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Author: Social Truth Warrior

100 thoughts on “RAGING FEMINIST Cant Answer SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #62

  1. Tucker carson whines that abortinist shout all the time yet he tried to steer the abortion topic away with whataboutism on gun control which was totally irrelevant to the abortion debate. Then he cut her off for having an attitude but at the same time he was laughing and making side comments. It would have been nice it was actually logic vs sjw but it just seems like the two were not different from each other

  2. Dear guys and girls from west, especially America, are there that many braindead SJWs as I see on the Internet? If there are, how do white dudes survive in society?

  3. Tucker Carlson was being a cunt to that lady. He wasnt trying to have a proper conversation with her. All he was doing was derailing and obfuscating.

  4. 5:20 animals always try to win by showing Dominance or how violent it can be. So you pull out your pistol you have a carry Permit for and you say now I’m the hardest motherfucker sitting here! now what you want to do? Them when they start to monkey clap and charge! You let lead fly and stand your ground

  5. Uh did that black dude in the first vid cram a spatula of peanut butter in his mouth before approaching that other guy? God damn mumbling stumbling twat turd.

  6. Forcing women to have children my ass buy a pack of condoms at CVS if the guy don’t want to put it on the woman should put it in either with her mouth or hand it’s not complicated the left and sjws are so full of bs they have flys around their head

  7. 7:11 she said it’s her job just before that 😂😂😂 so if she wasn’t getting paid she wouldnt give a shit about black people? Then she carries on I’m not a politician I’m just doing my job hahahahaha the worst part is she kept saying people of colour that’s racist in it self black people don’t wanna hear that 😂😂😂

  8. That last chick is so ironically racist it’s ridiculous. Race doesnt exist. We are all just humans. The sooner everybody agrees the sooner we can stop hearing idjits like this goose lookin chick at the end of the video honking about nonsense.

  9. How practiced at lying and double talk do you have to be , that you can hold up 3 fingers and say 4 minutes? As an honest person, even trying to do that makes my brain momentarily short circuit.

  10. Sally Boynton can eat my average sized white dick! This bitch is a puppet, a POS mouth price! “Talking a lot of smack.” I can’t wait until this bitches scandal tape comes out!

  11. The woman says by taking away abortions they are forcing women to have babies? How about if we just keep your legs closed outside of matrimony? That would put a huge dent in the STDs and AIDS as well

  12. God gave us a way to all get along follow his Ten Commandments… Don’t lie don’t cheat don’t steal respect your parents love your neighbor as yourself if we do these things we will have a peaceful Nation

  13. There are a lot of crazy lefties that make me cringe, but FOX news is a joke, Tucker Carlson is a useless interviewer, and that woman was making valid points that he was just intentionally ignoring. I’ve never understood why they have people on for interviews that are a few minutes long and just talk over the top of them and laugh at them, totally detracting from any real debate or conversation. Usually it is the left throw a spanner in the gears of proper debate, but honestly FOX news is just as bad, if not worse.

  14. What an awful human that last “white woman” was. How degrading. Any person who thinks it’s okay for her to put a whole race down like that has NO business being in charge of anything.

  15. Aaaannnd the last video is why the alt-left is laughed at. Because she’s talking for 4 minutes about how white people need to shut up and yet she contradicts her whole argument by talking snd not shutting the fuck up.

  16. White is great don’t let fools like this tell you otherwise!…. There is no such thing as white privilege, its a lie!

  17. My only problem with this movement is that they label white with out knowing who they are or with out judging the character or that person and to call a hole race racist because they are a certain skin colour is wrong and we can’t have a conversation when u say we are not allowed to voice are thoughts because we are privileged because we where born white I’m white and I’m definitely not privileged I have know more power then the man who lives next door to me or the person across the world and when people deamnise people for their skin colour all it does is breed hatred and I really believe this is just fuel for the fire and people will eventually have anoff and it will spin out of control into a race war I think people need to really think about what they say before they say it and stop comdaming people on their skin colour it’s stupid and fuck up

  18. Sally Brown is one fake, annoying bitch. “I am not a politician, I am a human being trying to do good work” … “I need schoolin’…so that I can go ‘school’ the other white people” – White people need to shut their mouth??? NO, WE NEED TO SPEAK UP AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT BEING PC AND HURTING SOMEONE”S FEELINGS. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  19. Fuckin funny how they say “white people ” like we are all the same and this isn’t racist ?????
    Also . All these tough guys ” YOU AIN’T SUPPORTIN SHIT NIGGA !” only do this to passive people….I wear a lot of 2A and Trump stuff and all I get is looks from the left and support from the real people !

  20. 9:36 as I black male I disagree with the notion that anyone should be silenced on the basis of their race or other external traits

  21. If what that woman said about the funding is true then Tucker’s question about forcing tax payers to subsidize gun purchases was a very childish move.

  22. its not paid for by the tax payers ,….. but the doctors that do them are reimbursed by the government if they are approved ? …. whos money is the government getting the money from to pay them back ?

  23. I would think the way these guys separate race is the exact opposite of what they are “trying to do”. That chicks whole speech in its simplest form is, “we are different”.

  24. “You’re taking away access to abortion and taking away birth control.” Who’s taking away your condoms??? 😂😂😂

  25. women in America should be less promiscuous lol. that many unwanted pregnancies is the root problem, not abortion…

  26. Sally Boynton Brown – what a complete and utter waste of white skin. What was God thinking when he made this one ? If you ever wanted to see a confused racist look no further

  27. Black lives matter???????? More like black lives lie!!!!!! Look at police camras that tells the story!

  28. I think that last girl had some good points. The whole attacking white people was a little much but she was right with a lot of points that are going on.

  29. Sally boynton brown, you are a complete fricking loon. Even the black people on the panel couldn’t believe their ears. Idiot.

  30. It’s sickening how it’s became a right to murder the baby in the belly. Me and my girlfriend protect ourself, and we know the consequences of sex, if she would get pregnant we will take responsibility for the child. We know what sex is, and if we weren’t ready for the consequences we would just wait with sex and if we could not wait you take responsibility FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Before it was called being an adult. Adult is taking responsibility for your actions.

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