Swedish Student Blocks Afghan’s Deportation by Refusing to Sit Down on Flight

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

513 thoughts on “Swedish Student Blocks Afghan’s Deportation by Refusing to Sit Down on Flight

  1. Another crazy Swedish feminazi idiot. Sweden is no longer European it is an Islamic state with a few White slaves to do all the real work and pay for everything.

  2. She is a hero to the muslims who want to rape her because she is a white infidel. California is a sanctuary state you can stay np.

  3. Deport the fucker, he will not like you in his county. That stupid girl must follow him home and get educated on his culture…she will be blown the fuck away. Good video👍

  4. How young? Military age and old enough to rape. Just checked out the Twitter feed to this fuck up. The student may be fined and jailed 😆🙌 and that massive waste of flesh Dianne Abbott chimed in to say well done.

  5. I hope she goes home with this undoubtedly sweet wonderful immigrant, they will probably find a few pieces of her after he shows his appreciation.

  6. They should make those protesters go live in one of Sweden’s awesome muslim no go zones. I wonder if they would change their minds after the first couple of gang rapes.

  7. Aawww, Swedish little “twit”, While your in Slovenia Babara, Maybe come over to Edinburgh, 🎉🎊🕺& your not insensitive, “Clued up” I would say

  8. Shit just get married, with that beauty who wouldn’t want to be with you, start going out in dates girly girl, i mean it must suck, and it must feel disappointing, since your going just take care out there beautiful😘, just keep us updated 👌

  9. It’s so bizarre that no one even cares about knowing who they guy is or why he was being deported or why he would be killed before labelling her a hero. We are living in strange times

  10. Europe is turning populist, we are winning its inevitable, but the longer we take to win, the further right and authoritarian we’ll go, and although I want no eurabia (which aint gonna happen for sure), I want no fascist europe either, so lads, try to debate people as much as posible and as reasonably as posible, we gotta win quickly if we want a nice, democratic europe

  11. I don’t often. Almost never. But trust me I will take down anyone who tries this on any flight I am on. You WILL NOT get your phone back. You will not be standing up right. The time for niceties is over. Criminals like this must be taking down by citizen policing. You may not but we do have the power of arrest when no law enforcement official is present it the have been incapacitated somehow.

  12. God,the Sweden Democrats can’t come soon enough! Btw? These Swedish students are by farrrrr stupid! And Awwwww don’t go Barbara. We will miss you. But I think Slovenia is saved now with tougher people leading the charge. We Will Miss You!!

  13. Wow you saw this very fast.
    Yeah this is how crazy the left is in Sweden.
    It´s hard to be a proud swede nowdays!

  14. Hej
    My apartment is worse than yours. Time to clean.
    I read about the swedish sentimental emotional feminist. Very typical

  15. I’d love to see you interview some fellow Slovenians. I would like to know their opinion on immigration. Have a safe trip.

  16. To get deported from Sweden is rare, so there is a reason. In the age of information we sure have an explosion of dumb dumbs.

  17. Let’s spend hundreds of dollars on plane tickets to support a criminal. We’re such great people. You have to love us now and forgive our whiteness.

  18. I met two girls from sweden last week and they told me how awful the situation in sweden is, that made me kind of hope that not all are gone stupid in sweden but few days later I have to read this shit on the news and I could explode!

  19. Among Czechs this Swede is considered to be an extraordinarily stupid cow. Who broke the law and should have been kicked out from the plane as every other disturber would be.

  20. I truly admire your dedication. Here you are about to go on a trip you don’t want to go on but are doing so to stay within the law and are still giving us great content.

    I eagerly await your return to the States. We need more like you.

  21. Maybe you didn’t like my comments before. I wrote many comments i thought through. I hope you enjoyed and liked some of them. I am sorry if not.
    I don’t have Twitter or Facebook. I don’t want that. How could I write to you?

  22. This situation stinks of a set up to influence public opinion. It’s perfect psychology, and it will work on all the idiots out there who live in rainbow land.

  23. 1) Those girls on the plane should pay, as in fines and so on so the tax payers don’t have to.
    2) Junker and the rest of the f*ckers in EU decision making will have to pay for their crimes and lunacy one day.
    3) You haven’t said if you are continuing uploading while you are back in Slovenia, please clarify & good luck on a happy return.
    4) You look beautiful in that dress.

  24. Before you leave please make sure you send me that pair of panties that I paid for. Thanks Barbara.

  25. Thick as shit naive millennials who bang on about ‘rights,’ without accepting any responsibility. Shitters the lot of them.

  26. “FIT!… Fit… Fit… Fit…..Wait a minute?…. Back to Slovenia with cha”…..Seriously, you have 150k subs… don’t ya think there is one good dude in that group who would help?….#KEEPBARBINDAUSA

  27. I hope the activist and her friends who joined in with the virtue signalling get charged with air piracy, kidnap or at least not following the pilot and cabin crew instructions, and then gets billed for any penalties the airline incurred by being late in take off and landing. Having them all spend summer in somewhere like Rinkeby (no body guards) may help convince her that compared to Sweden, Turkey is not so dangerous.

  28. Hero my ass. These so called do goodrs make sick…..what about all the people on this flight! She should be jailed!

  29. And why didnt the other passengers not just get up and throw the dumb bitch off the plane,ooh i would have enjoyed throwing her off by the scruff of the neck,dumb bitch

  30. She bought plane tickets just for helping a random guy ? That sounds like a rich brat !
    Also what’s up with all that comments of pathetic loosers who want to marry you ? Yes you are funny and nice looking but what matters is what you say and do for western culture.
    Respect to you from France !

  31. Sweden accepted more than 100 000 young male invaders in 2015 alone. Now imagine what happens to 13 year old white girls.

  32. Hoping you will still be making videos in Slovenia! I’m sure things will work out and you’ll be able to return to the US! Worst case scenario, you could always comes here to Canada….

  33. Also why was she and her buddy not dragged off the plane? And if she paid for her ticket was it just one way? If so, they could’ve just left her there.👍

  34. Eastern European scum like you who have been made stupid by years of communism for so long don’t even understand what humanity means and instead of seeing people as individuals, you morons love to generalise on weak and the powerless, next time when communism comes for you please stay in your country and fight unlike the past where your kind emigrated all over the globe.

  35. I can’t stress this enough: Can these women not get a grip on reality —- Please. For all the money in the world and all the virtue signaling; it’s not worth having people around you who want to rape and kill your friend’s. Oh that’s right, they don’t have any friend’s because they judged them for their non-cooperation on STUPIDITY. They don’t care about their own people. Stupidity at its highest rank. 😮😮😮😮

  36. Sucks seeing you have to pack shit up… it’s the right move though. Hopefully you’ll be back over here soon.

  37. I saw on TV that 3 of Afghan immigrants asked authorities to be deported (free plane ticket etc) because,i quote:”Its too cold in Sweden”.They was offered a job there,but they decided to go back.

  38. Put additional agents who will cuff demonstarnts at sight, and send them to jail for disrupting them doing their job.

  39. Jesus Christ what a jackass, mind blowingly stupid. I’m glad we have people like you to show that smart people still exist. As always you’re the best! Lot’s of love!

  40. Reality is the inconvenient truth.

    People actually called me radicalized for not caring that much about drowning Africans and more about my immediate family.

  41. That Swedish student is another reason why I’m glad I decided to get a divorce and a vasectomy lol. If I had a kid like that I’d probably disown them…I gotta give props to parents out there who’re raising their kids to not be like that chick. Also props to the kids who went the other instead of joining the crazy Swede’s SJW mental ward.

  42. I consider myself a refugee from Sweden. I saw the wave of migrants coming in first hand back in the autumn of 2015. Come spring 2016 I left. It’s impossible to live there now among way too many psychopathic do-gooders. Sweden is lost, no election is going to help you anymore. Nevertheless vote against the alliance and keep them responsible, Reinsfelt, Lövfen, Romson, Wallström, Fredolin, Bätra, Salon, the lot, all of them in jail for a very long time!

  43. I don’t know if it helps, but they’ve actually started a preliminary investigation of her actions. She has probably violated the aviation regulations.

  44. Welcome back to Europe . We need women like you here ! Ready to stand up and not putting down men for doing it. I fully support your views!

  45. Where is the heroism in an act of ‘civil disobedience’, when the government does not consider it disobedience? How can her action be considered brave, when she could be confident that she would not be sent to prison, or otherwise be punished by the authorities? Let her show everyone how well she would do, if she tried to hold up an Afghan Airlines flight, filled with Afghan men, to protest the treatment of women in that country. It would only be a matter of minutes before she was beaten or raped. On the other hand, if a patriotic group of women had tried to stop a flight that was deporting for example, Jayda Fransen, Paul Golding, or Tommy Robinson, such woman would be forcefully arrested and imprisoned for months.

  46. Why nobody punched that bitch in the face on a plane? I would have beaten her to a pulp and smashed that fucking camera to pieces if I’d been on that plane!
    Couldn’t give a shit if plans for my journey would’ve changed, when it’s time to act, it’s time to act and not just sit down with the shit in your pants!


  48. +Barbara4u2c, some of the comments in this video’s comment thread are classics… for being so real and so the truth. For having read them I almost want, at my current age of 62, to keep on living. Unfortunately, as I came to understand while much younger in years lived, that most people will still be stupid fuks for it is way easier to be that way than actively intelligent.

  49. I’m a single guy. “Background mess” is not an issue… though for the uses of a garbage bag (for I being so insanely frugal) that paper grocery bag I will purchase from you for a dime or two… lol

  50. This all started with the female vote. First they vote for socialism to get free shit, then the immigrants come to grab some of that free shit and then the women’s Fee Feees make them vote for the immigration and there we go. This is why every nation that has given women the right to vote is going to shit. The right to vote should be contained to those who serve the land. Those who pay more taxes than they get back and those who join the military. That way retards won’t be able to vote for free shit and crash the nation.

  51. +Barbara4u2c, have you ever noticed how so few people comment on a video after the initial time-frame of the posting. It is not your fault but the fault of those who have allowed themselves to be conditioned by mainstream media… is it still called broadcasting propaganda?

  52. Elin Ersson created a Facebook-page in her name, labeling herself a motivational speaker, within days of her actions at Landvetter Airport. Elin Ersson does not care about Afghan refugees nor Swedish society. She cares about her own publicity.

  53. A bullet would be much cheaper – and more elegant. We really have to treat these muslim criminals like the rabid animals they are; put them down. …and this braindead swedish little cunt too. Who does pay for the private jets they use to deport this human toxic waste?!?!
    But obviously TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH for countries like swedistan…

  54. Is Shero a shit hero? Anyway you’d be glad to know when I opened this it started with an ad telling young people to stand up for refugees. Not a coincidence I’m sure…

    1. oscar g
      a swedish woman ..nah ..as long done by a non white ,or even better a black dude she would not have problems with it

    2. oscar g
      you can’t rape wiling
      as long the men are muslim or black ,well the stereotype they have about swedish women is correct

  55. The lives the immigration policies are destroying…are the lives of the citizens whose communities are being over-ran by MUSLIMS.

  56. “We rent a private plane…” a bullet is waaaay less expensive, AND, you won’t have to worry about them showing back up again!

  57. The whole thing was pure acting. The woman is a trained actress and had been selected for this role because she can even produce tears on cue.
    But all that aside. What did not appear to be clear to anyone here is that the cabin crew including the captain has totally failed. I assume that these people were privy to the whole show.
    It seems they have participated in this game knowingly.
    There is absolutely no reason why you can resist the instructions of a crew of an airplane.
    She says she would save a human life and therefore breaks no law.
    NOT CORRECT! Had this stupid nut tried that in the US, she would have landed in jail immediately. What she did is “Air Piracy” and a serious crime.
    The real action here was to prevent an aircraft from taking off and thus set a precedent. Do you understand what that means? It was about creating a new weapon. This single case has no other meaning. It is important to understand that!
    For me, the whole action was a totally organized and professional staging. The crying woman (like a dead baby on the beach) plucking at the heart strings was the lead actress.
    The passengers in the background who are shouting their support are for me supporting actors. I think that several passengers were involved. This was a group effort.
    But as I said, the crew is also very suspect. Nowadays you are arrested if you are just too drunk and angry on a plane.
    In addition, it was probably a Turkish machine and that is also very suspect.
    As I said, what has transpired here has too many inconsistencies. Eyes open, people!

  58. Of course you’re not wrong. The west has gone crazy and if it can’t find it’s way back, it is doomed.

  59. Well, but that´s the extreme Left: they neither accept the law, court´s or voter´s decisions. They think they´re above everything.

  60. The Swedish woman is a perfect example of how stupid one can become with enough Jewish media brainwashing.

  61. Aaaaaaaand the guy gets deported anyway because she can’t be buying tickets for every flight he could be taking.

  62. I am pro-immigration. But it must be legal, controlled, and beneficial to the society accepting the immigrants. I also believe that there are people in the United States illegally who have been productive and should be offered a path to citizenship. The only way we can help these people is to build the damn border fence.

    1. If a farmer had a problem with rabbits eating his garden he would not chase the rabbits. The farmer would build a fence and then he would chase the rabbits.

  63. Barbara.. you can’t believe how ignorant generation live in our small country.. They have their arms wide open for all of those who are illegally coming.. and when I confront them with facts they mark me as racist. Keep up girl

  64. A law abiding immigrant? We need more of you people everywhere.
    They should deport that girl with the man

  65. No Barb, you’re not crazy, insensitive or dead inside. You have a very rare condition we call being “Rational”. Living in california i’m sure there is a blue pill pharmacy not 20 ft from any given location that could remedy this for you. Please come back soon! : )

  66. As a reward for her courageous action 😊 she gets to take the Afghan home.

    And she can bleeping well *pay* for all he needs herself.

  67. East European racists, where no migrants go yet have full hate of immigrants . Filthy communist girl. Stay Slovenia we don’t need You in Western Europe

  68. I’m wondering why none of the passengers didn’t yell at her or push her off the plane. If the police won’t do it , we must do it

  69. Barbara please check out “Orbán Viktor speech at Tusványos” get it translated,you will be delighted!

  70. Two words stand out “SOCIAL STUDENT” , the social student uses techno so people can create their own groups, in community based activity. Now let me think … what does that remind me of … oh it sounds like immigration based around non integration. Socialism preaches that you do not innovate or think, just go along with us or else. Its pathetic how these shitheads preached anti capitalism and non innovation but cite the economic merrits of immigration which is based around profit. Lol You can’t catch two frogs with one hand .

  71. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame, using her white female privilege (and in Sweden that’s very high). Perhaps she should become a volunteer at an immigrants’ hostel. She might survive a week before nature (rape and or murder) takes its course.

  72. As far as this Elin goes, i belie that term “shit for brains” was invented specifically for people like her.
    I dont really understand how exactly she managed to stop deportation, as such plains usually have law enforcement officials on them and they should just have deplaned that dumass and her minions. Unless it was planned to do so on official level, and her presence were merely an excuse to prevent deportation.
    And if she is so in love with those rapefugees, then they should have deported her with that guy.

  73. That mischievous girl will understand it over time. Maybe the twenty afghan immigrants, somewhere outside the public but against her will, repeatedly “thank” this naive girl.

  74. The question is, did someone from Soros’ non-profit foundation thank this girl? That she met what she was “recommended” to do? What do you think?

  75. no need to even put energy on this people that have clearly something wrong in the head. Good thing that i noticed is that Sweden have finally started to deport some of them.

  76. So they saved some random guy knowing nothing about him… God damn what imbeciles. She and her friends were preventing the plane taking off, THEY are the ones who should have been removed. That is policy with any airline.

  77. This Swedish Bitch is THEE DEFINITION of the self loathing white guilt Mudshark whore. I Guarantee she fucks every Refugee she can while at the same time Goes around Calling every White person who disagreed with her RACIST, NAZI, ISLAMAPHOBE etc etc. I Hope a Muslim Rape gang drags her Ass into the Woods and Rapes and beats her to Death. WOMEN LIKE HER ARE THE REASON EUROPE IS BEING GEMOCIDED!!

  78. I am Swedish, and this infuriates me. Those activists should be arrested, and have to pay at least ten times the cost of renting the private plane, hiring the pilot for the private plane, the extra police work and whatever costs they have caused. Since more air travel is bad for the environment, the activists should also have to pay a substantional sum to research about alternative fuels and energy sources.

  79. We will miss you, thank you for respecting our laws and look forward to you being a citizen. And any other nationalities who values law. I am not looking at you sharia.

  80. Horrible liberal snowflake! Deported for a reason and this snowflake obstructed justice ! Horrible liberal wankers!

  81. So this Feminist activist stopped a plane that was sending an Afghan Serial rapist murderer jihadist on free welfare back to his homeland, where a weeks welfare in Sweden is about 1 years wage if you happen to have a job in Afghanistan unless you grow poppies, that was sent by the Feminist Inter-sectional She-Ra Swedish liberal open border, open arms, open legs Government.
    Do they not see their own irony here!!! They’re fighting each other now. Allah Akbar!!

  82. You are an amazing woman. The difference between a legal and illegal immigrant is amazing and present here.

  83. I am not sure but i think he was deported for assault but dont take My Word trust i am swedish and it is pretty bad here

  84. I don’t get why people can be this stupid. First off spending atleast 300 euro, the lowest and recent price I found, on a plane ticket to prevent deportation of a illegale immigrant, who didn’t even show up. Secondly they found a different one, who was put on the plane for deportation, because he had, so far known, assaulted people.
    That moment when you realize the government is just a bunch of managers who do their best to get a job within the EU while the citizens are being killed, raped and assaulted, because of multiculturalism.

  85. She should’ve offered to back to Afghanistan with him. I’m sure he’d be glad to add a sixth wife to his roster.

  86. Im from Sweden, the noisy leftwing scum praise her, but the ordinary people think she is a fuckig piece of shit!

  87. You are such a douche. Get out of the country you immigrant. Go back to the shit hole you come from. Your own people are the ones that are sending eastern European women into the sex slave trade. But you don’t care about your own people. Unless you get to bash people that look different than you. You’re ugly so you have no problem about being kidnapped and put into the sex trade.

  88. The solution is simple, you want a car you buy it, you want a house you buy it, are you following libtards? You want illegals you pay, you can have as many as you can afford, just pay for it yourself like everything else in society. They commit a crime you get the bill. Get the government out of immigration and make it 100% private!!! 99% of libtards won’t pay for them, and the 1% will run out of money and when they do, then immigrant goes back.

  89. I know women who have been raped and none of them enjoyed it that’s zero percent and I’m talking about a couple of dozen women

  90. Weird how the guardian is trying to make it seem as if this was a protest against the “far-right”. It’s the Bernie Sanders style, Social democrats, that currently have the power in Sweden. They’re the ones who implemented these policies.

    The thing that people always get wrong about Sweden is that they think that the immigration issue is a matter of left vs right. It is not. Back when the right-wing had the power they were pushing for open borders as well, and telling all the Swedes to “Open their hearts”. In Sweden, both the right and the left used to be pro open borders and high immigration. Today, both the right and the left is against open borders and high immigration. The exception is only the small parties on both the right and the left who still support mass immigration. In other words, this is not a matter of right VS left and the guardian is biased.

  91. That is a joke
    Why they don’t drop her off?
    Just kick her ass out of the plane. She should pay a huge ticket for this.
    btw. Barbara is sweet

  92. “Oh poor me, why am I called far right just because I hate immigrants, especially those from Middle Eastern countries, and make YouTube videos to whine about my rich country possibly giving shelter to people in dire need?” Cry me a river. “I’m totally not racist! Those people are rapists and murderers!” Yeah, sure.

    Why the hell is YouTube sending me recommendations for videos like this?

  93. Brainwashed White girl indirectly causing the destruction of her own people and culture. That’s what Leftist propaganda does.

  94. You are not crazy, you are just harassed by society and its conformists lies.
    When society lies to to you and you can clearly see the lies are killing everyone,
    then even smart people are emotionally tortured
    and feel the need to validate themselves.

  95. SHAME ON HER. They should have arrested her immediately. Women like her are partly responsible for the destruction of Europe and the RAPE AND EVEN MURDER of many many many girls/boys and women. Shame on the airline crew! Disgusting!!!

  96. She had a ticket, they should have strapped her in, and kicked her off when the plane landed…handcuffed to the 50 year old Afghan.

  97. I don’t even get mad that people do things like this because I know this will only ensure the right will continue take over. The push back will come on election day.

  98. why didn’t the airline just boot her and her friends off of the airplane?……wait!…hold your peepee!! lol 🙂

  99. “To hell”? Not hardly. I lived in Afghanistan for six months, where I surprisingly could have done it standing on my head… and that was twelve years ago. I think referring to it as such shows just how out of touch and completely lacking in anything remotely considered “Life experience” these “activists” actually are.

  100. It was planned by his parents but he wasn’t on the plane. He was interviewed and asked if he integrated well with Sweden. He stated that he has psychological problems and stayed inside and didn’t learn the host country’s language. Is this the kind of immigrant you want in your country? Didn’t he live in Sweden 20 yrs? Hell, I was forced to learn the alphabet so hard by my parents I was crying, because I was starting school in a week. You have to integrate and embrace the country you want to live in, not just become a separate society within a society.

  101. Kill him n his family then kill every one in His village..kill their cattle n dogs .. Burn down their trees n destroy their farms..they will shiver at the very thought of migrating to europe..castrate them before killing em.. They are not gonna like dat with the promised 72 Virgins allah promised them.. Fight leftwing with fire..

  102. Can they deport the Swedish girl? Two birds with one stone. I am sure she would fit in well, in Turkey or Afghanistan.

  103. This guy was a rapist lol Maybe she wanted to get raped??? According to muslim laws men have sexual rights to a woman who is not covered up…..The rape culture is huge among muslims. Women are portrayed as inferior and should get their clitoris cut off. Does she want that in Europe? Muslims don’t want to get assimilated to Europe….They want to conquer it. Send this girl to a no go zone in Europe….I’m sure she’ll be very welcomed. Europeans have become the stupidest people on earth…..They’re no longer smart.

  104. I will be emigrating to the Croat island of Cres. On the way I will briefly invade Slovenian territory entering via Trieste. Any advice. My Croat is limited to zdravo, dober dan, kava and pivo.
    Good to hear you people standing up for your sovereignty.

  105. And we love you too, as well as your accent, and the fact that you’re a relatively cute woman with that beautiful accent. Honestly, I can’t tell how cute you are or aren’t. That accent, it just gets me. I can’t tell if I think you’re attractive because of your physical appearance and face and hair or because of your accent with your physical appearance, face, and hair. Like, once I got used to the accent, like if I were Slovenian, would I still think you were cute? I don’t know. If I ever meet a Slovenian woman that I get along with and get romantic with, I don’t how long I will have to date her. I will be constantly wondering if I like her for her or for her accent. I never really cared for accents all that much, but watching you, I am seeing that Slovenian accents are really beautiful. Certainly, when I have heard accents from other women, pretty ones, I thought to myself, yeah, the accent is cute, and it even contributes to her overall cuteness, but it’s not significant.

    But from the day I started watching your videos, hearing your accent, I now understand why other men find accents so attractive. Something about the Slovenian accent is just so beautiful. I’m not Slovenian or Eastern European at all, so it’s not in my genes. I don’t know why, but I have to say, Slovenian accents are the most beautiful accents I’ve heard thus far in my lifetime. You have demonstrated that because your accent is the only Slovenian accent I’ve heard on a regular basis. Certainly, there is Melania Trump, but I don’t listen to her enough. I have barely heard her speak on a few things during a news video. But you, I watch your videos, so I hear your accent when I watch them, and I have to say, it’s so incredibly beautiful. I almost want to tell you never to practice your English.

  106. White privilige jibberish, they would never dare to throw a black woman off the plane, they would be called racist. Being called racist is worse than death for most Swedish brainwashed cucks.

  107. Awesome positive and beautiful, thank for that. I as a illegal immigrant love your vids. Hope I get deported soon.

  108. Thank you for your Video. This action shows, how it works in Europe. Truly sad. The people see, what is going on in Sweden. I hope it is not to late, that we can stop this development in other European countries. As we can see, more and more people wake up. We also have this problem in Germany, specially the left parties and NGO’s, break law and order day for day. It is horrible.

  109. Oh gosh barb I’m sorry to here that. however it is what it is. I’m going pray for you everyday. I hope to see you again state side kid. God bless you

  110. So, did this girl know the refugee? Or did she just push herself into the situation? Was the refugee being deported because they have a history of criminal behaviour? Did they rape some one? If any of this true, then this woman did no one any favours. But then again, Sweden women have gotten a reputation of being brain dead, man hating morons. So her actions should be no surprise to anyone.

  111. I have a question? I have seen the video and I’m just wondering why a noncompliant passenger on an international flight with a cell phone (potential detonator) was not taken out by the Air Marshal. I’m even more surprised that the people knowing there’s children on board didn’t rush the perpetrator to neutralise her.
    Didn’t we learn anything from 911???

  112. We are proud to have such a patriotic slovenian sister. Welcome back and do more good with your channel.

  113. Imagine either of these naïve poor dumb pampered privileged white females walking around in any Muslim country dressed as they are they would be raped senselessly and would eventually be found dead , it is because of poor simpletons like this the whole of Europe is being overrun with murderous raping scum of the earth and no white woman will be able to walk the streets on their own just like the way it is in all Islamic countries now .

  114. Could you imagine a female showing her tits in an Islamic country like this dumb bitch , she wouldn’t last a minute but would be gangbanged in no time .

  115. we european will be the cause of our own distruction, Her heart is in the right place her mind not. U dont rule a country with ur heart because u end up doing stupid things.

  116. Typical stupid white western woman… Swedish women do not deserve protection from men. They should be given to the muslims

  117. Fuck you mother fucker, you must be killed right now. you mother fucker fuel the terrorist in the world. You invaded my country and start the conflict in Afghanistan.
    You pussy mother fucker must leave Afghanistan immideatly

  118. If it were a drunk he would be dragged off.The authorities are party to double standards at least and cravenness at best

  119. I’m, for a change, sorry for that girl. Her biology says that she should have a child to care for, not a random strangers that current year marxism is intetested in. She was cheated out of a happy life

  120. Elin Ersson was at the airport with 25 other protesters as well as the family of a young Afghan man Ismail Khawari (26years old) – Ismail Khawari had been denied asylum in Sweden 3 times and then tried again in Germany before returning to Sweden where he was arrested -. Elin’s ticket was paid for via donations by campaigners, friends and the family of the Ismail Khawari , she got on the plane and started protesting, screaming and crying thinking he was on the plane as he was her objective. Ismail Khawari was not on the plane but in fact in Stockholm and was being deported there, on the plane was a 52 year old Afghan man who was being deported as he had received a prison sentence in Sweden for abuse, so all she did was defend a convicted abuser – even through she did not know it. Interesting fact, in Sweden there’s 1 asylum application for every 25 Swedish citizens. There has to be deportations if their applications has not been successful.

  121. In the US someone would stabbed her with a click pen within seconds of this nonsense. We don’t take a hijacking lightly.

  122. I can not believe that Swedish girls pathetic unpatriotic stupid actions!! Ultimate attention seeking crap!!! Sweden, the bloody rape capital of Europe!!! And then the idiot gets said attention!!wtf?! Im not even gonna go into what the Afghanistan man did, I dread to think. I can not get over how dumb some people are. I am sooooo fucking pissed off!!!!
    You are so right in your anger and confusion over it, and thanks once again for letting us know chick. Lots of luv from England!!!
    Good luck with visa x

    1. The man the tearful little girl wanted to save had served a two year prison sentence for assault. After she stopped his deportation will she be responsible for any further assaults he might commit in Sweden?

    2. Frank Clough yes she should be, and whatever little cronies she had with her. Perhaps she should answer to those this man assaulted. Juvenile twats!

  123. The problem with anyone that use Twitter as a means of communication and also a means of informing themselves of issues (the social media addicted) is that they’re pretty much the young and dumb of this world. I’m sorry to have to say that because I don’t take any pleasure in calling our young people stupid, unfortunately that’s what many of them are. A white, I assume Christian, female student with zero life experience protests aboard a flight to prevent the deportation of a Muslim criminal by effectively giving Swedish law the middle finger, is allowed to do this on a plane carrying passengers is kinda worrying for more reasons than just her ease of being able to do this. On any other plane you’d be taken to the ground, handcuffed and dragged back to the terminal only to be arrested. Obviously not in Sweden and not if you want to stop the deportation of a Muslim criminal.

  124. killing solves a lot of problems and it’s much faster. Instate martial law, kill the commies, deport the illegals, build the wall. It”s just that simple. There is no argument here because they are going against federal law. By intentionally allowing illegals into the country through their border and sheltering them from ICE they are committing treason. Treason is punishable by death.

  125. Anyone who doesnt share the SJW hivemind is automatically far right..apparently theres no shades of grey here ..you accept all their nonsense , assume your self proclaimed moral high ground ..if you dont you’re not only alt right , you’re racist , misogynist, homophobic. And if you’re white male you are automatically entitled and the root of all the worlds problems . The very definition of racial intolerance ..but you never hear the term alt left do you? So am I to assume they brought the Afghani home with them? Feed him , clothe him and pander to his views that may not align with western law?

  126. They’re doing a good job real people report crimes. criminals cover Them up .God will bless you for your honesty stay strong

  127. Sorry for “spamming”, but today, Finland´s Green Party member tried the same. I quote my own comment here:

    Just today, Finland´s Green Party´s “Lainsäädäntösihteeri” (I have no idea what that actually does, direct translation would be “lawmaking secretary”) Aino Pennanen tried the same as Elin Ersson (THE swedish snowflake), no doubt inspired by her. Slightly different results though, Finnair plane captain asked the police to remove her from the flight, and that also happened. This will likely break news elsewhere as well, also in other languages than Finnish. I´m interested to see what consequences this idiot is going to get… For everyone fluent in Finnish: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/201807312201106772_u0.shtml?utm_campaign=uutisboksi_201511

  128. There has to be a good reason why they were being deported. The naivety of this young woman staggers belief! Half of Malmo is a no-go area in darkness. People’s cars being torched, the rapes, the country descending into anarchy. It was reported in May/June 2018, that an Afghan was arrested for sexually assaulting a Swedish 16yr. old female on a bus. He had his documents, which were impeccable, & it was only when the result of his fingerprints came back they found out the truth. He was actually a Syrian who had recently completed about 5years in a Swedish Prison for sex offences against 13year old girls. Hopefully this girl will do time for this. Ought to ship them out by military transport planes. The Criminal Databases in Europe are going to be full of Muslims’ details. Many years ago, in London, England, An unemployed Somalian was arrested for theft. It was only when they searched his accommodation, they found he had 9 genuine British Passports with his photograph in each one & different names. With this shower you don’t know who you are dealing with.

  129. Some myopic Swedish schoolgirl throws a tantrum and an entire country falls in step behind her?! Why not deport HER as well? Now I KNOW that this is not the planet I grew up on. Someone please show me the quickest way to the portal that will send me back to my own sensible parallel dimension..!

  130. They hate our secular society, food, equal rights, how we dress, our laws, our secular based moral standards, every religion that is not theirs, science, governments. In short; they hate the west. Yet here they are.
    For decades, “organisations” sent ~$4000 billion to third world countries, to feed the “starving children”, to bring stability, prosperity and build hospitals, roads, and so on. One would expect to see a blooming industry there, a decent infrastructure, homes, schools, a stable society, agriculture, running water and universities by now.
    Help is sent there. One would expect to see people being self-sufficient by now.
    Look at those ads on TV from humanitarian organizations, begging for money. Look carefuly at those crappy sheds with rusted beds in them. They’re supposed to be hospitals. After all that money and help, they still have no first class hospital by now?
    Look at those starving people. Starvation and poverty after decades of money and help?
    One third of the “refugees” finished primary school, the other 2/3 have had an even less or no education at all. Don’t they have schools by now… after decades of money and help?
    The money clearly isn’t going where it’s supposed to be. It’s feeding corruption and people still donate to these “charities”.
    And we still have to debate about it??
    We owe them as much as we’ve received gratitude; nothing!

  131. She gave a great public performance.
    To bad she hasn’t sacrificed any of her money or her couch to actually help the illegal immigrants.

  132. The Bell *_never_* works. It’s YouTube effectively just putting a bandaid on a gushing wound. Plus I get the feeling that they intentionally make it not work.

  133. I just read an article about him being an Violent Criminal. (She is probably going to now let him cause another Crime by her stupidity).
    What is wrong with these Activists? Europe is not going to be Europe anymore.
    That girl & her friend are Not Hero’s.

    Thank you for this video.

    I think ALL of these people need to be deported. Their Culture doesn’t mix with the Western Cultures.

    Keep getting the word out. Many don’t know or they are Brainwashed by other Anti-White Racist Self-Hating Liberal Sheep!

  134. You do know the man being deported went to Jail for assult ? He will still be deported after he serves his sentence. She is misinformed, you are right

  135. This ignorant twat needs to be charged for preventing the deportation of a criminal and she should be held responsible for all costs her stupid stunt cost the Airline ! The guy had received a prison sentence in Sweden for assault,his asylum application was also rejected and he will be deported .

  136. A Swedish girl you said went on a plane to stop a migraine from getting deported in Sweden. You’re not brainwashed they brainwash in Sweden they don’t know they don’t know what’s wrong and what’s what’s right. We have laws here that it’s illegal for migrants to live in a country that they was not born in and it’s not a citizen in. They keep on bringing in these migrants their country is going to go bankrupt. That’s my thought on this I hope Western Europe gets this in their ideology because I don’t know what’s going on in their brain over there and what they thinking of taking in these millions of migrants and they know that they’re going to have a messed up economy and if they don’t straighten up they probably going to go bankrupt soon. Hope you get this message and thank you for reading.

  137. This is extremely problematic situation. If I knew for SURE, that the Afghani man is going to get killed after arriving in Afghanistan, because of PERSONAL persecution, I would also stand up and try to prevent such thing happening. Then I’d consider the girl’s action right. This is called humanity and empathy.

    However, we rarely, if ever, know this for certain. Sure, the man could get killed in a random bomb attack in Kabul or Kandahar etc, but that happens also in Europe nowadays. Over 100 people died in an unpredicted random attack in Nice, when a truck plowed over them. This “randomness” can happen anywhere.

    Personal persecution is a different story. If we know, that he gets immediately murdered in Afghanistan, because of his faith, political views, sexual orientation, opinion, critcism towards the Afghani government etc, then we have to prevent the deportation. Often we don’t send them back, if there are any signs this could happen.

    Often we (European countries) believe everything, what these refugees and “refugees” say. And we know, that many of these people lie, that they are gay, Christian, etc just to avoid the deportation. And it is basically impossible to claim, that someone is NOT an apostate or gay for instance, if he just says so. We do know, that an apostate or gay dude can face a death sentence in his (islamic) homeland.

    This Afghani man probably got his case examined very carefully and had the chance to appeal the original sentence many times, and eventually got the final decision to be deported. We don’t deport anybody easily.

    When we deport thousands upon thousands of people to islamic and/or conflict countries, the chances grow, that at some point European immigration officials DO make a mistake, and deport someone wrongfully, and some Afghani guy really gets killed after arriving to his homeland. This shouldn’t happen ever, but how could we know, if someone is persecuted and looked for in his homeland and who is lying to us just to get a better life in Europe? In civilized European democracy, everyone should be innocent until proven guilty after all. I know, many takes advantage of us because we are so warm and also gullible. Difficult situation.

    I can easily understand the European citizens’ hardened attitudes and even the lack of sympathy for this Afghani guy, because so many of his fellow countrymen have raped and murdered people – even little children – here in Europe. Ofc THIS Afghani shouldn’t be blamed for the acts of his countrymen, but I can see, where many European come from with their opinions.

    If the Afghani deportee was charged for an abuse, it is still not a reason to give him death sentence. Deporting is ok, if he’ll be alright in Afganistan and nothing has came up, that indicates him being killed. Best solution (and still somewhat civilized/humane) would be locking him in prison for a good amount of time. Or deportation to Siberia, far from other people. So that he can’t hurt anyone else. Violent dude can’t be roaming freely amongst us. But yet, we shouldn’t kill him on the other hand. This is justice and democracy. Europe today was founded on these humane values.

  138. Im a shamed to be swedish when i see this!!! Just another naiv swedish student that don’t know shit!! Im searching the web and youtube after her stand 4 the raped swedish girls by afghans?????? didn’t think so!!! idiot!!!

  139. It was a little bit difficult to dislike the video… because generally I do not support the actions of the girl, taking all passengers as a hostages on the plane to drive some agenda and to stop lawful deportation without even getting into details why the person is being deported. But that is where my sympathy for ideas ends…

    The author seems to suggest that we Europeans have superior rights over anyone else to inhabit the continent or to inhabit certain nation state with arbitrary borders i.e. “people invading our countries”. That seems to suggest that if you born in Slovenia to slovenian parents or in US for american parents, then somehow you are more human, you above other born in other parts of the world and somehow you feel entitled to have a right to decide who can travel were and who can stay in “your country”.

    If we look to how our social system as it is today came to be… it is all never ending migration, most of the people originated in Africa anyway, specifically US should not even qualify as a nation state as it is literally just bunch of European migrants who have in this case literally occupied (by force) north america and nearly eradicated native population. As such it is hypocrisy for us to even talk about emigration laws.

    The law should bet that anyone can travel anywhere on the planet without any visas or other shenanigans with merely showing passport and stay anywhere they want as long as they want. Nation states are relatively recent, arbitrary and completely synthetic creation… some forms of statehood and citizenship existed for few thousands years, from 100s of thousands years of human history, but even then only in last couple of hundreds we started creating “emigration laws”. Most of existing laws fundamentally dates to 18th century and are based on principle that people in developing world are inferior therefore we can prevent them from travelling… so it is same to this day.

    I don’t see it his way, I see human kind being equal and inhabiting whole planet. There has to be some control who goes where e.g. you have to have your identification documents and declare their purpose of travel and how long they want to stay, what they planning to do… but that is all, just for purpose to prevent criminals and terrorists escaping justice. I appreciate there might be some practical requirements e.g. knowing local or at least one of major languages, limitations to social protection without contribution and similar. The deportation in my opinion can only be necessary if the person has committed the crime elsewhere and is required/summoned for legal proceeding, or is guilty of the crime and has pending sentence/jail. You cannot tell people to go back simply because they were born elsewhere… that is not reasonable grounds. Maybe then and all americans should come back to Europe and all jewish should leave Israel and eventually we all should go back to Africa?

    What current system does it just increases inequality, your wealth depends on you luck where you born and within nation states not much changes… over time certain countries with poor governance becomes shitholes and people are locked there. I see no reason why one could not travel to better-off country and start life there. Eventually that leads into ruined regions like middle east, south asia and africa, where due to inequality and instability people starts wars, we start wars… and all turns into massive bloodshed and then we have refugee crisis. If we would not have had the borders in the first place, then we would not have inequality and we would not have as many wars and as many refugees. Enforcing borders and nation-states are inherently flawed and does not serve any purpose, but protects interest of certain self elected group of people who feels entitled to claim certain territory.

  140. It is hilarious the SJWs want to stop a refugee that would rape or kill them giving the chance. Where now are all the women refugees/ all you see are males. The absurdity is Unbelievable.

  141. Antar att du kan svenska, 52-åringen var dömd för misshandel, svår misshandel eftersom han fick 2 år och utvisning. Han hade avtjänat sitt straff och skulle utvisas och han är nu utvisad… Den andre afghanen som skulle “räddas” hade sökt asyl i Sverige tre gånger och befanns inte ha giltiga asylskäl. Han har också sökt asyl i Tyskland me samma resultat. Han är också utvisad nu, bägge männen är nu i Afghanistan och lever. Troligtvis är dom redan på väg tillbaka till Sverige igen…

  142. “Arabs in the Caucasus (historical)” “Assyrians” “Caucasus Jews of two sub-ethnic groups Mountain Jews and Georgian Jews” “largest people of Caucasian origin, in diaspora in more than 40 countries (such as Jordan, Turkey, the countries of Europe, Syria, United States) are the Circassians with about 3,000,000-4,000,000 speakers. Georgians are the only Caucasian people who have their own undisputedly independent state—Georgia. Abkhazia’s status is disputed. Other Caucasian peoples have republics within the Russian Federation: Adyghe (Adygea), Cherkess (Karachay–Cherkessia), Kabardins (Kabardino-Balkaria), Ingush (Ingushetia), Chechens (Chechnya), while other Northeast Caucasian peoples mostly live in Dagestan.”

    Citation: “ECMI – European Centre For Minority Issues Georgia”. Ecmicaucasus. org. Retrieved 11 January 2018. “Caucasian peoples”. Britannica. com. Retrieved 11 January 2018. “The Yezidi Kurds and Assyrians of Georgia : The Problem of Diasporas and Integration into Contemporary Society” (PDF). Aina. org. Retrieved 11 January 2018. TaBasaran. com is for sale (Ta Basaran)”. Tabasaran. com. Archived from the original on 16 December 2008. Retrieved 11 January 2018. Stephen Adolphe Wurm et al. Atlas of languages of intercultural communication. Walter de Gruyter, 1996; p. 966 Arthur Tsutsiev and Nora Seligman Favorov (translator) Atlas of the Ethno-Political History of the Caucasus, 2014, Map 4 supplemented by Maps 12,18 and 31. “население дагестана”. Ethno-kavkaz.narod. ru. Retrieved 11 January 2018. Nasidze, Ivan; Quinque, Dominique; Rahmani, Manijeh; Alemohamad, Seyed Ali; Stoneking, Mark (April 2006). “Concomitant Replacement of Language and mtDNA in South Caspian Populations of Iran”. O.Balanovsky et al., “Parallel Evolution of Genes and Languages in the Caucasus Region”, Mol Biol Evol00 (2011),

  143. Aaaand you just got a new subscriber! Completely agree with what you said. Sweden is in full self-distruct mode.
    I’m so sad to hear that this sh*t is coming to Slovenia. They tried this refugee shtick with Romania too, but the people revolted and threatened violence upon the government if they bring them over.
    In 2015 the government wanted to build a mosque smack dab in the middle of Bucharest, but behold, after 3 years, the project has been officially cancelled. Why? Because of the outrage. Best news of the day.

  144. The Swedish authorities could have easily removed the student from the plane if she refused to sit down. Unruly passengers get removed all the time.

  145. the most ironic thing that could have happened to that Swedish girl, would be to get raped and killed only moments after saving them from deportation. That would have been such a classic thing to happen in situations like that 🙂 Not that I approve it, I am just stating the obvious.

  146. this attention whore is not aware that that guy was a criminal , she should invite him to her home !
    oh wait , sweden is already the rape capital of the world , no need to add to the statistics !

  147. Good so she can get gang raped by a bunch of Muslim immigrants then she will blame her self .. Stockholm syndromes at its finest … go figure .. that’s why Sweden is a complete liberal shit hole and will be completely non white in the next 20 years … there culture and people history everything will disappear

  148. she should have just sat down and live with him in his country so she can be 1 of his 50 wives and live under sharia law.

  149. Can someone please inform me, factually, why this individual person was being deported? The legal basis of the Swedish authorities. Thank you.

    1. That Swedish woman and many others like her need to become Martyrs… Only then will things start falling into place correctly.

  150. Sorry, but she’s an evil, egotistical, virtue signaling numbskull who is subjecting all other swedish women to danger. There are far too many of her type in this country, which has led to Sweden becoming the rape capital of europe, among other things. She is an evil bitch, among many evil bitches in this fucking country. Thank god the bastard was deported after all. I just wish she had gone with him. /Rare Logical Swedish Woman.

  151. Elin is an idiot. She is supporting a convicted rapist!! There are articles out there that say that. Maybe they weren’t there when you looked . If she did that in America she would have been arrested on two counts. One for aiding a convicted criminal and two for breaking every aviation rule. She would have been taken away kicking and screaming and put in jail immediately. And she would have deserved it!! The ignorance of Elin.

  152. Ya know to hell with these moronic countries! They should’ve deported her with this guy! Oh yeah! Hurry back! Miss you already!

  153. Some people risk deportation due to abuse of process in their immigration case. For example English speaking people are denied translators and English speaking lawyers in Mexico and the UNHCR supports this abuse. Then they have to wait up to a year for a non public court appeal for which the asylum seeker can not attend, only to face the same abuse of process again by the same immigration agency that screwed up in the first place. In the meantime there are no services, housing, eduction, health care, etc provided for the asylum seekers from any safe English speaking country. For those that are not amongst the numerous fake asylum seekers, society can determine deportations by threatening to protest at the airport. It shows public interest. I would be thankful for any activist to step in and raise awareness of a human rights defender denied the right to fair asylum process, such as here in Mexico, but activists get murdered here, so the risk is high.

  154. White privilege is bullshit!White people have what they have because they work hard for it, not because it was given to them.

  155. She got support on Twitter from the rapeugees who got their free iphones from the western governments they invaded the countries of. Deport all mudslums afrocunts and sand niggas

  156. You are lawfully in the US??? That’s an offence to all “undocumented” immigrants in America. How dare you be respectful of the rule of law. Oh the horror!!!

  157. Arrest her activist ass and drag her kicking and screaming off the plane. What a bunch of leftist pussies the Swedish people must be.

  158. Have you any empathy for the women who got abused in Cologne by illegal migrants? Or any other one of the rape, theft, assault or murder vitcims across Europe?

  159. We pay so much taxes and then i think everyone wonders: Hmmmm….. what are all of my taxes going to???? Well, it goes to religious organisations that radicalise muslims, feminism organisations that discriminates men and it goes to political partiets that aren’t doing a great job. And do you think im happy about this? No, im not fu*king happy about this.

    Rape is increasing significantly in our country and it is increasing more and more the more illegal immigrants it comes. But people don’t care! They are trying to create an another reality that it is white swedish men who rapes people, and as much as i like to think that too, it isn’t like that. If you don’t want to belive this it is like saying: Oh no, more jews are being killed in germany After Hitler took power! Hmmmm…. i wonder why.

    In 2017 it came fucking 144 000 immigrants to sweden at once and we accpeted a wopping 100 000 of them while our neighbours only accepted 5000. This is fucking insane swedish people will become a minority and wahbaism will Take over If this continues.

    The feminism political party in Sweden is also dumb AF, They say it exists 71 genders in society! Fucking 71! Scientifically speaking it only exists 2 genders, But you choose yourself How you want to live in the society as a person but 71 genders is just messet up. Oh what is 71th gender then, is it platypus? Or wtf is it?!

    All of this proves that Sweden is a………………….. SHITHOLE COUNTRY!,!!,!

  160. Oh, this happened in Sweden? … My god, they let how many immigrants in already? And now what, are they supposed to let all the illegal one in too? Or let the ones that commit crimes stay? Ridiculous, hopefully she gets fined for that shenanigans.

  161. Its sad there are no men in germany or sweden who have balls or can stand up for their women being raped .Do u know why?
    Because all the germans who has ballas died in ww2 .theres none left😂😆

  162. The West is lost because it allowed women to vote.. They voted men out of the home.. Turned the boys into weaklings.. And women are now out of control..

    Slippery slope

  163. These fucking children are so dumb its unbelievable. He would probably go back to Afghanistan every year for a holiday anyway, its not a war zone he is not going to die, why do we take notice of these kids protecting abusive immigrants? they are the problem
    and disrupting hard working peoples lives, she should have been prosecuted and thrown into jail.
    Idiot fucking snowflake yet again with no knowledge or life experience virtue signalling. I would have slapped her and forced her to sit down

  164. She looks like a typical liberal, plain & slightly ugly. Standing up for the rights of foreign criminals? They’ve been brainwashed to believe everyone that’s not white is a victim who’s beneath the law.

  165. This dumb “protester” and her friends should have been tazed and removed from the plane, and thrown in jail for interfering with a legal procedure.
    I would bet my life savings that this “shero” or whatever the f*** they are calling her, is a *very* sheltered young lady, who likey comes from a very wealthy and “privileged” (because of wealth, not “Whiteness”), family, who most likely can *afford* to live in an all-White/all-ethnic Swedish, gated community, far away from all the Sharia-patrolled “no-go zones” where Muslim rape gangs have free reign…Something tells me that if she *did* live near one of these Sharia areas, she would have a *VERY* different view.

  166. She should have signedva paper that she was accountable for each and every crime that the YOUNG MALE was making from that moment

  167. Throw her off the plane. Second, if one of these protesters forces another flight, or forces a private flight, send her the bill for that.

  168. Sweden is actually pretty harsh with the laws. I had a manager being deported because he missed one vaccation week 5 years ago. He was a great worker, followed all the rules etc etc but missed that one week and got kicked out.

  169. You look so fake and over exaggerating with that poker face. I don’t like the way you talk, either. You sound dull with that mumbling. Get back to ESL. I don’t give a damn about the shit hole you are from. Your fake ass English speaks all by itself.

    1. Iskander Massimov ; I guess you support this deportee, who is a child abuser and wife beater. Does this mean you support child abuse yourself? Will you support whatever crime he commits next? Will you take responsibility?

  170. Now I feel sorry for true native swedish people. I guess that more of them see now that imigrants are cancer for their country.. I`m from Poland and I`m totally shocked that his happend in Europe country. Why am I shocked? Becouse we did not take any refugees (THANKS GOD!) and all horrible things about imigrants (“refugees”) we know from media. We don`t have this in our cities or planes. That is why I fell so sorry for everyone who sees now what is happening with their county. In my country this girl would be aressted as terrorist and kicked out of plane…

  171. now you need to move her in the no go zone to taste a piece of her own medicine -ASAP !!!
    What a stupid girl…feminism is OBSOLETE !!!

  172. barbara we need more people like you! good work! and no, you are not crazy at all, you are one of these that have not lose all their comon sense

  173. Th European countries and the west have been raping the world for decades. British, Russians, Americans, French, etc etc conquered the world, raped people and stole their resources and you want to talk about immigrants destroying the west?

  174. White, female Democrats know 3 things in life: 1. $ucking everything in sight until the morning 30 years in the future when they feel remorse and hop on #MeToo. 2. Devouring 5,000 calorie breakfast sandwiches, Tequila and nachos to create the world’s worst halitosis. 3. Being the opposite of the Midas Touch – everything they touch in humanity and civilization turns to $hit.

  175. White privilege what the fuck is that, the right to work your guts out to provide for arseholes who are sucking the life out of your nation,the arseholes who won’t intergrate, the arseholes who want to divide your nation into different systems of law.White privilege is a fallacy.

  176. It’s fascinating how you quickly read over the reasons for these mass migrations. While you have seen more rapes and murders than in previous years imagine – just imagine your town being bombarded for things you have nothing to do with. Imagine – street after street people are dead, homes and commerce destroyed – your parents dead before you – children crying all around you. If you refuse to imagine that then you are blinded by privilege. Most people want to live in their own country WITH opportunity and not stuck in poverty. To be able to travel as freely as you obviously do, which you take for granted, is what any normal person would want. No concern about being “targeted” because of your skin color. No reason to worry that a police officer will stop you or security pulls you over for a “random” check. Nah! The world is totally fair and just – he “must” have done something wrong. The judicial, political, government systems aren’t possibly corrupt. Aren’t racially bias. Just ignore historical facts. If you do some fact checking you will discover intent is more likely on racial discrimination than not. Ever wonder why most of the people where you work, shop, study and live are predominantly white? Like it was an accident. Well it wasn’t because you worked harder it’s because the capitalist system NEEDS people like you, me, the man-on-board and Elin to be at odds with each other so that a handful of people stay on top while the majority of the world remains beneath – mostly living paycheck to paycheck – unless of course you’re independently wealthy:D Enjoy your privilege whether you believe you have it or not! You do. Just use it for good – inflicting no “moral injury” to yourself or others. You know Elin’s heart was in the right place. Give her that and be just as brave and courageous. You have it within you.

  177. I invite that stupid bitch to try those same antics on ANY U.S. based carrier…….oh yeah……we’re talking taser, twitching, screaming, maybe a little foam at the mouth, then carried off the plane like a sack of potatoes, followed by applause, not for her political stance, but that the police are removing a piece of worthless shit from the airplane, and they can finally get to their destination…..lol.
    Please….if you know this girl in Sweden…..dare her to come to the U.S., and do the same thing. I need a good viral video laugh. 😂

  178. Thank you very much indeed for presenting an alternative view to the media lies & hypocrisy about illegal immigration. I thought it was only older people like me that were alarmed at what’s happening in Europe; do very glad that younger generations understand & are willing to act against the looney left & their “open door” policies. If you go to a Muslim country like Tunisia or Morocco – guess what? An application for residency means personal trips to the police station with bundles of of identity documents & proof you have a home & enough money to live FOR LIFE in the form of a pension etc. If you break tbe law or are homeless you are IMMEDIATELY deported. No questions. Yet the stupid, unfathomable EU has allowed thieves, thugs, gangs, rapists & terrorists to invade Europe…accept it no. Get active, get out VOTE for your particular parties that will rid all of us of this horror. Hoof luck with your move & this movement.

  179. Paul J. Watson explains that this guy whipped his children with an electrical cord and smashed his wife’s head on the ground. Yeah, EXACTLY the kind of guy you want to keep in your country. If this “woman” tried this crap in the US the cops would have hauled her off the airplane in handcuffs and she’d begin her trip through the ugly system. https://youtu.be/EXkqZnq4z-I

  180. Nous vivons dans cette époque étrange où les gens qui se pensent bons et altruistes font le mal, et les gens qui sont montrés du doigt comme le mal incarné, veulent pourtant le bien de tous les peuples… Cette pauvre fille se pense dans le vrai en défendant un délinquant PARCEQU’il est immigré… Triste époque où ce qui compte le plus, sont les projecteurs braqués sur l’égo de ce genre de connasse qui cherche la célébrité à tout prix…

  181. Coming from a really small country myself (Greece) I just want to say that I feel no pity whatsoever for those refugees. They’ve flooded Greece by the millions, they’ve raped, killed, vandalized and even have the NERVE to protest as to why our small in debt country can’t provide proper accommodations for all of them. In Athens you get on public transportation and it stinks cause 30-40% of the passengers are Afghans that apparently don’t believe in personal hygiene. I can’t even count the times I’ve been late to places just cause the bus was overflowing with them and I can’t even describe the smell when I do manage to board…

    I have no respect for most of you and go fuck yourself if you think I’m a racist, if the large majority of my fellow Greeks were the same way I’d have the exact same opinion for them as well. This is the truth like it or not, the majority of these immigrants have proven to be disrespectful, dirty and violent and I will continue to treat them like nothing each time they try to interact with me. The rest that don’t follow the norm can have my utmost respect and I’ll always go out of my way to help them where I can.

  182. The deportee was a violent criminal being deported by the most liberal feminist country in the world. The stupidity of this girl is mind-blowing. If you are supporting this, you have been brainwashed by a constant stream of biased news. This means you are what Marxists call a “useful idiot”, a tool of your own destruction. Please get help before Cultural Marxists destroy you and your country.

  183. The lives that are being destroyed are those of Swedes. Her country should exile her for stupidity. Well, at least she put her money where her mouth is.. Who’s money was it really?

  184. I’m sure they’re old enough to wear a bomb. It’s not you. You are one of the few that is level headed. This phenomenon is only a few decades old. What would the vikings have done

  185. Soon your country is dead in the western world! And Welfare hungry arabic, mexican, indian and african people will take over. Now we a have an army of stupid people trying to stop deportations. Stop these liberals and stop welfare migrants. Always vote for the party or candidate in your country that wants to stop massimmigration. ALWAYS!

  186. She‘s a traitor instead of protesting for the 22 year Girl, who was a volunter for helping refugees, that was murder by a15 year old african “refugee”

  187. I don’t know, why she is against refugees? She is not from Sweden and she not living here. I can make also videos about other people like Colombian, Mexican or USA criminal activities but I can only write that shame on you 😢😢😢😢

  188. If we stood up and kick out the politicians who invade the Middle East, which causes these refugees to leave their homes, we wouldn’t have this situation.

  189. Somebody should have dragged her off that plane are locked her in the bathroom which would have been a good place for her to cry 😢. Are better yet locked her in the bathroom with the 1 they were deporting.

  190. SEND HER TO _FGHNSTN, OR SOMLI….incredible….she’s proof tht women shouldn’t vote or hold office…& no, the womn who m_de the video doesn’t prove the opposite…..overwhelmingly they’re nuts…Preventing _ deporttion of someone who h_d no business being in sweden in the first plce…

  191. Bible Refugees & Revelation 12:15 So the serpent (ALLAH) poured water (MUSLIM REFUGEE) out of his mouth like a flood (REFUGEE) after the woman (ISRAEL) that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood (REFUGEE). 16 But the earth (EUROPE) helped the woman (ISRAEL), and the earth (EUROPE) opened its mouth (GATE) and swallowed (WELCOMED) up the flood (REFUGEE). Which the dragon (ALLAH) had spewed out of his mouth. 17 and the dragon (ALLAH) was enraged with the woman (ISRAEL), and he went to make war (JIHAD) with the rest of her offspring (JEWS & CHRISTIAN’S), who
    keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    Bible Isaiah 17:12 Woe to the multitude of many people (REFUGEE), which make a noise like the noise of the seas (REFUGEE); and to the rushing of nations (MUSLIM & NON WHITE COUNTRIES), that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters (REFUGEE)! 13 The
    nations (MUSLIM & NON WHITE COUNTRIES), shall rush like the rushing of many waters (REFUGEE): but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. 14 And behold at evening tide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.

  192. That swedish bitch, should be tied spread legs and have 50 muslims raped her over and over for all little girls and teens, who have been raped by these muslims beasts. And then ask her what she feels. I should not express myself this way, because l am a woman, and had seen many cases of children sexually abused, and how their lifes have been destroyed. But a mercenary lefty feminist, l dont feel sorry if she goes for that experience, they dont have pitty for their gender, and female equality, so next time, chop her head off, because crimes like raping children is not going under the rug. We denounce catholic priests, and ask for vengance, we should do the same with lslamits sexual deviants, and abusers of women.

  193. I would have chocked that bitch out cold. Just execute terrorist’s or rapists. Hope she is hated by the country soon ohh and send her to muslim state 😂😂😂

  194. that stupid girl protecting that scumbag should be raped and gang bang by about ten of these animals then she wold change her mind

  195. Soooo technically the end of the world is almost 50 years near (caused by the human been, who’d say), we really need it cuz this world its just sick, for real, the ppl that only lives in their first world bubble and say that white privilege still a thing and want their country to be filled with inmigrants are the ones that destroy everything

  196. man this poor girl is so completely deluded… serously So no I AM NOT PRAISING HER SHE IS WAY WAY WAY confused and has no freaking idea what is going on in the world. SERIOUSLY……. dang i so pity her. she must be so very empty inside when she doesn’t have anything to be furious and angry at. wow….

  197. If this happens in India, I think those students would have been removed from the plane. Who’s go time to deal with that? People are only allowed to protest at public places.

  198. I like your content but i don’t get why you rather want to live in the U.S than in the most beautiful continent of the world.

  199. What an idiot!!! If he’s being deported, there’s a reason. I just wonder if he’s going to repay her for her gullibility by getting a gang of his friends together and paying her a visit to “thank” her.

  200. what is your probleme? if you hate us then go fuck yourself and cry in corner no one care just hater so cape hate you arent change nothing

  201. Little did she know that she was unintentionally defending a convicted misogynistic murderer, wife-beater and child-abuser, and he must have laughed at the irony.

  202. In Iowa, USA a young girl was raped and murdered and her body found in a corn field a few days ago. Her name was Molly Tibbets. This is August 2018. The murderer has been caught and it turns out he is an undocumented (illegal) immigrant. The leftist, antifa pro-illegal immigrant jackass’s should go to the funeral and express their condolences to the mother and father.

  203. This man was a criminal, she pissed off a bunch of good people for no reason to virtue signal. She was an Idiot

  204. Why didn’t they remove HER from the plane? I think that’s what she probably wanted. Because this way it costs her a bunch of money she can’t get a refund for. LOL

  205. According the U.N Sweden will be a third world country by 2030. And I bet this fucking idiot and others like her will be on the first plane to the U.S.

  206. Just another example of the “new logic”. Just follow your emotional impulses requardless. Don’t think about anything, don’t research anything; just act!

  207. that “shero” should have been tackled and put in her seat, shackled to her loving man and deported with him and made to stay with him…

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