So, I Went To A Crystal Healer…

The Skeptic’s Guide To Wellness EP. 1. Can crystals cure me? Let’s find out…
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

108 thoughts on “So, I Went To A Crystal Healer…

    1. 12 minutes regarding crystals that I think you’ll appreciate:

      I do believe this was no coincidence; one of +Steven Bancarz videos is why I’m here. Prior to this, I’d never heard of you, and up until this morning, had not yet heard of Steven as well. Stay humble. Peace.

    2. Really i never felt anything with these Crystals ha ha ha ha, and the Crystal sex toys ha ha ha ha i have no comment on that ha ha ha ha. So nice to meet you Jaclyn and Jaclyn he he he

    3. Jaclyn Glenn. I would very much like to have a conversation at some point. I am a gay male who is an independent who leans conservative and  also a Norse pagan and practicing witch. What’s important for most people who believe what I do is that you have to present it in a way that is objective and factual and not asserting what your personal truth is when explaining it to a sceptic. You have to understand where the science is and what backs up what you believe definitively and what is yet to be proven. So I think a lot of the Metaphysical people you talk to don’t understand that concept.

  1. show feet let me suck your toes and be your foot slave shrink me down and let me live in your socks while you wear them

  2. Placebo is not total bad thing (which I had hard time understanding because I a moron ) in words of Andrew solomon if you believe standing on head for short periods of time helps you with cancer it will not help you with cancer but you will feel better but if you believe sanding on your head every day helps with depression then it is going to help with depression. By the way just wondering what are your thoughts on possibilianism. I am not an atheist but that is my philosophy

  3. charcoal does actually work against toxins, as it can bind to it.

    i recall my friends kid eating his grandmothers meds thinking them to be candy, we called the “myrkytystietokeskus” (not entirely sure how to translate that poisoningknowledgecenter?).
    and the response was that the specific med wasnt really harmfull but just to be sure, they calculated 48 charcoal pills. available at a drugstore.
    we ground em up and mixed with yoghurt

    apparently it doesnt do anything to toxins that are already absorbed in your body, but they do work for stuff that is in your stomach or intestines.

  4. Here’s the deal, and yea, you’re probably not gonna like this. But if you DO NO BELIEVE the crystals work, they most likely wont. Your believe is a powerful tool. If you have any other questions about the occult or witchcraft, contact me.

  5. Ahh you don’t believe in God bat you believe in this
    great but ihave a question
    Who created you then😕😕😕?

  6. Your channel is so retarded. If he hasn’t passed yet, leave your Gramps with the camera and leave the house for a bit!

  7. There is reason Jesus Christ talks about Hell far more then Heaven.
    What? Jesus Christ Is gonna talk about something that don’t exist?
    *HELL IS REAL!!!* We Need Jesus Christ As Are Lord And Savoir!!! 😳

  8. Many of the people who Jaclyn criticizes deserve it , however her tone can be very condescending and sometimes she is a bit of a reductionist. The kind of vibe I get from her is that she gets offended by other peoples harshness but she does not mind being harsh with other people. Im not christian , but when I saw her “ONE PRAYER AWAY” video , i felt if a christian accidentally runs into this on youtube , they will be deeply hurt . Jaclyn should be less harsh while conveying her message , because sometimes she is as insulting as the people she criticizes. I am unsubscribing.Goodbye !

    1. I would also like to add that I support her message completely , but I dont support her harshness , and that she acts like a reductionist a times.

  9. Hey so I just came from Blaire White’s video “Asking Strangers Which Of Us Is Trans” and I must say I am quite surprised that you have a big 9 inch cock. Though to be honest I would have guessed it was 23.2 inches… Soooo anyways, want a blow job?

    FYI to anyone that’s overly sensitive, this comment is meant as an off color joke, calm your tits y’all…

  10. Dear, Jaclyn Glenn

    Due to a shortage of Nurses and Nurses assistant, there is a countrywide problem of Abuse and Neglect in Nursing homes because the Direct care staff to patient ratio is low with a ratio of 1:15 and sometimes even worse with a ratio of 1:25. Patients on an average only receive around 20 minutes a day of direct care from nurses. We need to inspire our youth to become excited about helping our elderly by becoming a nurse or nursing assistant. That is why I am writing to you today. I am asking for help from all Social influencers to spread the word about the importance of becoming a Nurse or nursing assistant. I am asking you to walk a day in their shoes. I am a Nursing Assistant and it is my job to be the eyes, ears and most importantly the voice of the elderly and disabled. The elderly have contributed so much wisdom, hard work, and most of love to the world. They now need us to help them while in their last days. The elderly deserve the best care and in recent years nursing homes have been operating at minimum direct care levels due to the shortage of direct care staff. This is unacceptable. Minimum is a word that should be nonexistent in nursing homes. I am asking you to please consider what I am saying. Please help inspire people to become aware of and excited about nursing again.


    You at 67 years old

  11. A lot of retarded people believe in healing crystals. An ex gf is a crystal healer and a psychic now and is so self deluded she believes it herself. Especially the psychic stuff.

  12. I’m not into the anal thing. But if I were to give it a shot, for a butt plug commensurate with my levels of anxiety, I’d have to shove Cleopatra’s Needle (from Central Park) up my ass.

  13. omg I just saw a trailer for the movie “A Simple Favor” and OMG I literally thought you were in it, cause you look EXACTLY like the girl with red hair in it, wow, I actually thought you were the girl, and was hoping you would be famous
    here she is :

  14. I’d be interested to see the first pseudoscience or homopathic treatment that doesn’t require you to already believe that it works to notice its effects.

  15. Lmao, I think people are mostly into that stuff just for the peaceful aspect and not the “religious way”, as for the toys wtf?

  16. Honestly, it sounds like the real thing these will do is put you in the mind to meditate, in a way. Instead of completely clearing your mind, however, it’s targeted. Focus on what is psychologically ailing you, and take it apart, looking at each piece and dealing with it. You don’t honestly even need the stones, as neat as they are, you just need to shift your thinking in a quiet space and slowly work out your issues. In a minor way that can be helpful.

    That said, it’s certainly no replacement for real therapy and absolutely not for medical ailments. See a proper doctor for that.

  17. Guys this new age stuff is all demons
    They are real!
    Many testimonies online of people dabbling in the new age who found Jesus “The truth”
    Don’t believe me?
    Just ask GOD to reveal himself to you with the intention of wanting to follow him/with a genuine heart (and not just out of curiosity)
    He will defiantly reveal himself to you

  18. much of self healing is done by happy thoughts and self awareness 😉
    YOur ability to heal far outweights most of medications out there (unless its a virus/bacteria/foreign body in question)

  19. So I can do the same thing with a pebble or stone. I can believe that it gives goods vibes when in reality its not doing anything.   Mind fuck much?

  20. 3:15 That’s actually not what placebos are. They are not mental effects, but primarily explained by regression to the mean. That is, when people are sick and they get a placebo, the illness subsides on its own and the placebo is deemed as having helped, but it is almost entirely a statistical effect and not some kind of mental effect.

  21. Missconception on anxiety and chakra here. Fears are located more in the root-chakra. Think about it, for what reason do we have fear? It’s useful for basic survival stuff and that’s exactly what the root chakra is for. (survival first)

    On the other hand the crone chakra is more useful to be/feel connected to god and/or the universe and/or to your higher/your real self (depending on your believe or lack of believe)

    And btw. the modell of chakras is very alike maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  22. I started wearing/collecting crystals because I thought they were beautiful, and now although I don’t necessarily believe that each crystal has its own purpose I do believe that you can determine what you want it to mean to you. Kinda like putting what you want out there in the world.

  23. Money scam is all it is.
    Have you ever heard of manure therapy? True healing power! Wonder if I could start a business with that? Just smear this on your face and it will remove all your shit thoughts! Lmao

  24. Crystal healer – I never knew my crystals where ill?

    Nothing like Woo Woo!

    End of session did your pocketbook feel lighter?

  25. Hey. You have been an inspiration to me for a while for your excellent logic and analytical skills. You have a cutting wit, and excellent anti-bullshit skills. For sure you can get through this. If you ever get to Toronto, holler…

  26. I mean this as a joke, not to be creepy.

    Jaclyn, in the interest of science, show us if those crystal sex toys have any effect on you…you know, for Science XD

  27. Other Youtubers or Online Media outlets better not do a piece on Crystals and Healing or else JaclynGlen (a proven plagiarist herself more than once) will accuse you of plagiarizing her, like she did with Buzzfeed on witchcraft …. better wait 3-4 weeks.

  28. Don’t put minerals inside any sort of hole because minerals can contain harmful elements such as lead or uranium and leads to disease or cancer so don’t do it.

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