Migrant Children & Keeping Families Together SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #58

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

100 thoughts on “Migrant Children & Keeping Families Together SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #58

  1. _Saving Migrant Families on one side But Breaking Their Own American Families by Promoting And Funding Single Mother on other side !!!_

    *_Hipocracy :: God Mode !!!_*

  2. Best example of socialism with the fire bomb bitch. What sheep following nazis.
    Black dads are separated from their children because they committed a crime, their a minority committing more acts of violence than all races of americs put together.

  3. No joke. I have no moral qualms putting a bullet in everyone of these liberals’ heads. However, I have ethical issues.

  4. Oh hell yea. Candice Owens did the knockout blow pointing out incentivizations for splitting black (and white) families.

  5. i have to agree with the libtards, send the kids back to mexico too lets stop wasting our resources on illegals.

  6. if the borders would be open, millions from all over the world would flood the states every day. are these people really that retarded?

  7. – gets asked if firebombing a car is ok
    > starts incoherent cult chanting about healthcare being a human right

    Yeah…thats real rational right there. These people are legitimately mentally ill and a legitimate danger to the public. That kind of behavior is going to either lead them to get violent with someone or someone to get violent with them sooner or later. Smart people don’t deliberately provoke people they don’t know like that. Especially in a place like texas. Thats how idiots get shot

    and that twit claiming they have a legal right to discriminate against people based on a political affiliation? I would like to see that law, because no such right exists. Quite the opposite in fact

  8. No-one has an answer to what to do instead. It’s all, we want an end to [insert current SJW rhetoric]. So annoying.

  9. If you don’t realize this is exactly how WW2 was started so all you saying shit about this you have become a nazi

  10. There’s no difference between the two parties, they all just want to control and lie to you. Wake up people! You’re all being poisoned by the media and we need to stick together or we’re all screwed.

  11. I’m a mother, so I hate the thought of kids being separated. But I also hate this mob mentality. People are welcome to debate and speak freely about what they believe in.
    But I also hate the fact that the first guys interview wasn’t included. What was it he said that they didn’t want to add to the video?

  12. 7:00 He should have given her a civilians arrest and shot people trying to disrupt him.
    Fuck those cunts.

  13. Illegal border crossing apprehensions have been decreasing year on year since the Obama administration. There is no need for a border wall. Separating young children from their families for committing a non-violent crime of illegal immigration is cruel and any defense of this practice is a result of ideology blinding people to their own human morality. There is a difference between separating children to put them into state care, and putting children into detention centers that do not even allow hugging. This is inhumane and there is no defense of this.

  14. Candice Owens is so retarded lol. Can’t ever see her the same way after she revealed her low-brow reasoning on Joe Rogan Experience. “Oh you care about this thing? Well why don’t you care about this other tangentially related thing? Checkmate leftists.” This is fallacious argumentation, and only serves to divert attention away from the topic at hand so Owens doesn’t have to come up with a legitimate counter-argument.

  15. Rachel Madcow gets upset about separation. Supports separating unborn babies head and limbs from their body. Fuck her

  16. When you’re trying to have a civilized discussion but the opposition starts chanting like it’s an African ritual

  17. We need an edit of Maddow starting to tear up on footage of Trump winning the election.

    It’s about the same reaction she had back then, just more forced crying and less angry.

  18. nuancebro honestly tries soooo hard to give them the benefit of the doubt in order to have a rational conversation, but the moment he provides the counter argument to their views they immediately get defensive or shut down. WTF. he couldn’t be more cordial and reasonable and willing to concede points yet that still doesn’t free them from their cognitive dissonance. The mindless mob never ceases to irk me.

    However, YES, children are being trafficked. Ask about Jeffery Epstein

  19. The black lady in the Fox News excerpt- BOOYAH! She’s absolutely right. And the look on her opponent’s face is priceless.

  20. Are you fucking retarded?… You realise that’s what humans have been doing for thousands and thousands of years right? “free boarders” means fucking nothing. No one truly owns anything. We’re all a bunch on mutts looking to survive. This goes back to fifth grade biology. It is imbedded in us to WANT to survive and reproduce. You’re a fucking idiot if you question our biology. These people are looking to better themselves and the lives they are in. The same way we all do. This whole argument and this video is a fucking insult to the human race. This video picked the people who were jumping on a bandwagon and were not completely aware of how to resolve such a huge issue (rightfully so), but knew what the word unfair means. It is not news that this is wrong and hurts kids/families, and they ARE being abused. No matter what you want to say, this happens EVERYTIME. Power will always allow people to abuse those who are in a worse off position. These are FACTS, it’s not difficult to acknowledge this. Unless you are in a position where you’re lucky enough not to worry about it. Your argument is invalid.

  21. Ha Rachel Maddow. I bought a little bit of sick up for that one, plus I fanned my face with my hand. That shits catching

  22. I mean I’m a socialist, but these liberals just look retarded ignoring the question about violence against conservatives and chanting “healthcare is a human right!”

  23. i always love the fact that when they asked a proper question they can’t answer or they talk themselfs in a corner they can’t get out of , and if they are stuck they refuse to talk and become angry and even violent

  24. Detention centers are harsh alright. My uncle was placed in one for a few months, and he said he was given a private room with a private bedroom and a Playstation which he played with other inmates.

  25. If you cared about the children, then wouldn’t you want a border wall so that child sex traffickers can’t abuse kids?

  26. CPS remove children from their parents everyday in this country. By this woman’s logic, there is something wrong with them?

  27. Next argument I’m in (no matter what kind), you know what I’m gonna do? HEALTHCARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT! That’ll show em! /s

  28. I’m sorry man, but the government is trafficking these children. It’s a multi billion dollar industry. So that chick that said these missing kids are being trafficked, is 110% correct.

  29. Children taken from parents? I guess we gotta change these divorce custody laws to not take children from one of the parents…..

  30. They only care because CNN told them to care. It will be something else next month. I have to hand it to whoever is controlling this msm propaganda system, they are brilliantly playing using people. Just wish it wasn’t to destroy the country.

  31. Just keep the families together. It’s not that hard. The comparison to crimes as an American citizen and then going to jail is just pathetically flawed.

  32. Also, just to add, she sniffs likes she’s getting snotty, but just like there’s no tears, there’s no snot.

  33. How….is Heath care a human right…..iv littlerally stitched my own wounds and its my right and responsibility to care for myself.

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