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Author: Social Truth Warrior

98 thoughts on “Pre OFFENDED Hypocrisy SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #60

  1. now that guy at 1:40 really is taking the piss if he thinks he can horn in on the black oppression narrative he the whitest black guy iv’e ever seen

  2. That Fox News anchor is incorrect. There’s no such a thing as “socialist healthcare”. Socialism is about who owns the means of production of the country, who runs the economy. Healthcare has nothing to do with this. If the majority of the means of production, the industry, the economy, is owned by private corporations and private citizens, that’s capitalism. The government also providing universal tax-paid healthcare is not socialism. It’s welfare capitalism (yes, an actual term; look it up.)

  3. Fuck Trump and American retards. Lost every war they ever fought. Started the nation with genocide of the native people and claim to be the land of the free. Scum.

  4. Such mentally retarded fucksticks.
    How are they still alive ?
    Who is reminding them to breathe ???
    Or do they use the phones for that reminder ?

    The racist black guy…they need a black woman…what a fucking shithead !!!
    Picking a person just for their race, not someone that should be able to do the job.
    The future of society.

  5. Millennials are rooting for modern day slavery, basically. You work but you don’t get money, you get food and resources.

  6. When people are liers deep down inside, having no integrity, it’s no wonder they end up following misguided/false ideas.

  7. these people have been so brain washed. they have no clue about anything. they just see through race, they see a white guy and there automatically pissed. these people are in a societal cult

  8. i’m a conservative and i don’t buy socialism for a second but the last interviewer was actually an idiot, that’s not journalism

  9. these people are literally straight up lieing or they are so easily programmed to give a opinion on something that they have no idea about.

  10. 70% tax? Lol how are rich ppl going to pay workers if that is the case? Oh we’re gonna be replaced with ai robots soon, so no need to care for lower skill jobs? That makes sense. Guess if you got no job, you’re pretty much screwed

  11. Relate to the rick and moarty schene when rick makes a made up character referense about jerry being great at pretending he knows whats going on.

  12. Trump is so racist! It was awesome when he told us at the White folks meeting that we never had to pay any taxes ever again. After he told us at last month’s meeting that we didn’t have to pay for gas anymore, I just didn’t think things could get any better! 😂

  13. The little boy broke the poster in half and then claimed VICTIM when the owner took it back ? These are TRULY sick ,violent little boys.

  14. It’s so funny and speaks volumes how much bigger Steven crowder than the Starbucks transgender lad. The whole thing is almost perfect

  15. Inceedibly cringey but I have to admit that the fox reporter was very unprofessional and clearly not unbiased.

  16. I know this is old, but that last guy needs to come to Venezuela, to see how “weak” the talking point is, these people dont realize that the socialism weapon is just something polititians use to control the people, they dont realize the door it opens for really evil people to do what they want, they are just lazy ass that dont want too do or wrk for anything in their life.

  17. Interesting clip – there are also many that depict Trump supporters falling into the same uninformed assumptions. It’s not an exclusively liberal phenomenon. Proves nothing, expect that maybe students can be as misinformed as anyone.

  18. During the Watters interview when that socialist retard says I live in a city with over 50 thousand homeless, Watters should’ve said which is run solely by democrats & their failed policies.

  19. If you feed a kid sugar his entire life, they’ll think an orange tastes like garbage. Little do they know, actual garbage exists, and when they finally taste it, they’ll realize how privileged their lives were.

  20. These kids are sadly brainwashed, God help them when they actually (if ever) go out into the real world and do some work

  21. I changed jobs for family reasons and now barely make 30 grand a year. That’s MY problem and nobody else’s. It’s up to me to get out of this whole, not the governments. Dumb socialist hippie douchebags.

  22. I don’t see what’s soo hard to understand…..

    90% capitalism – Keep America America
    10% socialism….. Basic Food, Electricity, Healthcare Get America to the future in which robots do the work leaving people unemployed …

    What’s soo hard to grasp?

  23. That watters world is guy is annoying but Watters has a little bit too much of a propagandist view of what America is doing to the rest of the world. We are a fascistic empire with just enough freedoms to make most of us not see it that way. There is no real definition to fascism. I think it’s weak to only attribute it to what Hitler and mussolini did. I’d make the case that the quote (attributed to Mussolini) ,”the entire compliance between the corporate and the state.”, as being a good determinant.

    We have that already in this country. We also go starting perpetual wars that kill millions of people. Our government distrusts us, media is government/corporate owned, they spy on us and they wring us out as much of our money from us as they can. We have a bill of rights but let’s be real with ourselves; it’s only getting narrower. Hell, they can suspend the constitution whenever they want now. Are those rights or privileges then? All you have to say is “national security” and our government can get away with anything they want, including drone striking U.S. citizens on US soil without a right to trial. That’s fascism.

  24. I want to know where all the evidence is that shows these ppl are white supremacist. I keep hearing it but I’ve seen not one shred of evidence. If ppl think that not wanting to allow immigrants to enter ILLEGALLY is a sign of it, they’re too dumb to hv an opinion that matters. Entering this country is not a right, it’s a privilege. Therefore it needs to be done the proper way so we can know who we’re allowing in. Aside from that argument, I’ve heard nothing to support these ppl’s wild claims.

  25. The fact that Donald Trump chose David Duke and the corpse of Osama bin laden as his supreme Court pick is an outrage!

  26. “Has socialism worked anywhere?”
    “Uhm, we’re working on something that we’ve yet to see… ”
    So basically the short answer is, “no, no it hasn’t” since this red riding hood just admitted that what they’re “working towards” hasn’t happened anywhere yet in the last 100+ years when socialism was tried!

  27. Worlds dumbest now you see why tru tv has so many shows..why is no one worried about how dumb these people are?

    Trump 2020

  28. I doesn’t matter what the literacy rates, healthcare rates are. The only thing that matters is individual and economic freedom.

  29. Those students in NY are seriously so politically ignorant and racist it’s disgusting. It’s appalling how racist, fascist and uninformed the libs are!

  30. Mind controlled morons spewing what they have been taught what a bunch of fucking OXYGEN THIEVES JESUS not one of them thought to ask “OH REALLY? He chose someone? Who was it by the way?”Hope They all did well in their recent exams for lesbian dance theory what a fucking bunch of losers. Oh and how ironic MEME Isnt that the chant of the socialists what about MEME I want what THEY THEY have got grab it and give it to MEME

  31. My only issue with the logical guy in the last clip is him claiming that Canadians go to America for surgery. No. Rich Canadians go to America for ELECTIVE COSMETIC surgery. Why the fuck would any Canadian go to America for say, a $33, 000 appendectomy when they can get it here for free. Even some cosmetic surgeries are covered but there’s a wait list. The healthcare thing does work here.

  32. they need to make a video called what lies can we convince Trump haters is truth just cause their hate is like blinders and they are unwilling to actually pay attention or draw their own conclusions from their own research into what they are commenting on

  33. Like like like… like …. like like like like…… like….. like……..

    People talk as if they have a mouth full of rocks.

  34. “… white supremacist legion of doom.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😟🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 stoooooop

  35. As a former liberal i apologize for stupidity and lack of research. We are trying some of us can see the other side and they don’t have to change what they seem more valuable but i want them to at least have better research and not just spew crap…be patient my conservative peeps

  36. wow ,fucking hypocrites,it is very sad ,and pittiful how easy it is to manipulate these dumbass millenials and libtards,anything the leftist media feeds them is immediatly beleived to be fact ,its sad …..i feel sorry for them almost as much as i dislike and disagree with them,and ofcourse if you do disagree with them or even fart within a 7 miles radious of an obama poster you will automatically be branded a racist !

  37. Just think… the future of this country is in their hands. We’re in trouble. The ignorance and judgmental hypocrisy of these children is very disconcerting along with their completely delusional view of reality and how it works.

  38. “Dad, if socialism doesn’t work then why do some people still believe in it??” “Well son, some people don’t work either.”

  39. Everyone he picks is him abusing his power…..

    But, that power is his to make, per the constitution. Good gawd these people are going full retard

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