My Struggle With Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks are awful, and everyone experiences them differently. I talk about my symptoms and how to cope. Leave a comment and tell me your story!
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

107 thoughts on “My Struggle With Panic Attacks

    1. You made a video with an upside down cross as your emblem. That is a hate crime. What part of this are you “anti” ? ” 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres” . I myself don’t have a specific religion, but find comfort in the scriptures of the New Testament. Here you are, mocking it, the religion behind the abolition of slavery, with love described like that all the way through. Maybe if you stopped doing that, you would feel much better. Actually, I know you would. “13:2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”

    2. Thats really interesting, my sister just started having panic attacks. i never knew something could trigger them i thought they were just random. I might now though

    3. i suffer from panic attacks on the daily i have social akwardness disorder making social situations hard as i think that people are thinking bad things about me and judging me, which causes me to panic i hate it but i will get over it even if its not that quick to get rid of

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve already had a panic attack or a few, but it was really really mild. No chest pain, no pain whatsoever, I just ended sort of gasping for air and not getting enough of it even when I take a deep breath. My vision got a bit blurry, as if I can’t see what I’m looking at, and I can’t focus on anything. Obviously these were always triggered by stress at work or when too many people want something from me at the same time and I get freaked out because I like having my work organized. They’re really mild compared to what I’ve heard from other people, also I’ve learned to control it just by simply stopping everything and just take deep breaths for a couple of minutes. It calms me down and I feel a lot better after that 🙂

  2. If you need a therapist to get help on panic attacks , you never suitable for mars one program at all(or any other real challenge). What therapist do is just listening and listening , there’s no guide at all.

    You just paid for somebody to listen to your side of the story and your complaints. A true couch would not do that, instead he/she will say keep your yelling lower where others could not hear, yelling does not help, instead you have to go through the hard course and be what you want to be yourself. Friend of mine have recently completed the life guard certification , and on their certification program they need to continuously swim 300m at a declared minimum speed at sea. First few days he was crying and crying and complaining, but finally he grew up, learned how not to complain and develop himself. Big misconception is that only girls should cry, we males cry on pain, but we hide it from others due to shame. That’s the reality of the feminist ruled earth. And the nature does not like something made with glass, realize that you are not made with glass first which explains why we still alive. World or nature have no time to listen to feminist complaints, simply it does not care.

    Everything is a pain while you get use to it, after that it’s a gain. And definitely it’s paying you back.

  3. Anxiety is such a bitch. I suffer from panic attacks, and mine are different based on the cause. If I am exposed to one of my fears, (generally heights) I get an adrenaline rush, then I get shaky. My mind starts racing, I can’t calm down, and then I start crying. The main constants of symptoms are an increase of adrenaline (I can feel my heart rate go up) and I want to scream or run away. They generally end with me sobbing and I try to be alone for it. At that point, my mind stops racing, it instead seems more like a person laying in the fetal position covering their ears and crying while screaming “make it stop!!!”

  4. Do note people that you may have anxiety that runs in your family, gone through crap, but you only actually have it if you go to a doctor and are diagnosed. Therapists of they say you have depression, anxiety, ptsd, bipolar, panic disorder, etc.

  5. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, or a bad thing that I can tell when I’m about to have a panic attack these days because I’ve had them so often.

  6. Hey I would like to know what proof you have to say God doesn’t exist, and where do you think good and evil come from?

  7. I saw this when you released it, but couldn’t voice what my panic attacks are like, until I had one today and am still fighting it off. Mine are like I’m drowning. I can’t breathe. I feel hopeless. Like everyone hates me and no matter what I do, I’m just a failure. I feel like I’m going to explode into a bawling mess at any moment. I had this as I was driving home. A song came on the radio and I found my self feeling a lot better. I have it playing on repeat now, because when I paused it for about 5 minutes just now, I felt the attack creeping back up on me.

    I wish YouTube wouldn’t demonetize your videos. What you say is important. Especially talking about mental health. You’re helping me so much. I have no income, so I can’t sign up for Better Help, but watching your videos helps me feel so much better. You’re such an amazing woman. Stay awesome. <3


  9. It makes me so happy that you are using online therapy! I have been an advocate for it for a long time! So many people don’t take it seriously so I am so glad that a big influencer like you are advocating for it. I am planning on going to school to become a therapist and I understand the importance of a person needing to feel comfortable with how they receive help because I have anxiety as well. Although I don’t get nervous going to therapy, but I could completely understand how someone could feel that. I’m so glad you are getting help for yourself in the appropriate way!

  10. The thing that helps me when I have one is some ice water and fresh air or a fan….it works every time!!! …. Thanks 4 the vid!!!

  11. When I have a panic attack it normally has a trigger which is normally something small like it’s too warm or my bus is late or even me disliking a certain room. I can normally deal with these things but if i am feeling nervous on top of that it’s almost explosive. I suddenly lose control of my breathing, my thought process goes out the window and It’s like someone is holding down the shut down on me. I get very confused and I shake badly and it’s a very external thing. I can’t reason with myself the way a normal person does and it normally takes another person to bring me back from what I call ‘shut down mode’. Thats why I normally try to step away from everything before I get that far. I don’t get chest pain but their normally feels like their is a hand around my throat and it stops me from talking or really expressing whats wrong which freaks people out. I am currently trying to get a diagnose even though I am pretty sure that I have a panic disorder because I know my reactions aren’t normal. if nothing else I can explain to my teachers that I had so and so and that I just need a minute, other than saying I just don’t feel right. Thanks Jaclyn for talking about this, I don’t know how to explain it but hearing you talk about your experiences makes me feel less damaged. Watching your videos made me want to actually find help, so Thank You.

  12. I can relate to the mental-spiral-thing – usually happens in the middle of the night – reoccurring thought, that does not want to go away, all the problems seem to attack me at the same time but magnified. Sometimes this is related to my life choices, which could have been better, and so on… Anyway, thank you for your video. You seem to be a very nice person 😉

  13. You dont need antidepressants the only reason these so called medicines exist is not to heal you but make the pharmaceuticl industry make more money by selling you so called medicines you dont even need.

  14. I don’t notice much physically during a panic attack…though my heart rate might be up a bit just before. I feel extreme fear. Just the worst fear, I scream, I want to escape my body because in that moment, my body is too temporary. It’s certain death, but I logically know I can’t escape. Once it ends, I cry for a while.

    If I catch it in time, I listen to the “Calm Down” app in the App Store. 1 or 2 listens usually works.

  15. You know that .3 second when you overturn a chair on the back two legs? That’s me for a half hour or more.
    There are a lot of helpful tactics on Anxiety Support Group on Facebook as well.
    The biggest thing that has helped me is CBD. It helps control my anxiety and reduce the number of panic attacks. Thank you for posting!

  16. Its true!! Panic attacks, anxiety etc are all cause by demons. Prayer efficiently gets rid of it permanently. Just because one don’t beleive the sky is blue does’nt mean the sky isnt blue

  17. Trying your link now for better help website, but I am currently under a therapist with the VA as a veteran. I also don’t have panic attacks because I have learned through my life so far that nothing is worth panic over unless my life or someone else’s life is in jeopardy, so I don’t panic. However, I still live with constant anxiety and I struggle to release that worry daily, some days are better than others, but still not anywhere close to a panic attack. I feel so terrible for you Jaclyn, you deserve to live worry free, but no one can live worry free except for you, you have to make that choice. Just do the best you can in your life and I will pray for healing in your life! God Bless you in your endeavor.

  18. Also, if a panic attack is similar to say someones vision warping and a dizzy feeling then I’ve felt that a few times in my life. I am not old, but I am 34, I have felt a couple symptoms a an anxiety attack by what you have read. What I do when that happens in be hyper vigilant and observe my surroundings to understand that I am not spinning or flying around the room as my vision is showing me then it stops, because I excerpt a mental focus on myself to control my feelings at those times. Again, I have only felt like that 2 or 3 times in my whole life so far, but it is manageable by yourself or with mild medications, but I do not recommend pills because the human mind is so much more powerful than any one understands.

    God Bless and praying for mass healing and renewing of minds for God’s glory!

  19. Exactly, I have anxiety. Point dot blank. I have had it sense I was a baby, and I get therapy now.. But I would stay up just every weekend, all-nighters, I obsess a lot!! People say in response “Yea school sucks!” Its not school I have good grades its just I hate it because I dont know why!! Its just there I just stay up and if I have nothing to focus on I just spend the night trying to find why?? And if theres something “wrong” I’ll focus on it knowing thats not why its happening but because its happening I say thats why. Alsoooo I have ADHD and OCD and I cant focus sleeping pills dont help too it SUCKS!!

  20. In my ninth grade year I’ve had the worst panic attack ever and it was bad I was talking to myself saying that I was fine and I was uncontrollably crying I tried to calm myself down I tried everything but then when I walk through the doors into the main building I snapped I ran to the bathroom and lock myself into the bathroom crying people thought something was really badly wrong and I kept telling myself it was fine even though I was breaking down inside the only one that made it to me with my best friend she talk to me and try to calm me down and then it took three teachers and principal to get me out of the bathroom none of them could call me down but this one teacher was able to calm me down it was just so amazing i’ve had panic attacks before but not as bad as this one and I love that you’re actually talking about this to people and saying it’s OK to talk to people about it thank you

  21. I just recently found out about L-Thynine for panic attacks. It’s a natural supplement. Look it up and see if it’ll help you.

  22. I can feel mine coming and the symptoms are variable. Mostly it’s the feeling that nothing is real and I have no control over anything, and a sense of doom. Not recognizing my environment when it should be familiar is another terrifying feeling.

  23. I feel a weird feeling in my stomach similar to guilt or repulsion. I also mentally spiral, lose control of my temperature regulation/overheat, feel like my heart is racing but there’s no change in my pulse, and I sometimes get migraine headaches.

  24. No one will pay the slightest bit of attention. But the bulk of all emotional instability comes from improper nutrition. We are not ‘one size fits all’ automatons that require the same maintenance at the same time.

    Whatever your diet is, NO MATTER WHAT your diet is; if you’re experiencing chronic emotional problems, it can probably be helped by changing what you eat.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled obliviousness.

  25. Honestly…. I hope you keep having them. All you do is bash Christianity. If you don’t like Christianity, just leave it tf alone. It ain’t bothering you. And damn sure isn’t affecting you. So leave it alone. Anti-Christ

  26. Hey try mindfulness meditation! Mindfulness has changed my life and is strongly supported by science. Type in UCLA MARC. You can do free meditations on there. I can’t even describe how much mindfulness has helped me!!! We atheist have to look out for each other. Please try it and stay consistent and you will feel so much better. Please try.

  27. Here’s the bottom line if you will do thirty minutes of mindfulness a day. Your attacks will be gone. I no longer have a fear of heights. GONE!!!!

  28. It can be hard to talk about mental health although we all have to live with ourself, with our conscience and thoughts. There’s no need to be ashamed or whatever we’re all just human. About panic attack I find it helps to just accept it and not fight it, if you feels its coming just let it come and it will actually be easier and quicker imo. Exercises and mediation are great aswell for general anxiety. It’s not really related although for me i think it is and it help to understand our mind even if its hard to accept sometimes but I give you this link (I personnaly think she’s brilliant ) ( i hope no one will see this just like i was trying to force an ideology or sometime, i’m not. I just leggit think it can help)

  29. When I was in first second third and seventh grade my anxiety attacks would get so bad I would vomit every single day (somehow didn’t get bullied for it miracle) but I started meds and I still have horrible anxiety but i can keep down my breakfast.

  30. that’s sucks .. I wish I could be there to help you and feel better the same way you help me feel better when I watch ur videos. ty so much for sharing your openness and courage is definitely something that cannot be questioned.
    Remember your a beautiful caring and smart women don’t let your anxiety and bad thoughts make you.
    So please be careful out there Jaclyn and I hope your feeling better soon

  31. You are a strong and beautiful women. I would enjoy to be in your presence and always make the most difficult f our time

  32. Hey guys. You are loved. I am sad a lot and have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, and want you to know that I understand. I don’t expect anything of you, I’m not going to make suggestions or give advice. A lot of times I just want people to listen without telling me what to do. I’ll reply with a heart, to let you know I read your comment. If you want to, feel free to comment your story/personal stuggles without holding back. No one is judging, We’re all listening with respect. I’m not going to give you a poor, little baby sympathy either. You don’t even have to say anything, you can just say that you’re sad, and don’t explain. Write what you feel comfortable with. You are loved. You are worthy. You are strong.

  33. You should track down a local Crossfit gym, start hitting some high intensity workouts 4-5 times a week to burn off some excess energy.

  34. I just love you Jaclyn, your opionions of things resonate with me more than any other youtuber. I suffer with anxiety too and recently I havent been able to run because of a back injury caused by running. It’s been hard. My brain feels like it’s exploding and I hate swimming and it costs money I dont have. I think the world is ending and I’m horrible -anxiety. You helped 🙂

  35. When it happens to me, I do start hyperventalating and sobbing, but I also get REALLY bad stomach aches. Anyone else? Usually my stomach starts hurting before everything else

  36. Jaclyn, if you want to get better, and aren’t, maybe it’s because you lack perspective. Now I’m just being honest, but if you really want to have a better life, and health, it could be because of the way you choose to see things, and are choosing to let it be negative, when you could change your mind, just like that.

    Example, if you’re always negative, or complaining, about whoever or whatever, do you really think you’re going to have a positive mind? No, but if you choose to see past all those things which fall upon us all, and live with a grateful heart, then you will truly be happy.

    Life is good, but do you see it that way?


    P.S. I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, I’m going to tell you what I think, because I really want to help you out.

  37. I’m a 59 year old male, and I am addressing you from an assisted living center for the mentally ill in Watts, Oklahoma. I do have some experience with anxiety attacks. My life has been dominated by anxiety since I was 15 years old. I haven’t experienced physical symptoms like you describe, but I was often so scared I felt like something inside me was going to break. Right now the anxiety isn’t as intense as it has been in the past, but most of the time I’m around people I still want to crawl into a hole and hide. I’ve been visiting a website for schizophrenics, and a lot of the people on it are trying “L- Theanine” for their anxiety. I’m taking it myself, and I am starting to have some hope of some kind of relief. That’s all for now, bye.

  38. I saw this video the day it was posted and last week I had actually my first panic attack. It is fucking scary. I’m actually glad I got to watch this before because I did understand to some extend what was happening to me after I had it.

  39. Okay I’m gonna talk about the first one I got, I wasn’t introduced to any mental illness existing, so it was new. It came out of nowhere , I had severe anxiety but nothing like this, I couldn’t breath, I was crying, my legs went numb, I had tunnel vision, I had thrown up and it was like the world was ending and everyone was disgusted with me, at the end I ended up passing out, no one found me in my room, I had to help myself out after it was over, I felt so alone, confused, and scared afterwards. I’ve definitely had worse panic attacks, I just wanted to share my first.

  40. I get a bunch of different kinds of panic attacks.
    I get some where I can’t think. Not racing thoughts, just no thoughts, like every thought I try to have just disappears into a void. I can’t move and I can’t really speak right or explain what I’m trying to say. I’m just frozen in nothing.
    I get some where I start to cry and I can’t stop and I can’t breathe because I’m hyperventilating.
    I get some where I can’t breathe. I’m not hyperventilating. I’m breathing normally but it feels like there’s a cloth over my mouth or something. The air is all hot and stale and I can’t get any oxygen. I start to get light headed and my thoughts are racing.
    The last kind I get feels like my all the nerves in my body are on fire. Like the lightest touch is more than I can bare. And everything hurts and is tingly.
    All of them except the first one comes with thought spirals where I kind of think in a circle and I can’t ration with my thoughts and whatever I’m thinking about just gets worse and worse and worse.
    The thing that helps me the most is listening to my husband’s heart beat and feeling him breathe. I think it kind of grounds me.

  41. I also recently stopped taking my antidepressants. I am diagnosed with anxiety and I have some pretty bad panic attacks. I stopped because anxiety medication has a tendency to lower blood pressure and I was have severe dizziness issues and I tried doctors and you know how fucked all that gets. Anyway I’ve been off for a few weeks and my sertraline is out of my system now. I feel pretty good and it might just because I’ve got something good happening in my life (coughboyfriendcough) that helps me keep going on top of all the countless bad things going on. I’ve had a few panic attacks. Maybe like 3 a week. But I feel good. My dizziness was something I was also anxious about 24/7 and now that I feel better I think I’m happier.

  42. It takes practice to live with your brain. Often undoing bad practice. It is a habit which means channels cut in your brain. It is both something you do and something that happens to you. It is your responsibility to change but not your fault that it happens.

  43. I had one once. It was not fun. Thought I was having a heart attack. Sorry you have to endure this. But I heard cbd oil or other forms of marijuana, is very good for anxiety and Kratom. I have severe intractable chronic pain so that can stress me from pain being so severe. I used to have a great dr.who was an oncologist that gave me great pain numbing shots for the injuries and pain medication for the childhood disease and other diseases I suffer from. I know an interesting thing you might want to try. A famous cardiac surgeon suffered from severe panic attacks and was a concert pianist that used high dosages of an old muscle relaxer called baclofen. He also used that to treat his alcoholism because he started drinking because of his intense anxiety. His parents survived the holocaust and he was always worried they would be taken again. He unfortunately dyed a few years ago but he was a genius and his protocol is used in France and England and he cane to the states. I usually recommend this to addicts but also mention it helped him with his anxiety which is what led him to using it for addiction with incredible results. His name is Dr. Olivier Amisen. He dyed fairly young. His research is still online I am sure and you may can show it or call a clinic familiar with his work. Since you were a medical student read how he had terrible anxiety. And how the baclofen helped. But he used high dosages compared to body weight. He also had compulsive shopping habits and it cured that early on before the larger dosages so the anxiety dosage may be lower as opposed to the addiction levels. Hope I helped you out. I totally get the anxiety attacks. I wanted to jump,out of my car and run down the street screaming! They are terrifying.

  44. I normally don’t comment on videos, but after seeing this video I felt like I needed to. I’ve had anxiety as I currently know it for about 4 years now, but it manifested itself during high school taking different forms. My anxiety has put me in extremely dark places in what should’ve been extremely happy times. I’ve rotated through medication, therapists, and have even landed in a mental hospital. Until recently, I didn’t really take my anxiety and panic attacks seriously. Yes, I would go from 100% to 0% within seconds, often for no reason. Yes, I would make myself absolutely miserable with little sleep, overanalyzing everything, and constantly ridiculing myself. My primary symptom for panic attacks is sobbing and spiraling thoughts, but it is a lot of times accompanied by hyperventilating. For a long time, I thought that these panic attacks weren’t “bad enough” to seek help and that I was just being a baby. Of course, this likely made the situation worse and put me deeper in a spiral. I still have to remind myself this isn’t the case. Words cannot describe how moved I am by this video. My panic attacks didn’t always fit in a standard mold, and I’m relieved to hear of the variety of molds it can take. Thank you so much, Jaclyn, for making this video and bringing more awareness to this topic.

  45. One tip I can offer personally is one time when I had a massive panic attack. I called my friend who also has anxiety and he suggested to take a shower. So its similar to the weighted blanket thing. (Which I currently have on my feet. Lol.) But yeah if he didn’t suggest that I don’t know what I would have done. (I used a blood pressure cuff and my heart rate was 158 bpm sitting down.)

  46. i also wanted to say that how i deal with my panic attacks is that i 1) go hiking and get moving, 2) try to mainly eat vegetables and fruit, as to improve my diet 3)i also find that my panic attacks worsen when my room is not tidy, so i try to clean my room as well

  47. I didn’t realize that I might be haveing panic attacks until I watched this video. When I panic my I can’t think straight my face and body gets really hot, the are feels super thin I can’t speak and I start to hyperventilate and I can feel my chest pounding and aching. Does this mean I’m having a panic attack?

  48. I have dealt with panic attacks most of my life even way before i had even heard of panic attacks, it can make you think really bad about yourself so it is pretty awesome people like you jaclyn actually speak about it, thank you much apreciated.

  49. I’ve had panic attacks for 5 years. It started during a time of severe emotional stress, but also severe overwork and athletic exhaustion. Eventually my panic attacks started originating from hypersensitivity of my nervous system, the same way seizures happen for epileptic people. I don’t even have to be feeling bad — too much stimulation of ANY kind, whether it’s loud noises or flashing lights or aggravating traffic or thinking too hard about work, can cause a panic attack for me. Only after the panic attack starts do I lose control over my thoughts and get further overwhelmed by all the bad shit that was hiding in the back of my mind. I’ve started explaining it as like a seizure that causes a loss of emotional control rather than a loss of motor control, and then it started making more sense to people. Lately I’ve been experimenting with microdoses of Xanax (I’m SUPER sensitive to the stuff), taking a tiny fragment of a tablet when my legs start to tingle, and that’s actually been helping a lot. Only took 5 fucking years to figure that out. Unfortunately, sometimes they hit me out of nowhere, and either mimic a severe allergic reaction (complete with hives and hot shivers!) or cause my diaphragm to spasm. The diaphragm spasms are especially awful, because they pinch my aorta and cause my pulse to feel like a throbbing tickle. You have no idea how bad feels to have your own pulse driving you insane.

  50. I was diagnosed with bipolar type I about 25 years ago. The symptons got so bad that I couldn’t even hold a job and finally was provided with Social Security Insurance benefits on which I rely as my sole income. Intense anxiety and panis is part of BP1. My psych gave me limotrigen, latuda, hydroxisene, and lately, gabapentin. I know you reject pseudo medicine as I do, so if behavioral therapy doesn’t work for you as it did not for me, try a psychiatrist. The medicines to do not fully make me functional, but I am no longer continously filled with dread and deepest suicidal depressions. In any case, lots of love, and I am so glad you are out defending the cause of faithlessness. Have no Faith! You are beautiful, and I love U!

  51. Okay, heart rate… The preacher Benny Hinn had it for 20yrs, and to know it, it had to turn out like a heart attack and it cause articles. At his age… My recommendation, stop exercises or easy on the exercises, but only do cardiovascular, jogging. Stay away from food that thin the blood. Grapes, I remember in 2013 the attack I was having with eating grapes. Thanks for telling, good video. I like the chess thing. 🙂

  52. Jaclyn needs some religion in here life. She also needs someone who understands the many, many misconceptions she has about the Bible to explain it to her.

  53. I get the sensation of choking to death whenever I have a panic attack. You’re absolutely right, it’s more than being nervous it’s feeling like you’re trapped and going to die because you’re so panicked.

  54. Hey Jaclyn, I’d really love if there was a video explaining into deeper detail on how you can help your loved one through these attacks and how to help a person prevent these attacks.

  55. I’m a depressed, anxious, sociophobic, occasionally panic-attacked Atheist taking two antidepressants. With me panic attacks feature an overwhelming looping urge to flight, fight or freeze that totally muddles my ability to think clearly. I can’t breathe properly, panting, dizzy, shaking too sometimes. Of course when life pisses on you it’s not because “God’s peed, J Glenn!”. Thanks for sharing and for the suggestions. Take care.

  56. Anxiety and depression is God’s plan 👌 sometimes he likes to throw in a little diabetes or thyroid that doesn’t function properly and maybe add some cancer “in women he likes to stick it in their breast he’s just a pervert like that” 👍 don’t worry once he tops it all it off with Alzheimer’s disease you won’t remember any of that stuff😮

  57. My panic attacks usually start with chills and cramps, then horror movie screaming. Sometimes escalating into tremors and floating away feeling? I feel like I start to float away from my little brain spaceship and there’s no way to get back.

  58. Panic attacks suck. The thing that’s helped me has been to cut people out of my life that start drama and people that are not genuine people… Getting rid of those people has helped me. It has made it easier to navigate life without them.
    The other thing that’s helped me the most is making a point to notice when I’m getting overwhelmed and to take a short break to help calm things down.
    During that break I do something completely different than I what was overwhelming, so in a since I distract myself for a bit

  59. A panic attack is simply a feedback loop for your emotion. Your mind triggers a physical response which triggers your brain which triggers … (and so on).

  60. i fidget when im having a panic attack i cant stand still in social areas the only thing i see that helps is trying my very best to get outta the house on celebratory days like my sis getting a job i had like 2 drinks and was fine i cant bring myself to be normal but am slowly learning to cope with it the feeling of being judged etc it over time made me develope social anxiety disorder which i suffer panic attacks frequently you are not alone i do not suffer the way you do with your panic attacks but i have problems like stomach pain the feeling of a weird sensation as if like im bout to hurl i at one point almost passed out from hyperventalation , as a child i was the one bullied by all others it did not help and it is why i am the way i am now i hate what my bullies did to me but as they say every event that happens to you moulds you in unexpected ways, good ways and bad ways.

  61. Why do people upload stuff like this on YouTube. There are people who have real anxiety and depression who don’t get noticed. This woman just wants attention and will do anything to get it. What’s next? A love triangle with someone famous? Go back to medical school, lady. Your days on YouTube are numbered.

  62. Jaclyn you need to stop actually having human feelings. It the You need to pray to God or Jesus and they take care of that. And stop having feelings like humans. Then, your panic attack should go away. Because through some imaginary sky daddy, should make it all disappear. And human feelings…well you know…that is the devil doing that.
    OK maybe and being sarcastic.
    The thing, I respect about you, your honest about who you are. It’s good to know that you’re human.
    I have my issues and so does everybody else.
    People who pretend to not have real human issues, within themselves. Is being dishonest within themselves.
    I am so proud of you. You helped a friend of mine through this video, to have a better understanding of themselves, They were dealing with severe panic attacks. ( to which I asked to watch ) This video has created a positive help for others.
    Peace and One heart to you…. Jaclyn.

  63. One of my aunt’s took antidepressant a long time ago and she’s still dealing with side affects from them. If they work for some people, that’s fantastic, but they’re not for everyone.

  64. When I get panic attacks I usually feel like there’s a weight in the bottom of my stomach. I can’t breathe and everything gets blurry. That’s the most common way I have a panic attack. If it’s really bad, I start crying and hyperventilating as well.

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