Slovenia needs to wake up before it’s too late

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

299 thoughts on “Slovenia needs to wake up before it’s too late

  1. Hey Barbara, why don’t you subtitle your videos in slovenian? Or maybe get someone to do It. There is always good people that will do It for free. For example there is a brazilian channel called “tradutores de direita” that means right wings translators.

  2. -throws hands in the air- that’s it i give up. we, as anglos, are screwed. i’m going to find a nice place to hide and watch the world burn. the “immigrates” will only bring their ignorance, violence and vile views (per the guy in the video) leading to europe and other mainly anglo nations having civil wars and internal conflicts due to this……..
    on second thought maybe not such a bad thing; we can show them what war honestly is. we stopped the Mongol invasion that swept asia, i don’t think these people understand just how well versed anglos are at warfare. XD

  3. It was only in the mid 90s that ethnic cleansing occurred. I’m not sure these migrants understand the hornets nest they are fucking walking into in the Balkans.

  4. HBD Slovenia! To celebrate, write a break-up letter to the EU! They don’t have the European interests in mind

  5. Luv ya Barbara, but if I was a liberal I would call you a racist, a bigot and someone who hates immigrants (illegals and migrants). Liberals can’t stand it when the truth is shoved in their face. And that’s what it will take to wake people up before it’s to late. The same exact thing happens in every country where mass numbers of unvetted people are allowed AND ENCOURAGED to enter countries illegally. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the truth because we know the media won’t do it. Young people will have NO future if these George Soros policies keep taking place.

  6. It would be better if all those rageheads when’t back to there own fucking countries, instead of trying to fuck up the Eastern Europe.

  7. Just like has happened, is happening in Russia’s border areas…. each of these pakistani’s will be carrying a packet to a large amount of heroin… called NARCOTIC TERRORISM!!!!!!!

  8. “Give me your lazy, your arrogant, your huddled oppressors yearning to strangle your freedom” – No statue ever.

  9. No furniture? You are clearing sitting on a bed of some sort, I can see a chest of drawers over there on the left and some plastic thing on the right. When I was your age I owned a mattress a computer desk and a chair!

  10. I have faith Slovenia will wake up. Italy has woken up. Austria is going in the right direction. Poland, Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia are all super based. The Slovenian people are not dumb. They will snap out of it and not fall victim to politically correct brainwashing like the west. I worry for places like France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Belgium. They will have civil war in their future.

  11. As in America… a person on disability can receive varying amounts of monthly pay according to their income prior to their disability. Medicare is usually the medical insurance they receive as well which only pays 80% of medical. No eyeglass coverage & no dental. SSI is a set rate of around $750 with Medicaid being the health insurance which covers 100% minus a small co-pay but for Americans this does not include dental or eyeglasses either.
    BUT, if you are an alien, claiming asylum they place these people on social security immediately (wait times is in the multiple years for citizens) & $4,500/month is their monthly check! Plus 100% coverage on dental & eyeglasses!!! Also receive more cash for transportation & if they get a “Habitat for Humanity” home built for them after 12 months of payments the deed is signed over “paid in full”!!!!!! An American citizen NEVER gets these types of assistance.
    Section 8, which is government paid housing for those that are on SSI or so low on income they cannot afford housing… BUT, nothing is available in the US for citizens and hasn’t been for a decade because its all reserved for illegal aliens (hispanics) and the wait lists are not even put out!!!!!!

  12. Equip the border patrols with flame throwers. Nothing like the smell of burning flesh to discourage others to move forward.

  13. Good rant as always hominid female. You look extra pretty and kind of ‘glowy’ happy in this video – I’m guessing you just got laid. Or maybe you are using some new extra-shiny foundation. I’m just a little bird. I’m just guessing.

  14. Nice to see another Barbara video. You always make my day. You’re such a sweetheart. And every time I see the ending of your videos, I lose my mind because you’re so cute.

  15. Inter net it reminds how we all doing being exploited by british terrorism and beggery net earnings and traffic and trackicking is good for brits look how they exploit

  16. Hey Barbara, is the country your from a old Soviet block country formed or gained independence after the USSR fell back in 1989???? Under the control of the old USSR prior to its fall?????

  17. “Barbara”, your racism is showing. You obviously hate immigrants just for their race, otherwise why don’t you deport yourself, as an immigrant. The hypocrisy of the alt-right is astonishing. Just go back to Russia and take your unrealistic body-standards with you. UGH smh

    1. Jessica …,,Hypocrisy my ass. Maybe you look outside the box and see what’s REALLY happening. How is it the responsibility of the legal citizens in ANY country to take care of a massive number of people crossing the borders illegally????? Why should legal citizens want huge tax increases, more crime and many other things that is part of mass migrations??? ???? It has nothing to do with race so put your race cards away. I don’t think it’s being racist by expecting unvetted people to respect the borders and laws in any country. I don’t think it’s racist expecting the elected leaders to protect the legal citizens and the security of any country. (it’s the leaders and the human smugglers who encourage people enter countries illegally). I don’t think it’s racist to show the truth of what is happening because the media sure as hell won’t. I don’t think it’s racist for anyone to want their peaceful civilized countries to remain peaceful and civilized. How do you find anything wrong with that?? Maybe the people fleeing should stay in their countries to change those countries. How can you deny what is happening??? It’s just as she described. Every country has borders a laws for a reason. Unvetted people flooding into countries only leads to bad things.There are a LOT of bad people flooding across borders. Look at Sweden, which used to be a wonderful place. Now rapes and other crimes against women are commonplace. Another thing you are ignoring is some of these countries are small and can’t handle a massive number of people coming across their borders illegally. Who will pay to take care of them??? There won’t be any jobs for them

    2. @BKD Vickers Typical alt-right hateful ignorant troll! Whites are all illegal immigrants (breaking the Native American immigration laws) and should go back to Europe. Sweden, last I checked, is a highly prosperous country with a socialist and feminist government. Stop using violence against womyn to attack womyn and PoC, you white supremacist misogynistic fascist! All you’re spewing here is far-right propaganda.

    3. Jessica ….Sorry, the only popaganda that’s spewed is by liberals. Maybe you should check out all the crime occurring in Sweden. I know liberals like to ignore anything bad when it comes to illegals and migrants. Just because Sweden is run mostly by women doesn’t give them a free pass when they make bad decisions and it doesn’t make the same destructive liberal policies any better. In fact what they have done to Sweden is criminal. (Taxes around 62%???). You can easily say any country is prosperous when liberals and the media completely ignore everything bad that is happening. When unvetted people flow into countries because of stupid leaders, the legal citizens pay a heavy price in many ways and it’s forever. Look at the sanctuary state of California which is now an official magnet for illegals and criminals. The first thing and only thing you would focus on is their economy. You would ignore the state has the nation’s highest poverty rate, a huge growing number of homeless people, outrageous taxes, a growing massive debt, an increasing crime rate, the worst living conditions, open drug use in the streets, trash everywhere, terrible schools, and many other terrible things. 20 years ago California was nothing like it is today. Who is to blame?? State leaders, NOT the federal government. The federal government can only be blamed for allowing and encouraging illegals to flood into the country itself. California then encouraged the illegals to flood into the state. The nightmare is just beginning because those illegals like to have many children. They will multiply like rabbits. And would you believe the state lowered the age of sexual consent???? It was done without public knowledge and was hidden in some other bill that got passed last year. People were outraged when they found out about it. And guess WHY state leaders did it?? To accommodate the behavior of the illegals. In fact many crime laws were changed. Instead of making the illegals obey American laws, the state just changed the laws.

      When the white explorers arrived on the land that is now called America, there were no borders, no laws, no country…..NOTHING. People arriving on any unclaimed territory back then were called “settlers”. You can’t immigrate to a country that didn’t exist. The native American indians were not advanced enough to create laws, borders or even a country. So there were no immigration laws. It’s stupid to even compare this time period with that time period which is very ancient history and when all people were far less educated. Due to the number of people from other places exploring distant lands back then, It’s obvious that if the white man didn’t discover what is now called America, other explorers from some other land back then would have discovered the same land and claimed it as their own. So the Indians would have suffered the same fate anyway.

    4. California is the WORLD’s 5th largest economy, you ignorant Trumptard troll! I’m glad the far-right propaganda brainwashed the uneducated white supremacist deplorables like yourself into believing otherwise, so you stay out of CA. And, FYI, I would know since that’s where I live. No human being is illegal. So that’s that.
      The Natives had the laws and the country – it’s called harmony with Nature and organic life. The white bros destroyed it due to uncontrolled immigration from Europe. Every society on the globe has been suffering because of the white people and their greed and racism. FYI: I’m white but check my privilege.

  18. A BIG part of the problem is the media in every country is helping to amplify the problem by pretending most of these people are women and children and other such nonsense while ignoring what is really happening . It’s the same thing in every country. They will gladly show on the evening news the images of women and children crying but never show the hundreds of unvetted single men between the age of 15 and 25 storming across the borders with angry looks on their faces. The media and the liberals together are just as much of a problem as the illegals and migrants themselves. Entire cultures and any peaceful nation will be destroyed in a very short period of time. It only leads to more violence. People wanting peace and security can forget it if this continues. Sweden has become too dangerous for women to go anywhere by themselves. WHY DO LIBERALS WANT THIS TO HAPPEN????

  19. Have you looked into white genocide in South Africa? Look up the Boer project please!!!!! This has been planned for every area Europeans are & South Africa was the testing place for this through mass migration & now white’s are being hunted down raped tortured in the most horrific ways just search SA farm murders/attacks

  20. When military age muslim men come uninvited to your country ,steal your tax money ,and rape your women it is an INVASION NOT migration

  21. “A cluster duck of information” as opposed to having all your ducks in a row or am I missing something? 🙂

  22. Croatia and Slovenia need to build border walls. It worked for Austria and Hungary. They have to do it or face chaos.

  23. The smartest most brilliant millennial I know. What’s going on our southern border is not a immigration problem it’s a infiltration and an invasion, they’re not coming here for a better life. That’s a myth, they’re invading without assimilation.

  24. My mother is from Bosnia and my grandma lives in Bosnia. Anyways, I visited Slovenia in 2010 and I’m shocked that Slovenia, Croatia & Bosnia are going through this. Bosnia is poor as shit and they’re having to feed these migrants and Bosnia can barely feed and recover itself from the war in the 90’s. Fucking nuts! And Slovenia, no offense, is somewhat of a poor country too. Sadly. There’s just not enough in the ex-yugo countries to help these migrants.

  25. Barbara, you miss the big picture. You want immigration to stop, the answer was written in prophecy long ago: mandatory procreation at seven-year intervals to reduce mankind’s numbers to 500 million and end overpopulation. However, your Trump boss is a businessman, he’ll never support the golden fix that’ll weaken the money system. No conservative activist ever knew what to do about the situation, just ‘Trump Trump Trump, Trump will fix’ but no. Trump created ISIS orphans, too. Just wait twenty years. Just appoint a liberal as Pres. who’d know at least a little better. 🙂 YAY! LIB

    1. Of course, to the right-winger reducing the population to 500 million is a scary NWO conspiracy and musn’t be. Amazing how the right hasn’t a clue how to fix the world, Satan, Lucifer is seen everywhere, and what else.

  26. I don’t see what the problem is. These people that are illegal immigrants that don’t belong in Europe and have no right to be there. They should be deported straight away without question. The way they are is to blame for the problems in their home countries. All they do is export the the very same problems they are running from.

  27. Most of Us did NOT leave Europe in search of “opportunities”. Our Home is being invaded. Our Homes-Away-From-Home are being invaded. Talk to White People about these points. We need to talk about defending Our Home!

  28. Those economic migrants were in distress on a Mill Pond, I’ve taken my little boat out in rougher seas than what they were “rescued” from.

  29. I’m Algerian, we saved Europe from 13000 migrants yet we are being blamed by every media = ( should we stop deporting them and let them reach the sea?

  30. GEORGE SOROS is 87 billionaire he knows his days are numbered… He can’t take all his ill gotten gains with him so he has been sending 100s of millions out to groups that support the destruction of all white Christian nation’s… Soros blames Christians for the Holocaust but whatever the reality is he’s been sending massive amts of money to leaders all over the world funding them in many tactical ways.. he has idiot Marxist radicals all over Europe working in conjunction with him as brainwashed idiots they are helping Soros by circumventing border laws nation’s immigration rules laws by finding areas along borders to smuggle in more YOUNG MALE MUSLIMS BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY… Alot of these idiots running European countries haven’t any structured immigration systems or border controls which helps Soros and his scumbags as they smuggle in Muslims weapons drugs dangerous war like weapons rpg hand grenades pipe bombs.. Soros is paying idiots with boats migrant smugglers 35.00 to 50.00 a body.. naturally the incentive is there for idiots on boats to bring in as many as 5000 Muslims a day … This is why Sweden has the problems they have as the police have stated they locate weapons caches in Malmo Stockholm and have 62 no go zones.. police station in Malmo was bombed.. the police chief being a globalist cuck released a politically correct photo of the bombers the back of a person’s head only the hood visible… This is the only image recovered from 27 cameras around the property.. the idiot fake feminists in swedish govt that empower women state they had over 7500 rapes in 2017.. to empower women the govt stated publicly the swedish women should stay indoors after dark and to avoid Arabic men in groups? Oh and most importantly for women to maintain an arms distance from migrants… NOW THATS EMPOWERING WOMEN! the next day the swedish courts allowed 14 men released after their DNA evidence matched the bodily fluids of the poor child… 20 Muslims grabbed a swedish kid pulled her into a stairwell took turns choking her raping her for FOUR HOURS… The swedish govt released every one of them stating yes the DNA evidence matched correctly but these migrants were stereotyped! Ahhhhhhhh so let em go.. this sheit happens continuously which is why gang rapes are common and occur with regularity.. the feminists empowering women and the nation with social enrichment state they don’t like incarcerating or locking up Muslims as they say long term incarceration may cause a life of crime caused by incarceration? The swedish govt actually advertised publicly they were welcoming Islamic state members who have been fighting killing Christians in Syria decapitating them for not being Muslims.. the govt says they LL offer free driving lessons all debts forgiven job training.. free housing for killers.. is it no surprise that no go zones gangs have been found with caches of war like weapons and police state they are responsible for bombing the police station .. swedish police state they only deal with 8% of the rapes and asked the govt for more cops to be hired to handle the rape epidemic… They said they have no money but the next day stated they would allow more Muslims into the country.. any objections from the people if they are Christian or white like the father who stated his young daughter was raped twice now.. he was accused of hate speech… My point in all of this Is why would German EMAM Merkel deny the cologne rapes occurred? Why would she say maybe German women should dress more like Muslims why in UK is EMAM Teresa may protecting child sex slave gangs? 1400 CHILDREN pimped out sold beaten raped girls as young as 7yrs old forced into seeing 10 men a day… George Soros is an international terrorist if he wasn’t lining the pockets of politicians and lawmakers around the world…

  31. If all these douche canoes are coming to Europe, lets head to Africa. A continent with an unbelievable amount of untapped resources. We’ve consumed all the resources Europe has to offer over the centuries, lets build a new empire. Then we can ethnically cleans Europe, liberate Palestine , and hang all the jews with there entrails.

  32. your right Syrian have a need the rest is just over burden from over populated poorly governed countries in the 50’s and 60s there efforts to prevent the crises like china’s on child policy but dumb ass feminist and there beta male minions allied by the psycho greedy stopped that its a problem know about since the 1800’s but the vpoive of sanity is berried in narcissist sociopathism (new word there yeah me ) your cute do you like older guys : )

  33. I wanted to report that in Trieste (Trst, Italy) the police arrested a tiny wagon with probably 30 illegal immigrants last Sunday.

    The road was half blocked and they had them sit in line on the sidewalk as we drove by. We later saw them escorted with a parade of policemen.

    Neither local nor national newspapers reported this, though occasionally they mention smaller groups of 4-6 illegals. I’m guessing they want to cover up the extent of invasions. I saw them by chance, cause I went to the beach that day. How many did I miss, and worse, how many do police miss? Close all borders NOW.

  34. Barbara, I LOVE your expressions of common sense. Combined with the accent, I believe that it’s the MOST attractive opinion time one can spend😎…… I have six daughters, and NONE of them hold a candle to your intellect…. jus sayin……

  35. Unfortunately if Democrats in U.S. have their way we will be opening our borders as well which will be even more illegal mexicans coming in. Sucks what is happening over in the EU but seriously ppl in power need to stop listening to stupid SJW’s and seriously round up all illegal immigrants and forcibly send them back to their own countries. I don’t care if they come legally but the illegal ones are wreaking havoc and I really don’t want U.S. to be as screwed as the EU is right now. If they could easily immigrate to the U.S. believe it that they would do just that. Next we are going to see people in the U.S. wanting to help all the immigrants that are fleeing to the EU and that will truly fuck america.

  36. David Lynch apparently said that Trump might go down as the greatest president in American history or something like that. Just thought you’d appreciate the info.

  37. They are not refugees, they are invaders on a religious mission. Rape,pillage and plunder. When will people wake up.

  38. When you hear things we don’t hear, it’s funny. Oh, we don’t hear anything. Thought you should know.

  39. EU (((tehnocrats))) are to blame. Get rid of EU’s dictatorship , get rid of the problem., that’s the only real solution. Cheers

  40. Hahaha lol little white girl, please keep posting your little “save white angelic beautiful europe from those filthy brown invaders” videos with a quote and quote innnocent “white young european girl” being groped by migrants thumbnail. LOL all your little bitter videos wont change reality and guess what? They never will, get that in your head! Haha, I seriously hope Erdogan unleashes the gates of hell on europe by letting more refuges pass through his country, and into your continent/ small shitty slovenia! Europe will burn and guess what? there is nothing all your bitter and angry middle aged mid life crises beta white male audience can do anything about it, lol. LOL come at me bitch I really dont give a fuck about your replies or your audience, they will be ignored, lol! Have an angry, bitter, entitled, white supremacist life! NOT!

  41. Im starting to feel like there is a conspiracy to destroy Eruope going on. It’s just all very strange what’s happening over there and how your not really allowed to talk about it.

  42. If they are not Native Europeans they don`t have the right to have a better life!!! Is that hard to say`it? Not for me.

  43. They talk about colonialism in a bad way and then they’re putting themselves at a new mercy of „white“ man. It shows that they are fine with it obviously. Africa is a gigantic continent and it offers boundless possibilities to create and get jobs. This is a task for governments and economy. And if they make a bad policy „fleeing“ should not be the first option for them. What is wrong with this people, I can’t take them serious, and governments who let this happen, too. I compare them with plague of grasshoppers. We have to build a fortified wall.

  44. The media lies. Everywhere. And now Europe will outlaw memes and other forms of expression in order to clamp down on those who don’t believe the lies. Very alarming.

  45. Hi!
    How many Barabaras are doing videos for this channel?
    Holy Moly.
    I mean they are all so similar and yet so different.
    Is this some project of your art school?
    And in a couple of your last videos you remind me of some other YouTuber. (i think he is also from the U.S.)
    Sometimes same mimics, gesture, emphasis/accentuation.
    That is somewhat awkward and amazing at the same time.
    – Either you know him
    – you both visit the same actors school
    – body snatchers (space force anyone? Tremendous)
    – this is another cia psyop and they kidnapped her (or all)
    – insane nasa green screenery
    – i’m just getting more and more insane everyday. that usual madness.
    – coincidence

    I liked your old videos more.
    About Slovenia, slovenian language and those random funny videos. (Happy Birthday Slovenia!)

    What was the real reason you left Slovenia ?

  46. Slovenia is a known PEZ manufacturer.
    I wonder what they will put on their next dispenser???
    But, there is no head on it!

  47. The liberal-left is looking to terminate the white race. Many have come out and said it. Especially in the EU. If you let these immigrants in, you do not want to exist as a people.

    Yep! It’s all about getting the hand-out. They come to rape women and collect welfare. The invaders openly say so.

    White people must get over the fear of being labeled a racist, as well as other horrific accusations. This is where the liberal-left goes when they can’t win the argument. They simply assassinate your character. That way they do not have to debate.

    The education systems in the west have turned white men into cucks. Guilt ridden cucks. If white men do not shuck this nonsense off and fight for their very existence, the white race will be exterminated.

    If you continue to vote for these liberal-left politicians, then you deserve to be exterminated as a people.

  48. Slovenia has the same problem as many Europeans who used to support uncontrolled mass migration. That is until they see the migrants in front of their face and how they changed their society, Then they closed their doors but too late because the problem has taken root in their own home.

  49. i dont know when was the last time you were in Slovenia but im in maribor and for the last year ive been seeing a lot of different races and its good to see different people and im definitely not racist but from seeing your video maybe the immigrants are slowly already here cause we used to have like probably like 10 black people idk but now its a lot more and all im asking is where did they come from and you just answered me so thanks and i hope that the politicians will fucking do their job

  50. hey I just found your channel and I agree with you, however I think that besides these topic you discuss you should go to the rabbit-hole: THE MOTHERFUCKING ISRAEL, those fuckers are the masterminds for all these refugee bullshit, you should focus into that shit, unless you’re a fucking shill for israhell perhaps? . Regards


  52. I have a hard time comprehending what you’re saying Barbara, I’m just so dumbstruck by how beautiful you are and you awesome sense of humour

  53. I’m so glad that Poland didn’t give a f**k about eu and the immigrants, they’re just brave! ❤️

  54. Suppprt…Border should be super strong..Or attack them if they tried give em pressure so that they might feel fear….And dnT enter…they are here to destroy your culture and tradition…Not for so called survival..We must shoe em we r not weak like other countries..europe the last stand of white people..

  55. AAAMEEENNN !!! ! !!!
    Thanks Barby :-*
    Keep on doing the Good Work !!! ! !!!
    Greettings from poor old dying Eu.

  56. There has been a mass stabbing in Boise Idaho in a Muslim refugee concentrated area. It’s being hushed up. This from Associated Press. :

    BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho police say nine people were hospitalized early Sunday and one man is in custody after a mass stabbing at a Boise apartment complex that is home to many refugee families.

    Boise Police Chief Bill Bones said all nine were taken to area hospitals, some with life-threatening injuries.

    “At this point we haven’t lost anybody, but as I said the injuries are very serious,” Bones said.

    The police did not yet have a suspected motive for the Saturday night attack but said a 30-year-old man was in custody.

    “This incident is not a representation of our community but a single evil individual who attacked people without provocation that we are aware of at this time,” Bones said.

    He said the attack resulted in the most victims in a single incident in Boise Police Department history. “As you can imagine, the Wylie Street Apartment and our community is reeling from this attack,” he said.

    Police received a report of a stabbing at 8:46 p.m., and responded to the apartment complex within four minutes, Bone said. They found victims in the parking lot and inside the apartment complex. Witnesses reported that the suspect had fled, and police arrested the 30-year-old man a short distance away.

    Investigators said they did not yet know if the suspect was connected to the victims in any way.

    Police did not release the names or ages of the victims, but said their age ranges varied dramatically and “it’s affected all aspects of the families” who live at the complex.

    Bones said police believe the knife used in the stabbing was discarded by the suspect prior to his arrest, and police searched a nearby canal as well as the areas around the apartment complex.

    The apartment complex is just off of one of Boise’s busier streets, separated from the traffic by one of the many irrigation canals that run through the city. Police closed roughly a mile of the road during the initial investigation and later rerouted traffic to the lanes farthest from the complex using flares and barricades.

    Early Sunday morning there were still dozens of police cars and officers at the apartment complex, with yellow evidence markers placed around the parking lot. Officers told some residents of the complex who were trying to go home that they should either find a motel or go to a nearby church for shelter, because the complex wouldn’t be opened to residents before daylight.

    Victim witness coordinators and counselors were being made available to the victims, their families and friends and other residents of the apartment complex, Bones said.

    “Our hearts go out to the victims who are in the hospital tonight, please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers,” he said.

  57. Serbs fighting the islamic state since 1389.
    1999 we tried the last time. NATO bombed us for three months for the right of the Muslims to steal organs. Now we let them migrate.

    1. What the fuck European Muslims aka. Slav Muslims, have with Africa, Middle East Muslims ? Two different things, one with the other has nothing to do. And you are proud for killing European Slav Muslims ? Well fuck me.

  58. well just like we had open borders long time ago and slavs and mongols came to europe we shouldnt just be against modern day refugees we should be far more against historic immigrants to europe such as slavs and hungarians…hungarians are not europeans neither are serbs or any slavic people perhaps its time all people return to their homelands?

  59. When finland was suggested to join EU, i was pretty young, but at that time i knew that there is no point in joining it, everyone was so happy about what things they can get from joining it, and the Euro.. I was basicly the only one in my family that didint like and it was absolutly not needed, everyone got lied in the face. Finland has gone dowhill since we joined the EU, but there are “talks” about we gona leave it, it is not Finland that have the ropes on everything, it is the EU that says we need to take in immigrants not just only here but everywhere in europe. If we don’t take them in, we have to pay big tickets… so basicly this sh*t is forced on everyone, and im sad in some countrys where they don’t have brains in the politics like “Sweden” things will get really bad.

  60. “700 Euro’s not enough to get what you want ” 700 FREE Euro’s not enough to get what he wants for free ! Why in hell should his ass be getting ANYTHING for free from people who have to work hard to get what they have ? Looks like a pretty clear case of MUSLIM PRIVELEDGE in Europe.

  61. Europe’s decline is due to these illegal refugees! Stupid European leaders, who should go to hell, have ruined European culture and women’s centuries of effort

  62. Denmark is a hidden Dictaturship.

    in Denmark we call it democracy, but it is the queen that got the POWER. its the queens government, NOT the peoples government. its the queens police, NOT the peoples police. ect. ect. ect………….
    the problem is the queen, she want this muslim INVATION.

    In our constitution, the word democracy does not exist.
    The proof is here, it’s from a live radio program, it’s in Danish.

    Magtens paragraffer. Interview om grundloven med Martin Tidsvilde
    Here is the book proving that all politics are an act.

  63. I think if these migrants where threatened with being shot if they cross the border and if they try shoot them , they will soon stop but the world is to pink and fluffy and politically correct to do that .

  64. From DailyMail: Illegal immigrant is arrested for ‘starting dozens of wildfires in Colorado that forced hundreds to evacuate and destroyed 38,000 acres of land’, as video shows blaze rapidly engulfing one of the many decimated homes
    Jesper Joergensen, 52, was taken into custody last Saturday for the suspected arson that started the Springs Fire
    Joergensen is not a U.S. citizen and will be handed over to ICE once he has faced arson charges
    The fire has scorched over 38,000 acres (15,378 hectares) between the towns of Fort Garland and La Veta in southern Colorado
    Dylan R Brown Agency – Farmers Insurance captured video of the wildfire as it devoured a home on Forbes Park in Fort Garland, Colorado
    By Reuters and Matthew Wright For
    Published: 00:42 EDT, 1 July 2018 | Updated: 10:38 EDT, 1 July 2018
    Jesper Joergensen, 52, was taken into custody last Saturday for the suspected arson that started the Springs Fire
    A man was arrested on Saturday on charges of starting a forest fire in Colorado that has destroyed structures and forced hundreds to evacuate their homes in one of dozens of wildfires raging across the drought-hit U.S. southwest.
    Jesper Joergensen, 52, was taken into custody last Saturday for the suspected arson that started the Springs Fire, according to Costilla County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.
    Joergensen is not a U.S. citizen and will be handed over to ICE once he has faced arson charges, said a Costilla County detention officer.
    The officer could not immediately say what nationality Joergensen held.
    The fire has scorched over 38,000 acres (15,378 hectares) between the towns of Fort Garland and La Veta in southern Colorado, forcing more mandatory evacuations of homes and ranches on Saturday in a mountainous area of public and private land etc.

  65. The whole darker world wants to rape the more beautiful white women and steal the more industrious white man’s money and prosperity, and the West’s Media and their countries’ Globalist rulers are in Masonic conspiracy to replace the entire white race.

  66. Exactly. Most of these people are not from war thorn countries. So, all of them are illegals who are not eligible for asylum and they know that. That is why they don’t file for it. We have every right to kick them out. Maybe we need some kind of Balkan residents organization that will pressure the politicians to do something about the situation. The situation can very easily be solved but why do politicians don’t want to have it solved is beyond me. We have to make them though. We can’t just give up. And honestly, if we don’t make them no one will. Balkan is already left to its means.

  67. if you will need help, just scream VISEGRAD FOUR really loud four times and we will appear like Beetlejuice 😛 P.S. Seriously, if you need help just scream even online and we will come aid you. There are millions like us in Poland who would be willing to help you to protect Slovenia. We’re waiting for you to join us in the V4, we would welcome our Slovene brothers and sisters with open arms. We’re also glad that you are already part of the Three Seas Initiative that is the future for central and eastern Europe. It’s future we will build together. Regards from Poland!

  68. I live in Ireland and the media have almost dropped the use of the term refugee/asylum seeker and are instead harping on about the rights of migrants to move to Europe as if they have some automatic right to just turn up here and be supported. Which is absolute rubbish of course as we are not obligated to solve the world’s problems, and the globalist goal of endless mass migration to Europe has nothing to do with humanitarianism but is clearly designed to destroy the continent. And though numerous countries in the EU are now totally against both the idea of “refugee” redistribution programmes for existing invaders and a proposed future of millions of illegals flooding Europe, it will be imposed on us short of the break up of the Union or war actually breaking out. We are up against satanists who are plotting our extinction and the Europe we know and love is dead unless we stand against them.

  69. Here in the Netherlands we have a group called We Are Here, that are group of people where multiple judges have said that they must leave the country.. up the Dutch government is doing nothing about it, until that day comes they will keep breaking in someone else houses.

  70. Unless you go full Hitler it’s too late to save Europe now, because everywhere liberals will fight to the death to keep the world ‘free’ and multicultural. I don’t think there’s a turning back you can diminish the flow of migrants but never stop it completely so the end result will be the same maybe not in 10 years but in 30.

  71. I will never blame the people. People always look for a better life and will do whatever they can to find it. It’s an instinct. Who’s here to stop it? Our politicians and they are failing dramatically. Why media is trying to hide the real information is not clear. I think Slovenia is going to be ok.

  72. The one refugee you showed actually seemed like a really decent guy, with pretty good english skills and wanting to work. Its nice to see after I see so many beggars that just appeared in Amsterdam.

  73. You do realize that no one with a sane mind would like to move in a eastern Europe country, you are the first to move out from them, polish, Albanians, Romanians, wtf are you talking about?

  74. Reason why I don’t watch such viedo coz I feel sad nd depressed after watching such viedo I feel hopeless

  75. That’s where you wrong! Europe is already going to be awaken to the dangers of globalism and especially the bureaucratic, aristocratic and theocratic super-state known as the E.U

  76. That’s great, because history has shown that the Balkans are super stable, and nothing bad ever starts there.

  77. Barbara, you should have a donation address in cryptocurrency, which is becoming the ideal way to support content creators like yourself. May who make crypto related videos post bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) addresses. Though I would personally suggest EOS (EOS) which will have much lower transaction fees. Really respect what you are doing and your love for your country.

  78. Whoever that moulinyan is that posted that video about raping our wives better end up in a gas chamber or ditch somewhere.

  79. George Soros and the Jewish NGOs are aiding all these people to flood into Europe. Europe will be overrun.


  81. This is all pointless. Haaretz already prophesied Europe’s fate in 2015: there’s no stopping mass immigration that will alter the world. Surrender, you chaff!

  82. As an arab muslim i think illegal immigration is a huge issue and no one should accept it. Arab countries don’t accept refugees of any kind and they deport them asap. Everyone has the right to protect their own land.

  83. Great video. Good points and so entertaining, even though it’s shocking but hardly surprising.

  84. I’m so sorry I haven’t watched this yet. 🙁 I’m so sorry B. Now listen to her, she knows her stuff. Smarter and more beautiful by the day. I think it’s the truth, it just makes you more attractive. Fives and vec Love. 😉 And I miss seeing/hearing from you.

    Or is it Love vec. ?

  85. So if you don’t stop people like that illegal guy, politicians, then you support the raping and murdering of your citizens. Flat and simple.

  86. Although I am sure this would never ever happen Barbara, but, It is possible that they could empty some of the jails in Slovenia by putting their child molesters, rapists ,and other carreer criminals in classrooms and teach them to speak Arabic and act like they were refugees from Syria. They are offered freedom if they participate in this program. They then sneak thru Austria and into Germany. There they form gangs of “refugees” and gang rape women and do all sorts of those other crimes the “refugees” seem to get away with there, due to Frau Merkel’s maternalistic attitude toward naughty “refugees”.

  87. part 3
    I suppose the EU found out the “Slovies” were saving the taxpayer’s money by doing this, so they sent them some new refugees to invade Slovenia to retaliate.
    The E U’s hidden agenda is starting a sort of world war III , by assembling a task force from their member countries that will invade the lands that are home to the religion of peace.
    This was inspired by George W. Bush’s war on terror. During the 1st few months of his presidency W said ” democracies don’t start wars” That was true until Sept. 11th. Although the Terrorists who hijacked those airplanes were not directly associated with their governments, they did kill about 3000 People. By 9/12 America had changed it’s mind about starting a war, this was due to the power of hate, and W’s ability to put it to use.
    Now we hate every one of ” those people” except Annie Cyrus. And the war, or wars, seem like a cool thing to do.
    10 years ago , I would have never believed that Europeans would be in favor of doing another crusade, but I would guess that the majority of them have changed their minds, and are thinking ” Well, what are we waiting for?”
    By letting all those “refugees” into Europe and letting the Christians “get to know them” the EU has done what W has.

  88. DAMMIT they never tell me when you have a new video! I have to stumble across them even though I hit “get notifications”.

  89. Leave it to a “Progressive” to worry more about potentially offensive language than about reality.

  90. Just do your research on NWO & America’s Q Anon, and you will know more to better help your people. God bless.

  91. I believe it concerns you what happens in Europe, but you made a decision to live in the States, so in reality, those problems are not yours anymore.

  92. You recently elected a rather anti-immigrant government so I don’t think there will be any significant flood of them in your country. I guess at least.

  93. Now I know why I like you. The Slovenian thing. My family are from Gottschee/Kocevje. But they left when it was still Austria.

  94. The sounds she started hearing at about 5:40 in her video were a far less extraterrestrial phenomenon, probably coils going bad. If you have a Toyota that’s got 9 years and at least 250k to 300k miles on it, that’s going to happen. The terrestrial invasion of Europe and to a lesser extent the USA is quite real. Just as coils eventually go bad, most politicians go bad as well. They need to be changed frequently, like diapers, and for the same reason.

  95. Are you still race-mixing Barbara? There is nothing like a race-mixer educating us on the problems of non-white immigration.

  96. Slovenija ima isti problem kao Srbija, Hrvatska a i ostale zemlje Balkana. Politicari korumpirani i podredjeni politicarima iz Brisela a vecina naroda previse glupa tj. nesposobna da sagleda razmere ove katastrofe koja se desava pred nama. Pozdrav iz Srbije i Srecan Rodjendan Slovenija 🙂

  97. It’s the thin edge of the wedge.All of Europe has good reason to scream.Tiny nations like Slovenia should be fearful. I feel blessed to have thousands of kilometers of ocean between me and Africa.

  98. I understand refugees and all that, but i dont understand why EU let immigrants from for exmple Paksitan, Somalia, Eritrea coming in? And why they let immigrants without Passports enter EU and leave them be in EU, i would let refugees in but only those who are real refugees from Syria with passports. Anyone without a passport is suspicious and came probably to case trouble coz nobody knows his identity.

  99. Close the borders completely. Deport all non-Europeans. Poland is going in the right direction among others. I’m not losing my country and continent to them. They have already tried to invade us for hundreds of years. Example the Moors invading the Iberian Peninsula. The Ottomans invading the Balkans. My wife is German. Her country is almost lost. That means that German culture, people, traditions, and identity is almost gone. Other Europeans need to realize that it’s not just migrants looking for work. It’s an invasion of Muslim and African countries. I don’t hate these people but if they are infringing on my people and their cultures I will not stand for it. Every single European (a.k.a white) country has a below replaceable birth rate. This is because most Europeans have abandoned their identity and decided to be rebellious. It is truly sad. Us Europeans are getting replaced. They are raping our wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and even sons and pets. They are animals with an agenda to completely storm the European continent, destroy Christianity, make everyone Muslim, rape our women, steal our women, and completely erase us from history. I’m not saying everyone coming in is like that but the majority of them are.

    1. That’s right. No more blonde hair blue eyed Swedish and German girls and guys. No brunettes from Italy and Spain and no more European beauties.

  100. In 10 to 20 years Russia and China will be rulers of the world. The European nations will be one big third world country and all Europeans will be murdered in due time.

  101. I have given up trying, i’m in the UK, we voted brexit and it’s not made a blind bit of difference. We will have open borders forever i think.

  102. I have given up trying, i’m in the UK, we voted brexit and it’s not made a blind bit of difference. We will have open borders forever i think.

  103. Africa is a huge continent filled with natural resources. The West, in particular the USA, has poured HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in aide to Africa. Private charities have donated HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to Africa. I know because I donated for years. WTF did they do with all those resources and treasure?!

    NOTHING! Their dictators lined their pockets and perpetrated mass genocides. Screw the sub-Saharan, violent, Muslim filth and the same male muslim filth from Pakistan! They’re parasites, deadly, low IQ parasites. They can’t build their own civilizations because they’ve been inbred for centuries! All they know is violence, rape and murder. Save the white Afrikaans and let the savages kill each other and starve to death! I will never send another penny to “save a starving African child.”

  104. I’m sure you get a lot of hate so I would like to counteract it with a lot of love! you look really beautiful with no makeup. if you’re ever in the good o u.s. you’re always welcome at my place. no pervy shit I promise well unless you’re into that sort of thing LOL. keep up the good work I’ll keep watching and liking!

  105. I ti si počela sa “ya’ll”? Jesus!!!! INVADERS, INVADERS (1966) 😉 Girl, we’re all fucked up in the Balkans, sooner or later we will all (or ya’ll?;-)) convert to Islam and speak Arabic! 😉 But the worst part of the “migrant situation” is that it’s an CIA/NSA invention. Why? Use your brains!

  106. I just have a question. You are a Slovenian in America? How do you defend your migration? And why is yours different?

  107. You said this is not normal… how?.. how about all the history that happend? Are you familiar with it? All of the mankind have been migrating all the time! The slavs have migrated! Your ancestors! And i doubt they did it “legally”.
    But ok, lets say you are right and this is a red alarm. All i can see in this video is your panic and fear. This is it. Any suggestions what to do? Nah? Just send people back? Or leave them in front of our borders?

  108. Immigrant complaining about immigrants, now that’s something. Stick to simpler themes you can handle and stop promoting hate of speech.

  109. They are not refugees, they are economic, cultural & religious zelot terrorists. That makes them a plague of evil vermin locusts that happen to be in human shaped bodies. The most wise & intelligent course of action is to exterminate them all as they arrive at the borders as well as any that are discovered within. These are my opinions & pertain to every situation like this in every nation. This is a war.

  110. Not everyone from Africa (larger continent) is migrating to Europe. So your argument comparing the size of Africa to the size of Europe does not makes sense. The total number of immigrants would not significantly impact the number of people living in Europe. Also, you take specific videos of specific people, which is only anecdotal evidence (ie the video of the person threatening europeans) and generalize it to the ‘vast amounts’ of immigrants. On the other hand you ignore the statements of police and ministers. I just don’t understand your reasoning.

  111. You’re my favorite kind of immigrant, Barbara.  1) Legal, 2) Intelligent, 3) Speaks the language, 4) An asset rather than a liability.  I wish we could get a few million of you instead of the central American leeches.

  112. Hey Barb, I love the information we get from you and the way you put it to us, also dam your beautiful 💯👍🏻

  113. Ko ekonomska migrantka začne sikat čez ekonomske migrante, se je folku dokončno odfukal’!
    Zaustavte prosm Zemljo, jest grem dol.

  114. The EU The Aristocracy and The Bankers need to all be rounded up and executed in a public display then all socialist sympathizers this was prophesied by many but most notably Mikhail Gorbachev ! when Communism fell it actually went underground and became a tool of the Rich Aristocracy and Monarchy

  115. Europe, looking forward to canibalism, rape, Ebola, genocide, machete killings, female & male genital mutilation and other treasuries of diversity.

  116. I saw that they took your video about David Hogg down. Fuck, You Tube! Keep doing that you do Barbara4u2c!

  117. Your slogan ” stay awesome, stay positive, I love you all.” Happens to be the opposite of what you need to do to win an election nowadays.
    I’m sorry, but if what you need is votes ,the strategy is
    1) Forget about trying to be awesome, just do the things that other people have done and won.
    2) Go Negative*
    3) If you are gonna form emotional bonds with people, do it with people who are on YOUR team, screw everyone else.
    * Like it or not, Negative campaigning has proved to be the most efficient way to get votes. What the democrats are now doing to win the mid-term elections is just attack Trump , because computer analysis has shown them this is all they can do.
    Really Barbara, if you can do some of those “man on the street” interviews that Lauren Southern does, you will find many people who hate Trump, but if you ask them why, they will not be able to give you ANY specific answers.
    They might tell you he is racist, or hates imigrants but in reality He dated a model who was half black and hired a Black guy on his TV show. His Mother and 2 of the women he married were immigrants. If you ask them anything about these, they will just weird out on you and change the subject. If you are talking to a real snowflake, they might even get triggered and start screaming.

  118. As long as dumb white guys believe in equality, as long as women think their government will protect them and as long as white europeans keep accepting “reformed” leftists white children will continue to get raped in their tens of thousands by muslim paedophiles, white women will continue to be gang raped by imbreeds and white guys will continue to get poorer, more isolated and powerless to stop any of it.

    Keep trying to be reasonable why your self appointed enemy preaches and practises your annihilation, see how that works out for you.

  119. This was the last vid so I could reply something because your vids get took down and you just tell the truth it is what it is i hope you read this I’m so mad that we all know this makes no sense when a something is said that offends us it’s ok with no truth to even back it up all lies.You are the best and I can truthfully say that I have love for you hope you know you are amazing love that you do these vids and so happy your in U.S. and stand for your people deffinatley love you your great.

  120. Maybe illegals enter though open borders especially to downgrade countries that are better then their own. Why wouldn’t they immigrate under due process?

  121. Europe is Bye Bye. Marry and America guy, stay in the USA, and help us man the Barricades against the Islamic state that was Europe.

  122. LoveLife <>Putting Women in Political Leadership is a Bad Move, the SJW Ideology Know No Boarders, is TransCultue, why Cause Women Share a Blood Bond, sort of like a CultOnce Allowed into Power, Women will destroy Civilization, just like the Rebellion Evette Tried in the Garden of Eden , when not under her Husbands Authority, Went Bad, To this day Satan has his Filthy Hooks in Mankind, Babies Too🔥🇱🇷🔥

  123. Just the Kalergi Plan and Barcelona Declaration and Marrakech agreement being implemented by our liberal left Eu leaders determined to destroy the indigenous population of Europe! Stop illegal mass immigration ! Stop migration from Mediterranean and Muslim countries!

  124. Although the refugees may have a problem crossing the fences, once they are inside Slovenia they can use one of the worlds best and most beautiful network of hiking trails, there are also plenty of 5 star campsites there. I’m sorry Barb, but Slovenia has to do its part like all of the other members of the EU. It is part of the EU strategy for everyone, even the Slovenians, to get to know the refugees and learn to hate them.

  125. When everyone of your arguments crescendo’s into a stammering mouth-fart, you become very convincing.

  126. did you know? Saudi Arab builds camps that could accommodate millions of immigrants though they prefer not to as some countries in Europe had volunteered to open the gates to whoever not even giving a background check on all of these people if they did do a background check on them most of the man would not be allowed to live among European citizens


  128. i think we should help the countries they came from, or repopulate them in countries whose population is shrinking rapidly, like Latvia or Japan.

  129. i think we should help the countries they came from, or repopulate them in countries whose population is shrinking rapidly, like Latvia or Japan.

  130. Lol u moved to usa but crying about people moving to slovania . Everyone stay in their own country dont be a hypocrite.

    1. Aurora 123
      we don’t mind a people of a common IQ level coming here.
      .. and I somehow think that would put you on the no fly list.

  131. Your population is 2,081,260 minus you & Melania —same amount of a rather crowded average city — how ‘re these people going to fit in?

  132. slovenian car, slovenian driver. What could possibly go wrong :’) Very funny girl! I came to Slovenia in 2001 for the first time and it remains in my top 3 places to be.

  133. 🤔 Soviet Union kept a large portion of Europe “refugee free” for quite some time
    Pretty sure it’s the guys with guns that had something to do with it…..

  134. All is good and well, you are doing a good job, but …. ti bi morala to povedati po slovensko, tisti, ki bi morali to vedeti, te ne razumejo. Verjetno pa je, da tudi ce bi razumeli, ne bi verjeli, a mogoce je se cas…..

  135. Yeah they are supposedly called ”immigrants” but it’s well known,that they are paid TERRORISTS from ISIL. And their ”masterplan” is to make whole planet ISLAMIC planet Earth!

  136. Presented as a humanitarian mission, the evidence amply confirms that NATO’s brutal air raids of towns and villages in Kosovo have triggered the exodus of refugees. Those who have fled their homes to real refugee camps in Macedonia and Albania have nothing to return to, nothing to look forward to… An entire country has been destroyed, its civilian industry and public infrastructure transformed into rubble. Bridges, power plants, schools and hospitals are displayed as “legitimate military targets” selected by NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) in Vicenza, Italy and carefully “validated prior to the pilot launching his strike. All this in 1990s they are fn Evil!

  137. Yes Janez Janša is Slovenian Trump. Corrupt stupid lier. I live in Slovenia and I don’t know what is Barbara talking about. Maybe she just little to far to know anything about Slovenia.

  138. Europe needs to reclaim its territory and go back to its tribal roots.
    No excuses anymore. Europeans, stop being sissies and take back your country.
    Send all the useless illegals back to their countries. It’s not our problem.
    How is 8% of the world’s population responsible for taking care of the rest.
    White people are so evil, but we want to go where white people are.

  139. Hello . Keep making these videos because it is the only way we learn about all of this going on in this insane world around us .

  140. the zionist own and control the media /left , this population swap has been planned for a long time, they want to destroy white Christian civilisation , the left have been trying to start a war in Europe with Russia , they aim to kill as many whites as poss and while the armies are away killing eachother they will arm the muslim refugees who can then attack the unprotected civilians and especially then they can get their hands on the women/girls , some migrants interviewed said that they were told there are many blonde haired women and girls in Europe which are easy pickings thats reason why there are so many single males , shipping containers full of weapons have been discovered by customs in Italy, France , Britain , i think , they were on their way to certain groups in Europe , erdogan wants a european caliphate and in the last week an Imam has called for muslims to rise up and conquer Europe , it looks pretty obvious doesnt it , the left are Evil or very very stupid .looking very lovely B

  141. Barbara I just came across your channel and it’s awesome man to be so young you speak the truth keep at it we will win you have the attitude and the drive to be good at what you’re doing so don’t give up really enjoyed your channel have a great day

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