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Author: Social Truth Warrior


  1. if you and your friends are continuing to go places where 33% or more women are openly being raped, and you think people are supporting that rape, then that is on you for being a dumbass. that’s not victim blaming, that’s pointing out idiots. “oh look at that hippo infested river full of baby & momma hippos, gonna go for a dip right there”.

    aside from the 33% thing being so ridiculously and aggressively wrong, this person and the friends clearly make some bad decisions if they are all running into so many rapist.

  2. Okay I’m from Pakistan I see all these women saying we should support Islam or trump is trying to deport Mexicans and Muslims well no Mexicans bring over the illegals and rapists and muslims need full background checks before they should be even allowed to enter this country. One more thing these Femnazis say we should support gay rights in well in my country they would make you jump into a 20 foot pool with no water head first. So that’s all I have to say

  3. OK. I’m not an American. And I didn’t know these are the people voting for hillary.. If majority of them are like that, Then America has truly chosen the right president. The last thing american need now is some soft, try to please everyone, and baby killing president. Congratulations America. You will be great again

  4. Wow, is this?! Some kind of transvestite ‘wheres waldo’ looking freak is trying to say that conservative men advocate a rape culture?! That guy cant be serious! Hes definitely a brainwashed koolaid addict. It thinks that because men disagree with her idiotic liberal crap

  5. I had to go to the hospital because after watching this video I contracted the disease Cringe. Docs said I was lucky I didn’t delay coming in any sooner.

  6. To try to hijack or block someone’s platform or their speech that is fascist the ones who claim that we are Fascist are the fascist. the left has become what they protest against

  7. regardless of false facts and her views you have to give it to her she has balls bigger then me to stand there alone and confront i have respect

  8. According to the ameba at the start of the video:
    More than 1/3 women are being raped – so lets say every other female is being raped. Lets say thats just in the US – so there are roughly 150 000 000 women in the US – ~75 000 000 women are being raped in their life time and ~1 500 000 cases out of that are 2% so thats the false accusations.
    In other words – HALF of the women in the US are raped and ~1 500 000 men have their life ruined forever and maybe are serving time for a false accusation.

    WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT ARE YOU ON?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

  9. “we would have stopped people like hitler” at 9:30 its hilarious because they wouldn’t have lasted a month tops under true fascist rule looking and speaking like that.

  10. What exactly does an SJW mean when they say “fascist” – I wonder how they would define that? I doubt many of them could define Facism.

  11. 1 in 3 women hmm? i dont think she understands statistics, so shes saying every third woman you ask in australia will say “yes” when asked if shes been raped, considering south africa estimates nearly half of women will be raped, shes putting australia is just behind south africa….i cannot stand sjw feminist stupidity

  12. These people, in no way, could exist in public on their own. Mommy and Daddy need to protect them and tell them they can do anything in life.

  13. 2:00 a toxic feminist practicing toxic femininity is telling normal calm men what masculinity is. Can anyone else see this irony?

    And on top of that, she completely ignores female on female rape😂

  14. Where is this moron getting her statistics from? 1 in 3 women have been raped ( or sexually assaulted )? Of course if you consider offering to buy a lady a drink or complimenting her new dress as being sexual assault that figure becomes more believable.

  15. That loud mouth little girl calling every one a fascist would shit herself if she ever met a real one because a real fascist would kick her in the cunt.

  16. My misogyny compels me to RAPE, but many of these females are unrapable. We need to find men who are desperate enough to rape these women.

  17. I’m confused women say there is 1 in 3 women or 1 in 4 women or 1 in 5 women which fucking one is it idiot because we do not live in a rape culture and I have never cat called a woman but I have been cat called I have never sexually harrassed a woman but I have been sexually harrassed by women

  18. Again, why are all SJW girls look so ugly. Short hairs, colored hairs, fat. It may be a stereotype but holy shit I just keep noticing that in every videos.

  19. MAN I wish one of these liberals would fuck with my black as. Im WAITING to whoop their fucking asses. If I EVER see some bitch or some CUCK telling me what and what I can’t do. They will get fucked up so bad Ima go to prison for life after I get done. They making me look so bad I really want these cocksuckers to leave.

  20. Omg! That first girl. Every woman she knows has been raped or sexually assaulted? I’m glad my daughter doesn’t know her. Where the hell does she live? I know over one hundred women that I am either related to or whom I know well enough to know their personal stuff. Out of those one hundred women, only one has been the victim of rape or sexual assault. I’d say this chick needs to hang with a better class of people.

  21. Who advocates for rape? I’m almost to afraid to make a move on a chick cuz if I even look at her wrong in her mind she’ll claim rape with no proof and I’ll be looking at 20 years

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