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Author: Social Truth Warrior

100 thoughts on “SPECIAL ANTIFA Edition SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #64

  1. These people realize that in the country they’re fighting for the police would be beating the absolute living fuck out of protestors right?

  2. Maybe some arrests need to be made. This is not freedom of speech. This is out right violence and assault. Send some of these clowns to jail and watch a “Brave Liberal” crumble like a paper man.

  3. Ill take white supremacists to these misguided, violent and entitled little cunts any day.. And I hate white supremacists!!!

  4. Cowards strongest when hiding behind their masks or backed up by enough people to fight the battles for them that they start.

  5. Ahh yes commutards on parade. Anti-fasch trash. The smell of dog shit and patchouli permeates the air. Stopping facism by being fascists. The modern day Brown Shirts fighting boogymen that they can only find in mirrors. The irony and lack of self-awareness is lost on them.
    I kind of miss the days when we could send people to asylums, give them lobotomies and sterilize them so they didn’t procreate.

  6. eh.. you shouldn’t have said you wished Trump was a dictator… you have a lot of good arguments but that one was not of the best style

  7. To me they look like isis knowing that they like to dress in all black and cover their faces while holding weapons and blocking people from public places. Also trying to take your rights away.

  8. I wonder what would happen if one of these children were alone in a locked room with one of these “pigs” or “Nazis” you know real men.

  9. Do they actually believe that the KKK is back and that we are all white supremacists? Its a fascinating case of mass delusion. A story as old as time.

  10. As an ex bleeding heart anarchist, all I can say is that these people are just plain old BITCHES!!! But as a bleeding red, white, and blue AMERICAN, I say take these bitches out 😉

  11. Wow, look how the fascist left behaves. They really think behaviour like that is better that the other side? Based on what I’ve seen the last two years, the left as we once knew it is gone and they are showing their true colours now, complete disregard for others views, assaults on police and civilians, if this was a Muslim country the government would bomb their asses. The Democrats will never get my vote ever because I don’t support fascist. I honestly expected better from people who claim the high ground but the fact is their behaviour puts them just above a steaming pile of shit, but at least piles of shit don’t attack others or police. So I guess maybe they are just below a steaming pile of shit and there is no coming back from that. I wish the left acted like that when the Hilary campaign stole the election from the more popular candidate sanders

  12. Omg, how come police did nothing? Bunch of guys with masks and guns, and clearly limiting your freedom of movement in public place. I mean I dont have anything against guns but this is just ourageus.
    Its pretty as close to physical violence as you can get without actually doing anything.
    I mean someone who doesnt know whats going on is can freak out big time.
    I dont know if place where this happened has something like threat of violence, but it certainly looked like that.

  13. White ppl. Do not degrade yourself to this level just because you went to university. Your parents knew what they saying. Be a good father and mother.

  14. Dude y’all really need to show the police some respect!! They are the backbone of our law and keep this country running!! Without them this nation would go crazy!! They risk their lives to be on duty. How dare y’all point you finger and wag it in their faces saying “fuck you”. That is disgusting

  15. They treat all cops like they have done something bad. Yes there are some bad cops who could’ve handled situations differently. And it is terrible what some cops have done. But that does not give you the right to disrespect and pole sticks at cops you don’t even know. You have no idea if they’ve saved someone’s life before or what they do everyday

  16. Omg. As I get further into the video. The more scared I am for America’s future. Shit I may not even have kids why would I want them to suffer in this hell hole with me. Yes America is great but some of the people in it… not so much

  17. All this because the candidate they didnt like got elected in a democratic election. The protesters seem like the fascists to me.

  18. After seeing this,I see why the police shoots them these people are dangerous both the whites and blacks, confused, disillusioned young criminals

  19. All the Faggotts, Feminists, Social Misfits, Weirdos, Blacks, Red & Blue Haired Pierced Wankers all in one place and all have the same thing in common. These fuckers would be nowhere to be seen on the front line, it’s the Trump supporters that would save their pitiful skins if a World War did happen to break out. FUCK EM ALL.

  20. I know why they wear masks. It’s cause they’re bunch of tweakers and have to hide their meth mouth so we don’t see what desperate trash they really are.

  21. They attempt to block the reporter and so he just outruns them… I think that these pencil-necked soy boys need to spend some time doing manual labor or at least go to a gym. Sitting in their bedrooms, eating junk food and bragging to other soy boys about how they will kick everyone’s butt isn’t going to get the job done.

  22. The far right are murdering people in the streets with vehicles and knives? How does he come up with these delusions? While concurrently defending Muslims who are in fact killing people with vehicles and knives?

  23. It is always the blacks being the most physically violent.
    Everywhere in the world where they are a section of the society, they are the least educated, the most violent, racist and criminal, and the least likely to be employed.
    They are just disgusting people. Who destroy every single place in the world that they inhabit.

  24. A video full of cowards a pathetic beta males a bunch of hit and run attacks as well as bullying with several people against one or two cause these wimps lack a spine unless they outnumber the people they are up against. If things were more even these little bicthes would piss themselves.

  25. The worst that could come up with was you such at parallel parking 😂. This is America, everyone who has a car sucks at parallel parking. Why do you think we have cars that do it for us? Can tell he doesn’t have a car. Probably can’t afford one. ( I know that was mean but I’m feeling a little petty today ).

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