They want me dead… (Reading Hate Comments)

A lot of people seem to really want me dead. No worries, it’ll happen one day!
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

108 thoughts on “They want me dead… (Reading Hate Comments)

  1. Jaclyn is so cool and smart and down-to-earth, I just wanna hang out with her and discuss philosophy and religion and life, I’m a gay guy so I just want to be her friend. She’s one of a rare breed

  2. XD those were funny apparently people have a big problem with atheists (now i know why so many people hate me when it comes to religion)

  3. One of my mom’s favorite things to say (we’re both atheists) is “Is that where you want to be when jesus comes back?”

  4. I thought you were a Christian, as a Christian I respect you for that but I really thought you knew the love of God.

  5. BOY! LANA DEL RAE IS BAE (I might have spelt it wrong eek sorry) LOVE YOU SO MUCH

    It shouldn’t matter if you at Christian or athiest, I think all that matters is that you have a good heart!

  6. I think you pretty cool and hate comments are Hella funny cause some people don’t know how to spell 😂

  7. While i am not atheist because I need to believe in some sort of afterlife to stay sane, due to me not being at peace with death from high anxiety, my husband is an atheist, so I won’t be a judgemental ass who can’t handle differences in opinions. 😊 Love your videos! Also.. I liked the “show bobs….” comment the most 😂

  8. I came across your YouTube posts by accident.  It’s quite a body of work.  I agree with a lot of it and don’t agree with a lot of it.  I am middle to right, politically speaking, and am registered as not affiliated (independent).  Keep up the good work.  I do enjoy it.

  9. I myself am Christian, but that’s because I’m just like that. I’m also not going to rub my opinion in your face, infACT I understand why people are atheist. Christians are assholes. I don’t get it.

  10. You should really read anything to people you rock at it .ps dont agree about god but also dont agree with christians eather

  11. I know your gorgeous and intelligent I’m an occultic agnostic ,its contradictory yes,but I basically am the fence sitter of religions as was my dad,he said noone ever came back to complain,he died in 2012,and look,no comming back to complain from him!

  12. Honestly I love your personality, you got a nice sense of humor and your voice is amazing. Also I couldn’t care less about your religion, so even if I’m Catholic I still love your videos. Idk why some obsessed Christians waste their time on attacking atheists, Muslims, etc,. It’s their choice. Period. I mean if you ever make a video which obviously doesn’t sweeten my tea (atheism related content or smth like that), I will just not watch it, and that’s it. It would be a waste if I didn’t follow you just bc of your religion.

  13. “Kill yourself” says the child with a creeper as a profile picture. He probably masturbates to pictures of his cousin

  14. Gotta love these Christians.. thought god taught you to love everyone? Fuck your god you only cling to religion because your life is fucked and you need to cry to some god in the clouds so you can deal with your shit😂😂

  15. Kind of odd that people always go against peoples belief or try to convince them that their religion is real. Its like, if they decided to not believe, then they don’t. If they think there is a God, then there is a god. Why is it so hard to accept that reality? The world is the world, and people will believe what they will no matter what you say.

    (Go check out my vlog and my main channel)
    (Jaclyn, I just recently started watching you, but I LOVE how upfront you are, cause that is so me in my everyday life.)

    P.S. If they believe there is a God, they wouldn’t be telling you to go kill yourself because God is the only one that can control life and death. (Also, God is watching over them so in a way they could get in trouble ^^)

    P.P.S. I used to believe in God, so I studied the bible and everything, but now I have fallen from it, which is why I felt that I have both perspectives in place, and felt that this comment would be ok to post.

  16. Sorry for all the hate your getting. I think you’re very intelligent and your vids make me smile. Please don’t listen to these people. They can’t even spell basic words. That should tell you something. If they think jesus made everything, then they should be mad at jesus for making them so stupid. Good for you for calling these rude and disgusting people out on their hate, bullshit and complete lack of intelligence. -Peace

  17. You dont have absolutely any right to say that nothing happens when we die. You are nothing then just a stupid typical girl that got played by a guy and had boobs operation because you have complex problems. Teaching kids to obey something that is evil? What is wrong with you?!?! You have some serious problems and you are not any better then that egg lord shit. This video should be reported because you are talking about religion and promoting atheism and evil stuff.. Burn in hell…im so sick of people like you.

  18. If it makes u feel anybetter. Somebody once told me saaaayyytans gonna role me.i ain’t the most persistent on my sacrifices.and he was lookin kinda burned with his scare in the shape of a cross on his forehead.well,puberty starts coming and the phases come,it doesn’t make sense not to chant for the mon,your head gets smart but the Christ is many people to fuck people to roast so what’s wrong with making videos about it.u never know if u ain’t a hoe.youll never burn if u don’t blow.HEY NOW UR AND ATHEIST GET UR SCIENCE ON GO GET IT OUT THERE.AND ALL THAT LOOKS EMO IS GOOOOOOD.ONLY DUDES WITH HORNS CAN FUCK MEEEEEE.

  19. Just wanted to drop a comment, LIKE YOUR VIDEOS you earned a new SUB mostly relate to all your atheist vids… and sorry to hear about the close minded people comments… Keep up the good work

  20. see this is the first video iv every watched…. the my chemical romance lil snip it got you a new sub 🙂

  21. Jaclyn you give me hope for man and women kind. Intelligent women are hard to come across now a days.

  22. People say they hate the ones who don’t give respect to others, HOW VERY IRONIC THAT SOME WHO SAY THAT LINE DO NOT RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES RELIGIONS!! I’m catholic and i love your videos! I respect your beliefs. So keeping going girl! And don’t let these assholes bring you down by saying God is mean ass jerk who throws people in hell if you don’t believe in him! That isn’t God. That’s an immature asshole forcing opinions down peoples’ throats.
    Keep doing what you love! ( ̄▽ ̄)👍

  23. Dear, Jacklyn Glenn

    I respect your decision to believe what your heart tells you. I think people have just taken this too far telling you to kill your self ,go suck a d**k (etc). I’m an atheist too. And no shame to it. There’s more evidence to prove that he isn’t real than to he is real. If he was real then for example “ How people say being gay is against the Bible and not allowed…but then why doesn’t he fix it? He had the power to create man kind with that so called ‘power’ he could fix that problem.” I just hope this brightens up your day a little and puts a smile on your face cause even if you feel strong we all break too. And when that happens read your fans messages to you open fan mail to make you feel better. I get hate all the time I’m bullied and I still don’t let them get me down. I just want you to know I support your decision to listen to your heart ♥️.

    Love, Maegan

  24. Thank you Jaclyn for helping me. Before I was confused, starting to doubt Catholicism but still worried wether I was thinking terribly for considering leaving God. Everyone in my family believes in God, all except my father. Who’s parents said he would be damned in he’ll now for becoming and atheist. I was scared, and ashamed for thinking that God just might not be real. But I came to your channel. And I am so glad that I am not confused anymore! YOU HAVE MADE ME SEE SOME SENSE IN THIS WORLD!!!

  25. What value to you put on your life JaclynGlenn? I know you won’t answer this or dare to go into conversation with a Christian.

  26. i love the hate comments that go on forever with insult after insult after insult AFTER INSULT. How far people go to make a person feel bad about themselves. personally whenever i get them i just laugh, they try so hard, so so hard. 😆 btw love your videos!

  27. lol as an atheist and watching this is just like why? I love the fact that people try to keep trying to convert me. I don’t believe in God. Sorry about it.

    1. She can use this for her next video on hate comments.

      Or maybe she can come up with more thoughtful and original content.

      Jac does the latter, and I take back what I said.

  28. She’s an atheist? I was only around for the social repost shit so I didn’t know she was actually smart lol.

  29. Wow holy fuck people in this world may not have a religion if you dont know that and get offended by that
    Please crawl back into the hole you came out of PLEASE
    This is coming from a christian

  30. Is anyone else terrified of dying? Am i the only one who stays up at night thinking about it? Like how are people okay with just ceasing to exist? Is that why religion was created? Like I dont want to lose all my memories or be forgotten… It scares me and I grow more terrified as each day passes. Ik someone’s gonna day live in the now and don’t worry about later or some shit but honestly fuck that man.

  31. Lol. Most of the people who post hate comments that describe how “retarded” you are have terrible spelling and grammar. You can’t even take them seriously because of the immense amount of irony that they have in them. I’m glad they don’t phase you, Jaclyn :3

  32. I hate when christians insult and harrass atheists. The bible says to love other, dont judge, and dont hate! Those “christians” are doing none of that. Im christian and I try to respect others!

  33. No matter what there’s always gonna be hate comments , screw the haters! Ppl always gonna be hating hahahahha😂😂😂😂

  34. I am atheist and I get so much hate for it honestly Christians are more hateful then us just because we believe in something different.

  35. Don’t worry baby girl, most of these “christians” are the most judgemental and hypocritical people you’ll ever meet!

  36. Hi Jacklin I’m really sorry about you and Richie I just found out a few weeks ago and I thought it was your fault it’s not I’m really sorry

  37. i donyt belive in jesus or god either..(finally someone who understands me)BUT i sometimes do …its kinda weird…people keep asking me why dont u belive in GOD..and i tell them its MY opinion …but then they said it was ok and one of my friends told me that god will still love me no matter what..and sometimes i think that when u die nothing happens or u probably get a NEW LIFE

  38. Lmao it’s funny to see people think that if a pretty skinny woman exists she must be a stupid, a whore, and anorexic.

  39. Look, as a fellow atheist you can’t say that nothing happens after we die. You, I, and no one really knows what happens after we pass. We have many hypotheses supporting our ideas but there is not a definite way of knowing quite yet.

    The only reason I say this is because it makes us look just like Christians who drag on about how Heaven and Hell is real. We can not prove anything so the best answer is just, “I do not know.”

  40. Personally love your channel and your beautiful mind makes you stand out. Hope these haters never get you down keep up the great work.

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