Migrant crisis escalating & Slovenia still in denial

‘Tis but an update.


Police statistics:

600 Africans storm Spanish border using exceptional violence – Four border guards hospitalised

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KbzqaziPYY


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Author: Social Truth Warrior

240 thoughts on “Migrant crisis escalating & Slovenia still in denial

  1. Im from Celje,wich is the third biggest city in Slovenia and i never saw not even one imigrant here in my entire life! I belive that they exist but somehow i only see them in youtube!

  2. God bless The Slavs. God help The Gauls… (my people)

    Historical advice from someone with the experience; dont go to Algeria, don’t bring Algerians to your country and just avoid the region and people altogether whenever possible…

  3. When will we learn that our own countries should come first and we can’t help everyone

    And thank you i’m so sick of hearing the same shitty excuses from my mom and many other people
    Your voice keeps me sane (And insane cause i’m one of those who can see through bullshit)

  4. These people have all that laws, because they don`t have self control, are animals and need to be encaged! Keep fighting! cheers from Brazil.

  5. I did see Midget crisis , That would be so cool if there was a county of Midgets. Anyone remember He-Man where they would call Midget Widget?

  6. Need to get to the source of how and why they are being told to come. How do these invaders get persuaded to come? How are they recruited? How are they organized? Is the information imparted to them via email, posters, convention, or online? Who is telling them to come? What are they promised? Who pays them? What are they told to do?

    I suspect the lure is this….”Earn money in Europe. Lots of jobs. You will be provided with money, food, and transportation.”
    I suspect the end game is this…..All these “fighting age men” will be used as the UN’s army to suppress the native white population when it is announced that their country has ceased to exist and UN martial law is declared everywhere. Don’t be surprised when you answer your door and a big black Somali with a gun and UN sticker on his helmet orders you to get into the truck and go to the “detention center”.

  7. Great job! Keep telling the truth! Thanks for sharing news about Slovenia since we wouldn’t know about it without you.

  8. this shit happens when our white women love BBC they even put their own lives on the line to save and protect illegal aliens it sad that they are not even thinking for their future,for their own kids ,for their own flesh and blood nor their identities is sad that they choose the BBC over their country. selfish bitches. stupid cunts or should I say skunts

  9. Poland is with Slovenia. We don’t want any refugees and we don”t want politics like Macron, Merkel, Timmermans, Tusk. They’re traitors of Europe. Their place is in jail!

  10. *Please create a petition that cannot be taken down* most of them are consider xeno and have been taking down. Let Europe hear the Europeans voice

  11. I dont know about her personal life, though i agree at minimum interracial dating wouldnt make much sense while taking a pro white stance. We need our own ethnostate for sure, then the rest of the world can go on as it pleases.You want “diversity” go have it, or choose your own first.There should at least be a choice.

  12. Slovenia loves the “Bad Boys” they can change them.. Then they get abused and can’t leave….vicious cycle.

  13. Everything is always 20/20 in hindsight. Part of conservative christian values is obeying your mothers and fathers’ wishes. I would bet at least 95% of white christian men or better with daughters would prefer them in a like coupling, hence the race issue would mostly self correct if said doctrine once again dominated white society.Many more white children would result so the few cases where it happened anyway wouldnt matter hardly.God bless, is there anything he doesnt have an answer for if you just ask.

  14. God decimated the jews everytime they turned their back to him.It is written ” the gentile will hold my covenent till the end of days. -Jesus Christ.” We’ve been slowly sliding away from that for at least 30 years now, anyone else see the connection?

  15. White people theres many native white muslims and they’re doing fine; there’s no need to fear the unknown islam is a truthful religion that will restore your pride as people and race; there’s no shame in becoming muslim

  16. I know you can still buy an old Tokarev TT there for like 100$. Great pistols. Not saying y’all should waste those fuckers, but I’m also not saying y’all shouldn’t. I’m just saying you can arm yourself pretty cheaply over there. Regards from RUSSIA.

  17. Islam will save the white race; in 100-200 years to save themselves from extinction whites will have no choice but to become muslim to maintain their patriarchy and orderly society; islam will be the saviour of the white race and you can bet on it. you peeps can hate on islam but islam will come and save your race from going extinct.

  18. Dear – the agenda is islamisation !
    Nothing controls its people better than that religion .
    What could lend itself better to global control . Think….

  19. This shit will destroy countries governments and laws. Legal residents will no longer be able to rely on the police for help and protection. It will also destroy any government’s health system. All of this has been a total mistake just so they won’t be called racist. Well, now they are being called dumb asses.

  20. When the muslim population gets to the point where they are 3 or 4 times of those who were actually born in that country. Then the Muslims are going to take over all that they want cause the regular people who were born there are not going to be able to do anything about it.
    If you don’t start removing them now when they out populate the regulars then all will be lost and crime will rise even further that it is now in those European countries then they will start with crime you only think happens in the movies but will take place in your country.

  21. you should visit austria! it would be a pleasure to show you around in vienna 🙂
    i’d say for free, but you pay the drinks… equality and stuff 😉

  22. I feel bad for your country. The migrants bring crime. Look at the UK. They in 20 or 30 years are going to have a immigrant majority that is going to be Muslim. They are going to establish probably Islam as the official religion. I wonder if when isis took over part’s of the middle East they did it to cuase the migrant crisis and in doing so they know by mass immigration to the west by Muslims can turn Western country’s into Muslim countries. It would be the perfect plan. Infultrate from inside a country.

  23. Europe keeps dropping the ball
    keep it up and they will fall.
    EU thinks these migrants have hope
    But we say “NOPE”

  24. I’m so glad I found your channel. It’s really sad to hear this about Slovenia because when I visited a couple of years ago it was such a beautiful country and the people were great too. I really hope that those who are in power are replaced by people with some common sense in order to stop this madness. Much love & respect from the Czech Republic <3

  25. It’s a shame that Europe has lost its way. Where democracy and freedom of speech was born. It’s simple Darwinism to conclude that if an intolerant culture is permitted to flow freely into a tolerant continent that the intolerant culture will kill the other. the west should draw a line in the sand and finally say enough is enough. Practice your religion as is your right but come to our land legally and abide by our laws completely. I’m all for your keeping culture alive behind closed doors but if you are a refugee, your ADOPTIVE nation is your home now. So you speak their language, follow their laws and assimilate. These masses coming to Europe are setting the stage for cultural enclaves for generations to come.

  26. so I’m confused you are into older blokes trying to stay positive, with a small tear forming in my right eye so why are Pakistanies coming o the Baluchistan thing

  27. First I heard your content and you are so very correct.nextI love how you deliver your content very engaging.I like your eyes At 4:05. Genius. Something needs to done and Quick.tgat is one of the main reasons I voted for pres Trump.Hillary was gonna give 100,000 a free pass. Right threw our front door.trump put a stop to that

  28. It’s going to get much worse before it gets any better. All is not lost though, not yet. Everyone must increase their efforts & become more assertive & aggressive.

    1. @Ihackedthe DNC… The Aquaris was carrying 629 migrants. Among those on board were 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 children and seven pregnant women.
      That means 473 were men. That’s almost a 2.5:1 ratio of men to women and children. And the invasion continues.

    2. Kelo gii
      You’ve been brainwashed by the liberal media. My figures come from the MSM. CNBC to be exact.

    3. @Kelo gii…. Typical leftist tactic. Ignore the facts. Call people names, and offer no substance to an argument.
      As far as being a moron. You can’t prove that.
      Even if I am I’m educated moron.
      More than can be said about you.

    4. DragonSerpentSwine199 CXCIX typical conservatard , embrace racist ideology but not have the balls to just come out and say ” I hate all non whites !!”

  29. Barbara, what event did you mean “may not have been true”?
    ….You lost me there.
    Surely you don’t mean the Cologne disaster, right?
    Just curious which you were speaking of. Thanx 🙄

  30. Love your work Barbara, keep up the great work. We never get the REAL NEWS apart from concerned citizens like yourself.

  31. All the so called feminists are very quiet about islamic injustice against women, many so called feminists support these injustices

  32. I’m in Germany today and it’s practically a Muslim state here in Darmstadt city.people sleeping on streets etc

  33. History is repeating itself , except this time we are letting them in , look into Islamic history and how they conquered Europe and Spain etc , how they massacred Indians and took our young girls a sex slaves any non Muslim is a Demi or semi slave who is a second class citizen who can be beaten raped and humiliated and they are the lucky ones who weren’t killed or made into full slaves ,Islam killed 270 million Europeans and countless indians over 1400 years and burnt down 30 thousand churches along with Buddhist temples until finally the Catholic Church grew a spine and hence the Crusades but oh no all we learn is how wrong we were in the Crusades and we should be ashamed but no we should be Proud of what those men did to free our people because if you are of European decent then your ancestors WERE slaves or demis to these barbaric people and the last crusade ended 800 years ago yet the Jihad they started that finially ended with the Crusades is still going .

  34. It will impact tourism alright, the eastern european countries are now advertising in India for tourists, since India has developed economically and its much cheaper for Indians to visit Eastern europe vis a vis Western Europe. Many people returned from Europe and told me that its on its way to islamic shithole.

  35. Why do organizations want us to send money, food, medicine and doctors to africa? That only makes the problems of today with population explosion for migrant invasions on Europe but the same organizations won’t help europeans. Because the purpose of “humanitarian organizations” UN, is to kill the human beings in Europe. WW1,WW2 paid for by the Banker Allien International Communist. Soros open borders organizations NGOs, post modern education/disinformation multiculturalism chaos. DemoCRAZY doesn’t work for national culture but against it. National interests are the opposite of global banker communism intetests, corporations, debt loans usury interest payments , debt enslavement by democratick political governmentz ruling/ ruining us.

  36. Hi Barbara, what about bosnians and some albanians they are partially muslims. Do you consider them non whites?

  37. In Islam the muslims have the right to your money because you are a Dhimmi or a non-muslim and should pay for that.

  38. I can’t believe that anyone would go to Slovenia to have a better life. If that’s true, it says a lot about the situation in their home countries.

  39. good luck with people from north africa, have you demand for drugs? then you are set. oh i forgot, plus be prepared for some rape.

  40. for one they can’t have abortions, it’s illegal and against mohammed and the entire belief system….i thought they couldn’t have contraception either, also, they’re not allowed to be seen by a male doctor .
    Wow catering to the influx who end up with more rights than national citizens.

  41. Wearing the Burqa in a swimming pool is unhealthy for other swimmers as we don’t know if it is clean or dirty.

  42. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Links to nova24 is like quoting InfoWars as credible new source. They have literally been caught lying and having gypsies pose as immigrants to further their retarded propaganda and you’re falling for that shit like the dumbass you are.

  43. Slovenia is infested with leftism & Marxism and if we weren’t relatively poor compared to countries like Sweden, we would be in the same exact state: the political left welcoming tens of thousands welfare migrants. Of course countries like Sweden or Germany will someday fill up and migrants will cascade down the welfare ladder – Slo will eventually become good enough for the third-worlder hordes, when the rest of more wealthy EU fills up.

  44. The illegal United States wars brought to europe illegal immigrants. This massive flow of illegal immigrants began after wars(2011) in lybia and syria sponsored by US

  45. Q…. why are white people unwilling to fight or protest against the destruction and eventual loss of their culture and children’s future in their own native homelands , can anyone answer this puzzling question .?

  46. Canada is in a migrant crisis…they know it…but they do nothing about it.  Crickets! Silence is golden…

  47. I hope that slavic countries will stop the parade of mental illness called “political correctness” and get rid of islam refugees from europe. Greeting from Poland an take care!

  48. whites always escape remember that detroit whites run becauase blacks move there detroit was white now 88% blacks now is hapening in california and whites in europe will be reffuges

  49. the future will be a hell dont whites are a shit they live in a hell the hell is coming for whites and you can see japan have the same problem of natality but they dont have and dont want migrants

  50. I was watching a video here and there, lets say of the Tommy Robinson average. Then something happened. Lauren invaded my recommended and now Barbara follows. Where’s this going? I mean. This is not why i subbed to OpenMind -.-

  51. The information on the swimming rules for Muslim women was absurd; Islam reduces men to emotional infants who apparently cannot control themselves in front of women. The only reason women have to be protected after all is from violence perpetrated by men. Islam needs to allow their men to grow up and take personal responsibility for their behavior.

  52. There is a constant stream of refugees next to my house every night. It’s driving the dogs crazy. I’ve slept with earplugs since March.

  53. Actually, if they are not destroying anything, they are not committing any criminal offences – the police is right. And FYI, what most people don’t know is that according to international law, you can LEGALLY cross into another country if you cross at a place where there is no border fence and nobody stops you. So stop the panic. And if you insist on being paranoid, change your corrupt governments who allowed this in the first place.
    Think about it – how do you think the Slovenian police knew there were EXACTLY 2437 ‘illegal’ border crossings, if they didn’t actually spot the people crossing? And it they did, why didn’t they stop them. You bunch of naive people.

  54. Wow! Found you here just looking for information on Slovenia before vacationing there next spring. Good information but sad to hear Slovenia also is suffering from illegal immigration. Your English is wonderful! I’ll look for more of your videos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  55. No, the number in the UK of the victims of the rape/slavery gangs is in the hundreds of thousands. Over the 30 years this atrocity was tolerated by the English’s administration/establishment the number of rape perpetuated is estimated at around a MILLION of rape of UNDERAGED GIRLS.

  56. As of date the rape/slavery gangs have been identified to operate in 91 cities throughout England. Yet no one English child protective services, police, clergy, public health etc. member has been arrested for their silence of active support of those criminals. The first member of such a gang convicted 3 years ago is already out on parole…..

  57. the only answer is eradicating every last muslim on earth, there is no such thing as good muslim, bury them all with pig carcasses


  59. Use lethal force to defend European borders regardless of age or gender. Give those Africans & Muslims already in European countries 7 days to leave afterwards exterminate those remaining

  60. You could ban their religion like Angola did. If the EU doesn’t like it, tell them to go f**k themselves and follow Poland’s path.

  61. You’re too funny. But while we hear a lot about Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, etc, what about Serbia? How do they fit into this migration? Do the Muslim immigrants simply pass through Serbia because it’s poor, because Serbia isn’t in the EU or is there another reason?

  62. Greetings from the US. I find the image at 7:59 very appealing: Look at those quaint homes, set upon rolling, green hills and among the lofty trees of old forests. That scene is not like the Third World at all. And so it will vanish when the Third World takes over.

  63. It should be clear to EVERYONE that if you let them enter your country, you no longer have a choice of what to do with them. Protect your borders folks!!!

  64. Hi Barbara, I would just like to know if you have any knowledge what impact the election of Janez Jansa will have on the immigration of the invaders. Red Pill Germany posted a video about his election being indicative of the Slovenian people rejecting the immigrant invasion of Slovenia. Do you think Janez Jansa will make such a significant difference?

  65. pakis and afghans… then the rapings have already begun… rivers of tears have started to flow in Slovenia. Be strong. I bet there are jews in Slovenia cheering this on…

  66. I am sure that when the govs finely give order to shoot coloreds, they will just run away. Mostly dying while trying to cross the sea.

  67. Those columns of marching migrants are hilarious. It looks sort of military , I can hear marching boots. Some weedy civil servant at the stroke of a pen as flooded europe with migrants . Seek & destroy .

  68. Barbara4u2c Love your vids we don’t get much information from Europe or shall I say the European Union,, Question for the forks here in the USA.. are these immigration woes for Europe a direct cause of the Unionization of Europe EU & the Euro? & Two should the United States engage in the North American Union & Amero? Could we expect the same results? Hope you have a smooth move back to Slovenia & all goes well.

  69. Thank you, God bless you and from the bottom of my heart I wish that your people and government stop those low life creatures from entering your beautiful country. And kick out the ones already got inside.

  70. _Just daily reminder,they are here becose GB,Fr,USA, Bombed they Country_
    It’s funny how nobody talks more About Assad,Gadaffi. Well….reap what you have sown!
    And for the USA faggots here you have no right to point your dirty finger on Yugoslavia!
    Becose what you did in 90’is!

  71. Fore me it’s simple people can come in if there is room and they behave,and ofc if the community agrees because this is not about what 1 person thinks but about the choice of all the people that live in that place.

  72. And the immigrants entered a Spanish exclave in Africa. Not continental Spain. Get your shit together.

  73. You still aint see all,but you will. Here in my fcked up Bosnia their numbers are raising like a tide. At least 10.000 or more is in north west part of country. No one , i mean no one reports like it is, fights,stabings,theft….you name it. And listen to this, they are comming from : Bangladesh,India,Pakistan !!! Wtf!!! And they have money, who the fuck gave you 5K euro and newest fcn phone? And because there are lot of muslim people here they pretend that they are believers. Oh shit you gota see that show in front of the mosque. There are really few “real” refugees from Syria and those people deserves help big time. All others get the fuck back where you came from. False names,no ID’s, all have 16 years ( yeah right ) . Main problem will be if they do something to the locals. We are not nice like people in EU ( we are but ) , we will fuck them up, police or no we have our ways.

  74. You’re probably a Muslim if:
    -You wipe your butt bare handed, but consider bacon unclean.
    -You refine heroin for a living, but you think beer is immoral.
    -You have more wives than teeth.
    -You own a $1500 machine gun and a $5000 rocket launcher, but you can’t
    afford shoes.
    -You think vests come in two styles: bullet proof and suicide.
    -You consider television dangerous, but carry hand grenades in your pocket.
    -You consider little girls as sex objects, but call uncovered women sluts.

  75. The migrant crisis must be stopped worldwide. As an American, we have been told these people were forced to come to America as slaves, but after seeing boatloads of them clamoring to reach white countries, I no longer believe it. Why can’t they make their lives better? Wtf is wrong with them?

  76. Ja žalostno je ker večina slovencov ma oprane možgane od tv-ja pa politikov.
    Js se zavedam situacije sam drugi se pa rajš skrivajo pred faking resnico. Vecina mladine nazalost… al jebiga 🙂 bojo vidli čez cajt..

  77. Barbara ! D’ont blame it to the migrants only ! The assholes are our left demokratic politicans ! Strengen the right wings europewide ! We all must stay together as a right wing to oposite the F…EU and UNO !

  78. What, you mean you don’t want your country overrun by millions of worthless third world migrants? Well your clearly a racist. Welcome to the looney left and they way they see the world. But guess what, it’s way past time we stopped being afraid of being called names, if me being called a few names is the price I have to pay to leave my country in good condition for the next generation then that’s a small price to pay. Bring it on.

  79. Europe is fucked. I’m convinced they are suicidal as society. Did you see what just happened in Spain a couple days ago?

  80. How do the elites and part of the population denied what is so freaken obvious ? Where’s the common sense? ¡ oh! I know , MIA..! Great video…. 👏🏻

  81. Love your message..and you are so right..and by the way..I think your a very pretty young lady..and you brighten up youtube…because so many videos the last year or so is the most ugly people ..not just looks involved..when they open their mouths and say I love illegal migrants..it makes them so damn ugly ..no matter the physical appearance..!!👍😀

  82. What a shame. Slovenia is the most beautiful country in europe. And their people are great. Every house has a small garden. Every window has flower pots. Truly a remarkable place.

  83. Mrs Merkel has a lot to answer for but an apology for inviting the whole of the Mussie world to come to Europe will not happen anytime soon. Elites like Merkel don’t live in the real world so how can we expect them to understand what it’s like for mere mortals who have to live with Mussie criminality?

  84. I feel sad for Slovenia. They will never know what a kebab tastes like or listen to the allahu akbar call to prayer being blasted out from the minarets a 5.30am while their kids get raped on an industrial scale by muslim grooming gangs. Xenophobic bigots miss out on so much of lifes beauty and vibrant enrichment.

  85. Barbara, this is really tragic information. What do the PEOPLE of Slovenia say about this, do they agree to being invaded by Muslim hoards _(being Slavs, I would find that extremely doubtful),_ or is the government simply sh*t and bowing to EU orders?

  86. Contraception is not allowed under Islam. The Politicians right across Europe are not facing up to their responsibilities. The countries closer to the Middle East/Africa are “passing the buck”. Hoping the mess will move through their countries & go elsewhere. with the thieving etc., it is perfectly legal for Muslims to do what they want to non-Muslims under their Laws. Take a leaf out of their book & chop their right hand off half way up the forearm! Then deport them & their kin. Time for strong walls.

  87. Heh, that’s one body that muslims would kill for, literally :)) luckilly, you’re the good king of woman 😀

  88. Barbara ,I get it that you are making the people aware of the migrant crisis, but don’t you think just causing a scare won’t get the movement going. I think you should also give a simple solution that everyone could easily follow without breaking the bank ( if you know what I mean ) something that they don’t hesitate to try without repurcussions .this would in my opinion really get things rolling. Because news is everywhere and people just see omit and move forward with a like or comment.nothing in real life. So could you research and add a solution to it too that a everyday common person could do that would hinder this problem.

  89. So from the modesty rules for women in muslim countries, it follows that muslim man are evil. From who else these rules protect the said women?

  90. If you need me to scoop you up, just say the word. Hints and sublety is lost on me. That’s all I can do for you at this point. Standing offer…

  91. She’s cute in that “im gonna beat the fuck out of you” kinda way.
    Like, she has that attitude.
    Idk, i kinda want her to punch my face in and choke me out in a neck hold, you know what I’m sayin?

  92. Slovenia is not in denial. They know exactly what they are doing. There is an alternative agenda they are trying to put in place so as to give the globalists more power over the people. When you create division and anger among the population it gives the government a reason to reign tyranny over them in the name of peace and protection. Please don’t think these leaders are stupid or in denial. It just gives them more power and influence.

  93. Barbara I am so glad there are watchful people like you. It is not stealing for Muslims to loot the infidel. They are justified by Mohammad. Watch out women because Mohammad justified your rape too.

  94. I lived in Croatia before the civil war (then part of Yugoslavia). The best times of my life. I cry at what is happening to Europe at this time.

  95. I cant belive what a bullshit fake news propaganda. In Slovenia is everything ok. The touristic season is on the top now. If the things going further we know how to defend our land, like we and our anchestors already did in last 2000 years. And yes, US please do not export your democracy any more around the world, like you did in the Midle east, North Africa and Ukraine.

  96. All white people in Europe should take their money and leave. Take all the money from banks and take everything out of Europe that they can. Then the migrants will starve to death or go back to the country they came from. The migrants damn sure don’t Know how to work, farm, or run a civilized government.

  97. Can’t really say if you are just trolling, milking the views by controversial opinions or actually believe what you are saying. I really hope it’s one of the first two options, but on the other hand those kind of videos don’t make money on youtube. The most interesting thing is the fact that you live in USA but still act like you know every detail about the issue. Yes, the illegal immigrants are and will stay the issue, but not in the over exaggerated way you are trying to portray them. I totally respect your opinion, but that ends when you start using propaganda methods like pictures of hundreds of people trying to cross the border, which is absolutely not the case at the moment. I can’t stand that honestly. It’s a shame, because even some people in Slovenia are using you as a mocking material, because of your controversial views, which is stupid, but at the end of the day your own guilt. I think that you actually don’t believe what you are saying in this videos, or maybe I’m wrong.

  98. Today I saw a east European like you stick a can of coke in his underwear. Tell them to go back to East Europe. Or is it only bad when the brown people do it.

  99. No one want to stay in your shitty country (including yourselves) they just walk through it. Why complain?

  100. you got no choice but to listen its all in your face anyway…im finding im giveing every coment a thumbs up

  101. I think 🤔 💭 if I knew other Slovenian YouTubers, you’d still be my favourite. Do you have an opinion one way or the other on Drunken Uncle?

  102. im glad eastern europe is finally starting to embrace immigrants. see you racists, eventually eastern europe will cave into the elites demands. you lost this war.

  103. Hasn’t Slovenia seen what’s happening to other European countries? Surely they can’t make the same mistake having seen that.

  104. Better wake up your people or you won’t have a country to go back to later… Or convert to Islam and enjoy. At least under Islam there won’t be any SJW’s and Feminists around 😀 That’s a very good thing! Worth the other problems actually.

  105. Pay no welfare and those animals will pass right through your country and go to Germany, Sweden, and Britain.

  106. And Slovenia still calls itself Slavic? They have clearly adopted the Californian virtue signalling liberal culture just like Sweden did.

  107. To put a bit of nuance, there are other cultures that severely restrict how men and women interact with each other. Separate pools (or pool hours), and many women do wear a “swim dress”, and many other details that make me sympathetic to some elements of Sharia law, including a separate judicial system that works within the bounds of US law, and is recognized by the courts.

    The biggest difference is the enforcement mechanism: communal shunning and embarrassment, rather than physical violence. Which may make all the difference.

  108. SJW: “you’re a fucking racist”
    White “nationalists”: “you’re a fucking mudshark/coalburner/etc….”

    Being any sort of centrist is kinda like wearing a yellow star these days.

  109. The problem is that majority of the refugees are only titular muslims, they don’t practice it, don’t know the Sharia, poorly educated and satisfied with their ignorance, what kind of Muslims are they? I bet, none of them have ever visited the site from which you read us a quote. If they did read it frequently, they’d be better better than you europeans in all ways. Problem is they don’t care about Islam, but you associate them with us. Note, islam isn’t transmitted by genes or blood. Islam takes efforts.

  110. How do Libtards call a gangbang rape done by Muslims on a Christian girl? Group Cultural Enrichment… Enjoy Multikulturalizm Ladies. Don’t be selfish racists now you hear…

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