JUSTIN TRUDEAU WANTS ALL MEN TO BE FEMINIST – The Lost Truths, ep.2, 9/18/17 – 9/25/17

“The lost truths” is a new series of videos that will be out every week, covering the events that sparked my interest but were swept under the rug of major media so this is a way they get heard and known. The symbol of this series is a Phoenix that represents what I believe in and this Youtube era we live in – just like a phoenix, so do we rise from the ashes numerous times and continue what we’re doing no matter how many times we get burned.

EP. 1: https://youtu.be/hvoDJBJ5z94



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Author: Social Truth Warrior

113 thoughts on “JUSTIN TRUDEAU WANTS ALL MEN TO BE FEMINIST – The Lost Truths, ep.2, 9/18/17 – 9/25/17

  1. 3:30:


    I’m left as fuck, and I haven’t heard a single soul saying ‘gee, gotta like that KJU fag, totally cool bro’.

    No one on the Left supports him, holy shit, are you high??

  2. 3:53 Hey NYT, maybe you’d like your public parks and railway stations filled with 3rd world people who litter all over the place so it becomes impossible for you to use these places, as for most of the ppl here, the fence stays where it is.

  3. I just want a bus to run me over everyday… at least i won’t live in canada anymore… i will finally get away from TruCuck.

  4. The real fucked up part about losing track of illegal Immigrants in Germany is, that I as German have to report where I live. I even have to report when I move and where + send prove of me actually moving into the new apartment (for example a paper signed by the land lord). If I don’t do that within I thin 4 weeks, I can be actually fined for that. I also have to make sure, that my Passport is still valid (if I take too long to renew it, for wich I have to pay too btw. I also get fined – happened to me already once, because i was a few weeks over its expire date).
    If I don’t carry my passport (we are not forced to do so by law, a common misconception), police can take me into custody if they need to know my identity. So while not being forced to carry it, its very wise to still have it all time with you.
    If I can’t prove my identity and Adresse, I won’t get Harz 4 (sort of “social help”) and such in Germany. Yet Illegals get rather easy financial aid and homes……. Atm we have a 2 class system in Germany, where one group gets off the hook much much easier (even when they get violent and rape and beat up there wifes, there was often already the case, where they got a lesser sentence because of there cultural background (no joke, the judges even said so) – because such things are normal where they come from, so we cant punish them as hard for it as someone from Europe, America or big parts of Asia would be punished).

  5. For white couple, the German equivalent “weißes paar” works as it should. So this move of google is also very inconsistent.

  6. Cute hair! I’m comfortable saying this because you don’t seem to be the radical feminist type that will try to turn a simple compliment into some sort of sexist attack or demeaning comment on women. Thanks for all your good and entertaining videos.

  7. As a descendant of legal Hungarian Immigrants, I applaud and agree with their choice and actions. My great great grandparents, great aunts and uncles always did their best to do what is best/right, and it’s nice to see where that came from, regardless of the country’s economic state. It’s the reason my family celebrates them each year.

  8. Wow, people are actually willing to use something Kim Jong Un says like it’s cool? I’m not a fan of Trump, but I’d easily pick him over Kim Jong Un.

  9. OMFG Barbara you have just made my week with this insanity. That part of Trudeau’s speech was not shown on Canadian TV as far as I am aware. It is both hilarious and cringe worthy at the same time as Trudeau claims to be a feminist yet is completely fine with segregation of men and women in mosques, completely fine with calling men and women who ask questions about his policies racists and bigots where ever and when ever possible. This man should be tried for treason due to his actions and when M-103 leads to a law then maybe the masses will finally wake up.

  10. Glad you have just discovered the “white couple” thing. I’ve discovered one of my own while searching for “kids with toys” for my 4yo. Search Youtube for “kids with toys” and you’ll see 80-90% “diversity”. They’re english speaking people in white majority countries, yet somehow Youtube has promoted them over white kids. Theoretically if whites are 70% of the population, 70% of those kids should be white….

    1. beayn Fucking exactly, a little less or more, but that’s the point. Diversifing society needs to end. If I look up white couples or look up kids in a white majority country I should find white people. And fuck people who get bothered and triggered by that.

    2. Yep… people also say that “american inventors” is just an anomaly caused by the term “African American inventor” and “white couple” is caused by “black and white couple” however if you search for “black inventor” you find all black people, and if you search for “white inventor” you find _all black people_ again… If you search for “caucasian couple” you find less diversity, but it’s still there. It’s so blatantly obvious. It’s following this new black narrative that absolutely everything was invented by black people and stolen by whites. Internet, cell phones, computers, light bulbs, refrigerators, airplanes, combustion engine, everything they claim.

    3. beayn That’s dangerous and changing history. Tell like how it happened not how you wanted it to happened. Again lately in society these past couple of years and move people are making everything a race problem which cause more problems.

  11. Google’s (Jewish liberals) attempts at social engineering are subverting democracy.We can’t vote Google out and yet it has so much influence.That white couple search result is really sinister.Thumbs-up to you,madam.

  12. did anyone else notice that the picture of “Inventors > United States” @7:13 has the same picture for two different women? Well I say _same_ as in Marie’s picture appears to be a digital blow-up of Bessie’s photo that’s ended up slightly more blurred and a lot darker
    Not totally Google’s fault as the images and names appear to have been web sprawled from wikipedea, but Google’s AI or dumb HI couldn’t spot them even though they are almost side by side
    wiki pics here…
    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/Bessie_Blount.gif 178px×173px
    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a1/Marie_Van_Brittan_Brown.png 350×340px

  13. as a ‘sigma male’, Canada’s beta prime minister has me rather disgusted and down right embarrassed that he is proud to be as he is.

  14. What’s down internet !

    @1:02 Unconfirmed speaker, but confirmed nazi for sure, just look at that salute, ha haa 😀

    @3:56 I’m from Hungary, and the source of the problem is that Germany wants to cherrypick the migrants, filter the skilled labour and send the unskilled ones back to Hungary, where they allegedly entered the EU. The fence was built because of that. The regulations are a bit complicated to explain, but the point is that migrants can be forced to stay in a country, once it’s proved they entered the EU in that particular country.

    Anyways… Justin Trudeau is a CLOWN.

  15. Thanks Barb LMFAO. Rocket man fired back eh? Well l hope he has better aim next time.
    I wouldn’t join Justin’s religion if he paid me.
    Gulag is full on retard mode as usual, but still funny to see.
    OH! about rocket man, i hope he has the fuel to stay the course.You all know what happens when a rocket runs out of fuel, a mess.

  16. Please tell me Canada why did you vote for Trudeau ? It’s like watching miss world – all posturing and people pleasing statements . Sadly you will pay dearly for this vain fool.

  17. I just check the google white couple and black coouple gallery… And i must say honestly that i never think that they try to wash our brain on that scale.
    We must resist that shit!!!

  18. Trudeau, once again, had failed to mention how men and women aren’t equal now. What kind of work do we have to do? He talks about conversations in locker rooms and Bro-culture as if women don’t do the same thing. If anything, women are worse and more likley to gossip. But even if that was an issue worth fixing,which it isn’t, that’s pretty minimal. If that’s all he can come up with then his little speech there is nothing more than grand standing and virtue signalling on a non-issue just for feminist support. He is terrible. Between his Identity politics stripping away fre speech amd our himan right to honor facts over feelings, or his horrendous attitude towards illegal immigration and culture, I beleive he’s pissing off a lot of Canadians. He may be keeping some migrant votes, simply because hes allowing them to come here illegally and mooch off tax payer money, but I believe many legal immigrants and generational Canadians are appalled by his policies and actions that are destroying our way of life and the things we stand for. I can go on for hours about Trudeau and what he’s been doing to fuck up our beautiful country. My only hope is enough Canadians are paying attention to what he is doing to our nation and he will not be the PM after the next election. Fuck Him!! Terrorist apologist douche bag!

  19. Our world is going to hell in handbasket. Seriously, what is wrong with this world? If Trump came up with a cure for cancer, they would say he’s oppressing cancer cells. lmao

  20. I’m not a feminist because feminism believes that men and women SHOULD BE equal.

    I believe that men and women ARE equal.

  21. Going to war with a country is not an intelligent move. I mean how dare you complain about migrant in Europe and claiming USA should go to war at the same time. I know that you didn’t said it but you were implying it which is basically the same thing. You’re a clever woman so use what you have for good.

  22. I happen to be a former male feminist and after spending the better part of 25 years wanting to kill myself, I had two acquaintances, also male feminists, actually kill themselves. And nobody cares. They were just random losers, who ended up that way trying to emulate what they were taught women loved. Women hate male feminists, but in the worse way, secretly. Openly they pretend to like them and encourage them while thinking “no way in Hell I’m ever ending up with someone like that.” When that’s what they ought to be saying. Don’t be a feminist. At least healthy men hate female feminists and they say it. Feminism is for people who want to die from loneliness, or get brain cancer from constantly being harped on by one.

  23. I find it funny how feminists are saying that women can do everything a man does and maybe even better but at the same time advocate men being nicer to them because of their fragility.

  24. I am a Trump supporter, but not on North Korea. I think he has been fed anti-North Korea propaganda which has been seating in the CIA records for decades. I mean, there’s no way for the US to have a straight perception on North Korea. They invaded that country, killed 3 million people, flattened all towns, but the Americans don’t know this. Trump doesn’t know this. He only knows that North Korea has been very hostile for decades. Look, l am not defending North Korea, l wouldn’t like to live there myself, but most of these wild stories we hear are just propaganda. In fact, Kim Jong-un might have better a better human rights’ record than the US. Perhaps someone should do a statistical comparison on drugs, crime, murders, health, fatal accidents, state executions, taxes and so on, for both countries. Diplomacy is the only route. Can someone explain to me the logic of: “We are going to totally destroy North Korea, because their people weren’t treated right.” It’s insane!

  25. Why for this video subtitles are not available? All your other videos have the option to activate subtitles… I think this depends on Google/YouTube but I don’t understand why… 🤔

  26. I like your work Barbara, but have you, or have any of the fuckers commenting here actually been to North Korea? Kim executed people for slouching? Is that like Saddam’s weapons of mass distraction and Gadhafi bringing his nation up from around 20% to nearly 100% literacy, oops sorry I meant to say Gadhafi’s bombardments of his people that were suspiciously not caught by Russia’s satellite images? Pull the other one. Show us the evidence that’s not hearsay.

    Here’s a truth you can actually verify. USA land of the free, only 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoner population, …before we even dreamt of 180 degree anti-war ticket Trump.

  27. Barbara, this time you did not do full research .. the organising group did a video showing all the emails and timeline, so there is no doubt UC Berkeley did all they could to subvert free speech.

  28. Sorry; Canada got a little “stupid” in our last federal election. Every single time this potheaded himbo speaks, it makes a lot of puke! Sorry!

  29. Women are biologically programmed to seek strong, alpha males who will protect and provide for them and their offspring. They do NOT SEEK effeminate , weak men to breed with..they want the strongest most capable men to pass on their genes….regardless of our HUMAN nature…we are still programmed by our biology…the …survival of the fittest ….We in the civilized world have WEAKENED OUR GENE POOL…ISLAMAOBAMA AND JEHADI JUSTUPID . Merkel the Mad..Soros the Diabolical, and all the other Globalist fools and communist idiots are working to destroy civilizations….if WE DO NOT ACT to preserve our culture, society and reason…WE ARE DOOMED…. TO WIN DARWIN AWARDS …AND DIE OFF..

  30. It’s not actually forced “diversity” -it’s forced parity. A natural search result would have proportional representation of different groups. But when you force an equality of outcome, you will get an exact distribution of different groups despite some being the minority and thus warranting a minority report -I mean result. In other words, there has to be exactly as many blacks as there are whites, even if the country is only ~10% black.

  31. I will be backpacking across Europe for 3 months, starting in January. I’m 34 (kinda old) and American…can you recommend some cool cities to visit when I go to Slovenia? Also, any small towns in the countryside would be cool, too. Love your videos. Thank you!

  32. I can’t wait for the welfare states to collapse, all these problems will be solved very quickly! Also thumbs up cuz you told me so!

  33. Trudeau should wear a pussy hat when he talks like that. Whom was he addressing? Some woman’s club? Were any men in the audience?

  34. Wow. I googled white couples and they couldn’t find any! I thought maybe the trick is to google Caucasian couples instead but got the same thing. But they’re very accurate with black couples, brown couples, asian couples, etc.

  35. I was glad to see the Double-Secret Patriarchy Society and its agents were blending in to get undercover stories at the shapiro event, please tell justin that central-casting has another fruit-of-the-loom shoot next week. thank you …et carter

  36. Went to UC Berkeley during the “Turn on, tune in, drop out” counterculture-era and in my day the girls graduated laying on their backs for the male professors. Everyone was stoned on LSD25 and drank tequila sunrise to avoid never coming back from our trips. The school even had LSD water tank experiments on spiritual possessions for the church of Satan followers. Peoples park off Telegraph Ave was group sex while tripping on acid. Some days our classroom of 65 students only had five students show up. You could get an A for a BJ back then.

  37. This guy is a bitch with a dick not a man put him in a frock and give him a hand bag to make him feel better and give her a half pint of beer pints are for men and get her nails done as well

  38. According to http://www.reuters.com, the number of people in Germany with an immigrant backround rose by 8% in 2016, which is 18.6 million people, and they want more immigrants? I don’t mean to sound like conspiracy theorist, but it really does seem like they’re trying to cause white genoicide, all the countries their advocating for open borders, are majority white. Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australia, the U.S, they never talk about the race divide in Africa, I mean, that country is over 90% black, if they cared about diversity, wouldn’t they want open borders their to.

  39. The majority of refugees aren’t really refugees at all. It’s an invasion.
    PS being Canadian I apologize to the world for the embarrassment named Justin Trudeau. He truly is an idiot, not to mention he’s a fake feminist especially when he visits a mosque, to praise women segregated to the balconies away from the men. Phoney POS

  40. You are such a bigot. And too everyone in the comments Trudeau is the best thing that ever happened to Canada, and is sending a very positive message to everyone about equality.

  41. I’m a simply man, when I see something about Hungary – especially when we say Jew York Times to fuck off – I press a like.

  42. Hypocrite and sock collector Trudeau is “the” rolemodel for men ? AH AH AHAH HA
    His daddy was a twisted lefty marxist , and him… backpacked around the world with his daddy’s money. Now the hipster-marxist preaches to us , absurd.
    How you could elect this socks-collector … will always remain a mystery for me , but hey im not from America. Wasnt this guy that said he admires China and its system ? or was it his daddy… nah im pretty sure they both did. But thats not even that bad, when the guy gives millions to islamist murderer. He mocks Canada if you ask me.

  43. I wish you would make more of these videos, they’re awesome Barbara! For realz. And there’s gota be lots goin on right now, right?

  44. was Trudeau mansplaining?
    [all men have to respect women is one of feminists demands, the same time they are using terms like this, what’s wrong with the world??]

  45. “Demonetize 3 2 1” roflmao
    Where are the times when male leaders where male leaders? Now we have those manginas sitting in their Ivory tower telling us what we should think, what we should feel and what we should say. Doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

  46. Actually men should not be feminists, because it is sexist to imply women need men to fight for them or along side them. Women don’t need men to be feminist, women need other women to be feminist. Justin Trudeau is a sexist, mansplaining, glory hound.

  47. For those of you suffering from constipation, just plant your ass on the toilet seat and press on the blue numbers 5:30. Problem solved.

  48. Girl, you’re amazing!!! USA is going to be a new Latin American Country: lot of spanish speakers, lot of thieves, lot of communist, lot of retarded students, lot of miserable people…

  49. Girl, you’re amazing!!! USA is going to be a new Latin American Country: lot of spanish speakers, lot of thieves, lot of communist, lot of retarded students, lot of miserable people…

  50. Justin is a CULK.
    I bet he films his wife getting banged by BBC’s every Saturday night.
    I’d be shocked that they don’t have a mixed raced baby soon.

  51. Justin is a CULK.
    I bet he films his wife getting banged by BBC’s every Saturday night.
    I’d be shocked that they don’t have a mixed raced baby soon.

  52. How does Justin Trudeau justify being a Feminist,when he advocates for such things as M-103(a motion to become law,which criminalizes anyone who is anti Islam)…please make a video on this subject.

  53. Barbie, you are so young and beautiful, I mean, I mean, I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I love ya!, babe!. You’re so smart!.

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