Refugee$$ vacationing in their homelands funded by taxpayer$$

Can’t make this stuff up.


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Author: Social Truth Warrior

206 thoughts on “Refugee$$ vacationing in their homelands funded by taxpayer$$

  1. They use anything and anyone to stay. In Holland they even falsely become Christian, putting in the time and effort to convert and everything because they are told that if they become Christian they have a bigger chance of getting a Dutch permit. When asked if they are going back to there previous beliefs they casually smile and say yes (after receiving their permit of course).

  2. Good to see you safe and back on YouTube.
    The more the liberal countries of Europe bend over backwards to help these people, the more of these case of individuals who think the laws don’t apply to them.

  3. So yeah…. i only subscribed cuz your hot…. time will tell if i will stay… maybe a veil… burqua would suit you more…. just saying…

  4. Why the hell is it so easily for them (illegally) to travel from country to country and yet we’re getting fucking getting touched felt stripped zapped pic’ed searched and all this bullshit, and it’s so damn expensive, and it’s so damn hard to do so for the rest of us (legally)???

    1. What are you talking about? I travel between countries almost monthly without EVER “getting touched felt stripped zapped pic’ed searched” or ever paying anything to cross a European border. Granted there might be a few European countries that I’d have to pay for a visa but an American passport can travel most anywhere in Europe w/o paying anything to cross a border.

    2. First, you never mentioned TSA. TSA BS has to do with when ever you fly on an airplane to, from or within the US. Nothing about crossing borders. But also, you’re responding to a young lady in Slovenia talking about illegals crossing open European borders. You really need to understand more about the EU, the Schengen Area and their differences before trying to comment about their borders.

      Your question about why you have so much trouble crossing those borders insinuates your troubles are because of Europe. Troubles with Americans crossing open European borders are not because of European countries. Your only problems with ” getting touched felt stripped zapped pic’ed searched” have to do with TSA. And don’t only apply to those leaving the US or crossing any borders. You have those same stupid TSA problems anytime you fly. Even city to city or state to state. (TSA BS is a big reason I don’t return to the US to visit after11 years in Europe.) And, other than buying a passport once every 10 years, I don’t know what “it’s so damn expensive” even refers to.

  5. What are your predictions of the future? Will there be a domestic war in Europe? Will be be forced to kill them all? Or the rulers of the planet want to be the only whites left?

  6. Hi Barb! Slovenia’s gain is North America’s loss…We Miss You! Return soon! Must be pretty hot in Ljubjana now that You’re there.
    Stay strong. Enjoy Your visit Home. Hello to You and Your family from Canada. Keep up the great work!

  7. if you are a refugee and you go on holiday in the country that you fled … then you are not a refugee. + going on holiday to a war zone … then something wrong in your head

  8. When a regular person visits a county as a tourist:
    – Get visa
    – Buy airfare
    – Book a hotel/Airbnb
    – While visiting places pay for your own food and accommodation, buy souvenirs, respect local laws and traditions, occasionally meet and make friends with locals.
    – Return back home after your vacation is over.
    The migrants way of visiting a country:
    – Pay $$$ to smugglers to get you into a country of your destination illegally
    – Upon entering a country apply for social benefits
    – Feel free to lie about your identity as nobody can confirm your real identity
    – Expect the country of your destination to provide you with food, accommodation, and if you happened to be in touristy areas demand money from real tourists, try to sell them cheap bracelets and other crap by pushing that shamelessly into their faces. Get mad and display violent intentions if someone refuses to give you money.
    – Do not respect locals and their culture. In fact, kill, rape, destroy if an opportunity presents itself. Demand accepting country to comply with your ways of living, the one that you had in your shit-hole country of origin.
    – And the least but not the last (the list can go on) never leave a new country. Try to bring more of your own because hey the laws are working in your favor and only stupid people with conscience would resist such a temptation right?

  9. Bigwigs in EU are traitors and evil…. They want to import Africa and Middle East into Europe….. And replace white people with people of colour…… They also want wars and unrest….. As they will then claim. To have the solution for it and we will love them for it….. Also wars make money….. Because countries take loans out to buy weapons and wars always create panic…. Panic leads to stupid things……. America make billions from wars….. Why do you think budget keeps going on their defence…… This is all Europe are doing…. They want some wars and panic….. They want everyone fighting each other…… All while they sit back and watch while counting all money they will make………….no more Immigrants…….because its always Muslims and they bring their filthy ways with them and change your culture……. Ill say again you can’t import Africa and not expect to get Africa lol…….. And don’t get me start of liberals and globalist fan boys……. These are traitors and idiots….. These are selling us out…… If it wasn’t for them this mess wudnt be upon us…… I blame these way more then invaders….because libs are ones who have open the door………. Makes me cringe when you see libs defending these immigrants that have raped a girl or hurt some one…… And saying we should let more in……. These people are destroying us from within…………what an evil ideology liberalism is and globalism……..I feel sorry for anyone living in next 100 years or so…. That has any common sense……you will be an outcast……….

  10. If you come to a new country as a immigrant/migrant/refugee/asylum seeker you should not be allowed to travel back to your homeland/country of socalled danger, and it should be illegal to send money out from your new country unless you work for the money. If your on welfare it should not even be allowed to travel outside your new country.

  11. Barbara, barring the fact that you bare my mother’s name and a few other things that you’ve, no doubt, heard NUMEROUS TIMES AND ARE, I’m fairly certain, fed up with….
    Thank you, I love your channel. Truly, I admire your “GRIT AND DETERMINATION.” THIS THING IN AMERICA WE CALL GRIT AND DETERMINATION, you have in “spades” Barbara. 🙂 women and men of European decent should be so proud and lucky to have you.
    Please, keep going, we need you. The west, NEEDS YOU.

  12. I’m really happy you are back making vids! Great vid, by the way! So true! The libtards are just wasting tax payer’s money! Misplaced altruism! Interesting design on your shirt…a person toting an AK47 with a coffee pot for a head! LOL

  13. Black people made europe to be the civilisation it is now.When Hanibal lost to Scipio in Africa because of the namibian soldiers ,europe began to get ,,civilised,,.Basically those black guys gave the power to Rome.Learn a little history.

  14. Keep going Barbie 🙂
    Your a hot young blonde, and you have a message.
    You have a platform. Love Your clips.
    Feminism is cancer, Left wing politic/views are fascist.
    oh ya…when are you coming to Australia 🙂
    Stop Muslim immigration.

  15. A refugee who returns to their homeland that claim was not safe for them to live in. within 10 years of their asylum claim needs to have their asylum claim cancelled. And if the situation openly clears up within their country in that ten years , send them all home to a safe country.

  16. I love your hair Barbara! You have done good hairstyles over there. And yes, this is BS and these migrants cannot possibly respect Europeans.

  17. Why doesn’t Europe encourage its native populace to have more children? Is Europe seriously so ridden with guilt it would rather see the destruction of their own populations within generations than be proud of themselves?

  18. This is totally of topic but i had a gig in belgium last summer and i met a girl from slovenia, she was gorgeous. Just like you. it’s something special about your eyes i think? ❤

  19. Listen babe you got to knock it off with all this truth and making sense stuff. You are going to get your channel shut down.

  20. Hi, Barbara, you are cute & well rounded. But, after knowing all this facts drive make me very depressed. Sorry I can’t watch your video so much.

  21. Thats not how Mehrkill talks 😀 its more like a oversecure sloth with bad intentions. Just horrible just to hear that things Voice. Greetings from Schland (formally known as Deutschland)

  22. When Islamist tell you that Islam has 5 pillars they are lying. Islam only has 1 pillar – Taqiyya (a.k.a. Deception). Deception that is being orchestrated even on Muslims themselves

  23. Well We are just a bunch of mugs . But you vote them in . according the the state this women is a far right racist.and soon will be put in jail for a hate crime

  24. Dont blame the refugees ,who wouldnt take up this offer their not to blame THE CULPRITS ARE THE GOVERMENTS,who just dont give a shit for their own people why not ?its not their money ,its your tax payments your money,so when you have no money left for social security pensions and hospitals they have their massive pensions have been stacked away .WHEN ARE YOU IDIOTS GOING TO WAKE UP RISE UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BEFORE ITS TO LATE ??????????????????????????????????????

  25. we are territorial animals. I have no doubt that Europe reap what Europe sow. you would not see a single migrant in your land if US and EU stopped involving in middle east, supporting dictators, selling weapons, removing regimes and installing regimes for your goods. and you know what, eastern Europeans are well known in the west of Europe by bad reputation. enjoy your day.

  26. The scamming arseholes are even doing it here in Australia. I personally know of a case where one Afghan female went back to marry her cousin and bring him back to Australia….. AND our government lets this happen.

  27. It is so farcical that Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada continue to welcome with open arms an uncontrolled number of illegal aliens who just forced their way into western countries. These masses come only to demand, to take, to molest, and to destroy. They have, statistically no ability to contribute or to give back to their naïve host countries in any way. But then again, why should this be a surprise. Just look at all the footage of “refugees/migrants” on social media. They come filled with envy, hatred, and an egregious sense of entitlement. These newcomers have been languishing in their backward home nations while the West has flourished to the point of decadence. What do you think will be their first order of business, now that they have been set upon the west. Don’t under estimate these invaders. They may not have book smarts but they are certainly street smart because they are in survival mode. This is a power play.

  28. How can a refugee vacation in his native county, isn’t he a refugee who escaped because of the prosecution. When they return home, they should be prevented from entering the country again.

  29. I used to work for the Immigration department in Australia in the early 2000’s and it was well known by staff that refugee’s would return “home” on holidays while on protection visa’s the standing policy was to not do anything about it.

    Almost everyone I worked with found it irritating and it would be raised when questions came from management about improving policy and reducing processing time, Managements answer was normally something like “Stop raising that the policy won’t change”.

  30. my sister was involved in sponsoring refugees coming to Canada, helping them get settled and so on. families coming to Canada, living the first year on money from a church group sponsoring them, after that, welfare from the govt. I saw them take regular trips back to congo to visit friends and family. how could they afford it? I didnt ask….but it for sure was govt money.

  31. Accept muslim demands peacefully or they will radicalize! Muslim men submit to islam, women must submit to muslim men

  32. Ya know….I just found your site and I really like what you have to say… I like you using your hsnds to talk.

  33. One day, when the civilised world finds out who is behind the mass flooding of ALL white countries with savages, a lot of you are gonna die, we’re pretty clued up who you are. I watched a documentary on Ljubliana on french tv this morning, it is pristine, beautiful neck of the woods.

  34. It wouldn’t matter where you were broadcasting your videos from, even if you were sending your videos from Mars you would still be awesome Barbara.

  35. from the very beginning it was obvious that this INVASION it’s a betrayal and has nothing to do with seeking refuge…

  36. Governments and the people will figure this out (too late ) when they go broke and turn into the same hellholes the “refugees” “fled”

  37. Slovakia, our government secretly is hosting 11000 illegal imigrants and they get 800 Euros monthly, and they still lie about it and hide it…. Meanwhile our retired old citizen get after 40 years of work only 275-390 Euro !!! #SLOVEXIT

  38. Were in their countries with our troops (dying), while there men are drinking café in Europe, reverse draft pick a side sent back to fight, then pull our troops out to build walls to keep them there, take the families put them in Camps on there side and protect them until this 1000 year war stops

  39. It makes you wonder what is in it for these liberal governments to destroy their own countries? Am I missing something? I would have to guess that money is the root cause after all money is the root of all evil.

  40. how can some one who is running a country be such a fool like literally.
    anyone can think if their is a adult and a minor one has to save the minor but these retarded people are just as idiots and maniacs they don’t care about what is right but just going on appeasing muslims and EU personnel. Shame on them.

  41. It’s all coming to an end soon. Nationalist movements are popping up all over the EU. These people are going to get deported.

  42. Same in Holland, most “refugee” applications are based on fabricated (fraudulent) stories. A refugee is someone who is on the run, *not* a well abled young man who is sent by his family to get asylum so the whole family can come over and live in European welfare state.

  43. This isn’t anything new. I grew up in Birmingham, England back in the 90s and it was going on back then. They would laugh at us and say they’re taking our money.

  44. You are Actually Paying For your LEACHES to GO ON VACATION ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?!?No Wonder the Grateful “Refugees” are arming themselves with crude weapons,& throwing human feces at you, to get in!!! I Haven’t been on a Vacation in over a Decade, to a different State,Never another Country,& it Sure as Hell wasn’t paid for by MY Gov’t in the USA!

  45. Wow, the EU laws sounds awesome. So I can come from the US to an EU county and claim I am from one of the target countries to get free money and just move back to the US while collecting that free EU money!

  46. islam and jews love Christianity’s gullibility. so easily played and over run through politicians and msm propaganda. they’ve had a millennium to learn how to hustle the mass’s through emotions and lies.

  47. This is really not fair for the citizens whose money could have been used for other more important needed things to improve the streets services, children and families who are citizens who are the ones who really deserve that money, not the invaders.

  48. The Islamic parasites believe it is their Allah given right to make westerners support them like murdering, raping, pedophile, theiving, blowing shit up babies.

  49. Even before the illegal immigration issues lately, we had welfare queens collecting welfare benefits in several states and they would travel about collecting benefits.

  50. White trash bitch…. talking trash. Go find yourself a job stop talking trash don’t forget United States and most of the white people they bring the disease the United States you guys great pornography pedophilia drug addicts white people asking for money at the exit of the freeway please be real and your comments don’t be a such a bitch.


  52. Your totally right about everything, except about that you look bad. You look amazing! Keep the good work, beautiful girl!

  53. The fact that they can travel back to the countries from which they claim asylum PROVES THAT THAT COUNTRY IS NOT A VALID COUNTRY TO SEEK ASYLUM FROM – AND NOBODY FROM THAT COUNTRY CAN CLAIM ASYLUM.

  54. Martseabrook, good insight, yes many don’t know their history, Islam was repelled centuries ago, they are relentless, time to send them back before it’s to late.

  55. If you can vacation in your homeland you are not a refugee. One way tickets and forfeit of passport and citizenship.

  56. This happened in Finland also at some point. Vacations to the places from where they had “fleed because of mortal danger”. It was sort of secret, and once it leaked out, there was quite a fuzz. I don´t know if this is still happening. Anyway, this could be used for some good: tell migrants they can go to holiday to their shitholes free, as taxpayer pays. Once they are on their holiday, leave them there!

  57. I just woke up and yours is the first video I’m listening to and all I can think is the world’s gone absolutely mad. They’re going to spend MILLIONS of dollars housing these refugees and then feeding them SPECIAL meals as if they’re sort of privileged citizens of the planet…..

    I’m just a regular human being. I haven’t been able to afford a vacation in decades. Can I be a refugee?
    Edit: Sorry, this comment was on the last video I watched of yours. I haven’t watched this one yet.
    Sooooo they’re going to give them vacation money BACK to their Homeland that they were supposedly ESCAPING from…😳

    Suuuure, CHECK!
    I get it now!!!

    The world HAS gone nuts…😳

  58. Man, I wish more young people were like you. If they don’t wake up soon its going to be way to late. Europe will be over run very soon.

  59. Barbara I have a friend who works in the Swedish school system. They have Somalis signing off school to go on holiday in Somalia…. Go figure… It must be safe! Who would have thought that.. Its a laughable situation.


  61. Wow! This is so totally discusting! Our US MSM never even talks about this! All of our libtards want open borders! I hope we don’t get like this!!

  62. Again, the brown eye brows are too brown, too much contrast… back off the brown… it does not agree with the rest of the bleached out look that you are trying to achieve. Ease up a shade or two… then you will hit the target. For help on eye brows… see Lexxi Foxxx, I taught him everything he knows and he looks fantastic…especially for a 70 year old dude.

  63. You’re kidding me right? You mean to say third world country refugees lying about their immigrant status just to jump onto western 1st world social welfare programs can’t be trusted? NOOO, say it isn’t so!!!

  64. I never knew that I had rights to dual citizenship since my mother is from Slovenia. I just found out about it this year. Guess what? I can’t do it now because I’m not the right age. 😢💔

  65. I just gotta say, the Philippines is a third-world country that was colonized by Spain for over 300 years. Filipinos were enslaved, abused and generally treated poorly by the Spaniards. Where’s our reparations??? If we apply LEGALLY for a visa to Spain, in the hopes of LEGALLY migrating or TO LOOK FOR WORK, it costs us hundreds of thousands of our own money and takes a loooong time to process, with no guarantee that the visa will be approved. However, Spain is opening their arms and legs to any and all ILLEGAL immigrants and are willing to shell out taxpayer’s money to provide for said ILLEGAL immigrants. Where’s the justice in that??? I bet leftist idiots in Spain don’t even know this bit of history.

  66. Also on a side note, Jonas Sjöstedt of the “feminist”-left (feminist-left, his words not mine, also it’s the Left Wing Party) is also proud of everything he and Sweden has done for immigrants and would love to help more people.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m up for helping people but the situation in Sweden is getting out of hand…

  67. Its about time to open your eyes you blind people, they are recruiting soldiers, its time for us conservative to unite too, most muslims are conservatives, its not hard to look

  68. That has been happening in Spain for long time. People from Morocco getting social wage from the state, moving to hteir country permanently and still getting paid from Spain every month. When some politicians made this public to the media, they were called bigots and facists. Same old story…

  69. I’m a refuge from Libia and your country attack my country for now reason….sorry for the Petrol ⛽️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  70. Thay call them NAZIS? Fuck me I’ll show them What NAZIS mean when I bring back the 3rd Rich Witch will be called the 4thRich and 1.6000.000 SS Troupes ? And Fuck them all !!

  71. No offense, but you should sometimes go outdoorse to make a video, somewhere in the park or woods, just for a change of decoration.

  72. The netherlands strips away their green card if they go back to their home land on vacation. at least thats what i read, they have at least stripped 115 refugees of their legal status. So yeah they do something about that here in the netherlands. But not nearly enough though. it can be way way stricter. There are also cases of eritreans that celebrate their vacation in their home country. and the law didnt do anything about it. so yeah they are very selective in the choices here. netherlands i a weird country

  73. I’m very,very sad.You did not get a visa extension for the states.That is very unfortunate.Our loss….Re-Apply please and definitely bring that hat.

  74. Remember when the Europeans laughed at how American’s work till they die but the Europeans would retire and travel in their 40’s well them days are over as your paying for all the free welfare the fake refugees are getting and your government doesn’t care!
    Love how not wanting to be killed,raped or robbed by these fake refugees makes you a nazi !
    EU wake up , sent these fake refugees back home or to South African without welfare!

  75. Indigenous Britons who live in social housing aren’t even allowed to leave their homes for more than six days without permission from their local authority.. And that’s even within Britain

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