“Not Proud To Be American” SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #59

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

101 thoughts on ““Not Proud To Be American” SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #59

  1. 0:42 is the reason this country is goin downhill. You’re either born male or female. Biology doesn’t lie don’t fight it, You have a mental illness if you do

  2. This shit is too funny.
    “Any place that would be better than America?”
    “Hm, probably some socialist country in Europe.”
    These guys make shit up in their head and think its true.

  3. isnt this ( FAT SHAMING ) as taking space ? LMAO . she wants a Soy Boy factory . low testosterone men are easy to control by women

  4. These people have been brainwashed by the psy op being conducted by the media right now.

    Their goal is to create division in our country, and they clearly have accomplished that.

    These people believe in concepts that do not exist. The reality that exists in their mind is not a reflection of the truth. It’s sad.

  5. its july 5th… my liberal sister made a comment about me still wearing a shirt that says ” ‘MERICA.” shes like you know 4th of july was yesterday right? im like no fuckin shit, im a god damn fuckin real American. and theres never a day not to wear red white and blue!!!

  6. None of them..would fair well in any other country..they don’t like America..but love to be hear..you cant act like this in other countries..

  7. Than fucking leave if you don’t like it seriously fucking leave you ungrateful fucks you don’t get to be in the greatest country in the world and I’m not Evan from America im from Australia and I wish our country had a leader like trump

  8. Just answer the fucking question you stupid fucking cunt. You’re not a fucking College professor you stupid fucking bitch I hope you get fucking AIDS I hope your next child is born without eyelids you fucking cunt

  9. If these women are so worried about things like equality, and respect from their fellow man, then WHY spend three hours doing your make up and picking cute outfit? Ive seen many SJWs dressed as straight whores, cant give up that attention, can they?

  10. If u ask me if I’m proud I probably be like “OOOOOOO HELL YEAH I AM PROUD, WE ARE THE BEST NATION IN THE WORLD, HELL YEAH” and then I will pull up a gun and shot the sky in the name of God.

  11. That lady promoted a book. Talked about animals taking up more space. Talked about people learning from each other. She talked about two authors. But she however completely failed to answer a single question. Am I the only one who noticed that? Literally not a single fucking question. She just asked him unrelated questions as her response. And the worst part is she’s supposedly a professor for one, but even more so, a complete fucking dingbat.

  12. Nice to look at the attractive ‘professor’, but when she states “one of the ways in which we perpetuate patriarchy is when we take up just a little too much space”…says who? She states it like it’s a scientific fact!
    This nonsense is simply another attack on men by arrogant women who see their whole raison detre as changing men into something less than themselves. Men have achieved, designed, discovered, and built considerably more than women, and continue to do so, and these kind of feminazis see that as a threat and affront to women, and so they spend their time desperately seeking the means to demean and belittle men, by controlling what they can say and do. It’s all rather desperate and rather sad that rather than seek to equal the tremendous achievements of their male peers, they denigrate them

  13. Disgusting, and this new generation are all fags same here In the UK I’m a manager of an engineering firm and we have young lads working for us and when you give them a bollocking they start crying no fucking balls

  14. The SJW say they aren’t proud of America or to be American. Yet didn’t the SJW create all the things they are aginst?

  15. The funniest one is the idiot brown guy getting mad that he just made a fool of himself in an interview. LOL. “Just tell people that this is Obama era stuff”. Why? So the leftist idiots (like him) can say things like “yeah that was unfortunate but Obama handled it as best as he could”.

  16. 3rd time to re-subscribe to this channel. Thanks youtube for choosing for me yet again who im subscribed to.

  17. If they don’t like it, why don’t they leave? Honestly, they are free to go and try to live somewhere else, they are the people not making America great, they are the ones making America shitty, and they are the problem not the solution.

  18. It’s always hilarious to see why people think america is great. It is in no way comparable to europe, aside from the military and film industry.

  19. “But if you’re gonna lead with that, don’t try to trip people up. Tell them it’s from Obama!”

    You mean like all the MSM does (or doesn’t do)? That’s the point…..

  20. “Like, some little socialist countries in Europe.” Wait…you mean the socialist countries that are now overrun with unaccompanied Muslim men, who have “sexual emergencies”, and where women are now many times more likely to be raped and murdered than they were even 10 years ago? Yeah, go right ahead, go live there, because you’re not turning MY country into that. Crazy immature idiots. SMH…

  21. The hypocrisy that flows from these morons answering the questions mouths is unreal. They blame Trump for stuff that Obama started and did. These idiots need to get a clue.

  22. Your not proud Americans, ok then, leave we won’t miss your dumbasses, plus we, as Americans, WILL NOT change to your commie ways, get use to it

  23. 10:00 She seems so sincere, but good grief she is so stupid.
    For fuck sake, don’t let these idiot liberals vote.

  24. I don’t think that these people know how lucky they are to have these freedoms in America that other places don’t have

  25. Hey, when shit hits the fan, these will be the first to go. At least the ones who have a penis. The women will be rape slaves. Sounds good for everyone, yay socialism. Communism NEVER fails. teehee

  26. The reason not eating meat makes men easier to deal with is because they don’t have the nutrients to think straight and the protein to function.

  27. If I were a the leader of an aggressive regime hoping to defeat the US and make it mine, I would be feeling very confident about the prospects of achieving just that after hearing these people.

  28. “You were saying before you didn’t finish college?” Oh, way to try and appear superior. It failed, btw.

  29. I get what that woman said about America being too egotistical, they are quite clearly not the best country on earth

  30. I see our West/East coast college Pr👁️fessors are doing thier job’s.
    2:55 when only one person flashbacks to 1981.

  31. “don’t trip people up.”Maybe if you paid attention to the world around you and got your news from more than one source you wouldn’t look like an uninformed ads.I’m proud and I love this country,frikkin Bolsheviks.

  32. I’m scared scaredy scared. You should be girlfriend while I’m lookin in your bedroom window tonight.

  33. ¿Are you proud of being American?

    *Normal Answer*: Yes/No

    *Real Answer*

    I ThInK We NeEd To StOp ThInKiNg We ArE ThE BeSt NaTiOn In ThE WoRlD ThO NoBoDy AsKEd oR MeNtioNEd ThIs

    AmErIcA MaGiCallY GoT InMigRaTioN PrObLeMs,ItS NoT LiKe ThIs HaPpEnEd EvEn BeFoRe OuR LoRD AnD SaVioUr ObAmA

    InMiGrAnTS NeEd OuR HeLP BeCuZ ThEy AuTomaticAllY gEt A BeTter LiFe IlleGaLLy AnD MoSTLy WiThoUT DoCumenTation CuZ AmEriCa SolVes EvEryThing

  34. As for the eating meat / masculinity… none of these women want to date and marry one of these beta males they want to turn all men into…

  35. So eating meat is now offensive?

    At this point, i wouldnt be suprised that breathing is offensive

  36. This just proves the left is targeting the younger generation and feeding nothing but their disease mental disorder. I’m proud to be an American, regardless of who’s in the White House, but i’m sure glad it’s TRUMP!!!! 2020!!!!

  37. That person ends at the end don’t try to trick people are trying to get people to see things a different way how could you do that you’re such a rotten person when the mainstream media is doing the same exact thing but they’re doing it to trump so it’s OK I could give a shit less what politician looks bad but if you going to be upset about one you have to be upset about the other. Waaaah u tricked me.

  38. What they weren’t asked was, “Are you proud to be YOU?”
    They would ALL say “YES. You’re damn right I am. And be careful what you say to me because I won’t tolerate being disrespected!”
    If you’re an American citizen, and think that highly of yourself, then why not be proud that you’re an American? Or are you only proud to be an
    American when someone tries to infringe on your rights, your personal space, insults your perceived intelligence, or just when the mood suits you?

    Ask ALL of these self-righteous, finger-pointing people how they’d feel about packing their bags & leaving this country, and try to duplicate
    their lifestyle in some other country. First… you’ll hear crickets. Next… you’ll get the “What planet are YOU from?” stare. Then… they walk away, insulted.
    Reminds me of those middle-aged freeloading complainers, who live with their parents, but won’t leave because they have no backbone.

    They aren’t proud. But they’ll NEVER leave.
    Hmmmmm… Why is that?

  39. As a vegan and Trump supporter, I have to say there is NO CONNECTION between diet and politics. Period. Fuck these people for trying to ruin a legitimate diet.

  40. i often wonder if so many people have really lost their minds or if they were paid to say these absurdities for the video? but then i encounter them in real life and i get my answers. how the fuck did this happen to America in just one decade?

  41. This is an excellent public announcement for Trump reelection in 2020…..and Pence in 2024….and….

  42. I hate people who says they hate America and its people. Its more annoying than some fangirls screaming at a fucking gay ass Justin Bieber concert.

  43. I can kinda understand why they are not proud to be American because of all the differences the people have including gender equality, social equality, vegan VS meat, etc. And our school system is definitely not the best in the world… And you can ask a lot of from other countries that can say stuff about America that they believe are wrong or different than what they think should be the solution.

  44. The right to openly express ideas must be defended at all costs. Except these people, fuck these people

  45. @2:28 – She would reverse Trump’s (Right to Try) bill which lets people choose experimental drugs that might save their lives and the lives of millions of people in the future.

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