americans, yet they give most of those Americans welfare handouts and make you leave…I wonder if anyone else is struck by the feeling that this was about the time Einstein left Germany when he felt the walls closing in, except now there’s nowhere to go

  84. If the refugees weren’t all men it might be a little easier on our society. I guess the women are the only ones with the balls to stay in their own country. The reason why their countries are so horrible, is because of the men. We don’t want them they just run around like a bunch of Mass litterbugs and thugs. Their threats are all empty, I wouldn’t worry about their comments.

  85. You are perfect in every way..Im in love -LOL
    I didnt know slovanian women are such godesses – damn
    The dude who said shit about your eyebrows is INSANE that is one of your most appealing features among many
    Keep up the good work – you rock- haters can go to hell or an islamic country
    Btw how can anyone buy that crap, comparing migrants from slovania who embrace western culture
    To people who hate the countries they where born into and want to turn them into the hellhole their inbred islamufacist parents came from

  86. I’m from Australia and I ask why are you Americans allowing this I thought you had a 1st amendment you allow censorship on social media these companies are based in America why let this happen why are you all not doing anything about this

  87. I’m from Australia and I ask why are you Americans allowing this I thought you had a 1st amendment you allow censorship on social media these companies are based in America why let this happen why are you all not doing anything about this

  88. Haha, so true… people need to learn what Central Europe is. (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia)

  89. Well, like my mom use to say comsider the source girly. Mpst of those moron commenters are foreign trash and just angry because you’re speaking the truth- and the truth hurts fuckers. First off, this chick is gorgeous and she’s not even American, so they probably hate that they can’t use the “racist American” angle on you. Fuck these douchebag libtards and just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing something right obviously, look at your subscriber total!

  90. Well, YouTube is bullying you, they’re working for the global communist dictatorship, being implemented by the global elite! Same goes for Facebook and Apple in general’ They are all globalist corporations.

  91. Keep going, Barbara4u2c, you have it right! It’s obvious because you have struck a nerve! Most of your hate mail comes from Muslims, it appears!

  92. Negative comments? i think it was love at first sight ! sing it like it is kitten …you’re beautiful & courageous

  93. Hey, you must be a real poet if your poems pissed of the establishment to the point they try to gag you! So celebrate, h3ck the best my social relavent poems every got was a stifled yawn.

  94. Gads, wish I was 40 years younger and rich! You’re so damned smart and just as hot. Now, stay away! I’m too old for you and, besides, I’m dirt-poor. So, you’re getting “Alex Jonesed”? F**k’em! Keep up the great work. Oh, Tommy-Tommy, Tommy-Tommy-Tommy-Tommy Robinson!

  95. I don’t think any of these people actually watch any of your videos, because that isn’t what you’ve said at all.

  96. Stop trying to read the comments with the incorrect grammar…. You’re going to give yourself a stroke.

  97. Really enjoy your channel and subbed to it. Trying to understand after all these years, what part of illegal most on the left can’t decipher. They seem to busy chanting and saying stupid $h1t to engage in intelligent dialogue. Keep up the great work.

  98. Imagine the tiny dick libtards are just watching this shit trying to find ways to silence you. FUcking lame ass little dick libtards aint shit. Stay brave.

  99. You are still beautiful, and I think you look better since having to go home. They must be feeding you well lol.

  100. fk muslims – they have their own shitty countries – they can stay there – all they end up doing is turning the white countries into muslim shitholes. Let them figure out how to have a good life in their own countries. And they can go to hell with their hollow claim of ‘bigot’ – white people don’t invade their country … well, dammit, that is not entirely true: the zionists satanic freaks who control the government manipulated the western military beast into devastating wars in muslim nations; still, white people surely would NEVER want to LIVE there! so they should leave ours ALONE

  101. btw, Barb is lookin’ good, not sold on the eyebrows, but I’d love to spend some quality time with her …. mmm mm mmmmmmm

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