Non-refutable evidence of a flat earth. Where’s the curvature? We don’t be spinnin. #flatearth
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

101 thoughts on “THE EARTH IS FLAT! (1000% PROOF)

  1. 1,000% proof? 1,000% is used in stocks, where a stock can rise 1000% (10 times), but actual 1,000% doesn’t exist in a pie chart.

  2. I’m guessing she’s using this to support the “theory” of evolution, and how it’s stupid to not believe in “theories”. The difference is Gravity is easily observed, as well as the spherical earth. Evolution is not observable. Micro-evolution of virus is, but this isn’t actually evolution, it’s more adaption, and viruses that don’t have a certain genetic piece survive.

  3. So I’m watching a video of Jaclyn, and she’s wearing her signature YouTube outfits of never more than about, say, maybe a twelfth of a yard of actual clothing and she’s asking “where’s the curvature?”, now what kind of curvature do you think I’m going to be thinking about? All I see is curvature. Who’d waste two seconds considering whether the earth is flat when Jaclyn’s got all that curvature working? So call me an old lech. I think I’ll skip over to her Slut Test video and confirm a couple theories of my own.

  4. No one knows if there are aliens because there are so many galaxies and planets out there, so who knows… (I’m not saying I believe in aliens, but idk) love ya Jaclyn!!!!

  5. Yeah there’s a pretty simple way to solve this you can only see from the beach 1.8 miles to the curvature of the earth so you have a boat with a mast head out and watch it disappear

  6. 6,000 years ago Greeks knew the Earth was round. Now is a conspiracy created by the elite to enslave humanity.

  7. I love this so much considering that earlier today I watched shane’s video with his brother talking about this. Haha I’ve just went down a rabit hole.

  8. Not really the subject, but I just wanted to say you should stay away from Dasha…
    I know you’ve just recently met her, but I think you should atleast make yourself aware of the things she’s done, then you can decide if you want to be friends with someone like her.

    I’d recommend watching these


  9. What would happen if a flat earther went into space and saw the earth? Would they still doubt it? Would they die from realizing how dumb they were?

  10. The Beatles already knew in the sixties, that we all live in a yellow submarine, #IndisputableFacts

  11. Hey can I be your +1 to your illuminati parties? I feel like I wanna be apart of this gig. They do +1 invites right? But don’t worry, I’m gay so I’m just there for the lulz and free champagne.

  12. Yes the earth is flat just disregard all the MILLIONS of pieces of evidence that shows the earth is round

  13. My question is what would the government have to gain by lying about the shape of the earth? And how can our planet be a different shape than every other planet we’ve ever seen?

  14. Alright im telling you thia cause i think you should know, this shit is fake flat earth is fake meaning it is a joke a joke that you didnt get it was a joke my certain people of the govenment persuasion to make fun of people thinking that conspiracy thoeries are real, and christians, we know earth is round, we are not that stupid and those people who claim to believe are not real they really dont know that real truthers do not believe it, and the athiests do believe that the flat earth people are real it is not real, except that atheist people arw argueing againt fake flat earthers. Understand. You get it. Its not real.

  15. I sense a field trip lol.. I say that Jaclyn should take all her fans on a hike to the edge of the Earth.. I’ll contribute $100 to the fan that has the balls to jump off the edge lol

  16. Dude…ette!!! I just saw you on Aronra’s webpage (Selfie style). Good to know you have awesome grey matter 🙂 other than all the other cool stuff you post.

  17. If the Earth is flat, then my jelly belly is a six pack attack.
    If the Earth is flat, then i am the great king of Tartarus, and I demand my breadsticks!
    Also….hello world!

  18. can you show me one scientific experiment proving the curve of the earth or proving gravity or that the earth is actually spinning no you cant,lol?

  19. the earth is covered by a solid dome you retads thats why nothing can fall off and antarctica goes around the earth its an ice wall go and loom at the falt earth map.

  20. If you took a Flat Earther to space to show them that it’s round, they’d just make up some excuse like you drugged them or something.

  21. this guy told me that the earth is flat and he said that if you look at the beach and look were the sun is its flat sooooooooooooooo is the earth flat???

  22. I hope my daughter grows up to be like you. LOL. You’re beautiful, smart, & dignified. I watched the interview you did with the preacher & you handled yourself way better than I would have. Many kudos to you for that!

  23. UFO’s maybe I am up in the air on this one. I do for sure believe in extraterrestrial life, just because it’s illogical to think in all the universe we are the only life. Flat Earthers need to watch the way a ship rises into view in the ocean first the top then the bow etc if the Earth were flat it would all show up at once. Hell just watch the boats on Lake Erie. Just craziness!! Aren’t these people supposed to preparing for the rapture or some shit, they need to pack or pray something…….

  24. She called it a star LOL but she really knows what that is (while she is doing the all seeing eye )SMH. Jesus saves!

  25. someone should make a reality show that’s just flat earthers trying to find the edge of the world. the winner of each season is that last person to give up on finding it.

    A few questions for flat earthers
    is there an alternate planet on the other side?

    Apparently the wall of ice is only 150 ft high, so why are there no images from the top of this, that’s like, shorter than most office buildings, are you fucking kidding me?

    How dafuq do time zones work? if the earth was flat, there’s really only two ways the sun could work, the sun could be forever above the earth, making it always day, or it could revolve around the earth, but that would make day and night essentially the same all around. I mean sure, the times would be kinda different in different places, but it would have to be north to south, which it fucking isn’t. regardless, it would be day everywhere, and night everywhere simoultanitosly

  26. Look you’re confusing me so your saying the earth is flat and NASA is lying I don’t think your right.. there is a satellite scientists bulid to take pictures of outer space which is we’re our planet Earth is at. Earth rotates around the sun and is tilted on it’s axis revolves around the sun. The other planets do as well there are 8 planets there all round so is earth. And how is it possible that the sun rotates around the earth 😑 imagine the sun a car and earth a pebble and the sun is super hot if it was close to earth. Earth would be a burned chicken nugget. I am sorry I don’t think the earth is flat

  27. These clowns are as bad as that one preacher who, believing kids respond to rap, tried to give a rap sermon. Imbecilic!

  28. Oh, another tart who believes blindly what her demon “daddies” told her to propagate – that the Earth is a moving sphere. Nice and informative, thanks for the effort!

  29. Can someone fund a trip to space for these morons so we can move past this? I can’t handle the amount of absolute stupidity on this planet.

  30. Satire was created just so we can enjoy the stupidity of those who believe it to be serious, factual information. I love the onion. But whenever I find a flat earther… I really feel they are just joking. So are we possibly satirizing satire here?

  31. … there is no proof that there was a moon landing … NASA “LOST” all evidence of it ever happening…

    Um.. ew.

  32. I believe in flat earth…. tbh when I saw Shane‘s video how his brother explained it that video made me a flat earther. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please go watch Shane Dawson‘s newest conspiracy theory video.

  33. в америке все смотрю такие, убогие и пытаются рассуждать))

    1. She is getting uglier and uglier.
      See a video from 2 years ago and she was attractive, she is not even attractive anymore.
      As an atheist I look for as many young, good looking, intelligent, healthy females to mate with as I can. So I have the best chance of some of my genes surviving as Darwin explained in one of his books, this is natural for males and females to do.

  34. 11:37 worth being a flat earther to get a piece of that!

    Anyways, loved the video. Hope you’re doing well.

  35. I don’t really car anymore of if the earth is flat or thick . All I know is that earth is a part of space or something .
    All I want is to be a fan of people without having a mean fight about hat they believe! 😀
    So I subscribe!

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