“Nationalism is the biggest threat to women’s rights in Europe” – Feminist Initiative

Suffer with me, children.

Read the study here:



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Author: Social Truth Warrior

298 thoughts on ““Nationalism is the biggest threat to women’s rights in Europe” – Feminist Initiative

  1. Seemingly it’s true, size does matter and the migrants are seemingly satisfying Swedish Feminists. As a boy, I always just thought that these feminist just needed a good ride!

  2. How do these open-borders idiots expect the nice comfy societies they all enjoy to survive under the weight of unfettered immigration? And how fucking self-important do you have to be to think that your desire for open borders is more important than the desire of average citizens to continue living in the relatively safe and peaceful societies they’ve created and that they support with their tax money?

  3. As real men continue their thinning,
    Christian Grey seems like just the beginning:
    The wammin of Europe
    Want sweet Muslim syrup,
    Machetes will set their heads spinning!

  4. Let me guess… the swedish Feminist initativ is on it again…. sighs…. I feel so ashamed of those people.

  5. you have raised and aired very critical points – this women’s movement thing is ANTIFA guys trying to screw every woman they can get their hands into. Very dangerous people out there. If a guy or a girl kills let us say ten people, we know for a fact that X number of people were affected and no more. The shooter will be either dead or put away. However, with this Women movement agenda we will have no idea how many women and men are affected and affecting. These people are fascists and this movement is really against the Christian culture and for Islam/Sharia. Well done B- for extracting the details for everyone to see..

  6. The biggest threat to women’s rights in Europe is Islam. Populist Nationalists in Europe are not forcing women to cover their face or hair in public. Populist Nationalists are not trying to pass laws that say women can only socialize with men who are either their husbands or members of their family.

  7. They got the words mixed up, it should read “Women are the biggest threat to the nation”.

    Women will always eagerly give up what their men built, fought and died for. Its somehow in their DNA.

  8. Actually, In Europe, Nationalism will protect women in the long run, like it’s been doing for 100’s of years. The Ottoman Empire is rebuilding and they aren’t waging war with violence because they’d never win. They are waging war with the womb and will win because they average 3 kids per wife compared to less than 2 in European Natives. Feminist hate men so much that they’d rather see their Countries go down and be completely taken over than to admit that Men do it better.

  9. EU feminists 2018: “Nazis raus! Nazis raus!”
    EU feminists 2025: “I love husband. I will serve him in this life and next”

  10. Then they mean Women’s rights, they mean being paid more than men for the same job. Under a nationalist nation, it’s more about gender equality which means less pay for them.

  11. Women of the West, nature is calling for another boom. If only governments would focus on birthrates and subsidize per child; rather than replacing us. Civilians should be rewarded for their contributions to their country. They [government] should also be fearless when it comes to promoting their native’s to reproduce to preserve the cohesiveness of a country.

    1. Your makeup covers the bruises so well from the “banging your head against the wall” that you had to do, to read that 37 pages of drivel. I suggest all the feminist get done up in their Friday night going out garb and go out to the immigrant communities and socialize with the misunderstood masses of men. They should be able to get their support with no problem. Love the content and the comments.

    2. It probably amazes you just as much as people’s unfamiliarity with the concept of punctuation amazes me.

    3. It is so sad, the economical system is slowly collapsing around us, and the major political movement on the planet is the feminism (I wrote almost feudalism, because the neo-feudalism is alive basically everywhere except on the west). Terrifying, politics of the ostrich, the green movement failed, it couldn’t even change thinking of the people, but the feminism rise even higher (like the strongest movement of the left, called cultural-Marxism), like the sign how many things you could achieve with just ignoring the problems.

    4. “The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony.” -Donald Trump
      This concludes today’s lesson on quotation marks 😂

      The EU should go back to facilitating free trade, and piss off from the countries’ internal affairs.

  12. In Spain there are regional nationalists. They are globalists, are pro open borders, are against traditionalism and are radical feminists. You are probably confused. How can they be at the same time nationalists and be globalists, pro open borders, and against traditionalism? I am confused too.

  13. You are wrong about F! Growing in Sweden since 2015. Rather the opposite is true. They are virtually viped out. Also there larger sister party the Green are almost wiped out to. They Will probobly get kicked out of parliament in 2018 as well

  14. Random question, but where is Australia with all of that? Because I am seriously, seriously thinking that it would be best to move there since it is far away from my beloved Europe. Is Australia fucked too or are they good? I need answers guys.

  15. I hope when this stupid lebero-feminist bitch will be raped by some third world migrant, she will change her mind.
    Or maybe not.

  16. “Between all of us” kind of sounds like they don’t believe that one individual woman can be great alone? I will stay as far away from this hive as possible.

  17. Men have spent the last few thousand or so years sacrificing themselves to maintain Western Civilization’s & protect women! In just the last 30 years women have become major players in government positions of power in the corporate world!!! Like Sweden, government is composed mainly of women & is now the”RAPE CAPITAL” of the known free world!!! In less than 30 years women have single handedly almost destroyed Western society!!!

  18. I hope that you did not lose to many brain cells reading the report.
    LOVE you to .
    i share a lot of your vids with my friends.

  19. I mean they can open their borders and I’m sure all these people from Arabia and Africa are very into these Femminism Things. They’re totally not bigger nationalist and traditionalist then Swedish People..

    Sad Kappa

  20. If the Feminist Initiative gets into parlament Sweden will be even more f**ked than it already is. And yes… I’m Swedish

  21. And this is why giving women the vote creates welfare states that eventually run out of “other people’s money”

  22. Feminism importing and promoting rape culture?? Rape is a cultural aspect of the immigrant population so its OK. But the “rape culture” of the native western populations/campus populations is a huge problem

  23. They sound like the Soviet Comintern lol scheming about the best ways to subtly introduce Communist ideals to the West XD

  24. Feminists are rape apologists.
    I can’t see any other way to describe accurately a movement that is desparate to find excuses for rapists, that tries to silence victims of sexual assault, and uses a considerable amount of sophistry to defend islamism, the most retrograde political movement in the world.

    This movement is a joke and a disgrace.

    “Hold on there ! Not all feminists !”

    Yeah ok, just the vast majority of the feminists groups and “”””thinkers”””” in all of Europe and North America.

  25. I gave up on FEMINISTS as soon as TRUDEAU became one. That was a signal to me that it was ridiculous. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but maybe Trudeau really is a DRAMA TEACHER. 🙂 LOL

  26. The leaders of this “Feminist” movement are not feminists they are globalist multiculturalists conning confused young women into supporting their ideas.  How any woman who cares about womens rights could advocate for allowing people from a rape culture into their lands is insanity.

  27. Andrea Dworkin, our friendly female shape-shifter; created Feminism to “liberate” females so that the Chosen people had more people to TAX and men can’t say no to women that unleashes their inner-witch. True story…

  28. Hahaha. Silly feminist, men and women already have equal rights in western society’s. And open borders especially for islam/muslim jihad minded parasites will definatly help feminism…. Righttt.

  29. Nationalism is a threat, but not the biggest, not only to women and not in Europe… but the rest of the claim is “okay” I guess….so Nationalist are on the rise in Europe, they claim one thing and do the opposite (sounds familiar somehow) and they want to stop immigrants….the rest ist just BS

  30. Lets say that a guy or woman pick up a gun and blows their brains out in front of another person. That other person then pick up the gun and blows their brains out too. Any one that stupid deserves what they get. A Feminist watches as their friend is getting raped. That girl then tells the rapist that he is loved and welcomed in their house. That Feminist then gets raped. The now oppressed men walk by with out helping her. The men that are suppose to keep woman safe will start to think to them self “this is what you wanted”. All of this dark and horrible. Girl you are always welcome to move to the United States. We want more intelligent and beautiful girls.

  31. God I hope Sweden oust this feminist party in the next election and votes in a nationalistic party that will stop the imigration. September right? Wake up Sweden!

  32. Regressive leftists have a lot to answer for. They’re all a bunch of fucking traitors, all of them are on the wrong side of history.

  33. Dober Dan !
    Agreed…. we recognize deconstructionist critical theory being
    used by the post industrial Marxist feminist propagandists…. yeah right,
    they will make everything hunky-dory
    when they hold power…. ha ha ha !

  34. For a second there i thought you weren’t going to do your usual ending, which I love by the way. You stay awesome Barbara, we need you.

  35. I live in Germany. And every day, i mean EVERY FREAKING DAY the news are full of several rapes, sexual violence, knife attacks and murders made by migrants against women. Imagine in 25 years, or in 50 years continuing this insane open border politics… feminists are destroying their own agenda by being pro open border. And they don’t get it…

  36. You are so cute and you remind me of my gorgeous 19 year old son, because he has a tendency to exaggerate too!
    I hope you still have this YouTube page, after you go out and work in the real world for 10 years. 🙂


  37. Hey Barbara, why you do the “aahhhhh” looking upwards at the end of all videos? How did you came up with It?

  38. I’m a nationalist conservative…. I can’t tell you how many people have called me a Nazi because of it. Little do they know nationalism has nothing to do with nazism :/

  39. Feminism is something I used to listen to, but this latest pile of shit plus the open borders madness is just ridiculous. Bless you for reading 37 pages of this crap so I and others wont waste our time. My auntie is now turning in her grave, she was a feminist, but she wasnt STUPID.
    FREE TOMMY!!!!

  40. Such crazy times! I look forward to updates on how Slovenias going I’m so happy the people voted to try keep their culture intact! Good work Barb take it easy!

  41. Leave it to progressives to come to the conclusion at the literal opposite of the truth.

    How many feminists are there in Malmo?

  42. This is Femi Nazism at it’s finest…. and I do mean… “finest”. Because it’s just all downhill from here….😑

  43. All hate comes from the far Left. From ANTIFA, BLM, Alt Right, Socialism, Feminism, Globalism, and Communism. Human traffickers are Slavers.

  44. Negroids are like cockroaches. They shit on and destroy all that is good. It’s not coincidence that God made white people the master race and all others inferior.

  45. All right then my dear I will call you racist ,racist racist, ow well never mind me I am just talking through my ass hole.

  46. Perhaps these “feminists” secretly want to be subjugated and raped. Maybe thats the only “sex” they can get.

  47. Barbara you might want to look into the Marrakech Declaration of May 2018….please share the information within the findings…thank you.

  48. Hope we are organising our counter slogans better than they are. They are obviously funded by the do-evil club.

  49. “What? White European men want tighter border control in order to stop muslims from raping us!? CLEARLY THESE NATIONALISTS ARE THE BIGGER THREAT TO OUR RIGHTS!”


  50. When will people realize that “inclusion and open borders” really means “global communist utopia”?

  51. Crazy, stupid people, Barbara4u2c… and that seems to be a prerequisite to be a politician in the EU… I truly like your video here! You say it like it is!

  52. Racist isn’t an insult for me anymore but rather a compliment. Since I hate everyone who destroys europe I’m called a racist. Also because I don’t like african immigrants. Please call me racist 🙂 PLEASE

  53. Wait…wait…hold on…forget about the issue with open borders for a moment…the real issue, based on this report, is why did they open the doors to the insane asylums? Scotty!…beam me up!….Scotty? (actually I am sorry I compared those lovely people in insane asylums to these feminists)

  54. European governments are traitors to their own European citizens they give the foreign criminals from Africa and the Middle East More rights that’s Devilish and disgusting

  55. Europe has been turning into a communist continent they prosecute the European citizens that try to say the truth about the criminals from Africa and the Middle East

  56. Betting now starting on:

    1. Strong feminist women who feels oppressed and is a professional victim but full of love for her fellow women and relies on her soy-boy allies, likes wearing pussy hats, doesn’t complain when raped by Muslims.
    2. Big black violent neanderthal Muslim who doesn’t give a shit about your feelings, strongly patriarchal and misogynist looking for a white sex slave to add to his harem.

    Roll up, roll up place your bett’s. There can only be one winner.

  57. Babs grabs us by the swingers; it may hurt but toughen UP! The world is already rife
    With CLINGERS…so she tells these sorry souls to “Get a life!”
    All these filthy parasites arriving into Europe from a freight never seen; they don’t bring
    Hardly any money: No, it Europe who will give these gangs their “green”.

  58. Nationalism hearkens back, at least somewhat, to culture in a region, which then hearkens back to an awareness of tradition, which generally was based on a solid and grounded system, of which a large and vital constituent was the nuclear family. Since ALL of that is anathema to the Feminists…this clash, this COLLISION was foreseen by the prescient thinkers among us; including Barbara of this channel.

  59. me as a former christian, now atheist i say this: let’s convert europe to islam. we the men lose nothing. we grow beards and praise allah. whatever. but just to see feminists’ reaction when islam becomes the ruling religion here. i would LOVE to see their faces. it would totally worth it.

  60. Racism is metal. Against ugly, inferior people.
    We need a pan-European positive Nazi fascist democratic freedom liberation movement.

  61. I don’t try to make sense of Cultural Marxist propaganda because there is none and they themselves know there is none. Their work is aimed only at people’s feelings, the last thing they want is for people to use reason. Cultural Marxism is basically a diabolical form of sophistry.

  62. Feminism is just the rationalization of the lowest common denominator in female behavior. Feminism justifies poor personal choices. Feminism is intellectual tyranny in society

  63. the child traffickers ( e.g. globalists) are trying to start a brown and white  race war to then come in and tax and manage and even eliminate or harvest organs?

  64. I see a very bright future for Barbara, President of Slovenia or EU? A political patriot with brains and beauty….perfect!

  65. This “training programme” sure doesn’t sound like an attempt at spreading the radical feminist propaganda and training future no-brain feminists to hate men, victimise themselves even further and whine for privileges. Nooo, not at all.

    No, we don’t need feminism in Europe. We need common freaking sense here, thank you very much.
    Thanks for the video Barbara, great work as always.

  66. Nationalism is the necessary precursor of democracy. It is the sense of each individual belonging to the national whole that gives them the right to vote and the reason to vote. Examine European history: nationalism was always the forerunner of democratic systems.

  67. Feminism can’t “embrace” the future. “Poppin’ out babies” is not for feminists, nurturing life is demeaning to feminists. Nothing left to do for them but to die out. No future for you girls. Just the interim mess you would like to stir up for men and women.

  68. part 1…I read some things people are posting about the 100 year aniversary of the end of world war 1. ( n.b. this is a totally different war than world war 2)
    I think this would be a good time to hear about this history from someone who is from a place that used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    I suppose some of you ancestors must have died fighting in this war. If any of them were killed by American soldiers, please accept my apology. We shouldn’t have been there, this was totally fighting in someone else’s war on our part.
    You may remember something about this war that your professor told you in school, Well if I was in that classroom, I might have told him that he was SO full of bull $h!+ it is a wonder he didn’t burst.
    n.b. I am assuming that guy was taught history by the communists.
    ( oh wait, I assumed he did not know English, I must be wrong, I think a Professor would have learned our language.)
    Anyway, I base my guesses on the conspiracy theory.
    During WWI the British navy was so big and powerful, they were in control of all overseas trade.
    The guys on your side may have wanted to buy stuff from America, but there was no way your order could be delivered. American cargo ships were stopped unless they were going to a port that the Brits allowed us to. Therefore we could only sell merchandise to Britain or one of their allies.* So they would be also borrowing money to pay American factories. In 1917 the Russians quit the war when their soldiers deserted. ( they were opposed to the war and they voted with their feet)
    This enabled the German soldiers who were fighting the Czar’s army to leave the east and join their friends in the trenches of France.
    By “friends” I include the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as the Ottoman empire. Thus the British could expect to lose, how ever President Woodrow Wilson, (an Anglophile of questionable patriotism) decided to let the British win.
    Why would he do this? (In the previous 2 wars that both America and Britain were involved in the Brits were the enemy )

  69. If Feminism was that inclusionary how come the fishes aren’t riding their bicycles? I’m a tarpon, and I keep reading about the push for free tampons…and it keeps “triggering me”!
    No, I am just a fish out of water. I need a bicycle; and I need it NOW!

  70. Nah. Feminist hate men… and each other… and whatever you got. They’re a joke with no punch line.

  71. Whats up? Idk I mean its stupid to invite a fuck ton of immigrants especially if they are religiously radical. If they just try to make a better life for themselves and their family though I think hey should give them a shot.

  72. Well, I don’t think that nationalism is the biggest threat to women in Europe but it’s definitely the biggest threat to Feminism. The latest poll in Sweden:
    Sweden Democrats is now the biggest party with 26% of the support, F! ist the smallest party even smaller then the wildcard-parties (“others”-category) with 1.4%.

    What can we learn from this: when Feminism has reached the establishment like everywhere in the west but still has the hybris to wanna be the only power and attempting to take the power via forming a political party then they have to highlight everything that makes them different from the others. Now everyone can see what the core of Feminism is and its nothing that’s sustainable, it’s a psyops or failure of evolution however you wanna call it. Nobody wants them to rule and F! has to explain why. Everyone who’s NOT in the Feminist party but has always claimed to be a Feminist “because equality”, the people we call the mainstream Feminists, those have now to explain why they’re supporting any of the other parties and not the Feminists.
    So what we see in Sweden now is, the most gynocentric country in the world, the country that once had the lowest child-death and women reached the highest age of all European countries because we had one of the best healthcare systems, that country could not see the problem with Feminism and opened up the gates to power. And what did Feminism do with it? FUCK-ALL! Feminists can’t take the lead because power comes with responsibility and all Feminists do is blame others for their failures. In Sweden Feminists can’t hide anymore but in the rest of Europe and America they are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Sweden has a cure for Feminism: push them form a political party and let them compete with nationalist and watch them go down.

  73. This is pure communism strategy, pure and simple. This is the 21st century Bolshevik revolution.

  74. It’s not working out well for our feminist Prime Minister here in Canada.He is universally despised and laughed at.

  75. Nationalism may also help women’s rights in the mid-east. Think about it Barbara.
    The Misogyny they have down there in the lands of the religion of peace, makes the misogyny we have in Christiandom seem insignifigant.
    If you want to do something about women’s rights you should try to bring them to the girls down there. ( ask Annie Cyrus about this)
    However there is no way they would let you get past their border if you were gonna do this.
    Therefore you might as well just forget about this sweetie…….or should you not?
    To achieve progress on this issue we may have to start world war III so this ain’t gonna happen in the near future, and I doubt this will be done by Camile Paglia leading a task force of feminazis.
    The smart money is on eventually there will be an army of fearless robot wives.
    In the near future it will be technically possible to build a robot that is prettier than any woman and stronger than any man.

  76. part 2
    Although it may be too expensive to build such a thing, the robot wives will have 2 purposes to make them valuable , 1 as soldiers, 2 as life partners for undatable men.
    The Robot Wives will be designed by men, so they won’t have the ability to judge a man and reject him. SOME guys may tell you that one of these ” fabricated-Americans” can never be as good as the real thing, and they will know she is fake, However due to feminism there are many lonely men who have NEVER made out with a real girl, thus they will not be able to tell the difference.
    When they go into battle the enemy men will be demoralized because they will not only be losing, they will be getting be, oops I mean defeated by girls.
    Ok ,she may get shot but she won’t be a KIA, because the part that was harmed can be replaced by a mechanic.
    I suppose there will be many liberal peckerheards who will be whining about so many men getting killed, but their minds can be changed by using the power of Hate.
    This is the REAL reason they let all those “asian” “refugees” into Europe. There may be a few Europeans who don’t want those guys dead now, but there won’t be for long.

  77. Nationalism-opposed to globalism-is the most protective of women. The idea that NATIONS exist and NATIONAL borders exist should necessitate the existence of logical/controlled immigration and enforced borders (except in the US here thanks to democrats) which mean that mostly good, honest people get in, who are much less likely to fall into gangs/crime, including against women. And yet this string doesn’t interest the left because it involves thinking about the issue as a whole and not just plastering something as racist/bigot/evil Tump

  78. I deeply apoligize that my country tries to make Sweden into an Islamic country… Hopefully, most of the true Swedish people will vote for SD in september (Swedish Democrates/Sverige Demokraterna). And I pray to all the old norse gods for prosperity and fortune.

    Remember this: EU has become like a baboons ass-hole… Colorful and full of shit!!!!

  79. I still don’t understand how they see nationalism being against democracy, nothing is against democracy as long as there are another elections after 4 years, correct me if I’m wrong.

  80. Feminazis are trying to destroy the world, what a disgusting rabble of hideous hairy subhuman low life scum smh can intelligent people just get the fuck up and move our shit somewhere where these idiots can’t find us

  81. Just came across your channel. Like you and the way you think. Keep up the good work! Subscribed! 😀

  82. nationalism is like the most feminist thing you can have. it’s dogma believes in upholding the value’s of your country, it believes in protecting your countries people and valuing them above all else. nationalism believes in fair trade and equal rights to it’s citizens. nationalism treats every member of a country like family and that we need to stick together to protect our sovereignty and freedoms against foreign invaders.

    This really shows how stupid feminists are.

    I am a Humanitarian, Liberal and a nationalist.

    i want the women in my country to have freedom and protection. i want women to walk down their streets and feel safe. i want women and men to enjoy their work and have happy lives.

    i don’t want women to get assaulted by illegal immigrants. i don’t want foreign immigrants destroying our schools and increasing bullying. i don’t want our children to be called racist just because they don’t get along with somebody of a different nationality.

    Racism is an excuse used by the Libtard elite globalists who want nothing but to disolve europe and america into a third world continent(s)

  83. One comment sure hit home. One day when my oppressed grandchildren who now live in 3rd world apocolypse america ask me what i was doing when whites got overran and made refugees in their own country i can answer. ” Open rebellion until the person i needed most turned on me, your mom. Anonymous political insurgeny, charitable donation when my back really got against the wall. Finally extremism when all other hope was lost and i couldnt support you boys finacially. What did i do? Resisted like hell to the bitter end, just outnumbered, outgunned, and politically repressed by the govt and the general pop.

  84. I mean, BRÅ 1990-2005 showed that africans, legal immigrants, commited 500% more rape than white swedes as well, so this whole “refugee issue” is part of a bigger problem. look into africans and gangrape here as well, same data, and assault cases, as with refugees from the middle east.

  85. Patriots are the only reason countries with rights exist today. Let em have their way for thirty years and they will blame something else for how terrible everything gets without patriots

  86. “In our view, the teaching of history and geography should be taught at this age (age 3 in regards to children in the UK) as ‘Universal History and Geography’ The study of history raises ‘problems of value’ which are better postponed until the pupil is *freed from the nationalist prejudices* which at present, surround the teaching of history as a whole.”
    ~ UNESCO Volume V page 11.

    Under further guidance from Huxley, using the “guidebook” given unto them, the UN states:
    “The destruction of a child’s love of country and patriotism, is the FIRST step in preparing that child for world citizenship.”

    “If UNESCO is attacked on the grounds that it is helping to prepare the world’s people, for world government, then it is an error to burst forth with apologetic statements and denials, Let us FACE IT, the job of UNESCO is to help create and promote elements of world citizenship, When faced with such a _charge_ Let us (The UN) by all means, AFFIRM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS.”

    “to Achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”
    ~ Brock Chisholm

    “The creation of an authoritative, world order (government) is the ultimate aim toward which we must strive.”
    ~Winston Churchill, 33 degree FREEMASON

    “We are going to end up with a world government, its inevitable, there is going to be conflict, coercion, and consensus, that is all that is required as we give birth to the first GLOBAL civilization.”
    ~Jim Garrison, President of the Gorbachev Foundation.

    “Nations must unite in a world government, or perish.”
    ~Charles DeGualle

    “There is no salvation for civilization, even the human race, other than the creation of a world government.”
    “Mankind’s desire for world peace can be realized only by the creation of a world government, with all my heart I believe that the world’s present system of sovereign nations can only bring barbarism, war, and inhumanity, and that only law can assure progress toward a civilized, peaceful humanity.”
    ~Albert Einstein

    “We must steer our children toward Global citizenship, earth centered beliefs, socialist values, and the collective mindset which is becoming a requirement for the 21st century workforce.” New Man Magazine July/August 1995 pp 85-86

    “We deplore the division of mankind, on nationalistic grounds, We have reached a turning point in human history where the best option to transcend the limits of national sovereignty and to move toward the building, of a world community.”
    ~Humanist Manifesto II

    “I agree that national sovereignty is the root of all evil. ”
    ~Philip Jessup of the CFR

    Behold, your ENEMY. These poeple are fking debaucherous, diabolical, and they are real. Ive been mocked, shrugged, and laughed at before, all simply bc i notify the other that their pope, their freemason, their UN, their EU, their little idols, all have a real, living, breathing agenda to destroy their countries, and they are NOT silent about it. Wake tf up. These marxist hippies dont just spring up out of no where. And here is the proof of it. Thanks Barbara for this topic its very important (and NOT an accident, as you can see) that ppl arent allowed to be proud of their nations.

  87. OK, Barbara you’re a racist. Of course when I say that, I take into consideration that the word “racist” has a different meaning than it it used to. It’s definition used to be; “someone white who hates black people and wants to keep them segregated from white America”.
    The new definition would be “; someone white who thinks whites are good ,and does not feel guilty about all the bad things whites have done to other races.”
    e.g. a white guy who thinks that since his Grandmother’s Grandfather left his home and family in Brooklyn and went down there to free the slaves ( after being drafted into the U.S. Army.) ,this makes up for all the slavery done in the Southern part of his country. (a.k.a. Y.T.)

    1. BTW, Barbara you people should stop calling that place Monte Negro, you should call it Monte Person of Color.

  88. I like your videos because they aren’t crap. I also like that you often use the “advice” but you try to pluralize it by saying “advices”. It is an uncountable word, meaning it has no plural. You just say “advice”.

    I’ll use it in a sentence… “Hey Johnny Ka-Pow! Shut the fuck up, nobody needs your advice.”

  89. What European countries really need now is each their own Pinochet, for 10 – 15 years, to uproot corruption, and preserve their national identities.

  90. At some point, could you discuss how the lefts push is encouraging acceptance of pedophilia? If it continues on growing, the future generations of children will be put in danger.

  91. At some point, could you discuss how the lefts push is encouraging acceptance of pedophilia? If it continues on growing, the future generations of children will be put in danger.

  92. Hey @barbara4u2c, I haven’t tuned in to your channel in a long time. Glad to be back. Thanks for your content!

  93. I’m completely serious, not trolling. So my honest consideration is that, despite what libtard universities claim, nationalism is a more pure form of democracy. Nationalism demands that elected representatives stand for and represent the nation’s, aka the people’s, interests. That seems quite democratic to me (thinking of Poland and Hungary). However, contemporary Western Europe and America, for example, are democratic, too, but the leftist representatives in THESE nations seem to promote more and more policies that benefit non citizens. In fact their policies, to me, seem to only promote contradictions: LGBTQ and Islam and Islamic migrants. It’s as if the more Western nations are trying to create civil wars, as an extreme example. Progressivism IS forced, and only seems to divide and alienate native western Europeans from their cultures.

  94. Bravo Barbara. Že dolgo spremljam tvoje kanale in mislim, da si naredila veliko dobrega za promocijo Slovenije v svetu. Si ena redkih pri nas, ki se upa izpostaviti.
    Hvala, da tako pogumno širiš resnico 😀

    Thank you for sharing the truth 🙂

  95. I’m so happy to see that you’re on the right side of the “feminist” (Globalist Agenda) argument. I lived in Italy for 4 years and been to Slovenia more times than I can count. And it angers me to see now that there are now muslim immigrants (Revived Ottoman Empire) moving to Slovenia.

  96. Well, what do YOU think Barbara ? , When the USA enterered World War I, were we fighting in somebody else’s war? ( n.b.) NOT World War II !)
    Have you ever heard ANY of your fellow Slovenians say anything about the Austro-Hungarian Empire (of which Slovenia had been a part of) being a threat to the USA (Did they even care? )
    ” Freedom of the Seas ” “make the world safe for democracy” as you see I understand the concept of quotation marks. I would never say any of that bull ** **. During World War I freedom of the seas was quite limited by the Royal Navy of Britain. If a American wanted to sell anything to The Austro-Hungarian Empire or their ally Germany, he would not be able to ship it to the customer, because British naval ships would stop the cargo ships and sink them if neccesary.
    As a result of the USA sticking our nose in Europe’s business, today, the world is not completely safe for anything.
    Thus the U.S. could sell things to Britain and France, but not to Your side.
    This Means that Britain must have had to borrow a **** load of money to pay for this. How did they pay it back? Well I suppose with the British taxpayer’s money, but Also because the treaty of Versailes obligated your side to pay reparations. Therefore It was important that Britain was allowed to win the war because the victory provided the money to pay back whoever loaned them money.
    I do believe that when Russia quit fighting this war in 1917 the Soldiers from Slovenia and the other parts of Austro empipire (along with their German allies) would have won world war I. I’ll bet the communists deleted THAT from the history books you read in Schaool Barbara.

  97. (((“Democracy”))) means anti nationalist mob destruction under a “European Jewish parliament” of ZOG.

  98. Feministke so grde, kosmate, umazane in nedojebane pičke, ki so zjutraj jezne na sebe, popoldan pa na cel svet.
    Predvidevam, da nisi volilka Levice :-)))))))))))))

  99. I do NOT think you are a National Socialist.

    But anyone who thinks you are – you do look _somewhat_ like Anastasia Ageeva, physically.

    And that’s as much as some people will go by …

  100. Modern Feminism:
    1. Reproductive rights (right to kill your unborn kids)
    2. Make women focus on a career & work.
    3. Destroy the traditional nuclear family.
    4. Make women feel oppressed & confuse femininity & masculinity.
    5. Preach for open borders.
    Do all this & ignore all the violations of women’s rights all around the world or how Saudi Arabia is on the UN’s commission for women’s rights lol & associate racism & nationalism with female oppression in western societies & let western birthrates fall & keep preaching open borders because that has a lot to do with women’s right & destroy the only people care about women’s rights.

  101. Keep up the good fight. I live in the US and see this same thing happening.

    We even have Nancy Pelosi criticising Trump for calling gang member illegals animals. There is a blatant mislabeling happening across the Western world, all in the name of equality when something far more nefarious going on.

    I find it interesting that we have two different groups and problems threatening our values through mass migration and the left try to demonize any who question it or stand for sovereignty. They utilize these loud fascist groups who shout about fascism.

  102. Feminism killed Chivalry, yet feminist always wonder what happened to that kind of respect for them.

  103. i don’t think of anything, because i’m a working gear in the machinery.

    are there more people like you in slovenia?
    i’m considering a permanent change of my natural habitate.

  104. If feminism was a genuinely sincere movement that actually supports the safety and happiness of women it would be allied with the right and push pro Christian pro family anti i’mmigration policies

  105. Hey Barbara! Here, in Brazil, the biggest threath against women’s right is the criminal justice. There’s a soft way to treat the criminals and those who injure womens. Not only the womens as victims. The brazilian way of justice is so soft and political correctness that treat criminals as victimis of the society. And this theory are dominating the Right and the courts.

  106. When people preach love and trust it usually means the opposite or the person is just trying to look good.
    I’m skeptical.

  107. The most dangerous thing to women’s rights is feminism. Feminists, in actuality, hate women. They just hate men even more. Unless, of course, that man is an immigrant rapist. In that case we call the rape victim a racist and tell her she deserved to be raped.

  108. 3:10
    Yeah, idk why anyone would trust these percentages. Not really from a trusted offical source, are they?

  109. This feminist party are filled with women that have no children these feminists have no stake in the future of Europe that’s why feminism is cancer!

  110. Barbara you’re great, your uplifting with stuff that makes me so angry, March on baby, thats for the feminists out there

  111. Barb, can you imagine how much people will despise Feminists in the future? People will remember this as the time that Feminists betrayed women in the name of their stupid ideology. As Anne Waters say, “Feminism is the new Misogyny”.

  112. You said it brilliantly once again. You just keep going young lady! All normal and logical thinking people love your perspectives.
    Greetings from the terrible Southern point of Africa.

  113. We need more Feminism? It’s not enough that the media is helping you as much as possible, as well as politics and that you are basically fully embraced by society, no, we need more of it. It’s not even for all women, it’s for all feminists and those who follow feminist principles. It was never about equality, because as the name proves it was and still focusing on women’s issues. The movement is hypocritical and sexist. Why not call oneself a humanist or an egalitarian? Because then you’re not *using my spooky voice* “one of them”.

  114. If those behind this initiative got to play the rape game, I wonder how they would explain the reasons or justification for the experience post event?

  115. This helps me feel so much better lol..to actually find people that arent brainwashed and intelligent that understand the madness that is somehow consuming all first world nations. Thank you so much. Please don’t stop making videos!

  116. Feminists have no feelings for the plight of women who are raped by illegal and legal male Muslim immigrants. Feminists want more of these animals to invade White countries.

  117. Meanwhile children get raped by immigrants due to open borders, so feminists are raping children! See I can play that word game too feminists. Leftists feminists have strong hate for white men, cause “all white men are the cause for all the worlds problems”. They are great at lying, deceiving and silencing the truth by calling people racists etc

  118. It’s really scary how strongly violent and brainwashed the left is. I am reading Darkness At Noon by Arthur Koestler, a novel about a communist revolutionary during the show trials in Moscow in the 1930’s. We are heading towards what Russia went through during the Bolshevik revolution and the communist take over. It is really creepy to think this could happen here in the US, but it looks like it could happen in Europe and Canada if people don’t stand up for real human values.

  119. Thank god china aint like that and am i racist also give your remark and opinion of what you have bout china lol

  120. Ism vs ism, I am tired of ideological bullshet
    If people what to be part of an ism so badly choose rationalism

  121. Feminism, let’s think about this ,let’s frown upon men who dare to open a door ,or stand to offer a seat, offer to pay for a meal ,but let’s embrace a medieval culture that performs female genital mutilation , honour killings , rape culture ,acid attacks ,and make the women dress like bee keepers, yes feminism fits the Islamic religion like a glove , preferably a long glove that doesn’t show any skin .

  122. I’m a Muslim man and all I say is that you are haram! infidel! you should be fucked in all your holes if goats are not available!

  123. Hello from the UK young sister, great to see you’re on the important issues, only 7% of women identify as feminazis here, however 85% plus believe in gender equality. I don’t know anybody outside of the liberal media who wants 1 more Muslim, thank God for YouTube or we wouldn’t even know about the patriots in the rest of Europe, which by the way we love it’s just the EU and them trying to destroy our culture that we have a problem with. Good luck with your excellent channel and God bless you.

  124. Simple thing – Feminism broke the family structure. Rise of abortion largely associated with the rise of Feminism has devastated birth numbers of Western Nations. And now the ageing population cannot retire because who will fund their pensions?
    So – bring in the immigrants and hope they will start contributing.
    The outcome? Western Women will have to willingly submit to Western men, or accept being forcefully subjected under raping barbarians who will use them as sex slaves. As simple as that. Destroy the men in your society like what Feminism have done, and you can expect *real* violent men to take over and they will not show mercy.

  125. Western feminist are used as a tool and as a transition governance of the states, untill they become majority of imigrants , and then the imigrants will trow out those feminist out of the governance, and create their own tradicional goverment , with full tradicional rules

  126. I used to be annoyed and angry about feminism, but now it is starting to scare me like a terrorist Organisation…

  127. Please don’t see this as patronising, but I just want to say that I think you’re a great kid! (I ‘m 44 y.o.) I have two boys, 15 and 17, and often I wonder what hell if a world they will live in. We like-minded people need to unite and organise to stop the madness.

  128. Yes the feminist are full of it, but the core of the problem seems to me to be Postmodernist Theory, and it’s adaptation by many muddle-headed actors in the humanities: gender studies, English, Sociology, African American Studies,…

  129. Islam should die! But i need to warn so called sovereign state, if you threat women’s rights control their own body, it means war! You have no difference with islam! Religion poisons people and women! Give me freedom or death!

  130. I am glad to side with nordic and throw Muslim out! But for religious idiots Christian coutry, i have no recognation of your law! And refuse be threatened by your Christian law either!

  131. People. need. to. known. the. differnt form. right. and. wrong. why do you want. to. bite. the. hand. that. feed. them moron

  132. There has to be some globalist organization funding and promoting this “feminist” push in Europe. Anyone see Soros lately?

  133. They are only slighlty wrong: nationalism is the second threat. The first one is islam. I say, FUCK BOTH, nationalism AND islam. Both are patriarchal SHIT.

  134. Feminism wants to infiltrate in every aspect of our lives BECAUSE shitty patriarchy has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and societies for some thousands of years. TIME to CLEAN UP. It’s a Revolution.

  135. This feminism “plan” smacks of the same kind of Scientology indoctrination operating in a complete vacuum of alternate ideas.

  136. Problem is that all the left wing parties of Sweden are adapting to feminism even though they supposedly are socialist. After the election held September 9th we even have a situation where the left wing and the right wing have the same amount of seats in parliament and both refuse to even talk to the nationalist party which got 17.7 % of the votes and which will render them (left and right wings) unable to form government. This is the result of feminism, not very inclusive at all.

  137. How is love and trust of one and another something new?  When a man and woman get together and bond they have agreed to be together for life to breed and raise a family.  They have agreed to commit to each other for life to raise the children as best they can.  How is this something new?

  138. books: Gloria Steinem — Revolution From Within — Napoleon Hill— Think and Grow Rich —
    Robert T. Kiyosaki — Rich Dad Poor Dad

  139. I was brought up by me mother alone. And thought I was feminist in the sence “women rights = men right”.
    But I won’t stand with those playinf the “victim” or “oppressed” card all the time.

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