Tommy Robinson Interview – Talks about Everything

Tommy Robinson talks about everything after being released from prison

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

140 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Interview – Talks about Everything

    1. terrorists at gitmo gains weight, while tommy not in gitmo lose 20+ kg in 2 months. UK government is torturing him and intend to kill him

    1. Big Jeffery Good evening..
      That is no excuse..These morons should remove their pink and fluffy blinkers…
      These lefties are used by the enemy. An enemy that feeds off their gullibility. One day soon these lefties will come a cropper…big time!
      Trouble is, there will be nobody much left to protect them!!!!
      Game over…

    2. Spitfire Mark1A these lefties are everywhere and are the ones who tell us everything that is going on,we dont really even know what the truth is anymore

    3. Big Jeffery Yes.
      They own the MSM and try to control the narrative.
      However. ..
      People still see through it…
      A bit like the HCA story of The Emperors New Robes from when we were young..
      Lefties want everybody to have a shitty life like they have..
      Atmosphere hoovers and life sucking vampires..
      I despise lefties…
      Total assholes..Just shitting on everything…much like the archaic ideology they have stupidly allied themselves with…

    4. Even if he is racist that doesn’t mean he deserves jail time ?? Unless hes physically hurting or threatening people . The UK is all kinds of fucked up.

  1. One freedom returned, one freedom taken. The liberal social media has worked in unison to block InfoWars. Even though I don’t watch Alex Jones, Free Speech is Free Speech. A free society should have the ability to decide for themselves who to listen to.

    1. Really?
      So, streaming outside a court is now grounds for imprisonment, is it?
      Are you aware that reporters outside of courtrooms is standard over here?
      Oh wait, no, no you aren’t.
      Over there in the Islamic State of Great Britain, basic reporting is not allowed, and free speech is whatever your masters say it is, subject to whim.
      Oh, and your little sneer at Fox News reveals you to be every bit the bootlicker that I suspected you were.
      Bow to your masters, serf.

    2. PinkOld Reporting restrictions limited reporting, as there were related cases and if information was made public it would have impacted those cases. This is really easy to research yourself, if you weren’t just another fat lazy American cunt.

  2. Seems like the left is becoming more and more fascist with every passing hour. This was done on purpose and covered up. They wanted him to die in prison.

  3. Iam a muslim and i believe in freedom of speech as there isnt a reason to sentence someone to jail just because he spoke about his opinion!!!!

  4. What’s happening to the judge who imprisoned him? Is this judge, who’s been found to have clearly violated all rules of law and ethic, still gonna practice law?

    1. He was arrested for livestreaming a court case that was still under protection and shouting things at the defendants that implied they were guilty. He knew he was breaking the law as he’d been arrested for it before. He also admitted to doing it, and was sentenced to prison time for these crimes. “Tommy Robinson” isn’t the hero everyone assumes he is.

    2. @DEASTES
      regardless, due process was not respected. If UK wish to cling to this idea of being a nation of law, there cannot be a super expedient justice system for a group of people while there is a blatant disregard for another (for lack of a better term ghetto muslims… not all muslims). Personally I disagree with some fundamental of the positions Tommy Robinson holds but still this situation is unacceptable because it shows blatant disregard of the law by institutions supposed to uphold it. First with the grooming gang, where no proper actions were taken even though all the evidence was there, then with Tommy Robinson, John Wedger and others whistle-blowers where action were expediently taken even though there was, here, a possibility to interpret these people’s action differently. The outrage regarding this situation is legit and you need to understand that Tommy’s being called a hero not because he was filming and got arrested but was willing to put himself on the line to show the double standard that operates within the judicial system to many ; double standard which is today responsible for thousands of child’s rapes and murders. So if you are honest why not save your indignation for situations that really require it, such as the non-intervention of police and child protective services in case of under age prostitution where there is blatant evidence, instead of focusing on popular hyperboles…

  5. tucker, tommy need more time to talk about this. Don’t cut him off like this. I know you’re short on time, but tommy has ALOT to say. UK authorities do not allow criticism of Islam, if you do, they send you to jail and in tommy’s case they were hoping to give him a death sentence. Didn’t someone was murdered in UK in jail because he placed pork at the door of a mosque? UK sent him to jail for that. So sad what the Left have become. They side with evil. Not even terrorists who kill hundreds get treated worst than tommy

    1. Why would he want to flee his own country? He’s trying to defend it even though it seems they don’t want him. Nothing the US can or should do.

  6. You can tell that Tommy has been Thur hell when he was locked up… Just look at his face an body language, he is distort an traumatized.. This is why the Us an uk need some type real world problems beside all the bullshit going on in the last 3 years.. I’m 23 an i hate to see it but things are so petty know a days no one from the ages of 1-40 have any idea what the older generations have gone Thur for the freedoms we have today. That both country’s are trying to get rid or change for the worse. An I’m not saying this to seem smart, its just common sense..

    By the way this is my Opinion an im not speaking for anyone besides myself.

  7. Liberals and Muslims have contributed NOTHING to society that hasn’t resulted in death, violence, or illegality. The only thing Liberals do is cause hate and insanity while acting like fascists. And the only thing Muslims bring is hate, murder, rape, theft, and pedophilia. Liberals need to publicly shamed, and Muslims need to be banned from all 1st and second world countries. They’re all literally cancer.


  9. When religious people gain any sort of power or influence over a state they always behave this way. In the past xtians murdered thousands or people who questioned their evil cult. Now Islam has a terror hold over Europe and Canada. They will never stop and they are coming for you and your children next.

    1. Sithis The Void Keep dreaming, Loser, Christians didn’t do that. But you are Evil.

      But even if they did (which they didn’t), terrorizing heathens like you is not, and never has been, biblical…

      *EDIT:* And lovely how you failed to mention Tommy was terrorized by a secular government..

    2. rachybaby72 you might need to reread the bible.

      And yes, the ‘holy’ crusades did happen.

      Not sure what christianity has to do with tommy though.

    3. Dr4gonch4ser For 40-something years I’ve read the bible. You need to actually read it *for the first time* — and possibly get yourself a tutor… *But maybe I’m wrong, maybe God/Jesus told us followers to terrorize people who don’t follow God/Jesus. Please, share with us boys and girls those scriptures where that’s referenced?* ☺

      *And while you’re at it, why don’t you give us all a crash course in the Crusades — since you know all about them?* ☺

      Why are you asking ME what Tommy has to do with Christianity??? You KNOW I wasn’t the one who brought it up………………………

    4. @rachybaby72

      The 2009 Ryan Report found that thousands of children were savagely raped or molested in these homes, while thousands more were beaten and starved and forced to work. Boys described nights of terror, lying in bed waiting for priests to come and molest them. “In some schools a high level of ritualized beating was routine,” the report said. A new scandal has rocked the church, with the recent discovery that up to 4,000 infants and children — many malnourished and poorly treated — had been buried in unmarked graves at homes for unwed mothers run by Catholic nuns.

      Every child molested by Catholic priests and nuns, every innocent tortured, every life extinguished is because you supported these parasite priests and put forth superstition and fear. If you are a xtian you bear the responsibility for joining that evil cult. Your magical overlord is hungry for the blood of babies.

      Religion is disgusting and dangerous. Stop now.

    1. Kevin M no all ethnic group just Jews BTW look the goldman’s who control the most européen president and legalize cancer making product and sell the treat after dude ok not all Jews but some control what they want to make them richer

  10. I’m Muslim and im against Islamists and those who uphold them. They are worse than Islam’s haters and detractors. The Arabian prophet warned and admonished against religious extremism! Tommy’s treament is abhorrent. Free speech and be free to believe / disbelieve whatever you wish if it doesn’t physically harm anyone. Qur’an 2:256 Let there be NO compulsion in matters of faith/ belief.

  11. Some Muslims try to rape children (which is obviously horrible)…
    Other muslims in the prison blame and bully someone that condemn the rapists!

    1. Sad 🙁
      A sick monster is a sick monster, no matter is nationality, religion, political views…
      Imagine it’s your child…
      (I hope it’s not because a certain “wife” of the prophet…)

    2. Test Lightning Oh but that was a certain kind of “man”, he could do whatever he pleased, there’s a whole book written and modified to accomodate his sick desires! khmpedokhm. So it’s actually ok with them you see, they can do it because that “man” said it’s ok.

  12. God Bless you Tommy; you have all of my support. I cried when I witnessed Tommy’s severe and predictable mistreatment in prison and how he had been routinely and systematically starved and denied his most basic human rights. This is a man who is fighting for his country and fighting for us, yet the establisment and the goverment are still attempting to lie about his disgraceful and inhumane treatment in prison. Imagine if a muslim man or woman had faced the same, the mainstream media would be all over it, like crazed flies on dirt. But because Tommy is white, working class and so called “far right” they attempt to contionuously demonize him. I won’t accept it anymore. God Bless Tommy. Fight for Him.

  13. The UK isn’t a free country anymore. The people of the UK have no infallible rights. THose in power do not represent the people who vote for them. The courts, media and politicians will destroy you if you so much as DARE step out of line.

    America, from a Brit. Do NOT let this happen to you.

  14. The only way to save The UK is to annex them at this point, their incompetent leaders see their citizens as insects.

  15. This is sick and fucked up. I really pray for the UK. Islam is going to devastate the west if people don’t wake up already. Europe is becoming a hellhole in general, am I wrong?

    1. My friend, sooner than you think, we will lose the voting majority.
      When that happens, they will take it from us.

    2. The guy is not a racist that’s what people using mass smear campaigns want you to believe the guy was wrongfully imprisoned by politically bais judges for no crime that he did not plead guilty to people support him because he is just one example of the miss conduct in the court system because of left leaning judges

  16. What is happening to Tommy Robinson and much of the formerly Great Britain is exactly why 1776 ever happened in the first place.
    All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to stand idle.

  17. Tommy is just the start…..people are waking up to this double standards, and if they don’t we will tell them.

  18. Britain is not free its under a Marxist ruler:-(
    Britain is being invaded from within by Islam and African immigrants.

  19. Prison for yelling the truth about Muslim rapist what the Fuck is happening to the world Fuck man if I was this guy I would be trying to start hit squads to just go out and start killing these fucking animals. You are a rapist dick cut off then hanged with razor wire

  20. If you report on our pedophilic rape gangs, we’ll throw human excrement at you.

    The religion of peace, everybody…

  21. left wingers did this to him. liberals are in a cult where doing evil to conservatives, Christians white people, ESPECIALLY Black conservatives, Asian conservatives is expected and promoted.

  22. Holy fucking shit… i dont agree with right wingers on politics but this is against common sense. England is now a far-left “tolerant” shitshow.

  23. Back in the past you where not able to critisice the king or the religious people or els you would be shamed, jailed or killed. Are we going back to that again? Clearly people need to wake up.

  24. The prison guards were probably purposely underfeeding him because they were Muslim. I’m not a big fan of religion in general but I don’t see Christians ever doing the same to athiests or devil worshippers. Makes you think

  25. Good job Fox reporting all this with Tommy and the shooting in Chicago, CNN and MSNBC don’t report anything but negative shit about Trump

  26. This is what women want, women created these fucked up laws and promote these idiots to our countries. Let it fail and let these bitches get what they want. There’s no trying to educate women. Women raise these kids and you can see millennials are like coming out of colleges. Single mothers are rampant in western country. It disgusts me to no end. Single mothers disgusts me!

  27. Tommy Robinson was imprisoned for telling the truth. it is those rapists who should be locked up. For years it was known that the perpetrators, in this case, were all Muslim men and it was never reported by the BBC or ant other main stream media outlet. They stifled the truth. We should remember that the truth will set you free. Islam wants to destroy western society and culture and our so called leaders are doing nothing about it. We should all stand up and be counted.

  28. I thought England was fine, and America was the crazy ones, but I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…Poor Tommy

  29. I don’t think he should feel bad for saying he has PTSD. I understand his argument, and it’s certainly his prerogative if he wants to say that or not, but he went through a whole string of traumatic experiences, to deny that would be foolish. He shouldn’t feel bad to say he has it, or for having it after what he’s been through. I just hope he gets the help he needs to live with it, or get through it.

  30. This was a legalized form of TORTURE… For WORDS spoken. It’s a human rights violation. This is NON-PARTISAN.

    How do we donate to help Tommy?

  31. Poor Tommy! How would the UK government allow this to happen? Come on UKIP we need you guys in office immediately!

  32. the UK is lost in it’s own shit, but they call the US bigots. this is just the start of the invasion, and we are doing it are self.

  33. Ok England,,, It’s time for you to have your English Revolution and get rid of this
    traitorous government and get rid of these invading islamic muslims….

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