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    1. Barbara4u2c couldn’t get you into my car? Just kidding. Wow I was going through some other videos and there you are again I just keep running into you everywhere I go.

    2. Barbara4u2c haha! Your expressions in this video were great. Haha! I’m coming to enjoy your videos more and more.

    1. MisterMan Oh, no. I totally am but I can recognize sjw bullshit. Assuming I’m hating and that I am a feminist are two very different things with no correlation

    2. MisterMan you only have a misconception of what feminism is then. I understand that people have taken it too far, turning it into misandry and there are really dumb stuff on the internet. Which is not what feminism is. Feminism is Malala getting education for young girls. Feminism is fighting for the young girls that are forced to marry when they’re 10. Feminism is not getting naked on the streets and hating men. Which is why feminism is ridiculed. Because women who are privileged are mad they can’t sleep around (which is actually a double standard and I believe people are allowed to do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt other people) and often ignore actual problems. I’m not trying to dismiss problems we have in 1st world countries, because rape and sexism still happen (now the causes of it and how to prevent it is not something that is up to me to decide) amongst other things that you might not notice or might not want to notice but I feel like I’m getting off track here. All in all I guess I’m trying to say feminism does not equal hate because some people have decided to ignore the actual meaning of the word but I understand why you might have that mentality and I don’t blame you but if you could take something from this awfully long reply i hope it’s that you please try to research further on the subject

  1. Some of the shit they say how that they really don’t seem to grasp certain issues, everyone loves Tumblr cringe, but some of it is ACTUALLY FUCKING TRUE. Wage gaps are a significant problems, and not acknowledging that isn’t positive, it’s ignorant and idiotic.

    1. A problem rectified by having women work the same hours as men with no maternity leave. But that would be cruel and unusual so…

    2. Just like to add I’m in the UK, and the wage gaps become more evident with employees between ages 50 to 59, so for women, blaming the pay on maternity leave is ridiculous, as there aren’t very many women having children at 52. Evidence that this problem DOES in fact exist can be found on the office for national statistics website, and various newspapers with articles on it have quoted other sources that I’m sure are easy to find.

    3. Hit The Coffee And where I love the gap exists because the female employees leave work early to pick up kids. And big shocker, the men that leave work early to do the same also suffer from said wage gap as overall earnings drop.

    4. Yes, obviously some men experience this wage gap but the strong majority of wage gaps have been proven to support men. Facts supporting this can be found on the op above website.
      Also, many professions do not allow people to consistently leave early for something like that, and instead there would actually just be either a separate set of workhouses to follow, or they would have to temporarily leave their jobs. Many parents are able to arrange something with friends or hire brief childcare.
      And if that were the case that is not in fact the wage gap, that is an agreed upon un-paid for absence. The wage gaps issue is women or minorities being paid less without adequate cause or explanation, and approximately 62% of wage gaps fall into this category.

  2. Women think that people want them to shave because of ‘sexism’, ‘oppression’, etc. In reality, I don’t like body hair on men either. I guess I’m sexist against my own gender.

    Well shit.

  3. I thought these two girls were gonna go over stuff in the LGBT and be homophobic/transphobic

    but no
    also I can agree that if you have a penis, you are a guy, and if you have a vagina you are a girl. You can’t be no gender or all genders or more than one.

  4. i mean like, this isn’t feminism though—at least not the real stuff. this is RADICAL feminism, which honestly puts feminism to shame and it’s really a disappointment. but also, the fact that 90% of this video is just rather rude and insensitive is kinda uncalled for. the hate thrown at the anorexia recovery post, the posts about being body positive (which goes for all people, not just larger people. body positivity is for everyone), and the hate thrown at the trans community was over the top. it makes you look worse than the SJWs your targeting due to your lack of some type of empathy and understanding, and your lack of knowledge—which is very clear you lack because all you would do when you read something you disagreed with was say “oo what cancer” or “im gonna need beer”. like, it would be fine if you could actually form a coherent argument instead of calling something cancer

  5. Dear transgendered people. I love you but please understand these things about me.
    1) If you have boobs (or not) I will assume you’re a girl(or boy)at first and will continue to do so unless corrected
    2) Even If you do correct me, out of habit I will use s/he but understand I am trying to change the habit.
    3) I knew someone who went through a phase of transgender (A girl who said she was a guy then suddenly about a year later changed her mind) I know that this doesn’t represent all transgender people but this has created a natural skepticism and doubt. Understand I’m trying to avoid thinking this way.
    4) Due to things online about killing Cisgendered people, hate on Cisgendered people. I am naturally going to be a bit reserved.
    If you respect and understand these things I will very quickly come to respect and understand you as a person.
    I love you all <3

  6. 1:02 not to start a fuss, but not the definition of gender. What you’re thinking of is the sex of a person, which is a bit different. Just clarifying :/

    the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).

    either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

    Not trying to start a fight.

    Small Edit: this is also not what feminism is. These are Feminazis.

    the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

    a radical feminist.

  7. Feminism is ‘supposed’ to be all about the equality of men and women, but Tumblr feminazis have completely fucking ruined the concept to the point where you can’t identify as one without being harassed, even if your heart is in the right place and you don’t agree with ridiculous sexism aimed towards men

  8. “If you have a vagina, you are a lady; if you have a penis, you are a guy “. Some people wish to have a different genital then theirs

  9. Okay, wow. It’s funny how these specific Tumblr users are after equality yet they are so fucking rude, there is a difference between fighting for a right and fighting for more control. The biggest way they sell their idea is through guilt and shaming people into believing/agreeing what they say. I don’t mind trans/non-binary/Genderfluid people (I myself am Genderfluid) however I don’t see they point in parading that fact around. I respect feminism to an extent, the extent being equality/right, but it’s certain people that make feminism out to be this horrible thing. I shouldn’t have to be called racist just for being white, I shouldn’t have to be called sexist simply for the fact that I don’t agree with the views of some feminists and I certainly shouldn’t have to see my friends being guilted into stupid beliefs… wow I had to get that off my chest it just pisses me off so much.

  10. the woman with the writing on her stomach.. how did she do that.. have you ever tried writing upside down, and have it look at legible. its very very hard, so she must have gotten someone else to write it

  11. Just a heads up, this comment was posted before I finished the video. At 1:07, you read a post regarding multiple genders, and made a comment about the gender binary. I mainly scour through videos like this to see how many people are still so close minded, looks like i found more people. I am warning you, i have many feelings over this topic, since I’m a non-binary boy myself, so this will be long.

    So, what you’re thinking of is sex. The biological gender you were born with, in which you’re born with a vagina, a penis, or possibly both. However, this is not the full extent of gender. So I’ll explain for you.

    Gender is made up of three parts, biological gender, gender identity, and gender expression.
    I already explained biological gender earlier so i won’t bother with it now.
    Gender identity is how you see yourself, what you feel most comfortable being addressed as, being seen as. There are many gender identities, and not all of them have to correlate with your biological gender. Gender identity is mostly shown through pronouns and names, but i wont get into that now.
    Gender expression is based on appearance, what clothes your most comfortable wearing, what hairstyle you prefer, etc., of course, this also doesn’t have to correlate with gender identity or biological gender.

    I’m not looking for attention, nor am i mentally ill.

    Please research this topic before you judge. Be informed, not ignorant

    Thats all i ask
    – Sincerely, a smol boi

  12. 16:55 I will say I can really see where this is coming from because of the tags. This was said by someone recovering from an eating disorder and didn’t want herself or others to fall back into their own destructive habits. It’s to encourage people in recovery to stay strong and persevere

  13. If we’re on a sinking boat, a man would have to offer me his seat on the lifeboat. Small price to pay for that, making a man a sandwich.

  14. Honestly, Barbie’s body is very realistic. if you were to enlarge the doll so she looked like a real person her body is pretty average, she doesnt have massive breasts like femenists say she’s just tall, thin, tan and blond. Many women look tall, tan, thin, and blond so i never understand what femenists mean when they say Barbie is unrealistic.

  15. 3:58 They really think that because it’s THE TRUTH. Regardless of your political stances everything they said is a fact.

    I really can’t finish this video. You two have no respect for anyone’s opinion but your own. None of these people are upset that positivity exists, it’s that a lot of people are happy about things they shouldn’t be celebrating. But there’s so much you did wrong in this video that I don’t have time to list them

  16. you two are just plain ignorants – i actually hope you educate yourselves on any social matter, just try to come out of your bubble, i cant express how much i fucking hate this video

  17. I guess I’m late to the party but from what I gather, if I were a femanist being late would be a bad thing.

  18. The girls have just discovered the formula to destroy/get rid of SJW’s . just mock them , mock them until they drop . nothing works against them except for bing ridiculed ,laughed at . to them it’s worse than death .

  19. I have to thumb this down for mocking the anorexia recovery post at 17:00 You can’t act all high and mighty while mocking that post. It’s just too disturbing and shows how intelligent you are in the knowledge of the content you are reviewing. When you have anorexia you look fat even when you look disgustingly thin. It’s so hard to except yourself. You have no idea. Fitting into a size medium to small isn’t good enough. You need to fit an XXS to be beautiful. You never want to have children out of fear of getting fat. It’s a pretty messed up life.

  20. 4:38 Find me one person that looks up to He-Man OR Barbie as an honest-to-goodness role model, just for their body type. I will eat a shoe and become a feminist on the spot.

  21. 5:23 HAH,good one Tumblr xD
    It’s not like women are more likely to trash-talk and harrass eachother on real life already, also,are you implying that WOMEN CANT WATCH PORN?! *TRIGGERING INTENSIFIES* :v
    (pls take this comment with something all sjw’s lack: a sense of humor and common sense)

  22. As a straight white male that actually isn’t a colossal douchebag, my response is “Holy shit” to some of these posts

  23. It’s sad feminism has lost its meaning so much. It was always about gender equality not women being above men. Lots of feminists these days just annoy me with their anti-male statements. -.- I don’t think of them as real feminists. Anyway, thanks for this video. It made me laugh too. xD

  24. Thanks for the video. I find watching you guys somewhat erotic. Thanks for that too. But then again i’m a fucking cis white man.

  25. I think birth control “tools” should be free, since some people don’t know how to use their brain instead of their privates.. x)
    Babies everywhere.

  26. do they realize feminist means fighting for EQUAL rights and they are only picking out the bad hardcore feminists who don’t know what it means either and GENERALIZING the whole community as sjw but it’s only the small parts of the feminist community that’s crazy. not everyone. you guys are really stereotypical homophobic generalizing people

  27. I held the door open for a middle aged woman as I’m apt to do due to upbringing “I’m 48 white ” this one particular woman snarls at me” I can open the dam door myself !!” I with my southern accent and smile said to the angry woman I’m so sorry I thought you were a lady . Her expression was stark white rage , alas I was in the store on my merry way to do shopping

  28. hate crime = thought crime interpreted as violence, or violence plus the assumption of thought crime

  29. 9:10-10:02 — Lesbian trans woman here. You can imagine just how much shame and undue guilt I’ve felt for having firsthand experienced heterosexual male feelings. And I’m a woman, even by their standards! Thanks for letting me know I might die five years early — or is that not what the tumblrites meant? Silly fools.

  30. Some of these woman who say they are (radical) feminists sound just as depressing as the men who have the same angst towards females.

  31. If you have a vagina you’re a WOMAN.

    A lady is a whole nother story completely. Definitely not one and the same.

    Only takes a vagina to make a woman. It takes a vagina AND character to make a lady.

    1. Kaiser von Bidizanien the Anti-Trap Crusader
      Had to look that word up, I don’t know shit about politics, I just believe that transgender people exist, that makes me a “libtard” apparantely. Cool.

    2. oh Jesus that was an obvious joke i’m a liberal myself but cool that you talk about politics even though you don’t know jack shit about politics

    3. Kaiser von Bidizanien the Anti-Trap Crusader
      I’m really confused.. how is talking about the existance of trans people politics, I am geniuenly confused.

  32. Freshman year we evaluated and picked apart that poem they read @ 2:30 then we made a poem like this from the point of view of a guy. It was a fun project and I like the poem a bit.

  33. Yeah I pretty sure He-man, the guy who literally moved a planet by himself, is an unrealistic standard for guys because that is physically impossible to do. Plus, if Barbie was a real person she’d fall over because the doll may have been designed to slip the clothes on and off easily but that doesn’t mean if someone actually looked like that they’d be able to move properly.

  34. Oh yeah, fun fact. The more available porn becomes the lower rape and sexual assault rates go. That’s pretty cool.

  35. if I HAD to give my money to some random ass woman, I expect her to give me whatever I want in return 🙄

  36. The problem with gender roles is that people try to enforce their expectations of a person’s behavior based on a person’s genitals instead of a person’s brain. I do agree with you two about all this SJW bullshit, though. It’s just making things worse.

  37. Feel trubbled by our world… Let me talk to you about my Lord and savior and mabye yours …. The sun. P.s. at least I can see it. Also it’s garenteed to brighten your day (pun intended)

  38. So me, the white vegan, is holding all the food? I’m confused. You’re privileged to know how to cook? If you have the internet and have the time to tweet about not being able to cook, maybe you should learn. 🤗

  39. Honestly, there were a couple Tumblr posts there that I liked and understood, and I did think a few things in here were a little questionable (i.e saying retarded and invalidating trans people) but HOOOOOLY SHIT are the majority of these Tumblr people fucking stupid

  40. Tumblr- “We are all equal, wonderful human being, who deserve nothing but good things, and grea-”
    “Is that a fucking White Male in the crowd? Get him the fuck out of here. Is he gone? Good, he’s lucky we didn’t just kill him. Now where was I? Ah, here we go, We are all equal, wonderful human being, who deserves nothing but good things, and great times ahead.”

  41. I know they’re lost causes and I take solace in the fact that they’ll all die before they hit 40 from obesity-related diseases and heart issues.

    No use getting someone help if they don’t want to be helped. Just gonna let them die out.

    1. free speech is good for quality content but what can a person want when there is at least as much nebulose thinking

  42. They’re all for women’s rights and choices until it becomes inconvenient, or until it involves women like us. They’re not pro-women, they’re pro-liberal.

  43. Tumblr has some shit. But I didn’t expect this video to hate on trans people and straight up tell a girl to shave her crotch area? Like why. Focus on the people spewing nazism and homophobia, they’re too prevalent.

  44. Some of these weren’t that bad and they were a little immature. But other than that, great video. I love looking at SJW posts.

  45. Interesting how in one part of the video they were talking about how ridiculous it was for women to hate all men because of their own experiences with them. Yet later they said “Imagine being a man reading all this. I would hate women too.”

  46. I really wish you guys would do another collab. Idk how possible it is, but I love how funny you two are together.

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