NEW: Crop top for MEN

I give up.

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

107 thoughts on “NEW: Crop top for MEN

  1. Curious as to why this got flagged as “advertiser unfriendly” right away since there’s absolutely nothing in the title, description, thumbnail or video itself that algorithm could pick up on ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. didn’t someone also come out with something that had the shorts and shirt attached together? what the hell was that called?

  3. yeeaaaaa if I’m a business owner (I hope to be one someday) I’m refusing service to any fruitcake wearing that. That’s so f’n flaming the damn floors and windows would melt.

  4. I’m a man whom is ashamed of where men’s fashion has gone. I might be old fashioned but a man should wear a button down, or a suit to look good. This crop top shit has to go. These men who wear this shit, won’t get any women or men to be attracted to them.

  5. Hahahahhahaha ! The fashion industry has been trying to push men into wearing faggy clothing for ever now.
    It even seems like there is a gay guy section at stores at times.
    I say good luck loosing money on that bc normal men don’t want to buy that crap and there arent enough gay men to keep you in business.

  6. your culture is going down and down everyday, Muslims is your last hope, dont be afraid to ask for help, we despise the liberals and the fake Christians and Muslims who follow them

  7. “I’m in confusion”.. 😆 I love watching your videos! You are such a smart young lady and I give you props for your thoughts and opinions. Really wish that more young adults had your mindset. The world would be a better, smarter safer place.❤✌

  8. Totally gay. No heterosexual male with a hint of testosterone would be caught dead wearing something so obviously feminine.

  9. Now do a vid on the trend of Labia Pants… 200-300 pound women wearing Labia Pants otherwise known as “Yoga Pants”.

    Won’t be long before Men start wearing Testicle Pants…

  10. Hey, this shirtless-shirt can actually be comfy for really obese men, no more constraints it would promote their unhealthy lifestyle so they can eat happily ever after AND nobody would ever find those shirts sexy again. Two birds with one stone.

  11. Bullshit….It’s FARRR from new. We had to deal w this in the 80s. And, am glad its gone! But, it was actually kinda “cool-ish” back then!! Look up “half-shirt” and “men”. It was HUGE! Those chics are dumb! Lol!!! And, yes, please, the toxic masculinity BS needs to stop! Lol!

  12. Retarded, please kill yourself. If I ever see a man wearing this shit. They’re getting paddlelocked socked.

  13. tatoos, bleached hair, painted eyebrows, single and likely riding the cc, tradthotting since it’s lucrative, going anti-sjw beating on a dead horse since it’s lucrative.
    I agree with everything you are saying in your videos, but I wish it wasn’t another fake millennial chick saying those things, taking advantage of unsightly cucks with patreon donations.

    The market is already saturated with all the other tradthots, your average cuck is poor, they can’t support all of you whores.

  14. I’ll be honest here, I’d prefer the “manties” (man panties) over this, because at least they can be easily hidden underneath pants.
    Also, I kinda think, if you’re a guy and you’re going to show off, go shirtless to begin with. It’s what I’d do. Why hide the pecs and only show the abs?

  15. Deci ratujejo ko babe.. Obup, kaj se to nosi haha.. Drgac pa Barbi – super vloge mas, lustna, simpaticna, pametna, razgledana. samo dalje..

  16. Omg stop saying racist thing about middle East not all of us are Muslims
    And usa support ksa did you find mass destruction weapons among the corpses ?

  17. “Men are never sexualized”

    *picks up magazine and sees washboard abs, 18” arms, and a jawline that could cut glass*

    Nope we are never sexualized nor have any standards we are supposed to meet, none at all

  18. Of course not all women want to see that, every one has a type and like different things😄 i mean if men like crop tops they should rock it, some are gonna like it and some wont, and if you wear sonething else, some are gonna like it and some wont. Its natural
    Dont feel forced to wear what other people like, get yourself what you like and you think is good

  19. I really think you’re one of the coolest people i’ve seen on the internet so far. The band Laibach is also Slovenian. yay lesser powerful euro nation frenz!

  20. Those were stupid in the 80’s please stop bringing back stuff that is NOT COOL. Bring back grunge from the early 90s or corduroy pants.

  21. well as a guy who wears crop tops proudly, I find this pretty offensive. wearing shirts or clothing, in general, that is cropped or revealing isnt usually a form of sexualization, when i find myself reaching for a crop top, its because i think the outfit will look better, not for sex appeal. i dont understand hoy you consider extreme cropped shirts to be sexual assault. i fell like everyone should be allowed to wear what theyd like to, and not be shamed by someone who has a closed mind.

  22. I personally think crop tops for men and women are silly. But if men wear it and they have a radiator on their stomach, I’m not gonna complain ;3

  23. it was fashionable but in the 80’s at gyms or dance schools some of rock stars wore such tops but they were longer
    now is 2018 wtf ??? we are going back in development ?

  24. Looks so gay it’s ridiculous but then hey, this is the millennial generation we’re talking about here. Anything seems to go with them

  25. I’ve only just discovered your channel and I think I’m in love! You basically say what I thinking! I also love your style of delivery, it’s brilliant!

  26. Didn’t men wear crop tops in the 80s? Pretty sure I’ve seen movies that were made back in the 80s of guys wearing them during the summer or gym class.

  27. 😂😂😂 if you walked down the street in my town dressed like that. …you’d get the shit kicked out of you 😂😂😂

  28. What? It looks fine unless their skinny, people shouldn’t be judged on what they wear, people should be allowed to choose to wear “whatever”, I don’t think it matters really, if woman can wear top crop than let men do it too, just because it looks good on a “girl” doesn’t mean it can’t with a boy, it looks fine, I don’t see the big deal here guys -__-

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