1. I’ve never been this early to any video before! I don’t want to waste this opportunity

    What should I make for dinner?

    1. yesbabelon How about a combination of Steak and Shrimp Fajitas with a side of rice and bean and a Flan for dessert. Oh and don’t forget the Model Especial.

  2. HEY! Congratulations man! Btw nice edit. The copystrike reference was pretty funny.

    We don’t see you stream anymore though :*(

    1. Woah woah woah, uhhhhhh did you seriously just assume the gender of the guy behind this channel? Wooooow it’s 2018 and this still happens like really like wow just wow you are most likely a cis het white male which is literally the worst thing you can literally be

    1. mr. mr. Unless it’s referring to SJWs… If you can’t beat em, troll em. If you can’t troll em, slap em. If you can’t slap em, spit on em.

  3. I like pewds cause he doesn’t really politicize anything. He also doesn’t make trump jokes. But he’s also very down to earth so it ends up being slightly leaning right. Perfect youtuber!

    1. theangryemonerd bruh when everyone’s making the same jokes daily for like 2 years now.. And about the POTUS.. And he’s not even doing a poor job.. Yeah it gets old.
      What does getting butt hurt have to do with it? You seem like the only offended one here lol it’s more about them just not being funny

    2. Theangryetc Trump jokes can be funny. But it’s like it’s the only joke ppl know.
      The 2016 election was the funniest on record. With both sides doing crazy shit. But all we got were Trump jokes.

    3. Captain Bly I would disagree that he leans right. The left can hate radical leftists too. I lean left but despise SJWs.

    4. The media crucifies him any chance they get, same with Trump. Maybe he sympathizes with him on that part. He might act retarded and unhinged but both Trump and Pewds are smarter than they portray.

  4. This is why is resubscribed to him after having a burning hatred for him for about 3-4 years, he seems to have been “enlightened”.

    1. †ΩCybertron Elite Guard Ω† yeah, the sjws tried to fuck him up but he didn’t bend. They made him what he is now.

  5. All these SJWs need to take a long walk off a short pier. That’s the most they can give back to society. Or perhaps they can mix bleach & ammonia in the bathtub of a small, poorly ventilated bathroom & practice different types of breathing techniques (i.e. Lamaze)!! That is the best thing they can all do. Otherwise they’re just wasting oxygen. Seriously…

    1. I know kids who disowned their parents and other family and friends for their political views for being republican. I voted Trump but have been neutral for most of the election but i started to really like Trump more and more since it pissed off the left and they just keep attacking him. Something about seeing adults act like children over the most petty shit amuses me. Ill vote for him again just to see them scream at the sky and what ever else the retards chose to do.

  6. He is making fun of u, u know that right?
    I “like” these comps because they hold so much truth and horror of people. They have proven the point for me why i should just kms. Why there’s absolutely no hope for humanity.
    So i’m not saying i’m against these mmkay?
    Poods makes fun of ur videos because everything is a “dumb meme”.
    He sees stupidity in every side.
    Idk what the thing is with his tendency to drop sarcastic red pills all the time on every subject but i believe he just thinks everyone and everything is just as hypocritical as the other and doesn’t understand why people mind others’ bussiness. Why can’t ppl be just quiet and live with their lives without judging others?
    That’s not my personal wish for the world to be but i see that in Poopeepie.

  7. Feminism is ruining man and making the new century a bunch of whiny depressed fagots… It’s also ruining the world as a whole and making idiots.

    1. D Lakland same thing could be said that men would be nothing without testosterone. Or human kind is nothing without their pinky toes.

  8. Love your work! Also, Pewdiepie is redpilling MILLIONS of people, especially younger kids which is massively important!

  9. He actually made fun of your content, so I don’t know if your excitement is justified unless you believe that any publicity is good publicity.

  10. You put some much needed fun into SJW videos. It’s refreshing to be able to laugh at them instead of crying deep inside.

  11. Dont be so amazed god of talentless youtubers mention you. Literally anyone past middle school can do what these guys do. Camera whore faggots

  12. Why did u have to be eating loud af during ur 10 second part in the video? Like u couldn’t have done it before or after the 10seconds it took to film? Or did u just wanna be quirky and relatable like “omggggg I eat toooooooo!!” U literally were chewing right into the fucking mic… no one wants to hear that bullshit

    1. SJWCentral lmfaooooo I’m sorry, I did realize that shortly after posting. My bad, man. Her chewing temporarily triggered me

  13. actually peterson is brilliant, and if you want to know anything about those greek guys, he will be happy to hold forth on their schools of thought, and the romans, and french, and german philosophers, etc. Do yourself a favor and check him out.

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