“Lil Tay” IS FAKE

Lil Tay has been exposed as an act, and her career (or her parents career) is over.
T H I S I S C H I L D A B U S E. It needs to stop.
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

111 thoughts on ““Lil Tay” IS FAKE

  1. People commenting about rice gum just “joking around” completely missed the point. The only thing I care about is the outcome, which is promoting this “lil Tay” character and acting like it’s all funny. He’s an adult and should know better.

    1. JaclynGlenn that little girl is a sad excuse for a child,I’ve never seen anything like that,and the brother is seriously an asshole…

    2. JaclynGlenn The fact that he’s an adult. Just think about it. A grown man calling a 9-year-old girl a bitch. Seriously, think about it. If this was a Facebook video of a dad calling his wife, or even his daughter, a bitch, imagine the outrage

    1. JaclynVlogs terminated ??? It says “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.” – I wonder which vlogs were considered ‘spam and misleading’…. just weird… Maybe cat haters started flagging her videos, bastards! 🙂

    2. Korado3D stupid was YouTube has been targeting certain channels and faltering them lately. It’s bullshit. Informative weed channels even non weed channels, YouTube is just getting ridiculously fucking retarded. Any more of my subscribers get removed then there is no reason for me to keep YouTube any longer. It’s really missing me off.

    3. I’ve heard that even mentioning some things gets videos demonetized, but this is termination of a channel so this is really horrible..

  2. Saw a video (you and a preacher about god) where you thought trump was crazy for saying Obama and Hillary spied on him.

    Not as crazy as you might think

  3. Forget religion. But we do have a creator/Lord/God. There is codes(complex language) in our D.N.A. so we are designed by a Creator an he’s in the Holy Bible! Your Destiny and identity comes with aligning yourself to God’s word.

  4. God wants to give you the kingdom of heaven! He saids he will come inside your soul and work threw you. Threw faith we get grace and God’s grace is sufficient.

  5. CPS literally came to my father because one day he didn’t brush my hair ONCE. I hate CPS because they tear children from their mothers if it serves their ends now they have an opportunity to actually protect a girl who’s all clearly being abused and CPS goes ghost and neglects to protect her and would rather go on pretending to protect others..

  6. Why does Jaclyn’s vlog channel keep saying that it’s unavailable??? I’m freaking out!!! If anybody can give me some answers I’d really appreciate it.

  7. Wait, did that 9 year old just say she woke up one day, started ‘working hard’, moving bricks?!?! MOVING BRICKS?!? That means selling drugs. Pounds to be specific, most often in reference to coke but it could me meth, heroin, etc. I guarantee that lil Tay’s brother and mom have no idea what that means. They just heard it in a rap song and repeated it. Omg all these ppl are assholes.

  8. Look, this is by no means a good situation for this kid, but calling CPS? It’s underfunded, under staffed, and there are children being chained to beds, raped, beaten, etc… there are problems in real need of attention.

    What is sad is that no one near that kid is stepping in as her advocate.

  9. Transvestigation: Jaclyn Glenn
    if you did not troll flat earth truth maybe i would not have posted this,lol.

  10. 1st half of the video was good but you can tell rice gum was being sarcastic and i’ve never seen him before.

  11. This is awful. Do they really want their child to grow up thinking she is never going to be good enough and have mental problems? This is mental abuse.

  12. Whos fake…..your whole body?? or this little girl ??? BAM!!!
    J.G. go sit down for a min. and tell the Truth who you really are ok
    MTF TRANNY YOU ARE! man!! You you think were all blind looking up people,on you tube. for real, quit decieving people and come on out and tell them im out! Peace!

  13. “Y’all don’t have that view!” Yeah, but it’s her parents that can afford to live in a hires in downtown Vancouver

  14. Hey, is Jaclyn’s vlog channel permanently gone? When I went there YouTube said there was no content anymore. I didn’t hear anything about this so I thought it was kinda weird..

  15. Omg, you’re actually taking a shit-post seriously. You sound like one of those shrill, extreme feminists you criticize for being ridiculous and un-fun. It’s actually quite ironic, and you’re also completely missing the point. I mean, the brother literally says, “sound more ignorant”, so he’s simultaneously reinforcing that this behaviour is stupid and is only a means to make money. Acting and criticizing acting is not abuse. Get a hold of yourself.

  16. wow, wait is that her real sister?!? what is wrong with this family, the other girl has a channel that makes her look just as bad as this nine yr old

  17. Shes playing a character. You made it sound like she parents hate her. Mabye she just happens to be an impressionable young girl who saw girls get to star status and is working the same hustle. I dont mean to be mean but lil tay is a 9 year old who got more famous than you in a week doing what she knows shes doing. Shes not being manipulated, she just manipulating the system of media shes growing up in. P.s dont her parants barely speak english? How do that teach her to talk like that if they dont even know what shes saying?

  18. This is the result of greed. You Americans are about to reap what you’ve sown. When you worship money this is the result.

  19. I agree. Lil Tay is just a marketing tool to get money off of her. It’s so sad that this is going on. They won’t learn from Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. When kids grow up they see through all the crap and lies that are spoon fed to them and when your whole life is crap and a lie what happens? Some can deal with it and still live a decent life but not everyone is so lucky. Depression, anxiety, acting out, and self harm can all be outcomes of a horrible childhood or a childhood filled with plastic. Her parent and her brother understand what they are doing and they don’t care about the outcome until it’s their problem. Children become adults and adults know this because they were once children. It is smart to not give her any attention so she has a little wiggle room to live a better life but of course, with every fandom there are always the hard cord fans and commentators. That’s why I agree with you when rice gum was giving her attention and being that commentator and giving her the attention. Also until someone gets hurt the commentators never stop. The longer they continue the more emotional damage (lil tay) will experience. Thank you for this video.

    🌻PS. ( I always have to say this when I am commenting this )
    I am not a triggered feminist try to skin you I am just a 14 year old girl annoyed with exploitation.

  20. Thank you so much for spreading awareness that this is not just a child acting shockingly or ignorantly – someone has coached her to do this and what we are watching is child abuse. I have just become aware of Lil Tay and I really am worried for the impact this is going to have on her long term – she is going to resent both her brother and her mother for exploiting her in this way and that’s very sad because they are the people who should be protecting her.
    It’s also pretty sad because about a year ago everyone was talking about the DaddyOFive child abuse issues, and now this… 🙁 Why does this shit keep happening on YouTube.

  21. Her mom is (or maybe was. There are rumors she was terminated) a real estate agent using listings as her home.

    She is a legit person. However, Lil Tay is a persona. Is this how you feel abt all child performers?

    Btw, I haven’t been on this channel in awhile. Your hair looks FABULOUS and your arms look even better!

  22. Great video!! Thank you for making this:) it’s not fair to put a child through that. Also you remind of a female Markiplier roasting video game characters lol

  23. Who the hell is buying bricks off a 9 year old? Actually I probably would, it’s probably the cheapest blow in town. Kids are easy to rip off

  24. Her parents made her say all this shit on social media for the fame and money, and it’s disgusting. I think deep down she’s a used innocent girl following her parents abusive instructions. I feel bad for her because not only will this affect her social life, but will damage some of her chances in finding a good career or having a normal life in the future.

  25. Look Jaclyn I love watching your videos bc your inspirational but No one messes with NESS GOD😂👍🏻😱🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Doesn’t YouTube have some sort of age restriction? The amount of bad kids’ channels on here is bananas…

  27. Yo “Lil J” 😀 😉 ….long-short….you’re an awesome person and would be an exceptional Mom or Adoptive/Foster Mom. 🙂

  28. Who even watches this garbage (not your content, LIl Tay’s videos)?

    As a 32 year old I just don’t understand the whole culture of ignorance that Lil Tay’s videos play into. I don’t understand all the “shit talking”, all the bragging etc etc. I know it comes from rap culture but still, It’s wholly ignorant and deplorable and that’s not even touching on how wrong it is to exploit a child into acting this way for views and monetary gain. I’m not advocating violence but her older brother and maybe parents need their asses whooped.
    This is the first time I’ve even seen any of her content and I’m glad her Youtube and Instagram accounts have been wiped clean so that I don’t have to see it again.

  29. Everyone at my school loves her and says she looks like Dora.
    I’m over here like who the hell is she? She doesn’t even look like my queen Dora 😂

  30. Put your pic in the thumbnnail. I didn’t even know who made it until I looked at the details. It’ll help get you more hits.

  31. The daddy part made it sound as if he was some pimp managing a flock of child prostitutes and one of her bitches requires a bit of protection. Of course the pimp will barge in to defend his moneymaker.

    So child trafficking, sexual abuse of a minor with some incesty flavor. Too many layers of fucked up for me to handle. :/

  32. 7:15
    that dude is an asshole….I saw him acting like he’s higher, and even told someone this “watch how you speak to me” acting like he’s some type of god in the comment section in a video.

  33. I feel so incredibly bad for this little girl. I can’t even begin to imagine the emotional drainage that she endures on a daily basis. Her parents are some sick people, that’s all I have to say.

  34. she talks about logan paul fans and calls them stupid, while half of them are younger then lil tay.I think she’s high?

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