End of an era my friends.
Here’s to another chapter.
Tnx for everything.

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

302 thoughts on “LEAVING THE US..

  1. Hope everything works out. You are always welcome in the US and I hope you get your citizenship as soon as possible. None of us on the right are anti-immigrant it all comes down to vetting and what country these immigrants are from, huge difference between a legitimate European immigrant from Slovenia and these so-called migrants who wants to roll into our country and bring violent Islam and Mexican drug cartels here. As far as I can see you have more than proven yourself and should be a US citizen already, if only it were up to me.

  2. Keep up the good work in Slovenia … and we’ll see ya back here, real soon Barbara. Can’t keep a good person down. 👍🏻

  3. You will not come back for work. Maybe as a tourist J1.
    You say you didn’t get a taste of your own medicine YOU WILL!!!!

  4. Good on you for making the lawful decision Barb!!Law are laws and thank you for being respectful of them.. I am sure you will return, and when you do you will have the pride in knowing that you came in the front door welcomed properly, not sneaking in illegally like a thief in the night… Lead by example.. RESPECT!.

  5. You’re doing the right thing. Always play by the rules! Hope to see you back in USA very soon. You’re the kind of people America needs. Have a great time back at home!

  6. Good luck with all of your travel and future. I am sure that you will succeed with all that you put your mind to. I will be waiting for your next vlog.

  7. Stay in touch. You suffered so much on public transportation in L.A., you are one of us now. Since you don’t want to marry or hide with one of us, we’ll have to let you go…come back soon.

  8. Please hurry back, Barbara! As far as this American citizen is concerned, you are precisely the kind of immigrant who should be able to become an American as rapidly as legally possible. Take care while you are away!

  9. “I wanna make a career, blablabla..”

    Shut up, ya dumb bitch. Go make babies and take care of the kitchen, you degenerate whore!!

  10. You will be better off back home where you can join Generation Identity and fight for Slovenia first before anything else.

  11. Well, I think nobody has any rights to pester, criticize, or scorn at you for your life or what decisions you make about it. You are a grownup and know what the outcomes of your behavior or opinions can be. You are one of the bravest women I’ve watched on Internet, so let me say that I admire your courage, albeit I don’t necessarily share your points of view. I wish that GOD will bless you and you will still keep it real, Barbara. You are confident and that makes a lot for yourself. Things may change for good. And it’s up to you to make them be carried out. Hope to see newer videos of you back in your birth country. Keep up, keep it up!! ☺

  12. Try getting a residence visa in Australia. I’ve seen and heard it’s a nightmare and this is coming from an Australian.
    Good luck with your endeavours Barbara.

  13. I am sorry to hear you are in this situation and I hope that someday our legal immigration system will get stream lined, so good people like you do not have these problems and basically end up being penalized for doing the right thing. I hope you get good results when your information does come back and I hope you will continue to make videos while you are gone if you can.

  14. Barbara you will be okay. Many people are praying for you. You are doing the right thing. We will miss you, but will be waiting for your next YouTube to till us how you are doing. So take care and hold you head high. God’s speed!

  15. “I didn’t get this far to only get this far” might be the best thing I’ve heard in months. Keep on keeping on, Barbara.

  16. *@Barb:* Could you cover the news that Manchester Bomber, Salman Abedi, was rescued from Libya by the *Royal Navy* 3yrs before he slaughtered those girls at Manchester Arena? (The fact that UK and Obama were arming and supporting Islamists like him to topple Gaddafi should also be mentioned.)

  17. You’ll get through it, Barb! no doubt about it! stay awesome, stay positive, can’t wait to see you in another LA room) greetings from Ukraine

  18. You are the type of immigrant America needs. Not because you are white, but because you know how to follow the rules. Kudos and hope you get your visa soon.

  19. Wow! That video was difficult to watch and it must have been very hard for you to make. I’m rock solid but I still got a lump in my throat near the end. You are the finest example of integrity and honor. You are truly rare and extraordinary. I have no doubt that you will return to realize your dreams. Just don’t give up!

  20. If a dream is meant to become a reality, it will only do so through persistence and hard work. I wish you the best in your travels and your future. I don’t comment much, but I love your sense of humor and your common sense. Look forward, not backward and rock on!!

  21. You’re awesome, hope you get back to the US soon. Thank you for respecting US laws. Not being a hypocrite is a rare thing these days.


    Now, prank us all by green-screening the L.A. room as the background in your first video back in Slovenia.

  23. I just met your channel today, I’m marathoning your videos I hope you keep posting videos wherever you are. Greetings from Brazil.

  24. USA lost is Slovenia’s gain (if only temporary). You will be back, an I admire your willingness to comply with the rules. Winston Churchill once said “When you are going through hell, keep going.

  25. Good Luck Homie! blessings & I hope shit works out yo! I am a south african and my country is about to go belly up but i respect the way you doing this. all the best thanks 4 your content…hi5

  26. Good luck Barbara. I am sure everything will go on the right way. You are too tough to give up. Srečno. Saluti from Trst.

  27. Continue to stay true to yourself and ignore the haters. We will still watch any videos you post and be here with open arms to welcome you back WHEN you return. Stay safe and hopeful and come back soon.

  28. Think of going back home as a vacation. It’s to ‘get away from the hustle and bustle’ of the “Big City”. Relax. Sleep. Sip coffee on the back deck and watch the sun rise. Pretend you’re “retired” and just enjoying watching life go by. Eventually you’ll get the letter saying “Come on in!”, and you can go back the the hell-scape that is LA….er…I mean…”Go back to get your stuff and things”. 😉

  29. Barbera you’ll most likely never see this but you be you and always chase your dreams. You will get the visa. America needs and wants people like you. Not because of politics but because your here with a purpose. Good luck

  30. Here’s to a Quick Comeback 😀 All Best Barbara!! and I hope You gonna be back sooner than later 😀 Don’t cross Your dreams because they take time, TIME WILL FLY Eventually !!

  31. A beautiful and intelligent European girl is the kind of person that we want migrating to our country.  Not the shitskinned low-IQ brown turds from south of the border who sneak around and break our laws.  It is always the best among us who have to pay for the least among us… and some of us are damn tired of it.  I hope you make it back soon and without too much problem.  Good luck.

  32. The answer I would give to these people would be that there are 50 states in the USA, with your strategy you could have access to 51 States. That is smart !! don’t feel sorry for yourself, you have an active brain you will succeed where ever you stay. Europe may not be as bad as you think… if you think politically, you could change things in Europe where they are really needed. I support your views so far – I think I could in the future…take care Barbara… never ever go low… we are with you always..

    Use your fighting energy for Europe – there is a real need. They haven’t had Trump yet !!!

  33. You had me at, “Hello Internet!” Stop explaining yourself. I get it 🙂 Good luck with your visa and the rest of your life!

  34. Sorry about the VISA problems. It’s because of all the illegal immigrants and VISA overstays. I apologize for my country!

  35. I’m really sorry you are leaving. If there’s anything I can do, let me know. I know you’re very personal and introverted. You are the wrong color for my prejudiced country, that like Europe, prefers brown people . Hey, maybe I could adopt you? My daughter has always wanted a sibling, lol. Hey, seriously, your leaving is sad for me, and I want to help you. Please let me know if I can.

  36. That sucks Barbara. Your exactly the kind of immigrant we need here. I hope you keep making videos and keep us updated.

  37. The United States will be a touch less without you in it. I know you are already home (I saw on Instagram lol) but hope your flight was good and hope your dreams keep growing. Also; hope to see you on Social Truth Warriors…but either way my heart goes out to you. Stay strong. Stay determined. Stay you 🙂

  38. I totally understand what you are doing. It makes complete sense. You have goals and a vision you are pursuing, but also principles which you are trying to live up to. You are taking a rational and practical approach. I like the very worthwhile points of views which you discuss. You are the kind of person the United States needs more of so badly. The visa process is truly a very trying process. I wish you success in your eventual return.

    It will be interesting to hear your perspectives once you are back in Slovenia and begin viewing things from that very different cultural vantage point.
    Hold on tight to your dreams.

  39. I wish you all the luck in full filling your dream. I know big moments in life like this are a little scary but things work out for those who persevere.

  40. Don’t give up. The upside is you’ll see your dog, friends and family! Hang in there. It’s just a suggestion but when you return to Slovenia would you consider doing a video on how you relocated to the states and what you needed to do to get there? Would be interesting but no pressure.

  41. This Documentary gets taken down censored over and over again “Ett folk, Ett parti – Socialdemokraternas historia” from Youtube

    This Documentary has english sub and It’s about social democrats before/during ww2 in Sweden(if you didn’t know what they did you might be chocked)

  42. Jajajajjajajaj jajajaja jajajajjajajajajjajajajjajajjajajajajjajajajajjajajajajjajajajajajajjajajajjajajajajja

  43. Hej Barbara, to je samo del zgodbe ki si jo pišeš. Vstrajaj in ne obupati se ne splača vse bo tako je treba.

  44. Much love Barbara and I will pray that all goes well. 💚☕🎈I respect that you do what you preach. Positivity will follow you like a light in the dark. You have handled this situation best as possible. Keep pushing and your life will flourish. 😃 See you soon

  45. If your skin was darker, you’d have been payed to come and stay here immediately. The scum who run the west just want to breed out all white people.

  46. Hey beautiful since you’re very light skinned with blonde hair that looks like a natural white woman, why don’t you save yourself the trouble and marry a American citizen, so that way he can successfully pump you with US citizenship inside you so you can have a few children, because that may increase your chances in staying inside the US as long as you want to, until you decide to divorce him, so you can take his money and his children and also have US citizenship along with that.

  47. Sorry, Babs.  Didn’t you know?  America only wants third world scumbag criminal shitskins.  You don’t fit the plan.

  48. You have informed us on so many issues. Please keep it up. Stay normal. Best of luck in your life and hurry back. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 America waits for you. God bless.

  49. You did it the right way. Hope you come back when all the dust settles.
    The red tape exists because we abuse the system. I know – I am from South Asia.

  50. Just ‘identify’ as a Mexican or negro and you will be fast tracked. Problem solved! Another option, marry an American. Good luck finding one that has a good work ethic and character.

  51. Comment your situation at ashtonbirdie Youtube channel. She dislikes illegal immigration. Your example and principles are commendable.

  52. If back home someone calls you islamophobic, racist xenophobic, tell them Islam is a religion, not a race or a country. There is no islamophobia, only muslim atheism.

  53. Check Youtube channel Wendover Productions. A video about Africa becoming China’s China. Chinese are investing and creating new jobs for workers with no qualifications. Europe and USA jobs require high qualifications so it is CRUEL to keep them inside Europe or USA. Advise to send them to Africa so they get a job. There is no humanitarian effort in keeping illegal immigrants where therenis no job where they can make a living. Living on charity is not fair when they can have a good job in Africa.

  54. Have faith young girl. The universe can be either random or deterministic. We think it is random because we do not understand the rules of randomness. As you grow you discover you have a mission in life that is quite deterministic. So the uncertainty of randomness makes you feel and fear that you may fail.

    But I also learned that we can influence the universe and insert code into the universe so your existence has an extra code added by you that creates new possibilities. And you are as powerful to insert code as the most powerful person on Earth. Rich and powerful people are just people with a higher money score in the videogame.of financial economy. But the universe does not care about human virtual concepts like economy or countries. You will have the future you attract with your mind. It is like a seed under the surface. It grows unseen for some time so it appears not to be there, but there it is.

    Our life is not always like we expect. When you attach to something, you cannot love it because you think you love it because you need it, and upon detaching, you need because you love. And that makes a difference. Codependence is not love.

    I met a woman once who saw the bus and ran to get into it. But the bus left her behind. After a couple miles, a train hit the bus. So she was disappointed at first but later she realized how lucky she was for not being in that bus.

    God loves you! God will do what is best for you. Look for your mission in life and then get back to USA with recharged wiser batteries. Think of this period in Slovenia as a Himalaya monastery to discover your inner quest.

  55. You cannot leave! We need… NEED people like you. Maybe there are problems with the persons that run the departments and you hurt their feelings. Keep trying.

  56. So, people like you who actually contribute to our nation and like it isn’t allowed to stay while people coming here illegally for handouts and want to change it are given sanctuary by many major cities. Enraging.

  57. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you. However, I must commend you most highly for maintaining your integrity and remaining ethical and honest. Because of that, you will recieve a lot of support in the future for whatever your plans may be regarding living in the U S. Thank you for demonstrating what real character is.

  58. I am at the moment in a pretty same situation but with different countries. So I can relate to what you’re saying and how. Hope everything will turn out good to you, and definitely you’re making the right decision to stay under the law and stuff.

    Are you planning to make videos while in Slovenia?

  59. Goods luck god bless you. i will i keep you in my preres i promise i am proud of you your an amazing woman ..

  60. You are just 1 of millions in LA. When you go home you will be the 1. Just keep up your Youtube. It’s about U, not the place you live in. Be safe on your travels and keep posting. You have no idea what will happen next, but with your good attitude, good things will happen to you.

  61. From one successful legal immigrant to a hopeful immigrant, I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. Keep following your dreams. Do what needs to be done. Don’t let the naysayers get you down.

  62. You can walk straight into Canada when your US visa runs out and re apply from there. There is a unguarded foot path called  Roxham Road  where you walk straight into Canada and even their cops (RCMP) will help carry you luggage , once in you get Free cash heath cars a hotel room.
    Here is video on it   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVKXJx_G_uU&t=17s They even supply transportation.

  63. Best of luck to you Barbara. We will miss you greatly and hope for your quick return to the channel as well as to the States. And I LOVE what you said about marriage. More power to you.

  64. Class act! Way to go! Walking the talk! Kudos to you! Keep up the work & look forward to seeing you back here. Have patience, our gov’t is sllllooowww & needs cleaned out. 😉

  65. Heading to Slovenia on end of this month.. Hope can bump you there! Stay positive, everything will be fine 😊

  66. Good luck, you’ll be back. You’re doing the right thing. Its just another page in the book of you. Doing what you’re doing, and doing it the right way should be inspiring! We shall see you back here again. 🙂

  67. Apply suntan cream – wear a head-to-toe black clothbag – put on a middle eastern accent. Instant visa.

  68. Girl, you do not need to explain yourself to anyone.. especially when you are following the rules. btw, love your hair color and makeup. You look great! Good luck with everything and hope things get straightened out soon.

  69. While you’re waiting, come visit Australia! Your Aussie friends and fans would love to host you and show you around!

  70. I don’t live in Cal. but I do live on the west coast Vancouver Washington 98665.but if we where a couple we could move down there for your working status . just thought we could help each other out I don’t know just thinking out loud let me know

  71. My best wishes <3 It's the smart thing to do. One mistake and you will fuck up your life in the USA. Hopefully you'll get the good news fast 🙂

  72. Way to practice what you preach. You’re taking the high road, and I’d be willing to bet it works out for you. Hell you should have priority just for showing your willingness to follow the law. Thank you! I hope you can get back state side soon.

  73. Good on you for doing it the right way. It might be a little harder this way but I guarantee you at the end it will be worth it.

  74. Good you’re not a hypocrite. Now, come on my fellow men, we need to get this woman filing a fianceé visa, not just a work visa.

  75. Sorry to see you go. Hope you can return soon. Bright, beautiful, and strong of spirit – you will be missed. I hope you continue your videos from Slovenia. I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity in the future. Michael

  76. Please follow your dreams and do what you really want to do!!! Don’t end up working some crappy factory job, or any other job, you hate (like me) and one day find yourself turning 50 while wondering “What happened to my life!!!”

  77. Kudos to you for wanting to follow the law and do things legally. I sincerely hope that things work out with your visa situation. You are welcome here because you are the type of immigrant that makes America greater. Best wishes!

  78. Orig’ from England…. Will never go back, it doesn’t exist anymore. I’m now a US Citizen and live in TEXAS

  79. I’m sorry you are going through this Barb! I hope that you can come back soon and i comend your integrity!

  80. Barbara:

    Ignore the haters. I respect what you’ve chosen to do. Sweetie, I applaud you for following your dreams & your heart. God willing, you’ll be back soon in The States with us. Hugs!! (I’m a married woman, so my “Hug” comment was intended in the nicest way possible.) ☺️

  81. I remember reading something about if you marry an American citizen you can be a resident alien forever. Is that still true? When there are SO many Lonely American men here who would be absolutely delighted to have you to take care of Barbara, why couldn’t you marry one of us ? Why do you think we are not good enough for you?

  82. If you were an illegal alien you could pay 30 dollars for a SSN and stay here forever. I Hope you get a Visa!

  83. Youtube didn’t notify about the last 2 months of your videos. As someone who works with people who apply for visas, I understand how difficult it is to stay legally in the US.
    I wish you the best. I’ll try to watch Twitter & manually check your channel for updates. I’ll watch the rest of your videos to see if I can assist.

  84. Barbara, you have to go back to your country. US will no longer be a country for immigrants. Fact, the country that accepts immigrants will be annihilated. Look at the chaos in the countries of Latin America, where refugees have free access, all these countries are destroyed

  85. maybe uk would be ok for your career if you don’t get us visa since slovenia and uk are both still in the eu

  86. I’m always impressed with some people who speak English as their second language so good ,my Spanish is terrible.

  87. I’m a immigrant in Europe since I was 10, I’m also doing what I can to be a European citizen. I know laws are laws, I know a woman that her son worked in a big restaurant in new York and his visa was not renovated, he and his mother were really butt hurt about that, now he is over that and he is trying to coming to Europe. It’s about work hard to have a good and reach your goals.

  88. I feel you being a conservative in a liberal state myself except I am in the East Coast in New York City. I love this city but hate the liberalism. I hope Andrew Cuomo doesn’t get another term as governor because he will bankrupt this state. Keep persistent in your fight to win the permanent immigration status here in the United States and I hope you can become an American and continue in the U.S. I wish I were in the west or you come to the east so I can meet you some day. I also share your sentiment on illegal immigration and open borders and think that these are unfair policies. To me, these people are line jumpers and they need to get to the back of the line so that people legally seeking immigration with skills they can contribute can get citizenship.

  89. Yes you could have stayed as long as you were under review. I understand and appreciate the fact that you wanted to follow our laws. The negative comments are from people on the left that don’t understand how illegal immigration affects every country. Keep your head up. Always go for your dreams. I did and realized them after years of hard work. Most people think everything is handed to those that are successful. Hard work, morals and ethics are keys to success.

  90. We all admire you and are pulling for you. You are a woman of integrity, and I hope that our country will be fortunate enough to welcome you again in the very near future. I am a first generation immigrant myself, and it’s people like us who don’t take this country for granted who take the opportunities we are fortunate to get and run with them. You’ll be back. I know it. I pray for it. We wish you the very best. And why not continue your vlog series from outside the country? You will have a viewpoint unlike any other vlogger who lives in the United States!

  91. Hi Barbara, sorry you have to deal with liberal lunatic keyboard warriors! If you were face to face with them… they’d f’ing melt like tyke snowflakes THEY are. Need a sponsor? BARI CA and conservative. Love your brilliant mind, WE (CA’s Republicans) want and need more people like you. Offer stands but WE refuse to live anywhere near L.A.. Please come back and keep fighting! Much love! HATE to the haters, try me! I fight fire with FIRE!!! More like nuclear fire!

  92. If you’re going to be leaving us, at least show us your tits first.
    After all this time, I think we deserve to see them.

  93. Are there more people in Slovenia like you? I must go there! Good luck – hope you come back soon. Make some videos there so we can see the beautiful scenery your talking about .

  94. I can’t say I am surprised by your return to Slovenia…good luck for a safe return and a chance for the good life back in sunny Slovenia…near the beautiful Adriatic sea and the islands that dot the narrow span of coastline your petite nation now enjoys!

  95. Oh, lawyers are overrated in getting a Visa, volunteering for both parties off and on, fill out the paperwork and you will be rubber stamped going to a processing center personally. Your case worker with your visa can also give extensions. There are many people that will help you out once your on their radar and they know you. Lawyers add a disconnect. My ex was from Guyana and got permanent residency a year after her school visa expired. Though to be fair I had married her a year and half prior. Anyone that loves this country more than some naturalized citizens who were born here deserve the privilege. Definitely hope you get back and get the opportunity to stay.

  96. why , you have to leave is because you are white , hate to say this , but if you were from a 3ed world place and went on welfare and drive with no license get on pigbumma care , then you could stay , BUT pretty white women are a no no here / this will change in a few years and WILL be fixed.. FOREVER , sorry be safe .. love from the REAL U.S.A

  97. Have a green card marriage subscriber raffle. Any subs in the CA/LA area become eligible to take part in a sham marriage to Barbara, for a period not to exceed 12 months. Sounds solid, right?

  98. Hopefully they get your status sorted soon and it is good news. However, in most cases there is no place like home, you can YouTube from anywhere just remember you can pursue your dreams anywhere hopefully they still have a decent internet platform over there by now. Best of luck.

  99. You are an honorable person doing the right thing the right way . I wish you the best your an inspiration .I only wish more young people were like you good luck

  100. I’m sorry to say this but you probably have some useless diploma US already have more than enough. With engineering, medical, math….. diploma it would be whole different story. Even with some trade diploma it would be easier. These days everybody want’s some office job, to sit in front of screen, to do some “creative” job… Nobody wants to get their hands dirty.

    But it it is not all black as it looks. With you excellent English in Slovenia it shouldn’t be hard for you to find good job where that skill is required.

  101. I’m in the same position in Canada after almost 5 years trying to get residency. Going to find out yes or no within 2 months. Getting fairly nervous myself. I feel for you and hope everything works out for you. I’m an admirer of your forthright tell it like it is videos, best of luck. Declan

  102. I’m glad that you’re doing what you feel is right. I think everything will work out. You’re doing what you can and its also awesome that you’re able to build a life in California. I’ve also noticed that many people here in the south have negative views about California. I personally think Los Angeles is a great place to be. There’s so many cultures and so many great things to learn.

  103. Молодец, красавица. Не то что етьи лохи которые остоутса здесь не легально, и дают всем словяном a bad reputation. Желаю тебе удачи, да благословит тебя Господ.

  104. California is so fucked up allowing sanctuary cities but deport someone with a Visa that’s here on a college Visa

  105. welcome to the raw reality of the 90% of europeans who migrate to u.s. looking for a better future & not licking the ass of the country,..

  106. Pretty sure you should be fine to be out of status as long as you turned in your paperwork before your status changed. This is going off Canadian law, when I was a visitor from the US, working on becoming a family PR. But US law might be different, or might not be the same for all country relationships or visa types. Either way, I’m most nervous that you couldn’t get a straight answer from your immigration lawyer. If they don’t know.. You might not have the best one. You can do the paperwork yourself, but it does get confusing and stressful. I understand why you’d want to have someone do that.

    I honestly think you would have been fine to stay, but I understand why you felt it was safer to go back. I was always very cautious and still am, now that I’m back in the states, not to burn any bridges with Canada.

    Good luck to you and i hope you get your results soon. They’ve been pretty backed up, in my experience, on the family side. Probably are on your end as well. Took 11 months to hear back instead of 6, last year. (we were working the PR in both directions until my relationship disintegrated).

  107. You will persevere keep your head up I know you’ll be back soon thank you for following the rule of law I appreciate that very much don’t stop making video sweetie.

  108. You’ve got some balls on you, girl. Good on you for having such integrity in your youth. Very rare for any age, actually. Wish I’d had it waaay back when. Document your struggle during app process and your life back home while you wait. Make it professional and you’ll have another portfolio to show off for future considerations on your career path.

  109. Sorry I missed this post in the beginning but my heart goes with you because your courage and generosity have helped me get over some rough spots, too.


  111. Sweetheart. Just leave USA and enter it illegally. You will have better rights. Because these idiots have more respect for illegal immigrants rather than people who file the visa properly.

  112. NOPE, Nothing will hold you back, the force within you is strong! You will prevail, I feel the strength of your energy and conviction!

  113. This is one reason that Trump is trying to fix the immigration laws. They are really bad. We can’t keep good people here while the illegal criminals can hang out in sanctuary states. You are doing the honest thing. I’m sure your visa will be approved. It’s crazy how they charge passengers so much for luggage. Airlines are rip off artists. That’s why I avoid flying. When I go to Europe I’m going on a ship.

  114. I really hope things work out for you. I love the standard you have set for yourself and not just settling for nonsense because its easy.

  115. In America years go I was asked if I wanted a social security number. I answered no saying I am an Australian. I was told by the person asking me she was a single mom. I got it. The age difference was maybe 35 years, People should not be that desperate. Sad.

  116. Wow so sorry you had to go through so much red tape! Because of the illegal immigration problem our American migration status is becoming harder for the good people like you. At least you are doing it the correct way… Follow the law … Bravo girl. Hang tight do it the right way and you will eventually get back to America with your legal papers 💙

  117. I had feeling I watched a girl who was looking into a mirror all the time.
    Is it so interesting to look in the mirror and tell all this bullshit?

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