The cost of open borders: Spain


Spanish students forced out of their houses to make room for Aquarius migrants


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Author: Social Truth Warrior

632 thoughts on “The cost of open borders: Spain

  1. There are too many regressive bend over backwards in Australia – but we did stop the boats…
    Flooding your country with people who have a mandate to outpopulate you and take over your country (even it it takes a hundred years – that”s their mantra) is pure stupidity – thank you Angela Merkel.

  2. I follow you and support your views 1000%. You are intelligent and truthful. The Balkans will be interesting.

  3. This is Islam’s way of spreading to places they otherwise would never win a War against. They are using European Nations Laws and good-nature against them.

  4. When these European countries turn completely into Libya and the idiot refugee lovers get victimized regularly and their individual quality of life turns to shit, then maybe they will wake up

  5. You are smart and cute….find a WHITE guy and have lots of WHITE babies. Raise them at home with the TRUTH!!!

  6. In the interim since I saw you last time I filled the gap with slav porn. But it still wasn’t you baby.

  7. Your room confuses me. I cant work out whether you have a giant chest of drawers, or a tiny set of plastic drawers. This shit keeps me up at night, y’know.

  8. Good video Barbara, say have you ever thought about putting your content on other platforms? I’m hearing about a lot of Youtubers doing this very thing, if YouTube really is targeting you then maybe you could mirror your content on to Bitchute I heard it’s pretty easy to do. Another thing Bitchute supports free speech.

  9. Don’t say Spain or Spanish people : 90% simply hate all these muslims and africans invasion of our country, say the libtard prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, who HAS NOT BEEN ELECTED, but. came into power helped by the extreme left and “separatistas” vascos and catalanes, oh yes, the ones you admire without a having the least idea of Spanish History. Learn once and for all that there was never an independent country called Cataluña or Vascongadas, never! They are the ones who despise tourists and welcome blacks and muslims, together with feminazis and Libtards

  10. I see a huge number of military age young single men in these videos (the very ones who should remain in their countries to fight for changing their countries) Where are all the women, children and families????

  11. How many refugees are fleeing to African nations from other African nations? If less than those fleeing to Europe or Asia, why?

  12. Its important to remark that spanish actual government have a support of 20% of the voting population. Its a “legal cup” against the people of Spain.

  13. Let’s flee Europe and flood the African countries, build these communities up and let the Europe socialist countries be left with only welfare people without tax payers to support the system!

  14. I love when barbara uplooads. Shes one of the on,y original contemt creators. By that i mean, alot of the others channels i sub to, i like their content, but i can probably find a similar video pertaining to the topic by a different content creator that i dont like as much. Barbara is the only one to cover these things at all

  15. Hey Barbara!
    I was wondering mabye you could cover the Baltic area too. Although I don’t think there I much to cover because refugees usually leave the Baltics for more wealthy Western European countries, I’d still like to know what you think from your perspective.
    I’d also like to know if you think that the Baltics in the future would also suffer from the sudden influx of refugees like Slovenia is currently?

    Lots of love from Estonia 💙

  16. Socialist-communist lunatics have no idea of how wealth is created or what money is and who has to pay for government debt….
    “The government has to pay for it as no one has the money to pay for it.” YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT, YOU PAY FOR IT NOW OR STFU…..that’s what you tell socialist-communist lunatics.

  17. Barcelona is such a shithole and that’s really on them. If the catalonians want migrants, let them have them. I mean, they seceded from our kingdom, and they are financially more stable than actual Spain.

  18. Glede povedanega se popolnoma strinjam, good job Barbara. Pa se laske pokomentiram, prejsna frizura je bila res top, najboljsa izbira do zdej, barva in cut res. Ti pa basically vse pase. Keep up, dobra si:)

  19. Barbara4u2c Cover each Balkan country individually, because the reasons why they let those migrants in and what measures they take to take it under control are very different, there is plenty of news on that subject and the politicians are making a big deal of it as well.(some news sites in Bosnia: the region most affected by the migrants) , popular one) , variety sake) and there are many more, but most are copying content from each other)

  20. Not a thing makes any sence these days..i think its by design, they dont want us to understand whats really going on…these are some scary traderous thugs at work here..

  21. Good video and good point as usual, in italy there is a “trick” some ships are using to pass the “blockade” of the ports, actually when a military ship “””””rescues””””””” refugees just brings them to italy wich at this moment cannot refuse to take (since they come not from ONG “private” ships but from “military ships” of another country) the debate now is if the government will be able to stop thoose too….

  22. The African continent is rich in resources and manpower. Why has it failed to develop similar to Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America?

  23. Yes cover them individually as they have different circumstances compared with other countries

  24. Please do countries in the Balkans individually. And don’t forget Romania! I will share that video on facebook as I did with this one. Cheers. Vlad.

  25. Well I’m a Brazilian not a Spaniard, so i don’t understand perfectly the Spain situation but since you said that can’t understand what’s happening I think maybe can help you a little bit.
    You said that Barcelona were making protest pro refugee but this city fist make part of Catalonia, if you search for the ancient flag of Catalonia and now, you gonna notice a difference between it, a star on the flag, very close to Cuba flag also George soros give a lot of money to separatist organizations.
    Well this is the few I know but is a good point to begin to understand what’s happening there.

  26. Hey Barbara, if you feel like doing videos on every Balkan country separately, I’d like that and watch them at all, to get a better in-depth understanding of what is happening in each country, as not too many Youtubers I know of cover that. 🙂 Thanks for making videos about Slovenia, by the way! The more we know, the better. It’s up to you, of course.

  27. When you say Spain, you should say socialists. They don’t care if they destroy Spain, as long as they’re in power 😞

  28. Thanks for the video. I’ll be coming soon to save you from L. A.
    You look cute without makeup. 😍

  29. Let’s not forget about how the Arab birth rate in Europe is booming compared to the declining birth rate of whites. Some analysts project that Muslims are going to become a majority in Europe as early as a decade or so from now. Once Sharia law is implemented, Europe will be even more screwed and the feminist who want open borders will have played themselves. Thank god the SCOTUS upheld Trump’s travel ban

  30. We created this mess guys. You think these people want to leave their homes to come to whiteland? No matter how much Trump hates brown people coming to the US or any other northern European country is way better than where they come from

  31. The PIGS are still living on other nations money – read German – so it matters little how many they take, indeed Germany will donate more money as they work it out per head when calculating subsidies. If they stop taking the refugees the subsidies will dry up, and they are all broke already so German money is essential.

  32. Is it possible most if the people in the “more refugees” protest, are in fact refugees, trying to get in their esé’s?

  33. It’s as if somebody put something in the water to make people suicidal. They are turning to socialism, letting people in the country who wants to behead them and stone them. Has anyone told them that putting piranhas in your bath tub while they are in it is bad. I’m sure they would want to get in and feed the fishes. After all we should not deny the little pretty fishys.

  34. Hello . Just saw this video a lot of good information about this whole thing . In response to your question it would be better to tell each one by one . Because we can see better how each of these pieces fit into this larger than life puzzle .

  35. Soros open borders organizations are financing and organizing all these pro-refugees marches, people get brainwashed into thinking they are doing a “”good”” humanitarian action, loll!

  36. God bless italy. The best thing isnt just that they are turning these freeloaders away, but also that they are deporting a shit tonne of these welfare mooches that are already in italy.

    MIIA (make italy Italian again)

  37. All men of combat age.
    You need to get out of Europe Barbara. It’s finished.
    Come to North America.

  38. I love your channel, very informative. Not hate at all. Very interesting information that I can’t get anywhere.

  39. Greting from Spain. We´re vey happy with all this and… BUUUAAAA!!! Well, ok, we are very angry with all this, but somehow, the media shows a paralel reality…
    About the protest in Barcelona, well, lately we has lots of manifestacions with more than a Million peolpe for the theme of indepences (for both sides , YEs ans NO) , we have a strong radical left movement well covered by the media, but the major part of people starts to be scare of our new socialist goberment and their stupid policies( minority in parlament but with the help of radical left “podemos” and the nationalist parties…)
    Pray for Spain, I was happy when conservatives was expelled from the goverment, but the new president is much worst than the other… 🙁

  40. I know it’s not Europe, but will you do The cost of open borders on Canada? Toronto’s crime rate recently surpassed NYC

  41. I agree with every word you say! I hate these left wingers who want these “refusgees” to come! I think as soon as they get off the boat they should all be rounded up and flew back to whatever country they came from.

  42. Im Spanish and this is shameful, I have no words to describe how much things Spain have done wrong over the past years, our politicians are are just assholes who fight over the leadership of a country they do not know how to operate and this is the prove about it, we never learn do we?

  43. Im from spain and few people want more refugees, by the way the healthcare is public and free for everyone.

  44. Once Spanish people (not migrants) see what the migrants bring to their country they will vote out the leftist scum. The leftists and migrants should all hang together.

  45. If the Spanish want more immigrants it’s because their media has painted a rosy picture of the result of that. Here is the U.S. CNN, MSNBC, and others are trying to do the same. If someone told me years ago that mass brainwashing on this level could be possible I wouldn’t have believed them. Maybe it’s time to put the owners of these media outlets in prison (or the death penalty) for their crimes against humanity.

  46. Are their any Muslim countries who have open borders and welcome everybody regardless of their ethnicity, religion and values?

  47. Cute hair cut, and thank you for this update! Prayers for all of the chaos in this world 😞🙏🙏🙏

  48. Sweetheart … you keep this up….and you’ll be eligible for asylum status here in the States! Not that I mind, btw. Keep up the good work!

  49. If Hillary was appointed to office Europe wouldn’t have been the only country being flooded by immigrants and being raped from their resources

  50. These motherfuckers aren’t “refugees.” Real refugees respect the country they go to and try to fit in. They don’t show up and start tearing through the streets, destroying shit and demanding this that and the other. FUCK ‘EM.

  51. And the world talks shit about United States……… we are trying to keep this issue out of our country because we see whats happening to Europe……. I hope you guys survive with your countries identity in tact

  52. Explanation of what you dont understand. Spain complains of Airbn its changing the faces of their neightbors. And bringing people that uses apartments with other purposes like prostitution or heavy partying.

  53. Just wait until the news media finally decides to transform their metaphorical bleeding heart “news” content into LITERAL bleeding hearts (Europeans murdered by the hundreds; maybe even thousands throughout towns). It will be the next big thing that makes them money… Oh wait… all the citizens are dead; replaced by a bunch of useless niggie jiggabus that don’t assimilate to western culture; just there for the handouts. Guess those people looking to get rich didn’t think that one all the way through.

  54. I didn’t see you opening your mouth and complaining when they were bombing and destroying Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and so on. Where did you think all those people were going to run to? A magical country outside Europe?

    Darling, Europe is getting destroyed because our leaders are greedy and evil. Most of us sat back and did not give much care to what was happening. After all, It wasn’t happening to us.

    Well what goes around comes around. This is the work of the universe. Nothing can stop it. They will destroy Europe from within, and slowly. Most people in Europe now live in fear. Constant fear. Did anyone expect anything different?

  55. Wait wut, Italy is rejecting Immigrant but yet the Pope is on TV criticizing the U.S. for turning them down???

  56. I know it will happen here eventually, but for now I’m thankful to have an ocean in between myself and Europe.

  57. when the first boatload arrived we should had done what Australia did some years ago…..”send them back”…..that stopped more arriving, if Europe did this from the start we would not be in the situation we are now. its still not to late to send them back but then to “dogooders” would have nothing to do, no wait they could look after the elderly

  58. And they wonder why their countries rape rates are exploding. No one who wants refugees lives in a neighborhood swamped with them.

  59. its good to see all that woman kid and eldelry people get in to europe! its good to see not 99.9% of them are 20-40 years old males who can fight a war 🙂 WP!!! SH-SH-SH-SH-SH!!!!!!

  60. We are all looking at this the wrong way. With more and more of these dirt farmers leaving Africa and the middle east, soon there will be no one in Africa and the middle east. So now all us white folks can just pick up and move in and start cleaning the place up. In no time they will want to go back to Africa and the middle east but this time we don’t let them. So they can stay in Europe and deal with the rain and snow and shit ass cold temperature….

    Nah screw that, ship there ass back to the shit holes they are coming from. All they are going to do in Europe is turn it in to a giant toilet.

  61. 6:00 I agree they will vote for the left giving them huge power in parliament pushing the country in to a Marxist nightmare.

    However, after some years pass the “new comers” will start & vote for islamic parties and THEY will steadily take power.

  62. Fucking stupid Spanish liberals – can you believe this?? WHATS THE FUCKING MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE?????? people of spain – you have to fight. YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS!

  63. Just wait !! It gets better🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 greatings from California were the KAANGS And Queens harrased peaceful and happy citizens.

  64. I think you should not stop recording those videos. But you need to get organized with some people in Slovenia with the same mindset to take action. The situation is seriously ridiculous.

  65. OH But America can take all of them and give them welfare  and Medical Jobs cars Homes . we the people will work hard and just give them our Money and let them shit on us as well. FUCK NO Kill the Mother fuckers . And Kill the ones that stand up for them as well.

  66. Has anyone thought of taking boats out near the migrant rafts and attracting sharks with Chum ? Or import them(sharks) really BIG ones into the Area.😃 Just a thought.😆

  67. Imagine if you had a border 1800 miles long undefended and open with that many just walking in anytime they feel like it.

  68. Open borders is a problem anywhere I guess now Spain is pain for all the misdeeds pain and suffering they have cost other people in the past what goes around comes around or something like that lol Spain is now going to have rapes crimes unlike anything that I’ve ever seen like I said trust me every misdeed you’ve done in the past you’re going to pay for you opened up your front door to the devil and he is going to make you pay for it!!!👈 and get ready cuz you’re going to have terrorist attacks that’s a promise you made a big mistake Spain how stupid can you be hell is headed your way that’s the left launching an operation from country to Country to decrease the population all being carefully planned by Deep state sorry and you people’s case it may be a little too late

  69. Germany called for them, they should get them but now they realized the F-up. England is gone. France too. Just give the orders to Italy, Spain & Greece with France who all have to notch navies to blow up the NGO ships. Those operating them should be arrested along with traffickers. What’s interesting is you’ll see many NGO’s are from Israel and Northern European states.

  70. The biggest solution to this is to take the names of EVERY protestor, blogger/vlogger, and refugee-supporter, and assign them and their home a set of refugees to take in (like an exchange student).
    Except, with no help for the supporter OR the refugees, from the government (local or otherwise), other than what they would get from Red Cross during a fire or hurricane.
    I bet the attitudes towards the refugees would change dramatically.
    You could start with each and every politician that voted for supporting the refugees (which actually FORCES the general public, not the elitist politicians who could care less about what happens to the “common peasants” beneath them, to shoulder the burden).
    When they have to deal with the “vagabonds” (vagabundos) from other countries, and support them directly from their own elitist pockets, they will see things from a different perspective.
    Buena suerte, Senorita !

  71. Love you, love your views and good luck. Thank you for having the “balls” to speak your mind and taking the time to do so. God bless.

  72. Keep in mind, the only idiots who are out there marching are probably students and those with nothing better to do, and likely come from all over the country. The average citizen just goes about their normal lives.

  73. Go tell your Rothschild Bank if they like Africans so much they can pay for their health care, etc. Your politicians make perfect sense. More Africans, more red votes, more massive bribery from the enemies of the human race. Its win-win until Spain is a third world hell hole run by a devotee of Idi Amin or worse yet B. O’Bugger and the moslems. Again. Of course living there will be a perdition so they will move to a happier shithole with their graft fortunes and Nazi neighbors.So good luck with that. Franco warned you.

  74. Give them the right to vote democrat.
    Pretty obvious why they want to flood the voting booths as well.
    You can tell this was planned long ago by the UN/Bildeberger/Tavistock Intstitute/etc…

  75. Only hateful self hating racists would think anything you’ve said was racist…. I’ve only ever heard you state facts……This all has happened before……Hordes of muslim migrants were allowed to flood in (in much the same manner as now) until they controlled much of Europe….. for near 600yrs…. Christians and Jews became second class citizen (Dihmis) and were often raped, tortured, enslaved and murdered…. There were mass murders and genocide all perpetrated by muslims against Christians and Jews…..Until the Crusades (Which was a short lived campaign to push Islam back to it’s homeland)…. Well….. “If you don’t know your History, Your doomed to repeat it”….. but who will be there to push them back this time? In a world where Christianity has grown weak and complacent….. History is repeating and it’s our own fault for not teaching the true History…. We must stop relying on emotions and ideas of Fantastical Multicultural Utopias and open our eyes to the rationality of reality before we return to the Chains of Islamic Slavery….

  76. When Spain takes in illegal invaders, really they are just allowing them into Europe, through their door.

  77. Hi Cute Girl, I’m watching randomly from California where I consider the travesty happening to Europe to be a “self imposed Muslim invasion” whereas I agree with you that people are nutz for doing such stupid things that will certainly be self-correcting eventually – all best.

  78. Spain is turning into another Sahara. The country is an environmental disaster because of insane water management. Ground water is being taken from the central area’s to feed water parks and golf course’s. Headchoppers are pouring in since they feel like they are at home.

  79. These African immigrants lower European standards and devalue longstanding White European values. For Muslims and Africans, assimilation is NOT their goal… their goal is to divide and conquer!

  80. Just kill them bombe those boat bombe them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We don’t need them ,what happened to the Spanish Catholics protecting their people ,idiot!!!!!!! You gonna destroy our country here let those migrants don’t go here in Spain ,,,,,,,allahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crime will be increase now

  81. If Spain doesn’t want tourists it won’t be too difficult to stop them coming unlike the refugees . I agree some tourists are horrible but don’t judge every tourist by a bunch of violent binge drinkers . However , if you would rather have people to come and stay in your country , not just visit , stay there permanently , with no job , no money and probably little or no skills then you Spain are heading in the right direction . If Spain want to do this to themselves then they have the right to . But when the tourists and their money stop coming in and all you have is freeloading refugees then don’t complain to other countries about your choices or ask to be baled out .

    Most self respecting tourists won’t want to go to Spain if you fill it with violent , criminal and child raping refugees , that are actually not refugees but so be it Spain . Just remember you make your bed , you lay in it , don’t expect help . Merkel tried to do that with threats and it has backfired on her, you can’t threaten because the rest of Europe would laugh at you as you have no power to threaten with . But Germany is starting to learn how toxic Merkel is and what you are doing Spain is toxic but so be it

  82. Africans are nothing but scavengers. An infestation of cockroaches. Once they’re there, they’ll drain you dry. Why else would they leave their own countries?

  83. Barbara4u2c : I don’t care how you cover it , either individually or all in one , just cover it as you do a outstanding job. Very informative and intelligent young lady . I think you’re marvellous and if you can please keep the information coming

  84. Hi I’m from Spain. I was quite surprised to watch a video so well documented done by someone who hasn’t lived in Spain. I wanted to highlight some points about Spain to try to throw some light on the things that you say you dont’t understand.

    Many spanish people agree to accept more refugees but not as many as Barcelona, thats their deal. People hate tourists because the come to party and disrupt the lifes of people in many areas. This is more pronounce than in other countries because tourism agencies sell Spain as “vive la vida loca”.

    Even if we have a high uneyeplyement rate we have a problem with our aging demographics and need people in working age to pay our social services that expend most money in old people. If we don’t accept immigrants this problem will get worse as time passes and many spanish people rely on these services, they can’t afford they dissappear.

    Universal healthcare in Spain is like guns in the US, even if there are reasons to renounce to it, we refuse. At least we have a higher life expentancy, hope it lasts.

    Probably Spain won’t have much problem with immigration because our goverment has been dealing with an influx of people from african countries for a lot of time and I doubt they forget about all the experience they have aquiered during these years.

  85. Hello everyone. I’m from Spain and I have to say I’m annoyed of this policy of open borders. When you walk in the street, you can see these migrants everywhere in the street (they tend to be very aggressive and they don’t have any contact with Spaniards) But then, they DON’T WORK at all. Nevertheless our politicians, THE CANCER of our nation give them aanything for free… health, food, clothes… everything of that come from OUR MONEY. We need to fight against this new left-wing GOVERMENT and against the destruction of OUR NATIONS.

  86. Elites are taking bribes.Their survival depends on it.The vast majority will be smothered and destroyed. The future is minimalist and the best the breed can produce will survive. The fight is the last resort and a guaranteed win.

  87. You’re a hot looking Nazi you can come to America whenever you want to more than glad to meet with you

  88. “Now, listen you, people of NATO. You’re bombing a wall which stood in the way of African migration to Europe, and in the way of Al-Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You‘re breaking it. You’re idiots, and you will burn in Hell for thousands of migrants from Africa and for supporting Al-Qaeda. It will be so. I never lie. And I do not lie now” – Gaddafi

  89. A bit off-topic here but well, TOURISMOPHOBIA is a true fact in Italy as well. Mass tourism can look very much like an invasion at times. And the only place where that kind of tourism invest is AirBnB, McDonalds and chinese-made souvenirs.
    But no, by no means i’d rather replace them with migrants.

  90. If you really wanna help someone you should do it in their place and not bring it to yours cause its only gonna cause more problems

  91. Migrants should contact Soros as he has $32billion to take them to Libya that will give them a warm welcome.

  92. This is their agenda the luciferians that run this world they want this chaos so they can create order their one world order

  93. I know this will sound racist but it’s like all the zoo animals have fled their cages.

    Frightening images.

  94. I love you so much girl I wish I was close to you would be best friends. I want you to cover all the European States compared to America since Trump ban the Muslims to the countries that accepted them the difference in crime rate. So cover the crime rate in America since the Muslim ban Trump put on to all the European countries that accepted them

  95. Are you refugee in the US or you are there legal? Are you really that stupid or only looking like that. Do you now that in EU lives cca 560 million people. So if every year come even 1 million people in to EU, that’s nothing.Total nothing. Since you are speaking about Spain 🙂 Don’t come to Spain. Don’t come to Barcelona. You are not welcomed there. They are lll democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders 🙂 Since you are Slovenian, like Melania Trump 🙂 Slovenia in last year gave asylum to 170 people. Yes. 170. Not thousands not million not ten thousand, but one hundred and seventy. 1/3 of Jumbo-jet. 🙂 So yes. You don’t reed, you are really something naive&stupid. Fake News 🙂

  96. We need them here in Ohio if they don’t smoke, there’s a smoking problem here where everyone smokes. We need non smokers to counter that. Ideally I would say trade you our smokers for your non smokers. There is also a problem in Ohio with Blue ISIS. These are basically terrorists that have badges and the support of the people who praise them as hero’s and worship them as their gods.

    Blue ISIS is the combined agencies of the city police, the county sheriffs and the state highway patrol. Combined they are the world’s largest terrorist gang. So if your refugees do NOT smoke, send them here, I personally welcome them in Ohio. Also if you want our smokers or cops, feel free to take as many as you need. Nearly everyone here smokes and is a cop, or worships cops. It’s sickening

  97. People and Liberal/socialist govt. of Spain,YOU ALL are signing your own ‘death warrant,’ soon,your own population will be replaced by these shiftless,criminal,entitled,violent African and Muslim invaders;YOU will be the MINORITY AND AT THEIR MERCY. YOU will all end up like the Caucasians in South Africa.

  98. Barb , just found you , That was great !!! someone with a good brain , Anybody trolling you , laugh , brush it off , keep up your stuff, i did subscribe and the bell in on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your new St Louis pal ( St Louis Critic )

  99. 100 year ago bad guys would run he adds of cattle through a town to destroy everything.not that the cattle were bad they were just being used by the bad guys for destruction

  100. The problem is not inmigration, but socialists politics.

    If we make a call-effect with social steps like bringing them total free healthcare, free apartments, educational programs… Then of course they’ll see Spain as a paradise where there’s no need to work.

    On the other hand, if we reduce the size of the State, give them no more care we give to our own citizens (treating then like anybody else), then they’ll realize Spain would still be a better place to live, but now they’d have to work to gain some privileges, like everyone else.

    Singapur or the US, for example, are succesful examples of sustainable and positive inmigration. And it’s not necessary because it’s regulated, but basically because they’re not given any type of privileges just because they’re foreigners: they are treated like anyone else, they need to work (which benefits national economy) and they’ve got to respect national law. That type of free inmigration, as I stated, is good, as the evidence has shown (with the US and the case of Singapur more recently being succesful examples of great economies).

  101. Those ones who want more “refugiees” and less tourists are the independence, which is a radical left wing movement itself. By the way, suported by many of english people who live in Catalonia. Do you know why? I don’t known.

    1. lajuss and another 1100 since friday. I wonder if the government has a plan. I mean with the unemployment rates as they are. Native Spainish people hardly can find a job. So what future will they have in Spain….

  102. So since last Friday another 1100. 14000 already this year (a growth of 160%). Spain already has a huge unemployment as it is. Native Spanish people who went to school in Spain can’t get jobs. So what future will these people have in Spain? And since the Dublin agreement they can’t go to another European country.

  103. could you cover Romania ? I mean I know that we don’t have an immigration problem (yet), but our media wouldn’t say anything in fear of the people (romanians tend to be really aggresive when threatened the way of their life,going to protests and fighting for their country)

  104. It’s all the dumbass millenials that’s why the younger crowd doesn’t know history at all. They don’t remember how the Muslims tried invading before and the French and the Spanish actually kick them out

  105. I’m Hispanic and I don’t think you’re a Nazi. I think you tell the truth and the truth hurts people. You’re brave keep up the good work

  106. the slaving exist since ever in Africa..

    it was not our fault..they do that since few thousand years like few country in the world..

    the islam have made the bigger number of slave in all time and they continue…

    but its always the big bad white people of today the responsible….

    let them fall

  107. they wont to destroy the Catalan movement..they make the same things here in Quebec the only national movement in America….

  108. the woman of there gonna have a lots a choice for African man…at 12 years they can have baby’s and for them it was very a good things..

  109. you do know what and who is causing these invasions, dont you? You know who paid for the majority of the 160.000 protesters in spain? Why dont you cover the white helmets as well, canada, us and gb are right now rescuing the “rescuers”, and my tax dollars are going to support them. Of course you do know who they really are, right?
    Kar se pa slovencev tice, ki ti posiljajo hate mail, slovenija se spi, v glavnem, poslusajo svoja porocila, verjamejo vse kar se jim pove, redek je clovek da se zaveda kaj se res dogaja. Uros ve nekaj, Carmen tudi nekaj, pa se kdo kje sigurno. Pravzaprav slisim, da se ljudje prebujajo, a mislim, da bo kmalu prepozno, ce ze ni. Skoda evrope, skoda slovenije, in tudi skoda canade…..

  110. Genocide… Coming to City near you! Brought to you by The Queen, The Pope and the posteriors that follow behind them.

  111. What the hell !??? The citizens have to stop this now ! This is crazy !This has to be in Castile . The North will shoot them . This has to stop .

  112. AGREE 1000% WITH YOU BARBARA. I came to Europe from Brazil 12 years ago and worked my way very hard from the very first day untill I could get my spanish residence permit. I arrived with less than 600 euros, no family to help me with money if I got broken and no garanties here in Spain. It makes me sick to watch this people coming in with lots of demands and no intentions to assimilate in the european culture. And now free health care??? It’s freaking absurd… Specially because Spain is not Norway. Faraway from that. Spain is walking on the edge the abyss of bankruptcy since much before I arrived! It’s a made world we’re living in…

  113. and what you plane to about it !!!! are showing them your best job!!! your best house !!! and if they wan the best ass!!! you show them the best ass!!!

  114. Spain leftists are a special kind of useful idiots…gluttons for punishment…Hold strong España, you need your own Donald Trump…you were better off with Rajoy and all the corruption than with these Socialist LOSER LEGAL CRIMINALS now.

  115. We don’t get it either sweetheart…thought after Obama…that would end…but our government won’t let Trump fix it..lmfao….your not hateful…!

  116. Your so intelligent,great communicator,I hope Slovenia doesnt turn into a garbage dump that the rest of Europe has turned into,these are bad people unable to assimilate!

  117. It’s a little strange for me a woman presenting this program. I mean a program of this nature. As far as I have seen and heard women only take the side of so called refugees and want to blow them.

  118. I live in Spain on the coast just up from Gibraltar. I must admit that I have not seen any of this. we see more drug boats and , police chasing drug boats that anything else.

  119. Open borders is only allowed because liberals want votes. Liberals don’t care about safety they are tricking their own people.

  120. Even if you were to allow immigrants, the influx of single young men is asking for trouble. They should require all refugees come with a wife. Sounds silly but it’ll filter out a lot of violent criminals and won’t put distress on a society by having too many single men like China.

  121. Yep they all men, and think the moral to her story is that these curious white women will be getting their brain fucked out willingly by these black men and its going to make more nigga babies! You know a twelve inch black dick is very tasteful to white women as history has proven that fact.

  122. WTF I thought the European Spanish people were smarter than the South American ones they are also socialist. my god why the fuck do Spanish people believe in Socialism

  123. This have been called always invasion but they don’t have weapons they have a culture that it’s agains the one they are occupying. So it’s like a bacteria they just need have an important amount to start creating a problem with the system “ already have” so the immune system “the politics “ are suppressed. The scenery a weak piece of continent being contained with a very toxic agent called immigrants without authorization this is a forced invasion . Europe is being raped and they don’t realize that. What a shame

  124. We have to stop the flow of immigrants. Stop giving to aid agencies that enable people to over populate in their countries. Aid to africa is causing some of this. Bo more aid, period.

  125. their never going to remove the fence in morocco spain, they just enhanced it with a additional wall of rolls of bob wire, the flooding of immigrants from Africa upon the fence has been going on for years. greece is in its recession and is never talked about in the media, but the talk of anti-immigrant extreme right wing greeks and evil conceritive nazi is for a reason. the youth is fashionable and with youth is liberal thinking, being a conservative isn’t considered cool or attractive. because of this anything thats middle ground or reasonable thinking is blind sided by the media, its not about whats right or wrong its about what is attractive or popular that people will tune into watching. if half of population of people based their opinions off of facts that they acquire on their own rather than watching vice or media on youtube, the world would be a different place and politics would be based on closer truths than overly emotional beliefs based off a loads of hype.

  126. a 200 yr old quote “if your not a liberal at age 25 you have no heart. If your not a conservative at age 35 you have no brain.

  127. Now your underaged children are indangered of being raped by Muslims, Spain’s culture now comein to an end. 🦂

  128. The left is self loathing and they’ve destroyed their own beautiful countries and cultures. How unbelievably sad and horrifying.

  129. This will all change as those Syrians, oops North Africans, start sharing their culture with those Spaniards. And don’t you worry Barbara, you see clearly and you are right!

  130. Open the Israeli borders.
    …the place is actually called Palestine.
    Guess that genocide isnt over so it’s not important yet huh?????

  131. Dear Barabara – you are thinking like millions of people in Central and Eastern Europe and some in the West. You are exhibiting common sense and love of Europe and European culture and I thank you for that.

  132. It’s happening everywhere. In the u.s. it is immigrants from every 3rd world nation coming in droves who hate whites. Where is a safe place for the white race anymore where our men actually stand up for us?

  133. I’m Spanish, we are actually fucked our new president that we didn’t even vote wants to take refugees because he loves to suck the EU’s dick, seriously this country is fucked we need some Italians to save us

  134. We are a country of cucks because our politicians are corrupt, weak and the puppets of the globalists. We should make a Reconquista II, expell all the invaders and behead all the traitors.

  135. Why don’t u talk about how white people colonized half of the world.. And looted all the wealth from asia and Africa to Europe

  136. whats fucking hillarious: Is that in the past, this number of foreigners walking into your country, would have been classed as a fucking invasion and the nations armies would have been scrambled to intercept. you know that movie 300? yeah, not even 300 spartans are picking up arms this time. all them persians are just being allowed to walk into all of your cities. FUCKING IDIOTS.

  137. So, All the white nation enslaved and raped the land of gold, coal, and ect… So cry me a river. What wss last will be first.

  138. I dont know how it is elsewhere but in the UK these “refugees” go on holiday back to their home countries all the time and only 1/5 of the Syrian refugees were actually Syrian

  139. No wonder leftist socialist spain has huge unemployment. Thats what happens when these types run a country. How will Spanish citizens find supporting hundreds of thousands of invaders beneficial?

  140. While visiting southern spain I noticed all the stores and houses had bars and gates over windows and doors. I asked why. Its because these blacks break in and steal everything.

  141. Yoi have to wonder what affect this going have on the future of Europe. Where will their alligence be if there’s a global war?

  142. What I really want you to cover is your face… you look like A transgender ……are you lesbian …..I don’t know something is wrong with you because your sick you acting like A psychopath

  143. Had to make another comment about the spoiled black women spending 3 grand to get away from whiles . And you had your program banned because of hate speech and Racism.
    How is it racist to show racism…go figure?

  144. This is so far beyond any kind of common sense And basic rational thinking it makes my neurons jitter and stop.’s all
    Part of the phony compassion virtue signaling promulgated by academia and the Marxist media.

  145. Ver lo que españa hace a su gente a su propio pais es lo mas triste que he visto en mucho tiempo espero y lo peor mi pais es su vecino mas cercano portugal

  146. hahaha stop crying whining complaining n bitching you filthy white caucasoid neanderthal homosepian devils YAH the GOD of Abraham Issac n Jacob cursed Europe for the iniquity n wickedness the you devils did to the continent of Africa you pale face devils robbed rape kill destroy most of the animals of Africa steal all the oil gas gold minerals all the resource from the African you devils Europe is a build his wicked kingdom from the wealth of the African Europe doesn’t have oil diamonds minerals gold like Africa 75% of the cocoa come from Africa 80% of the oil n gas come from Africa 50% of the sugar come from Africa 90% of the minerals come from Africa you filthy delusional devils you devil build filthy Europe through blood killing lies evilness wickedness n lies you cave beast no melanin child rapist devils now you devils from Spain Italy Greece London poland the whole continent of filthy Europe are crying n bitching bc the African refugees plus the Muslims Arabs is talking filthy Europe hahaha karma is a bitch devils you devils will paid in full bloom for all you demonic wicked filthy crimes you devils are delusional when it come to history real history not white devils history remember devils real history doesn’t lies but you wicked devils always do you filthy child rapist devils finally don’t worry about my writing abilities devils or my grammar or punctuation just face the truth n the facts about your wicked demonic filthy history you sons n daughters of Satan reality is a bitch isn’t devils 😀😀😀

  147. “What political demographic do you most lean towards?” Um “right,” you know, the one named after being correct.

  148. I’m from Spain.
    That is KARMA. That people flee from war, occident finance that wars (even give money to terrorists). Occident doesn’t want refugees when they arrive but Occident caused migration giving money, munition and toyotas to fanatism.
    Now dont cry!!!!!
    I’m Spanish and I know the ones now call “invaders” to refugees didn’t call themselves invaders when they invaded Iraq.
    Don’t you remember Aznar and the big lie of masive destruction weapons?
    If you don’t want refugees don’t finance their killers.

  149. Why dont they ask for free stuff in there owen county if they dont get it protest there. Is it because they have to work for it. They have enough land two plant and grow whatever they want for food but don’t. They have had enough help from all the countrys to do so but dont do it . If they’re starving and don’t want to do anything about it then it’s called evolution. The lazy slow or people that dont want to do for them self . Die off.. They probably hear that other countries have welfare and get free stuff and go there instead.. have them fix there owen shit hole not turn other countries into one.

  150. These people only want to rape European girls..and become a lazy citizen of their country of choice.

  151. So? Let Spain burn in the fire it started itself. The people can thank themselves and their liberal govt, whom THEY elected.

  152. Its only a matter of time for the welfare systems to collapse. There is not a big bank in the sky handing out free money. The taxpayers fund all of government programs. A financial collapse is imminent. Europe will then be filled with 3rd World Countries begging for help. Its not looking good for anyone. And I want to say that because I express valid concerns I get labeled. At this point in the crises it just doesn’t matter. I do not care . This should be the least of these Countries concerns and is rather a tragic waste of time. They are going to need all the help they can get. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  153. All those nigs get into a country and all the dumb bitches fall in love and create halfies. Boom. World covered in blacks. End of civilization.

  154. WOW!! You are so young, but with a lot more common sense than a lots politicians in the USA, May God bless you for your hard work.

  155. My son with his 7 member family are traveling around Europe
    I pray they are safe!
    They were in Spain last week!

  156. You sound like you’re making so much sense
    Please come to America and explain this to the Democrats on behalf of the Republicans!

  157. why the fuck isnt spain doing something about it? where is the military? this is no migration anymore this is an invasion by thugs and barbarians. did spanish man become cucks due to feminism, leftism? protect your country you dumb morons! rise up and fight back, form paramilitary groups if your government isnt doing shit!

  158. When we have to retake Spain eventually, we will occupy it. sorry Spain. you can’t just give away European land.

  159. This makes me so angry. My sister lives in Spain, and they are pretty much left alone by the government, almost no financial support when you e.g. lose your job, a shitty educational system, etc. etc.. And she and her husband work their butts off. And those people should get free health care. Color me “amazed”.

  160. Europeans migrated out of Africa some 10,000 years ago in a similar manner; except we didn’t have TV/YouTube to know about it. All our ancestors moved out of Africa. Nothing new here.

  161. Also, I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but working with Russia to secure European borders may be a good idea. It would give Russia breathing room with NATO and give them a critical role in Europe… Russia could come in from the cold.

  162. Yeah. Welcome to my world, this country is a fucking meme. Its probably decent as a tourist, just dont stay here or youll go nuts.

  163. Dude ignore the retarded sjws, fuck ’em. You are not beeing racist, don’t fall for the white shame and emotinal tactics, these people have no notion of how negatively this is and will impact europe, I’d agree on helping people in need, but when said people turn to violence and atacking the people that welcomed them and start refusing to abide by the laws of the country that IS HELPING THEM, I say kick them back to wherever tehir coming from. They don’t get to demand shit, they don’t get to rape, steal ad kill and do so without consequence this is why the left is getting more and more hate. I’ve said it dozens of times, extremism has a very negative impact on society, be it from the right or left, be it from christianism, islamism or any other ideology. The far left is drinking and distributing the kool aid and the rest of us have to deal with their lunatic actions. I mean for fuck sackes I don’t get to go to any other contry AND VOTE ON THEIR POLITICS, It doesn’t make sense, you only get to vote on said country if you are nationalized, if you ARE A LEGAL INHABITANT of that country. You are not entitled to anything you are simply beeing given refuge. You do not contribute to our countries you do not leagly live here you don’t vote simple.

  164. why the judaism will prevail & the islam & christianism will be destroyed: cause the judaism is the truth,..

  165. OMG all u white people need to get a visa and get to USA as fast as possible before it’s too late for you

  166. Italy Greece and Spain turned away REAl refugees which were Jews and Protestant Christian’s now God is letting this happen because your ancestors screwed up big time

  167. The Catholic Church is now saying they will turn cathedrals into mosques that church is fake it doesn’t actually follow the bible Catholics and Muslims belong to the same system called the beast system

  168. Spain will be completely wrecked…how is this different from the Muslim invasion into Europe in the middle ages?? Scourge, rape, murder, and complete annihilation of the Spanish people and culture, along with the remainder of Western Europe. This MAKES ME SICK!!

  169. Oh those poor men of fighting age! Nothing could possibly go wrong! All that sexual tension would never result in rape or violence right? It’s been proven before.
    Europe needs to arm itself again.

  170. Now i’m getting scared… i’m from Portugal and if Spain falls for this bs, Portugal corrupt government will follow… and we already have problems with gipsys (ofc never shown on Tv cause it’s racism)


  172. All men the little bitches, when a family needs help it’s women and children 1st. That explains what type of people your letting in FFS 😭 take women and children only

  173. Stupid people. They know you are bleeding hearts. When they feel their numbers are enough. They will rise up and wipe you out of existance. Then the rest will come over to the occuppied cities and countries and repeat again. Til all are gone. All you people are walking dead.

  174. My propecy when we had the shameful leftist government, some years ago, I called Salvini The Savior, then look what happens, we need time now to expelling all the illegals migrants that joined in the last years

  175. I say burn them all see even the budist monks burn them yeah monks. you would half to be utterly useless and all around the devil himself to be burned by a monk I would say it might just be a investment to your family friends and country to bad Europe is blind.

  176. Public hanging for these politicians in Europe and America as well, who think this was a good idea. So they get mindless voters to remain in power, we get the crap!!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!😈

  177. Diversity is our strength……unless you live in Israel where they just passed Jewish Supremacy laws of course.

  178. a white young girl hating all non white migrants, tired of her complaining just do something, embrace your hateful soul.

  179. people is spain have a soul unlike you. stay in your country and shoot the hell up. dont come back to the America we have enough neo nazi.

  180. Know you whats funny? Now (30.7.2018) 300000 people are Chased by warrent, about 186000 because they should to be designated, 114000 because of crime or outher reasons that they shoud arrested or designated (well people the are not registered in germany, not included).

  181. I’m half Spaniard, half German living in Majorca, and couldn’t agree more! It’s no surprise they want to destroy Europe, our western civilization

  182. If being a nazi is saying the truth of what is really happening with this migrants agenda then I’m a nazi too… I’m Italian I know how bad is this invasion… 🇮🇹🇮🇹

  183. We Spaniards are crazy, or stupid or both. We are being completely brainwashed by leftist propaganda from the totally manipulated media, pollitical correctness, multiculturanisme etc. Especially in Catalonia and the Vasc Country. You have explained perfectly: they reject tourists, but welcome “refugees” who really are migrants. Who we don’t even know who they are, neither speak spanish nor can do any job. In a country with a high rate of unimployment. The highest of Europe,I’m afraid.
    It’s pathetic.

  184. The small mind of the Liberal has a hard time making sense of facts. This is about security, not race. Those idiots that call everyone else Nazi’s ought to take a hard long look in the mirror they are the new Brownshirts.

  185. Just stumbled across your channel. Great job! Respect and support from Texas, girl.

    Subbed, liked and all that jazz.

  186. spain what u doin,, you will loose ur biggest trade, ,tourists,, now prefer Poland hungry,bye bye spain,,,

  187. Borders should be enforced with strong laws to adhere to, and shouldn’t even be debated, and I sure won’t argue the case anymore.
    If someone doesn’t believe in borders they’re idiots. Borders help to separate for many reasons other than just what the media projects them to separate them from, playing on the emotions of those people who cannot see the forest for the tree’s. Culture is also a result and everyone has a right to their own culture, and belief ( which is a form of borders of itself ) and religion without those rights being dissolved from the inside or outside.
    But borders are a necessary for very important reasons, and those reasons being no different that borders on a microcosmic scale, just follow it on down to neighborhoods, homes, fences, to the very locks on doors. .. or what about iron bar windows that you see more of inside the inner city’s.

    All of these things exist because folks for the obvious reason, to explain those reasons here is to assume you, yes you are a true dumbass whoever you are, and i don’t think you are..
    So borders of a country are even more important, it would be no different than squatters moving 2 houses down from you that you caught wind were living there.  It just goes against the grain. There  are rules and order and regulations involved in anything.
    And to not take serious ths laws of this, or any country about how to come in legally, is pure ignorance I don’t mind telling you.

  188. Research the following “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” ….. “Barcelona Declaration” …..and just recently the “Marrakesh Political Declaration 2018” the last one under the guise of a trade and immigration agreement gives the population of North African and Middle Eastern countries the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT both TO and THROUGHOUT the European Union

  189. Muslims refugees are coming to only gangrape the European female and enjoy the free welfare and housing benefit without doing any work. European union is Mafia and WICKED Gangsters and evil empire is responsible for the destruction of European countries by welcoming lions poisonous snakes and hyenas to the European countries in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing but invaders and freeloaders and rapist and fanatic who bombed the club’s intolerant and barbaric and also breeds like rabbits. Ban Islam which is a false religion and cursed and deport all Muslims refugees who are enemies of Democracy and Bible freedom of speech and liberty and gospel arts literature dog’s women’s rights etc

  190. Spaniards want migrants now… but just wait until these ‘poor African migrants’ start stealing, mugging, stabbing, acid-attacking, raping and killing innocent people and their children… you know, like they do everywhere else! What then José?… are you going to politely ask them to leave???

  191. Research the “UN Right of Indigenous People Act 2007 ( Article 8 ) ….FORCED Multiculturism is Genocide under International Law

  192. I hope I can still legally migrate to Spain. My heart belongs to spain. as Spain is the motherland of Puerto Rico all development is because of spain. we like to think we’re africcan but not even close.

    as a european how do you feel about Latin American immigration if they do so by the books with legally

  193. Para mí, creo que necesitan hablar español, tener educación universitaria e ir a la iglesia
    porque soy Latino Americano, pero ellos no somos Espanoles.

    translation: For me I thin they need to speak spanish, have a university degree, go to church (ideally catholic) because I am latin American, but THEY are not even spanish.

    On a side note I’m actually want spainards to come flood the dominican republic, they can’t take the hatian terrorist any more please move to the dominican republic, Puerto Rico, and Flood Venezuela we’re in dire need, WE want the refugees to come in too. most Latinos i talk to hate socialism and jewish globalism it’s time for Spain to reunite with latin america as a guide for good and justice.

  194. at least my Italian brothers over in Italy got wise and Poland was always smart ..they know an invasion force when they see it ..

  195. Barbara, Please cover each Country individually, cuz many of them have different policies regarding the Invasion.. I like your videos, Please cover everything you want, except your body.. You’re a doll.

  196. They’re all young men. Which means… they are terrorist soldiers. See what’s happening to farmers and families in Africa. Now they’re spreading everywhere. Not good.

  197. Most of the refugees in Spain’s only desire is to arrive to the UK or Sweeden, no one wants to stay in Spain, because they don’t get anything for free, that’s why they spend a lot of hours on the street selling their stuff(illegally). Now, have a look at the refugees in the UK, at the very firts moment they step into the country ,they get a free accomodation+free money for free to spend in whatever they want+ free access to colleges or even universities. Most of them spend their whole life there just “studying”, most of them not even be able to speak a good english after finishing their degrees.(incredible) So, who the fuck is calling these people to Europe??. Speak up to them , and ask them which county do they want to live in, The answer will be 100% the UK or Sweeden. “Mi lobe englhand , me want libe there, good piople te inglish”.

  198. Why can’t the invaders be shot when they are actively engaged in a criminal activity. In the USA, the police can use deadly force to stop a misdemeanor or felony in progress. Illegal immigration would end immediately if all citizens had the authority to shoot any illegal alien at any time.

  199. Why so selfish, they dont want mud hut no more.
    Build your house and let them move in and give them money and free higher education, you build it and give it al, to them.
    Thats fair right…
    England will give you free houses and money .
    English will work harder to provide, they love migrants, they are liberals with politically correct system that will serve you not them.
    Rule britannia haha


  201. Franco starved his people to death, I remember when we got REFUGEES in Peru, look starving and with nothing, just like the Cubans who run from Batista we help them but then they demand, we send back to USA, don’t F.. with Peruvians

  202. Spain has experience this from antiquity being historically invaded by moslim’s, Most Spanish don’t want to see their culture destroyed, in the past Europe sat back and let it happen, today it’s no different…half of me has literally mixed feelings in regard to the crisis.

  203. Its makes sense if you have “white guilt” lobotomized into your brain and shoved so far up your ass, that you no longer live in reality.

  204. it´s a shame to be spaniard today. 8 centuries of fight against muzzies for nothing. We don´t have a real right party, and this is one of our main troubles.

  205. So now I can add Spain to the list. Germany, Switzerland, England, France, Australia, Italy, and Canada. I’ll stick to holiday in America, Mexico, and South America. Sad considering I wanted to see Europe one day… The Europe I romanticized in my head but this… Shit.

  206. Spaniards clearly have a death wish. How bizarre! Hit me! hit me! hit… meeee……!!! (Ian Dury & the Blockheads)

  207. Hi, just came across your channel…first things first what a intelligent and free thinking gal you are! I appreciate your insight because I was called a fascist as well for saying in school that I believe there are laws and these laws should be observed and upheld. Really??? I’m a fascist for believing in justice?
    You do a wonderful job articulating why problems ensue when chaos is allowed to prevail.

  208. Ever notice how it’s all young military age men ? Where are the woman and children or old people ? Did they rape them and kill them off already ? This is NOT refugees or immigrants this is flat out invasion ! They don’t need weapons to storm the beach , THEY ARE the weapons of cultural and economic destruction ! They are like roaches , once they get in bedded you will never be completely free of them even if you burn it to the ground some will remain. The minute their feet touch the sand on the beach and you don’t eliminate them your culture , country , lifestyle , history , everything you worked for hoped for your family going forward is lost . Your grandchildren will be a minority in a third world country and be second class citizens and live in fear with no hope !

  209. Doesn’t Spain the government realize that the IMF bank is bankrupt they can’t collect the debt. And what’s wrong with sinking those ships let them drown get ahold of machine guns in a rake the water drown those bastards. Nobody has any Torpedoes sink those ships.

  210. Barbara, Good Job you are doing))) Congratulations…. a few facts about Spain…. I am Spanish..
    The Socialist took the control of the goverment in Spain by a very strange aliance with all tipes of parties you can imagine may of them totally irrational parties.. So the Spanish we did not vote for the Socialist.(22% of votes) . “someone” decide that is time to the Socialist to rule Spain..and tachan.. thousands of immigrants entering in Europe thought Spain. If you put pieces together is clear that there is a plan to install millions of Africans in Europe… to mix the society and destroy the convivence…. is happening allredy in many places.
    10 years ago other Socialist Zapatero.. give papers to almost a million inmigrants… and many got the citizenship and can vote…and gues what… they are voting for the extreme left.. so many of the people that were in Barcelona or are demanding more inmigrants.. are not etnically Spanish… many are ” new spanish” that in my opinion they are not spanish at all.. but they vote… so that is the game.. you let them come in the country illegally.. then they stablish…and then the “crazy left” have supporters forever…and in a political divided country like Spain… well 2 million votes makes the diference…
    Believe me 80% of Spanish are against immigration…against Aquarius.. and against all this stupidity… is easy to see.. lets make a Referemdum…and we will see the real numbers.. but of course… noone want to listen to the citizens… they want to impose their desitions.. Europe must be mixed..and we should became all brown in a few decades… and most of the white ones better dissapear…. That is the plan.. and all the gay culture, ultrafeminism laws, low rate of birth, and laws against men.. goes in that direction.. result less white childs are born in Europe.. is a fact just see the numbers…
    In my opinion.. the only solution.. is Reconquista… put them out of Europe specially the Islamic ones… yesterday I talked to a black man selling products illegaly on the streets and I could see on his eyes he is waiting for the moment they can get the power to exterminate us… is clear just have to look deep in his eyes… they want blood and dominate us…. their culture is the culture of dominiations, conquest and mafia-rulers… warlords… that is how they organice their societies… just see what happens in Africa..
    In Italy a anti-inmigration party won and they stop a little inmigration.. in Hungary the same…. seems that Swedens Democrats will win and change the politics.. the wave of anger is getting big in White Europe.. we have to unite all of us… create a extreme anti-inmigration party can be called.. The Crusades..( European Elections) . and demand the fully repratiation of the people that enter illegal the last 10 years… and build walls.. camps in Africa… and whatever is necesary to stop this… History proves us that good words.. does not stop a society from total aniquilation….
    Situation is complicated.. and seems sooo dificult.. because we do not have a clear goal of what we want.. we need to have clear the goal… ILEGAL INMIGRANTS OUT OF EUROPE…
    I can talk more about how good is for the states to be bigger and bigger create new taxes..and have a divided society that basically pay and obey….. also remember the ENEMY IS THE STATE.. they get proffit from all this… Look a State that wants to stop inmigration Hungary.. they just do it…. or Russia…. here in Western Europe… the states wants the inmigrants…. and they lie to us… all the time….
    …and I thin I talk to much.. … hard times are coming… is time for the braves….. You are brave Barbara.. My respects… Regards. Frank.


    2. I agree that they are the same PP or PSOE… they make basically the same politics, aldo is clear that Socialist and Podemos make it more extreme… I do not see Rajoy accepting the Aquarius, do you?… I am talking about new political movements… totally anti-inmigration… No is not a matter if you vote blue, red, purple or orange…. is a matter of ethnical survival… for example if you walk around Barcelona certains areas does not look like Spain or even Europe anymore… some areas looks more like Africa… and that is the “black future” we have in front of us in a few years… When I open the Window of my apartment I see a School yard.. well almost all kids are “brown” or black… not whites anymore… and when I was a child all kids were white in the school…. those are the facts… I know I will not change your mind.. but Socialist in Spain had allways play a really dirty role…and continues to play it… But they explote the ” envy to the wealthy people” that in Spain is a National Sport… instead of admiring the sucessfull ones for some reasons most of the people envy and hates them… maybe to hide theirself simplicity. Remember time to create an European anti-inmigration Party…

    3. Francisco Javier You are rigth im also spanish and 29 yr old it was pretty weird to see migrants in our schools now is full of them but the agenda that is behind in all countries in europe is beyond the goverment doesnt matter the colour. They have all allow everybody coming from africa specially marroco. The new world order is trying to break the nacionalities in europe so when different groups of migrants come everyone wants a different thing so divide and rule. Thats what is going on in germany spain italy france sweden and so on…


  212. I’m a NERD I think you should put them evil ppl in the old oil wells and in a few years you will have crude oil and gas, that’s all they are for ,and if not they will make your life and your towns and city’s in to he’ll, so do the right thing ,,and the electric power will be cheaper 🎁

  213. Point is if Europeans could invade and mass murder American native people I mean red Indians and now their later generations are being anti immigration it’s so fucking hypocrite this is just how diversity happens welcome to the 21st century apes

  214. Spain is a hellhole and a shithole, and spanish are mentally retarded. Many spanish are gypsies with an IQ lower than 70. …nuke it from orbit …it’s the only way to be sure.

  215. Muy buen vídeo. Y muy bien documentado. Claro que no tiene sentido para ti. Ni para nadie con un mínimo de sentido común. Es esta nueva izquierda new age que no tiene pies ni cabeza y se ha vuelto más radical. Y sí, mucha gente quiere que entren millones y millones de inmigrantes. Un saludo.

  216. Dejar que entren de gratis.. que cuando nos coman enteros ya veremos… 😉… vamos a ver… que no hay tanto espacio en España para tanta gente.. que las cosas no está bien…. si apenas hay trabajo para nosotros… va a ver para ellos???.. seamos realistas… no es bueno una inmigración masiva de indocumentados…. ya tenemos problemas con ellos… cuando entran aquí.. pues imaginate si entra mas… pero claro es mejor dejarlo entra.. y cuando no allá más espacio nos liaremos a palos para ver quien sobrevive… ojo… quien avisa no es traidor.. así que dejaros de buenismo señores progre y mirar más por los que viven en España.. que si que todo tenemos derechos a vivir bien.. pero con cabeza…

  217. I hate to say this but, white people grow some balls. You need more cojones. You are letting immigrants take over your country.

  218. Spain was probably infected with some typo of chemical agent to control their thoughts its the only explanation to me. They are on a path of self destruction.

  219. I am Spanish and I am as shocked as you. But we are in the hands of a Marxist government, who have reached power in a very stingy way (the presidente didn’t even was chosen in the last elections) and who is following an international agenda dictated by the UE and financed by somebody else. But that has happened in Sweden, France, Germany and other places too. Fortunately, countries like Poland and Hungary still resist. Anybody with a normal brain in his cranium knows that if we don’t stop this Europe is finished. But it’s difficult because they have the control of mass media and have created a network of patronage (through state subsidies) to support them. Believe it or not, most Spanish people are against this nonsense, and what you can see on mass media is just official propaganda.

  220. Yes, in spain We have a huge problem with illegals, and here are a lot of socialist stupids, they attack the proteccionism and why not, some are happy with the situation calling everybody franquist or nazis, my country like others, needs more than ever the right choices.

  221. Yeah right, because after half the world is looting Africa, we are surprised that now they try to come here? Interesting.

  222. I find it ironic that all of these “refugees”, or all that I could see are fighting age men. these are soldiers not refugees. This is an invasion of europe I pray that Europe Wakes up before it is too late

  223. thats the cost of colony france, spain, uk they all have countries to take care of,you expect them to turn their backs after looting their countries?

  224. this won’t happen unless if they decide to erase the colonial history, which i know you can’t understand even its relationships with its colonial countries, especially coming from an american this video is bais. france colonized more than 16 african countries just to let you know i haven’t mention britian yet

  225. fuck the muslim refugees and the african refugees. let the racist black africans take care of their own. africa is big enough for the muslims too. If the muslims and the africans are not accepted by their own country… they all can be left in the middle of the ocean… sharks have to eat too!!!!

  226. I’m from America Texas to be exact. The same shit is happening here… only it’s a lot easier for them to get into our country there is only a small River “width wise” for them to cross… But for the most part they can just walk inn… Mexicans ecuadorians Hondurans Guatemalans basically all Central America THEY ARE COMING IN BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ANNUALLY… and TRUMP AND SOME… Republicans are trying to stop it BUT THEY the leftists liberal DEMOCRAT DUMASSES… are trying to stop them by DIVIDING OUR COUNTRY by calling them RACIST or fascist THANK GOD FOR TRUMP WE REALLY NEED THAT WALL… BUILT NOW…

  227. You forgot to mention the migrants are men. The reason for this is the scheme that invading men will be capable of impregnating untold numbers of native European women.

  228. Oh yes do all the videos you can please. In America we barely get any other news… Other than the Democrats bashing Trump

  229. These “rescue” boats should be sabotaged and destroyed, preferably on the high seas while carrying third world scum. The sub-human garbage should be sent to Davey Jones Locker.

  230. These boats and immigrants are being funded by Soros. Who has spent a big part of riches t to the left and cause this crisis.Europe needs to check into what Soros is doing and need to stop him

  231. Great Video Barbara4u2c.
    Israel Soros and the chosen ones are pushing for open borders while Israel becomes an apartheid state.

  232. So on point!!! 🙂 Since you said you have alot of hater subscribers maybe its good idea to teach them why illegals invading into other coutries puts those illegals in danger of no rights and no future because they cant be documented and are ruining themselves not embracing better morals, hygeine practices and abiding laws. As well those factors all show major lack of respect for fellow human beings in general and put citizins at risk in many ways making every form of stability weak… Illegals themselves and alot of the public lack education or thought into understanding the affects it has on everyone as a whole. Thank you for raising awareness on illegal invasion…These illegals have left thier country because theirs was ruined by the same morals and customs they live by and they need to be made aware of this!!! We all need to speak about this asap because unless they are open to changing thier ways thier destiny and ours is the same fate they have ran away from…thier is nothing racist, nazi or wrong about explaining those facts. These illegals intend harm and to out run citizins not live amongst them..thier intentions are to break down stability for take over by not abiding laws, not speaking langauge, and living off government to do soo…Before long we are going to end up having to take the abandon lands the illegals left and fix them because they will have ruined ours if we survive this that is… and we are facing a repeat holocost with the fate of all law abiding citizens being hurt bigtime if the world doesnt wake up…the world needs to start thinking ahead…The left call us mean by saying we dont want them coming in but they simple have no idea what they are asking for by allowing it! Dont late the haters get you for speaking out the truth!!! God Bless x3 🙂

  233. There will be a state of unrest soon. We hope that it’s not a coup. Soros and Obama visited Pres. Sanchez at the beginning of July. All the boats and ships belong to Soros. We are going through Hell in Spain. I am North American but I live here. The Corruption is enormous. Women have been attacked. They will vote for Sanchez …. Alot like Hillery wanted…false votes. If Sanchez gets in this will be a dictatorship. They want the king to go. If he goes, Spain is lost. The 5 groups of police and the Armed forces are up in arms. This is going to blow up.


    They keep deleting my comment! That’s because the N W O wants young people like you to flip their bill! They want you to give your body to the black man, and pay for his welfare, food and health costs! We just have to follow the money…the globalists money and ask no questions.

    Jeremiah 16
    16 Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.
    17 For mine eyes are upon all their ways: they are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes.
    18 And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double; because they have defiled my land, they have filled mine inheritance with the carcases of their detestable and abominable things.

    5For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
    6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
    7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
    8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.
    9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
    10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

  235. Every people living in countries within EU should seriously think of feed the trend of *exit from EU. EU is undeniably anti white-middle-class-people. And they don’t care of what kind of migrant will come in as long as it gets worst for white-middle-class-people.

  236. well, borders need to be defended. this is why border patrol officers carry guns. this is an invasion, so no offense, but, use those guns. d’ah. immigration is important, but cultural solidity and integrity are way more important, both for our culture and the immigrant’s cultures. as they need a strong host, or it gets messy.

  237. who the fuck is inviting them all?? or the thousands..just sort of thought it was a good idea at the moment?? all at once?? LMAO

  238. who ever is gathering them up and being put on boats ..are Communist Bastards Arrest them everyone of them scumbag orginizers

  239. Yes. Cover each country individually. I think some people still need it spelled out for them. Good job! 👍🏻❤️

  240. Well Done Spain, you have just screwed up the future of ur next generation, when Italy refused entry why the hell did you not realise that you will open the flood gate for the refugees coming to Spain instead FFS ? YOU HAVE SO MUCH UNEMPLOYMENT ALREADY AND YET YOU EXPECT THE TAXPAYER TO PAY FOR ACCOMMODATING AND FEEDING THESE FUTURE BEGGERS, HOPE YOU ARE PROUD OF YOURSELVES !! JUST REMEMBER YOU LET THE ECONOMIC MIGRANTS IN, YOU KEEP THEM THERE, FOOLS !!

  241. You are a very brave girl. One day I will be just like you and cover all this injustice happening in europe. You are really an inspiration. Thank you for this. Please protect Europe. Please protect your culture. Please protect your home.

  242. A video for each Balkan country please! Westerners should know the history of the balcans before calling them xenofobic. Ps. Psoe isn’t socialist but ‘socialist’

  243. Multiculturalism, ain’t it the bomb? Come on let’s hear it tax payers of the nations migrants are invading & marauding in! Gotta love those “rapeugees” !

  244. End of times for western civilization unless they stop this. These people will never assimilate into western culture. Crime will multiply at alarming rates and welfare will suck the economy dry.

  245. Europeans the burglars of the world now complaining as inocent people. Why you think Europe is Rich if you don’t have any raw material? Cause you stole the world.. Now time to pay back noobs 🖕

  246. Try studying a bit, go to the university, leave your parents house and become a nice and useful person for the society you ugly little racist piece of shit.

  247. I am from Spain. I don’t want my country full of blacks and muslims, they don’t belong in my country.

  248. Great video, I fully support you. Love from Barcelona, Spain. VOX is the political party that will save us from the invasion

  249. Who are behind this who incited this “people” savages coming to Europe, George soros is a old cunt should be on a boat and throw im to the sea

  250. Why do these cowards don’t fire with non-lethal rubber bullets?
    These n… will climb down the wall very fast with a rubber bullet in the balls.

  251. I will say another thing – and there is a truth to it.
    It is a question of Darwinism, survival of the “smartest”.
    When the Germans and Spaniards VOTE IDIOTS for politicians…
    …then they will be SWEPT AWAY BY MIGRANTS.
    Wake up, you leftist idiots!
    Population in Africa is DOUBLING in the next decades!!
    Migration is NOT A HUMAN RIGHT!
    The “Champagne Socialists” are the FIRST to emigrate if everything collapses here.

  252. They should IMPORT a school of GREAT WHITE SHARKS to the Mediterranean to help reduce number of illegals. If the GREAT WHITES are occupied, the KILLER WHALES may be available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Perhaps snacks also.

  253. I’ve been around for 60 years, and I haven’t seen any thing like this insanity.
    Great to see any millennial making sense.

  254. It seems the Spaniards are so stupid that they never learn, Jews made Spain Great but, they killed them; Black/Muslims rubbished Spain and now they are welcoming back, when you welcome mambas in your home and you are founf cold stiff in the morning…?? is your own fault. BOYCOTT visiting Spain. Please cover Each Country Individually

  255. Barbara if Spain people and government are ok with refugees, who the fuck are you to question otherwise. You are a fucken racist neonazi, answer to your question which country you should cover? You should cover your face along with your mouth. You need to get raped in Africa for your hate speech you fucken whore.

    1. Now I see, why do people like you invites a half of Africa to their country: to let them rape all those, who disagree with their right to rape, and do it in a comfort conditions! It’s so solicitous!

    2. Sean Gaw yeap, I’m a “fucken psycho”, you’re right. And I’m twisting your words. Statistics of sexual crimes, commited by refugees in Europe, on your side!

  256. Third world war is just inevitable everyone will compete for resources and this planet only have finite resource.

    A few more years with this overpopulation in this planet.
    it will be fun to see I’m right.

  257. why not instead of just giving criticism to these poor people offer them your help with open arms, you have job, nice clothing and shelter what is problem to you if you share all this, that’s it.

  258. Hi Barbaa, your videos are incredible, I never thought that I would go through such a problem in Brazil, we had the same government support for Venezuelan refugees, when they arrived here, violence began, robbery, people going to war against the Venezuelans, the Brazilians forbade them to enter Brazil.

  259. Some peaple have no love to humanity for so.this peaple have proble in there country.and for dont no doting if you want to make money is dont like this way to give fake news.the time off slavely your granfather go to Africa with no documen and take evry ting babeloon.and want you about i taly is not real becouse am in are a fake studi more about Life and humanity

  260. Dear, I hope most of us understand this logic why governments are letting these people come inside the country and provide them goodies… It’s the votebank politics.

  261. i understand both sides.i acept refugees until a certain%…
    but they have to follow the same rules as everyone else. otherwise de port them.

  262. Just a up date, the givemegrints who Spain allowed in have gone missing 😂 i wonder were😉 because Spain’s benefits system isn’t that generous.

  263. Yes, I’m spanish and we have a lot of leftists motherfuckers that are making Spain a fucking shithole. This is insane, this country it’s like the Congo…

  264. I think I’m going to become a refugee, I want more money and free clothes, hmmmm which country???? ini mini money more!

  265. European country should make a joint army and occupy africa etc then setlled these animals to work in fields. problem solved 😀😀😀😀 dont take it seriouse

  266. HOW can anyone still say these are desperate refugees?? Do they not see the truth in front of their eyes? Oh my God, this is unreal. They look like a plague of ants. I don’t understand why they’d want to be places the vast majority of people don’t want them and hate them!!!

  267. Will those refugees also get divided to different countries? Like in 2015, that every country should take them?? I‘m afraid

  268. The governments of Europe are helping the enemy they have abandoned there own people soon when there is enough of them they will attack

  269. Bravo miss. You just need some improved presentation and microphones, but great reporting nonetheless.

  270. 7:13 -7:19 YEP…right there, RIGHT there! My thoughts exactly for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING happening in Europe not just Spain.

  271. If you’re getting invaded by foreigners while the government that’s supposed to protect you is betraying you and you still don’t have hate in your heart there’s something seriously wrong with you. It’s not normal to be abused and don’t hate your abuser. The only people who do it have been seriously brainwashed the same way that people who were sexually abused when they were children are taught to normalize what happened to them

  272. Spain needs a president like Donald Trump. For 20, 30, 40 years your Governments HAVE NOT HAD ENOUGH MONEY to fund:
    the Aged, Homeless, Single Mothers, indigenes, Vets, or the Disabled
    but when hundreds of thousands of FAKE REFUGEES land on your doorstep,
    How is this so????? You have to write to your politician and ask them.

  273. TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY! No one is going to give it to you.
    When are the peoples of western countries going to stand up and say:
    muslims, black Africans and others: Get out of our country!!
    and CHANGE YOUR GOVERNMENTS to make this happen.
    We are all being conned by our governments who overlook heinous migrant crime.

  274. Just give Spain time to experience the love rapes from the refugee and other loving crimes as they increase and worse the children of spain will feel it the most.

  275. The best advice I can give you is arm your citizens! Your going to need it. Your Government can not protect you. Americans are only able to stand up to this because we are armed!

  276. Spain is now feeling what’s it’s like to be invaded by low life Muslim scumbags, Spain did the same in south America in the 1500s and destroyed the native people to claim it’s land as there own…! Karma’s is a bitch ain’t it?🦂

  277. Wow, sounds good for refugees… guess you have to say your a refugee and they’ll roll out the red carpet. What is the motive of all this governments to allow refugees into their countries just like that?

  278. GAME OVER? Will Shariah law become a reality in the UK? Our home secretary The Muslim man Sajid Javid ( second in command ) may be picked to replace our prime minister Theresa May when she goes. So a London Muslim mayor, a Muslim Prime Minister in Britain? What does that tell you? For me it means I should like to move to Poland or Hungary.

  279. As a Spaniard I’m totally disappointed by my country’s choices. I get that we want to be “nice” and all that shit, but come on, we don’t get any benefit from taking refugees. The country is already in a bad shape, and this will only make it worse. Let’s face it; not only in Spain but in all Europe immigrants do pretty much nothing for us. We give them the opportunity to have a better life, and what do we get in return? Yes, only negative things such as the increase of crime. This is not about being a white supremacists or some nazi asshole, but about protecting our countries. We don’t need uncivilized people who will just bring us more trouble, because we already have enough of that. See what’s happening in Sweden, isn’t it enough of a proof to stop all of this? Colored people would say we owe them because of our past, because we took too much away from them. They keep on coming taking about “cultural appropriation”, but what about all those things we give you? Most of the inventions we use nowadays were created by white people, and if your lives are more comfortable it’s thanks to us. Our inventions are part of our culture, you use them all anyways, and we never tell you something about it. It’s true that we committed mistakes, but it’s not like if you were suffering primary because of us; in Africa they already were tribes making slaves out of each other, being in war and all that stuff. The lesson is that colored people is just uncivilized and if they had some sense of progress, they’d try to change that, thing that they haven’t done. Instead of accepting the refugees, we should FOR REAL do SOMETHING GOOD for them and provide them the education they do need.

  280. As a Spaniard myself, I hate our Government and our Politicians in general, they are our cancer… However, I must say this socialist government is not as “Open Borders Friend” as it wants to appear in front of the media… Last time 200 immigrants entered illegally into Spain, they were immediately deported, and the 7 migrants who attacked Civil Guards were detained, so the Aquarius case was just a performance. And the Minister of Internal Affairs now said he wants to make the fence more harder to cross, so, you know, they arrforming because is the weakest Government ever in Spain, so they are trying to make everybody haapy and they are obtaining just the opposite result.

  281. My country Morocco should help Spain close the border with Algeria and in southern Morocco and impose a visa on sub-Saharan Africans because we Moroccans do not want all of Africa to come to us

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