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  1. I feel obligated to post a full disclosure since a lot of people seem to be upset over this video – this video wasn’t intended to be bullying or anything. I personally give zero fucks if people don’t shave. We were simply reacting to people who try to romanticize the idea of girls having leg and armpit hair & call it inspiring, heroic. We were reacting to those specific people in the video, not everyone who doesn’t shave. The “giggling” came from having fun filming & spending time together and seeing some ridiculous videos/articles on this topic – NOT people who aren’t shaving. I don’t know how this didn’t come across but I personally couldn’t care less what you do to your own body just don’t try to push this idea on other people saying that shaving is a product of patriarchy & that everyone should stop doing that. Neither side is wrong or right.
    k tnx luv u all

    1. Yeah, I don’t see how people didn’t get your purpose from the video. Your criticisms seemed mainly about the way they made their videos or pushed their views on people, it wasn’t hating on women who choose not to shave.

  2. I feel most guys don’t care about Pubes I don’t. Other body hair but pubes I don’t care whether or not there’s a forest downstairs.

  3. hairy fat bastards are taking over, it will get to the point when we will have to harpoon them, or make hairy butter out of them…

  4. this is ridiculous. i went a few months without shaving or waxing at all and legs, armpits, and pubes get really really itchy. the only hair that’s pretty much fine is my arm hair bc its quite sparse

  5. girl one what if she was actually a tranny and is just sick of Shaving the hair and trying to be a woman girl 2 well if God didn’t intend on the natural things then you wouldn’t have your nose or your ear pierced or wear glasses you would just be that way cuz it’s on nature intended

    1. Brad Młodystach and what was yours ?
      Tbh, I didn’t really have a point to make. I was just “trolling”.
      I just don’t understand why people say that hairy women are gross, when very few people say that hairy men are gross.
      While I don’t think that hair is beautiful or wonderful, on both men and women, I don’t believe it’s disguting either, and I don’t think that women and men should feel pressured to shave their hair. Like, we all have hair, it’s normal

  6. You are two horrible girls. Bullys. Even worse, you are also kind of brainwashed, but you think, you are smart. That is a horrible combination.

  7. It looks like this freedom for all thing might have been a mistake. Lol If you don’t contribute to society in anyway and do nothing but tear it down then please explain why you should have a right to vote

  8. If body hair is not supposed to be there , then why do we have it ???? hair actually helps us in a variety of ways . Also , what about guys who don’t shave ? Are they considered gross??

    1. Pretty much, I shave my face daily, if you don’t it doesn’t look clean or presentable, specially if you work in an office.

  9. I love both of you and I always seem to agree with most of your points.

    However, this video is flat out bullying.

    I was born with sensitive skin and low pain tolerance. I literally get more than the normal dose of anaesthetisa bexause I can’t tolerate pain.
    And shaving, creams and such makea my skin go rashy red for three or so days.
    And I can’t handle waxing.

    Body hair isn’t bad, and its not shameful.

    You are doing what you usually go against and in reality we are all hypocritical. Thats just in the human nature.

    But a fact is, we are conditioned to think that smooth legs equals cleaner legs when in reality. Its not any different.

  10. I’m a white male, so my opinion probably doesn’t matter, but who wants to go down on a lady ( notice lady, not woman – big difference) if you need to get the hedge trimmer out first. Flossing with pubes is that great. At least trim.

  11. This is disgusting…. make fun about the subject all you want but when you are making fun of an actual person it is called bullying

  12. The ,,raging feminist” at 0:18 doesn’t shave her armpit, but she does plucks her eyebrows and aply make-up to get men’s attention. ..laughable

  13. Y’all sound like some triggered morons. Why do you care what other people do with their bodies? Just go on with your life…

  14. @Britt: You feel sorry for her boyfriend? Um… clearly you’ve been brainwashed by far too many modern TV shows and movies and influenced by the stupidity of modern-day thinking with regard to pubic hair. I’m a guy. I HATE bald vaginas. I’m NOT a pedophile. I want to look at a WOMAN–NOT a child. I like my women to LOOK like women. Pubes are natural. Like your nose hair, it’s there for a reason. It helps keep dirt OUT of your vagina. I prefer a woman that has a hairy vagina (but preferably NOT a monstrously hairy one, where it’s creeping down her thighs, up her butt crack, and up her belly button). Women with monstrously hairy pubes need to tidy them up. Asian women tend to have PERFECT bushes, growing in all the right locations without being too much. I also like a trim vagina, or even a half-and-half vagina (pubes above, shaven below) because she STILL looks like a woman and NOT a child. I can even deal with a runway strip, because at least she has something there to look like a woman. Only pedophiles like their women to be completely clean shaven on their vaginas. I am NOT a pedophile. I like my women to LOOK like women down there. Give me a 60s, 70s, or 80s woman any day over the present women who make themselves to look like a child.

    Here are the facts. (1) ALL women should shave their armpits. (2) NOT ALL WOMEN need to shave their legs. Only women whose hair on their legs is long and/or noticeable need to shave their legs. I know women who have NEVER shaved their legs and when you run your hand up their legs, you don’t feel anything. You don’t see anything. Only certain types of women need to shave their legs. Those who don’t need to, who do it simply because of societal stupidity, end up needing to do it later because it starts growing longer and coming in darker. If they never started, they would have been fine. (3) NO WOMEN should be shaving their vaginas UNLESS theirs is a monstrously hairy one, acting like creeping ivy. If her pubes grow up her vaginal lips and form that wonderful triangle above the vagina, growing in all the right places, there is no need for her to shave. If she wants to trim it, sure. But go bald? NO! That is a HUGE turn off.

    “Men” who whine and complain about pubes and eating a woman out obviously DO NOT KNOW HOW to eat a woman out. It makes me wonder if they have EVER seen a live vagina, let alone one in porn. The pubes ARE NOT an issue. Spread the outer lips and its completely free of pubes. When you open the outer lips, there’s about an inch on either side between the outer lips and inner lips that is FREE of hair. If you’re having issues eating a woman out who has pubes, then quite clearly YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG and DO NOT KNOW HOW to eat a woman out. That’s like the man who complained that when he ate his girlfriend out it tasted like crap. He was taking too big of bites. Stay away from the butt hole. It’s an exit only. It’s dirty. It stinks. It tastes like crap. Only people with mental issues lick other people’s butt holes and put their penises in them (because they’re secretly gay).

  15. Clearly you two women have never been eaten out either, since you apparently don’t know a thing about a guy eating you out or how he eats you out.

    Your ignorance Is bewildering.

    Women having bush IS sexy. Just NOT monstrous bush. When wearing bathing suits, it’s quite obvious it needs to be maintained.

  16. Barbara at 4:30 you are spot on! Sadly I am old enough to remember the days before shaving became common. I love how red Britt’s face gets.

  17. One first you are reacting to I think she is high and I think she is a hippie. The second girl is so cringey just no god no god no.

  18. Who the fuck cares, why do you give a shit if she doesn’t shave. You can still shave. Leave her alone not everyone has to be mainstream. This is mean not everyone is trying to be sexy. I shave but I don’t think it’s necessary to pick on people sarcastically saying sexy. Fuck it’s not your life she’s sharing her opinion respectfully and your sharing yours in a belittling manners. Grow up

  19. Literally the only reason women shaving became the norm is because companies that make products such as razors decided they weren’t making enough money only marketing to men so they began marketing to women saying body hair was “unhygenic” and “unwomenly” to reach a new demographic.

    1. Exactly, that’s how easy conditioning behavior is, next TV will tell men that’s is “trendy” to have sex with other men, and before you know it 85% of men will be gay.

      That was sarcasm by the way, investigate when was it that body shaving started and the reasons.

  20. I worked in a Mall once, upon a time, and we wore loose fitting t-shirts… part of the job required me to go around the various stores, and at a Uniform Shop for nurses, one of the ladies looked at me (there were 3 of them about your ages) said, you shave! (under arm)!! Do you shave anywhere else… I turned six shades of red, mumbled something and got out of there fast 😀 30 years later, not embarrassed by your video 😀
    btw, I considered it sexual harassment but of course can’t complain, then or now… 😀 it’s just a funny story…

  21. I don’t shave if it’s cold and my BF is far away. If nobody is going to see it, I don’t care. It’s gross to look at, but if nobody sees it, it doesn’t really matter. However, pubes have to get shaved before every period so that it doesn’t get nasty

  22. I once sept with a girl and she had so much pubic hair I had to grab a machete a packed lunch a map and compass and wish for the best !!! It was like a Indiana Jones adventure , Indiana Jones and the jungle of wild pubes !!!

  23. I have the same view as some other comments saying that while I personally don’t like body hair on my armpits or legs, I don’t care if other women don’t shave. I don’t agree with the hate the comments are throwing at you. I didn’t feel that you were acting like triggered SJWs or that you were being immature. You seemed to criticize how the women were presenting their videos rather than the fact they grow out body hair.
    And it is healthy to at least trim your pubic hair. You shouldn’t shave it all off, but you should keep it trimmed and orderly. That goes for men too…

  24. literally none of the videos tell you that you have to let it grow out, just that its healthy and pubic hair is there for a reason. youre acting like children cause you dont agree with not shaving lol
    also the “your pubic hair is coming before your partner” part is literally just taking care of yourself instead of trying to please another human being, you dont have to think that noone wants to date her cause she has pubic hair, thats retarded. (also its more unhygienic to shave than not to, thats why pubic hair exists, i still shave for my own reasons but i wouldnt mind if anyone else didnt.)

  25. I usually like your videos and agree with them, but this one was just immature. I’m a big anti-feminist, but this one was just petty.

    1. April Werle It stinks, It’s not very hygienic during sex, it looks ugly, It’s not what people consider pretty.

  26. You girls are just birches, seriously. I thought with the obesity intolerance was understandable and legitimate, even when you said people thought you were just mean. You are just mean.

  27. Has this chick ever tried to run a marathon with a full bush? Sorry, but no. That would trap more bacteria, smell horrendous, and would be uncomfortable as hell. Working out with body hair is just plain uncomfortable.

  28. Yet another group of people who are oblivious to the fact that a lot of men and women just don’t find that kinda thing attractive and not because of society just because it’s part of their sexual preferences, but the eternally “oppressed” snowflakes got to have some lame excuse to call themselves things like “empowered” and “heroes”
    On the up side the entertainment factor is off the charts ^_^

    1. Matthew Joseph Jr. Do you mean : chiselled ? You had one job, man.
      And no, I spelt “unoriginal” bad

    2. Homemade Dynamite u clearly understood what i mean and unoriginal??? tf???? something mustve happened to your brain when you dodged that coat hanger

    3. Matthew Joseph Jr. Yeah, but you still made a mistake. Ah, by “unoriginal” I meant: your answers could be literally taken from any antifeminist video ever, so I get bored

  29. How do you feel about regular arm hair?

    I’ve never met a girl that shaves/waxes/gets rid of her arm hair. I don’t either.

  30. I asked a Bi girl once,about what she preferred,since men always get blamed for girls being clean shaved.
    She said.When she first came out,she wanted it all natural.But after going down on a chick,with a forrest.She changed her mind.
    And to the chick in the vid.There are hair removal creams that save you the trouble of shaving,since you find it soooo difficult

  31. I love living in Canada cause I can wear jeans or pants pretty much year round most of the time, so I usually only have to shave my armpits 😀

  32. I’m not an “advocate” for not shaving (proof: I shave), but I think the claim that body hair is automatically unhygienic is illogical. Whether you shave or not, the real determinant of your cleanliness is whether you TAKE A GODDAMN SHOWER or not. I know this video was supposed to be joking and funny, but I personally took it as contrarian. It seems that you’re arguing against not shaving simply to oppose the SJWs who are telling you not to, not really based on actual logic.

  33. Christmas before last, I got an electric razor in my stocking, and since then I’ve had to shave my legs TWICE. They just don’t produce hair anymore. Maybe try this? Might work for someone else too.

  34. I hope people aren’t spaying and neutering cats anymore because these women are going to need at least a dozen apiece in 20 years.

  35. Think of the mentality it takes to focus on pubic hair so much that it effects relationships. That is a mental disorder, ladies. Like guys who grow their nose hair. Yeah. It is a valid comparison.

  36. Why stop there?
    Brushing those pretty teeth takes a lit of time. Stop. Brushing that long hair takes tome too. Cut it off..

  37. Shaving came about as dresses/skirts got shorter…it was actually a natural reaction to women exposing more of their legs in the western world. From experience, I can say that men generally like a little hair down there but ultimately, do what you want as long as you’re hygienic about it. 😁

  38. As a guy I really like your videos because you’re funny, really smart, yea, really desirable etc. I also really your positive

    heterosexual, appriciation (I can’t spell) for normal heterosexual men. Thanks; us white men get a lot of put down these days. You buck modern day fiminism which is bullshit because it’s harmful to both men and women. It’s mostly composed of man haters, and lesbians. It’s also an effort to feminize men (believe it or not I believe it’s part of deep state media agenda, but that’s a whole other subject.) etc., etc. Anyway, back to the pubes. But believe it or not; I think it’s really kinky sometimes. to me it’s kinda primal (not always). You know how men like to sniff panties n stuff! It’s kinda like that. BUT she has to be a real woman who likes men for what we are. The bad part is it’s probably mostly femenists who do it – and the gross ones at that. Big, big bummer. Shit, I remember when part of feminism was going brawles. They knew it turned men on and we both liked it. (I know, I can’t spell). Hell, us men totally, supported that kind of feminism. Now, it seems like it’s mostly man haters, I think, who do it deliberately do it to turn men off.

  39. People should be able to do what they want with their bodies and shouldn’t have to face judgement from other people.

  40. I don’t shave my pubes cus it feels uncomfortable to wear clothes when its shaved idk why maybe cus it’s stubbly. It gets itchy and I hate it

  41. I’ve noticed that all the girls who don’t shave have light brown-blonde hair. If I pulled this shit, I’d get a blow-dart in the ass and be promptly dropped off in the silver-back gorilla exhibit of the nearest zoo.

  42. I’ve shaved my armpits from time to time, bceause the hair annoys me. I prefer women to have shaved pits, as well. That doesn’t make me a sexist, it’s just a preference. Sometimes I shave my pubes (I realize that you didn’t need to know that, but it’s the topic at hand) and sometimes I leave it to grow. But in this area, as well, I also prefer shaved in terms of women, or at least very trimmed. Again, it’s a preference-thing. Buuuuut feminists will say buzzwords like “misogyny” abd so on. As long as you’re happy, though, but I’m just stating my preference.

  43. Girl on first video sounds like a hippy high in LSD, and that new age music as background…gosh xD

  44. Do as me if u are a woman shave your armpits shave your legs shave everywhere its visible in public cause i nearly threw up seriously i do it easily why cant some of u dont find out how to do it seriously its disgusting

  45. Personally, I prefer more hair on a woman. There is something very sexy about it and just feels more “woman” rather than “girl.”
    But that’s just a personal preference. I don’t get people these days who want to turn everything into a statement or try to say that by doing something that may be in the minority that you are “brave.”
    Liking something that not many people like does not make you brave or strong or empowered, it just means that you like something not many people like. I hate warm weather and the beach. That doesn’t mean I am brave for going against what the majority of people in my area like, it just means I hate those things. Fucking special snowflakes grasping at anything to feel unique.

  46. again, speaking from a dude’s perspective, my ex-wife would shave and wax everything EXCEPT , her enormous bush. it was huge. like 8″ by 6″ and 3″ deep. i’d still go down on her but it took some doing. I had to use my nose to part this crotch-beard and alternately wet and part, wet and part till I struck gold. once there its not that bad but you do have to pull a lot of hair out from tongue and teeth. I think she thought that shaving her pubes was playing into some pedo desire men might have. i’m still not sure.

  47. Nope sorry I’m never going to f*** some girl with a extremely hairy bush I barely f*** them if they don’t have basically a Brazilian down there, yeah and armpit and lag hair not happening! if you can’t go to a black tie event with me you’re useless😂😂😂😂

  48. Yeah, period and a Bush looks like a fun time.
    Yeah, it’s hard to shave and you go cirque of solei to do it perfectly, but dude…having a Bush it’s fucking UNCONFORTABLE.

  49. Dang,that too?trendy,shit,I stopped shaving my hooo ha because I wasn’t with anyone but I still shave everything else for just me,my body, nobody sees it even in the summer as I am allergic to the sun(porphyria)

  50. I think that regardless of your gender, whether you choose to shave or not should be completely up to you. Personally I like the feeling of smooth, shaved legs, if you don’t, cool. But, keep in mind, that means that there will be some people who aren’t going to be as physically attracted to you, and they don’t owe you that. You can’t help what you find attractive, so if someone doesn’t want to have sex with you because they find your body hair attractive, don’t make them the villain because your choice has reaped that consequence. (That’s not to say you should feel bad about making choices that make you feel confident, btw.) –– The one criticism I have is your connection to body hair and hygiene. Body hair (no matter whose body it’s on) has nothing to do with hygiene. If it’s unkempt (not neatly trimmed or groomed) it certainly looks bad, however, that’s purely cosmetic. The only time you’ll have body hair that stinks is if you’re literally not bathing or tending to the hair properly. The most obvious place for this is the genitalia, but this also happens to men’s beards that come into contact with food and drink and don’t get cleaned properly. More body hair definitely means more maintenance, so if the person isn’t up for that, then yes, they’re going to stink, but if they wash/dry/groom the hair appropriately, there shouldn’t be a lingering odor.

  51. I mean there are times when I am just too lazy to shave and let it grow out for like a week. My boyfriend really doesn’t care if I shave or not. I do agree that not shaving should not be romanticized but if a girl doesn’t want to shave then whatever. And I hate to say, even as annoying as the girl who talked about pubes sounded, she was right on the points she made.

  52. Well a woman who can’t get a date, or a woman who doesn’t mind dating a loser, can just keep her clothes on and just forget about shaving. But a woman who can get a boyfriend who is a good catch ,and wants to keep him, should remember that her skin is the most beautiful thing he sees, and he has seen naked women who shave and a woman who has body hair that hides some of her beauty may be perceived as someone whom he can do better than.

  53. You Girls should look at each other and imagine you are a man. ,OK she looks good whether she has shaved or not, But suppose you love her, and what you like the most about getting your paycheck is you can cash it and use the money to buy things for her. Now suppose you are on a date with her and you find yourselves in a motel room. Would you like to see that she has done whatever she can to make herself look more beautiful and delicious for you?

  54. I’m a guy and I get myself waxed on a monthly basis.
    Looking at these women from my perspective, it’s so awkward and embarrassing.

  55. I would not be going down on a body positive SJW in the first place. If I found a bush I would tell her to shave it or I’m out. My tongue, my choice.

    The feminist, SJW, soy boy, pussification of America is the reason this nonsense goes on.

  56. I like having body hair…on my legs. I shave my armpits monthly. And I tweeze all my mustache hair three times a week.

  57. This is literally the most pointless video ever. You guys come across as being extremely triggered. Why are you so triggered by strangers’ body hair? What did you hope to accomplish by making a video acting like high school bullies and laughing like idiots? This video made you look bad, not the people you’re critiquing.

  58. Pubes are supposed to be there. Its healthy to keep it. For the sweat and everything.
    But we shave it for a reason: no one likes other’s pubes.

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