They made me do it.

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Author: Social Truth Warrior


  1. “The reason we have low unemployment is because people like Barbara have 5 jobs.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    1. Support Vietnam Veterans ………But the illegal aliens are not counted in unemployment reports. And there’s a HUGE number of them not working, especially in sanctuary California. California also no longer includes illegals in a law enforcement database when they commit crimes. So when you hear a liberal say, “undocumented immigrants (illegals) don’t commit that many crimes” it’s because it’s not reflected in annual reports.

      Thank you for your service to this country………Since you are a veteran, maybe you can help solve a question I have. Have you ever wondered why American citizens or immigrants who legally become citizens who worship Islam or have officially converted to Islam can legally avoid being drafted to defend this country??? How did that even become legally possible???

    2. Sorry, I wasn’t clear, Gintas. Seems to me You have a friend in BKD Vickers. He also didn’t get a Support Vietnam Veterans’ comment. Or (s)he did, but felt like asking a unrelated question regardless and that’s also what You did 😉

    3. Support Vietnam Veterans seems like you can’t say nothing back it’s all erased if it isn’t something that you want to hear some more YouTube censoring

    4. Gintas asd – It’s very admirable that you know a bunch of languages… seriously. But your English is so horrific, native speakers have no idea what you mean :[

  2. What about these ass clowns is Liberal? You don’t know what a liberal is or any of it’s foundationial values. Even the Canadian commies and socialists know they have to hide behind the liberal banner and steal the Liberal name to remain relevant. Why don’t you know this? You are talking about Commies Socialists Marxists SJW’s and feminists. None of which hold any liberal values. Ever hear the term liberals get the bullet too.? So where are these liberals you speak of? If these are acting like ass clown SJW’s they are not Liberals. You are blaming a group that is on the same side in hating what these groups stand for. What is the point in this? Half or more of the postmodern agenda was put in place in Canada under a Conservative government. Ever hear of the social Justice court of Ontario? That was established under a Conservative government. Should we then start calling them Liberals as well according to your reasoning. Alex Jones’s lies and propaganda are not supposed to be taken seriously. Unless you want to go around spouting the most stupid shit in public.

  3. “Blow up their cat” lol…but wait Barbara how do you know “their” is their preffered pronoun?

  4. 😁 I’m so very proud of the fact you make this truthful movie! Yes spot on! These are all things I hear people say!
    IF, IF I were close to you Barbra I would have to hug you for your backbone and bravery! Your my kind of people.😎

  5. Perfect! That’s exactly how a liberal looks like! hahaha
    I am watching your videos from Brazil. Here, the RIGHT have the chance of winning elections with capitain Jair Bolsonaro (better know as brazilian Trump) after decades of socialist governmment

  6. To respect other people is the most important.
    The problem of extreme liberal is their letting enemy of freedom destroy freedom.

  7. Love you Barb. You have a great sense of humor. You should try comedy. Well never mind comedy is dead these days. But those of us who are subscribed do enjoy your humor.

  8. Very disappointed you weren’t topless with with some black tape over the dangerous female nipples
    With slut pride/this is not asking for it!
    Written on your chest.
    Oh well a man can dream.

  9. You’re missing one thing- a cat. Toxoplasmosis infections might account for much of the underlying madness that results in the use of those props and formulation of their beliefs.

  10. OMFG THIS IS TOO FUNNY BUT SO TRUE, THE KNIFE BIT 😂😂😂, if I counted the number of times that was the sjw’s excuse for their violence, I couldn’t ever finish because their violence never stops 😩😂, THANK YOU FOR THE TRUTH BARB, love from Washington DC

  11. Life would be boring without humor and good music. If any society in any country can no longer laugh or have music to energize the soul and mind then you know the end is near……..

  12. Don’t draw Ma-ha Mo-hom. . because they will KILL you! I literally spit my food out! Love your guts girl!!

  13. You nailed the look you like you a real Marxists brown hair heavy glasses you smashed it .
    We need more parodying of Liberals

  14. Always remember that it is completely ok for you to block roads even if an ambulance has to cross because a person is having a heart attack because anyways you’re right on blocking the road and if the police retaliates to get you out of the road then they are the nazis, you forgot to do that, you’re out of the super big sjw clan.

  15. Barbara. You are the only one Youtuber I watch (regularly) and this video definitely approves that my choice was good. I like people with common sense. I really do. And you are one of them. Greetings from Slovakia!

  16. I’m digging your plastic clothes hamper on the right. I have the same one. Cheap life = happy life. #walmartgang

  17. Just in time, im moving in to a safe space next month , i can finally live a meaningful life, Thx for the instructions. Just 1 more thing which brand has a rainbow color dye for my hair ?

  18. tbh, I think that real liberalism had been taken in last decade or so by those extreme leftist and ruined it. And that happened to a lot of movements lately where extremest took over something that was in its core a good thing and fuked it up……..like Feminism cuz these third wave feminists are crazy…..and the Body positivity taken over by fat people promoting the “good to be fat” shit….
    for last 20 years since i got my voting rights i always considered myself on the political spectrum as a liberal left centrist. Now i will have to think about that “liberal” part, cuz today if you say you are liberal you are automatically put into SJW bucket and I have very little in common with those ppl 🙂

  19. I really hope the left thinks this real, and uses it as a template of the “Perfect Leftist.” That would be just incredible, I mean we’re talking about the same people that think milk is racist, so I wouldn’t put it past them.

  20. That was EXCELLENT!
    “opinions are like murder”
    “punch those nasties”
    “wanted rights” >> “wanted responsibilities”

  21. So if im a liberal..no matter what i do or say..it can not be used against me in the court of law…got-it…thanks Barbara

  22. Refugees are welcome here….except not at my house cos I wouldn’t have a place to sleep and eat and shower and watch TV and play with myself. Also I would definitely not trade my place so that a refugee can come and live in this country cos it don’t want to move to a shithole country.

  23. Thank you Chris !
    You have made me see the light. I am a,,,,,,,you might not want to read on because it is sooo disgusting,,,but,,,I am,,,, a,,,,WHITE Male : (
    I was wondering could you take me to a meeting and tie me up, kick me many times in the disgusting white male parts then connect electrodes to me and shock me every time I try to speak. I realize I and my other white devils are the cause of every problem in the world,,,Please Chris,,,help save me,,,AND THE WORLD FROM ME !

  24. I’m offended that you didn’t apologize for for your privilege😭. You made me laugh today. I’ll send you a hug if you will sign the consent form in triplicate😘.

  25. OMG! That has to be the best and funniest video I’ve seen in quite a while, and also so true 😄👍

    It’s great to see that there are girls like you out there who haven’t been brainwashed to spend their lives fighting non-existent patriarchies but create intelligent videos instead ❤

    1. +Jeremy Lindemuth,


      What’s funny is, when SJW’s do that, all they do is send out the wrong kind of message, the message being “I’m too much of a Pussy to handle criticism and/or my argument just isn’t that good”.

      P.S. An if your a person who can’t handle a few Troll’s (which is their argument) then you shouldn’t really be on YouTube, not only that, but if the critics are wrong, then why censor them i.e. their wrong.

  26. Why ? Do you have an attitude against Soy Boy’s living in Mom and Dad’s basement ? I now need a tissue you hurt my feelings and cannot go on !

  27. They funny little nut cases this left wings. All ways dyeing there hair  yellow, blue, green , to suit there moods.

  28. Sorry but you can’t fool me hehehe.
    Even with those totally unsexy feminist-glasses, you still are hot as hell. Hehe.
    Yeah give those nazi-gangs what they deserve.

  29. Barbara! You are kind and funny and talented and pretty and everything good in the WHOLE world is you!

  30. I have to admit…. I really LOVED this video!!!:-) While your message is always great, the entertaining way you made your point…. was CLASSIC!!!:-) .. Probably my favorite quote was… “Condoms!!!….who needs them anyways? You can always just like…. get an abortion!!”

  31. With YouTubes policies I’m guessing this is the only video you’ve had that’s actually not demonitized!

  32. Tweaking your AA remark…

    It’s kind of like AA but you don’t have to stop getting sloshed… (drinking)

  33. OMG, Barbara got bitten by a liberal ! *takes out a baseball bat* Its time to put you down now, girl, we will remember you fondly. 8)

  34. As a long term center-left supporter, I have seen the left fall into such levels of intolerance to the extent that it’s become Nazisism. The left has betrayed its logical principles and has become a breeding ground of intolerance, extremism and anti-semitism.

    Here’s the problem. There is no platform or representation for those who I feel fall into this slight majority- the Classical Liberals or the Structural Realists. We can’t support the single most retarded individual to assume the Commander in Chief post (Donald Trump- and fuck me, how did that happen!?) and there is no way we are supporting fundementalist, oppressive and racist movements such as Antifa or BLM.

    I feel the free and logical thinking world, who consist of the majority, are succumbing to the extreme viewpoints of both the new left and the traditional right. I think it’s time we take our own stand and stop letting the heated emotions from both sides drag us into a new wave of conflict which has the potential to lead to the next generation of politically motivated atrocities.

    We’re not the ones who are the most active in our standpoints, but as history has constantly pointed out, we’re the ones who will suffer greatly due to our complacency.

    That needs to change.

  35. Conservatives love free-market capitalism, which erases borders and destroys cultures and moral values for profit. They love free speech absolutism, which allows cultural poison. They blame women for everything, not the disgusting beta males who run everything and sold them out. And they want a sociopathic Randian society devoid of empathy and compassion. But there’s no way to mock vile conservatives, no way at all.

    1. Conservatives don’t love free-market capitalism though, after all they just signed Tariffs into law and support the continuation of almost every existing business regulation. They say they support Free speech, but the incumbent republicans are out to arrest Julian Assange for anti-first amendment reasons. They are just a party of lies. They lie about almost everything about their platform, and sometimes even do almost the exact opposite of what they promise. Not all conservatives are like this, but the overwhelming majority are.

      I don’t like conservatives, but that’s mostly because they lie about everything. At least liberals are honest when they say they will screw up your lives I guess.

  36. Spot on girl. You know they don’t know what the hell their out their protesting for(the majority of them anyway lol.) Hollywood wouldn’t know what to do with a future oscar nominee❤.

  37. Liberalism has failed… But totalitarianism isn’t better. Well I dunno what’s worse. So called liberalism in Western Europe is just a fancy name for antieuropean authoritarianism

  38. You need to do a video where YOU apologize for being white and say you are ashamed you are, otherwise the majority will think you are a RACIST!
    Think of all those poor Black people you saw in Compton, or on the streets of L.A., or standing in those lousy busses. It was people of your race who purchased their ancestors to be slaves working in the plantations of the South, thus bringing them here from Africa.
    Don’t even try to say that that YOUR ancestors were cerfs in Europe. and if they were SLAVS, they might have even been SLAVES.
    Oh, your ancestors didn’t own slaves? Well Neither did mine, they lived up North, My grandmother’s grandfather left his home and family in Brooklyn and wen’t down there to risk his life freeing the slaves (when he was drafted into the U.S. Army during the civil war) NOBODY gives a $*** about that!
    It doesn’t matter what you read in the dictionary Barb, the meaning of the word “racist” now means 1; YT , 2: the opposite of a race traitor.

  39. Liberals think that people in society are oppressed and they are fighting for justice and equality for those people (those people often being Women and Minorities of course). They automatically assume it’s all about racism/republicans/rich people or something like that, completely unaware that almost (if not all of) their problems stem from the government a lot, especially when it comes to economics. They think equality has to be achieved by force and big government, when they do not realize equality only exists in a free society. They seem to either address real problems but don’t know how to solve them (for example, they are against women being raped, which is a logical thing, but they don’t realize gun ownership is a woman’s best defense against rape). That’s pretty rare for them to address a real problem though: most of the times the problems they talk about don’t even exist (such as the supposed gender wage gap).

  40. Liberal is a step above leftist – a step that puts your ass cheeks resolutely between the posts of a fence.

    Wait for it – “Conservatives are becoming more radicalised” – we should ‘re-educate’ them, they hurt our fweelings…

  41. Funny but also so incredibly sad that it’s true. Seriously hoping a comet comes and wipes out the human race and the world gets to hit the refresh button because I can’t take this Libtard Feminazi SJW only black people matter kill all men cancer shit much longer

  42. Dear Barbara, hi… From Pennsylvania. Where have you been? I miss your news reports. GOOD JOB!! AND GOD BE WITH YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE.😘💝💝💝💝😊🎆🎑

  43. You made fun of liberals in this video Barbara, I recommend you don’t do that anymore.
    The European Union has decided they will censor the internet.
    While there is a problem with taking away peoples freedom of speech, this actually is not impossible.
    What happens is a liberal makes a complaint about this video, You may think there is nothing wrong with it, but you are playing a young lady who has put some time and effort into following the news and having opinions on things that are to the left, and she is speaking up.
    Now somehow I get the impression that YOU think such people are dumb. You will get a demerit for this. You are only allowed to disrespect right wingers. If you get too many demerits you a will appear in some data bank as enemy.
    Now, They can’t send over the cops to take away your computer or something obvious like that, because you are in the USA. However they can send you malware and sabotage things you attempt to do elsewhere on the internet, you will find that it is becoming more and more difficult to do anything on the net.
    Before long you will associate using the internet with frustration and you will have better things to do with your time than the computer.
    Their goal is to take control of mass communications. The E U believes that if a lie is heard enough times it becomes the truth.
    You Barbara ,may live to see the day where everyone in the world lives in small spaces and only owns the things they really need but not much more. If you have a job you will be grateful you do, even if said job pays little, it will be better than being on the dole.
    The good things in this world will belong to the privledged few.

  44. Next step cut your hair to chin level or higher, dye it pink, blue and purple, then gain 115 pounds as a cake and potato chip vegan. For extra authenticity join the DSA and stay indoors; the sun, much like the patriarchy is your sworn enemy!

  45. ,,More women in STEM”, yet all female humanoids who say that (I won’t adress those things as actual female humans becouse they aren’t) go to gender studies, like most women. Mostly men in STEM, mostly women in gender studies, simple as that, boys join boy scouts, girls join girl scouts, boys play with toy guns, girls play with dolls, that’s the way we are designed to exist and behave. There are so many differences between us that we were equal before 1st wave (or however it’s spelled) feminism even existed, men go hunt (work) and women stay home, everything except that is bullshit. I agree that women can also work but throughout history women went to hunt/work only if men couldn’t like if most of them died or something like that happened but men are made to do one things and women are made for other things, equal rights will always mean one sex supremacy, simple as that

  46. Barbara, you’d better put a “Satire Alert” warning on your video lest A. Ocasio-Cortez may come after you blaming this as fake news. A “Satire Alert” warming with little pink sexless unicorns would be ideal.

  47. Like, Kris, is there a brand of acid that ANTIFA recommends to throw on fascists, you know? Cuz, um, I just feel better like throwing vials of acid that haven’t been touched by insensitive men! You know?
    Your bestie, unless you’re white, you know. … “Dazed and Infused”
    PS. We’re getting a group rate on Whoopi tattoos Saturday night.

  48. all liberals are like this? I don’t think so. so why not make the title something like “how to be an idiot/fake liberal”

  49. Refugees raped 2 undergae girls meteljkova in Ljubljana soo who ever says they are welcome ill shoot them

  50. So… becoming a liberal means you stop dying your hair blonde (why do you and Lauren Southern do this?)? Be proud of your natural self. Or try to.

  51. I do not know a lot of people who have work, and still live with parents. They pay rent in their parents’ house. They pay for repairs in their room or even in the whole apartment. Why do people do this? Maybe because people like to come into the house, where is someone waiting for them. Or because they like to have dinner surrounded by a large family. Maybe because loneliness is not for everyone.

  52. This is really repulsive. Why don’t you talk to a real live liberal or progressive about what really matters!

  53. If you have a dick and you are white and you know it then you are the devil! If you are a woman and make your own decisions and are a real woman then you betray your “race”.

    There are of course at least 13 Genders!

  54. European union is Mafia and WICKED Gangsters and evil empire is responsible for the destruction of European countries by welcoming lions poisonous snakes in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing but invaders and freeloaders and rapist and fanatic who bombed the club’s intolerant and barbaric and also breeds like rabbits and will over take the European countries very soon . Ban Islam which is a false religion and cursed and deport all Muslims refugees.

  55. The wicked left-wing and the dirty feminist the lying media the evil LGBT and Evil judges are abomination in the sight of God of Bible. European countries are doomed because of their foolishness and rebellion of rejecting God and Bible and God’s curse appears to be upon them in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing but invaders and freeloaders.

  56. Muhammad and Californian Democrats have a few things in common, first,… they love children… I mean LITERALLY love, as in….




  60. I’m a white male I don’t think they will let me be Liberal🤔 maybe if I die my hair pink and start bitching about EVERYTHING I DON’T LIKE🤔

  61. Even in India these liberals are jobless living on government money and protesting against government. And spreading fake feminists agendas.

  62. You officially have immediate access to my “fuck you” button. And it’s not because of your philosophy. I think you know why…

  63. This is off topic Barbara but check out who William Colby is and the connection with John Decamp you will find it very interesting I don’t have any other way of sending this information to you !

  64. about a banner “Refugees welcome”: isn’t it racism or nazism, when administration of some prison did not place this banner on their main gates? and what about crematory? should such a banner be placed there too?

  65. Nobody’s fooled. You are too beautiful and smart. Besides you don’t fit the mold…fat, ugly, psychotic, and from the bottom of the gene pool. Sorry…nice try. 🙂

  66. dam i wish i copuld find a hot woman like barbara thats not liberal. i literally have only dated feminists. im yet to find a non feminist. i just fuck em and agree

  67. George Soros has a job for you Chris ,. Why don’t you start an arm pit hair length competition, OH you forgot your antifa handerchief . Barbara you are hilarious

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