1. The real problem is that we went away from gender neutral parenting in the first place by giving boys blue and girls pink instead of just letting them be themselves in the name of corporate profits so that families with different gender children have to buy more things.

  2. You know……even though as I grew as a boy…. I knew I was a person. I really think if I had been a girl….. I would have thought of myself as a person. I’m sorry, I didn’t get a preferred gender. That kinda grew on me and I noticed it when I looked down when I peed. This preference shit is a cabal of confusion we are putting our kids through so we can fee good at Starbucks

  3. These parents are fucked in the head and are abusing their children psychologically because of it.

    The ideology they are employing isn’t even internally logically consistent. On the one hand, they claim sex and gender are two different things, but on the other they want to be able to change the sex on their I.D. to match their gender. On the one hand they believe gender is a spectrum, but on the other they believe the best way to introduce children to this spectrum is by making them wear the opposite sender’s clothes, which still only entails two possible states, not a spectrum.

  4. Is this what soldiers fought for and died for in WW2? WTF has humanity become. Instead of focusing on how to improve the planet, like renewable energy… Nah, let’s raise a gender neutral baby, which will be confused as fuck when he’ll grow up, because we are bored. I’m 100% sure, that most of this stupid ideas come to mind when people are bored. This is the same reason why stupid shit gets so much recognition, because people became so boring. For example, a digital drawing you spent a couple of days drawing gets a couple of views, but then you see a “drawing” that is so ugly and took only a few minutes, get so much recognition.

  5. I do agree with what you are saying, but will set my preferences to remove your videos from my preferences. As a parent, I find your malnutrition in polite language quite disturbing. You are going to lose a viewers over your swearing.

  6. I wonder if these kinds of bullshit ‘parenting’ fads contributed to this recent tragedy.

    Mother: Colorado boy, 9, died by suicide after he was bullied for being gay

    Seriously; how many 9-year olds fully understand what being queer is; let alone realize the consequences of ‘coming out’ to his peers that probably understand it even less?

  7. Once one of my teachers said that you can be groundbreaking but that does not cesessarily mean that you are artistic. If you do it only for the sake of passing traditions then you’ll only be idiotistic.

    This true for the gender agenda too. They have no other reason then ‘getting out of the cage’ for giving up social structures that were polished by millions of years of evolution.

    Hence instead of finding out something innovative they produce something degenerate.

    But you know you can’t do anything about this, there have always been such idiots around.

  8. Yesterday in an italian TV show about lawsuits there was a grandma that brought to court her daughter and her son in law because they were raising their 2 years old kid to be gender neutral. At the end of the case they lost custody of their child and were sent to consuling and the child was sent to psychologist to understand what damage they caused to them (they didn’t reveal their sex and called them a gender neutral name) and to decide what to do with them. These people are fucked in the head.

  9. Mislim, da gre za hudo kršenje otroškega dostojanstva in grobo poseganje v razvoj identitete.
    Sicer pa hvala, ga. Barbara, za vaš razumen pogled na raznolike teme. 🙂

  10. The most obvious problem I have with this is the same as with non-binaries in general. They say they don’t want to enforce strict gender stereotypes on their kids… THEN DON’T. Pretending they don’t even have a gender is a completely different and honestly abusive thing to do to a child. Just don’t tell your boys that they must play with army men and that they aren’t allowed to cry. That’s it! They have such an extreme overreaction that does significantly more harm than good in attempting to correct a frankly minor problem.

    1. Unfortunately there is, they have already begun with Paedophilia, then it will be Incest and Bestiality, they are sick degenerates and it is destroying Western Civilization.

  11. Depriving a child of its true identity (Boy or Girl) should be considered child abuse. Kids have enough to deal with growing up. 9999 out of 10000 wouldnt give this a second thought. just wait 10 years all kids to LGBT will be LGBT even though LGBT accounts for such a small % of the overall population.

  12. This is child abuse, plain and simple. They should lock up those retarded “parents” and put the kid into a NORMAL family.

  13. Watch these kids be so fucked up in the head from the reality bending BS, that these soy sucking parents stuck in their heads, watch them end up with a very high suicide rate when they hit highschool.

  14. A whole generation of future Mass shooter’s and suicidals with mental health issues being “raised” by these child abuser’s.

  15. I’m really scared when I see what people do to themselves on their own will. They are really insane and dont see this. Those two is looking like a demons from hell.

  16. lmao…. I don’t like to encourage drinking but I’d turn over my next paycheck to see a video on a similar topic after you down a half bottle of vodka. XD

  17. This reminds me on the movie “Little Asshole” when the mommy ask the doctor “what is it doctor, what is it?” and the doctor says: “It is an asshole”. This “GenderGaga” makes me sick.

  18. I wanted to be a boy when I was twelve. I grew out of it because it turns out to be a pretty common reaction to early puberty. It wasn’t really “I’m a boy” it was “I hate these new features of my body and want them to go away “. And boys don’t have them therefore…

    Not to say you can’t realise you’re trans as a young person but kids can want things and a year later be a totally different person. Hell a month later.

    What these people Want to do is not put kids in boxes or corner them into something but…they are,the box is just a different color.

  19. The most disturbing part of all of this is they are acting like children are just the same as adults. This will go into far darker places before it’s not accepted anymore. This is how I would raise my child if I thought serial killers needed more gender neutral representation.

  20. I saw this with my parents the other day, and we were all wondering what the fuck is wrong with these “people” if you can call them that.

  21. Parents have responsibility to teach the child how behave in the society. If they teach them behavior that not work with the present society that make hard life for the child. Problem is that idea, they believe the society will change because the child behave this way, but this is a big delusion!

  22. Oh ffs,if you wanna rase your children in a certain way you shouldn’t have had a child in the first place. Let him grow however he/she wants to,and teach by example.This way you won’t get retarded people like those two

  23. No son of mine is gonna go out in public dressed as a squirrel! I had a classmate who was into that shit and his parents committed suicide.
    Wonder whatever happened to Nutty Nick?

  24. STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS!!! Unholy Christ those creatures should really be locked away in a voctorian asylum for the insane.. Bedlam!!

  25. In a few years those boys will go to school, when the other boys meet them their 1st impression will be not unlike ” ooh, now here are some freaks I can use as a subject for jokes”…………….but anyway Barbara, if you are still gonna do more of your “Big trouble ,little Europe videos, have you read the news about the election that just happened in Sweden, such as ” Danish delegate Michael Aastrup Jensen, who has previously monitored elections in Russia and Eastern Europe, told Berlinske: “In
    all the many election observations I’ve been on, I have not seen
    anything that comes close to how undemocratic the Swedish voting system
    is.”……Well if you got a party called the ” Social Democrats”, and another Party Called ” Sweden Democrats” coming in 1st and 2nd that sounds pretty democratic to me. Do they have any parties with ” republican” in their name ?

  26. I’m a Prinny, I would do anything just for a fish. Basically I tell people I’m a slave of the underworld what should I do live like a slave. There is your imagination and there is the real world.

  27. I think it is time to classify those non-binary people as a religious movement. Also if we rename the atheist community to areligious community everything fits in its place.

  28. This is the same sort of insane as those mum’s who enter kids in beauty pageants. Your child will be what is wants with a few good lessons along the way. This is wrong man. Let the kid be a kid.

  29. Remember when people who oppose gays adopting kids said it was because they’d turn the child gay? Well these gender neutral people are proving that argument for gender confused people’s and their allies

  30. “Treating them like human beings”. So to them humans aren’t male or female their just human. The insanity is off the scale

  31. Part of the innovative strategy Trump used to win the white house was to exploit the insanity of many of the people who are associated with the democratic party. If you can’t get a real job because you are just too much of a nut job, you can become a volunteer worker for the democrats and find something to do that may make you feel like you are accompmlishing something.

    1. anyway Barbara, in light of the controversy over the Swedish election, it seems to me that the news is not telling is the whole story, and therefore we have to add what we hear in the news to what we learn from the conspiracy theorists, In particular, the theory about how the feminists want to start world war III. While Christian women have been liberated, or at least more free than they used to be, the women under the religion of peace certainly have not been. A few years ago, well more than that, we western people used to think of that as their part of the world, and so it was their choice what happened there. According to the femminism theory, the feminist troublemakers feel they just can’t let that happen and not do anything about it. Therefore letting the migrants into Europe where the Christians can get to know them and learn to hate them, this could start a war that would end with the Christians re-organizing their society. Look , I personally think that theory is nonsense, but maybe if I was a lesbian I would look at it from a different point of view.

  32. How’s Europe going for you these days. Those people are mentally ill and pass it on to their offspring when not treated. Those kids end up staying depressed and on medication. Then recreational drugs and future losers of the world.

  33. Fino da nekdo drug o tem govori,ker jz popizdim sam k razmišljam o tem!!!Kako d fak bom razložila to svojmu sinu k je moškega spola in ga tko tud vzgajam?!?!To me najbl skrbi…wtf ppl resno!

  34. Barbara4u2c – Great video, as usual. It’s amazing how you put into words the way I feel about future generations.

  35. 2:37 Far be it form me to defend Him but, that one is not one of His fuck ups. That one is pure human. You did it to your selves.
    4:52 There ‘s the rub . Its not a human being. Its an ape baby ,with the potential to be socialised into a human being. Its an animal, a little smarter than the rest but, still an animal.

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