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  1. The guy carries a phone, interesting, so to be a sjw you must carry a phone, it’s the first thing they all whip out. Does she kiss her mom with that mouth?

  2. Its not ok to be white.
    Kicks whites out of Africa
    African Economy dies

    *sips WHITE coffee in WHITE Nazi Officer Room*
    Well. At least they can just starve to death now.

  3. It’s honestly pathetic that colleges have to meet quotas for the amount of “diversity” they have to achieve. Black students have a better chance of getting into a school compared to white/Asian students (with higher test scores) simply to diversify their college to their preference. Terrible

  4. my school has a sign that says:

    to undocumented students, you belong here,

    to black students, your lives matter here,

    to muslim students, you are welcome here,

    to hispanic students, you are valued here,

    to female students, you are respected here,

    to homeless students, may you feel at home here,

    to LGBTQIA+ students, you are perfect the way you are,

    to disabled students, you are able here,

    now, all this is fine except the lgbt bullshit and the undocumented student things but, what happened to guys and asians and normal people in that list

  5. Hitler=George Soros
    The brown shirts=Pelosi,Sanders,Waters,Cortez
    The Hitler youth=ANTIFA
    Hitler sent the brown shirts in to the slums of Warsaw to tell the poor Germans that all their problems were because of the “capitalistic Jews” and that socialism will solve their plight and in less than a generation their children were so brainwashed they turned on their own parents if they didn’t follow Hitler’s plan. It’s happening again folks. Google the definition of the word “NAZI”.spoiler alert: its national(NA) Socialist(ZI), then Google “the brown shirts”, then Google the “Hitler youth”. It’s right in front of our faces!

  6. Fuck those asians. Whites have been disadvantaged that way for decades but yet nobody sticks up for us. Even Asians on the right are still out just to get theirs. They still don’t give a fuck about us.

  7. Equality of opportunity should have been more important than equality of outcome! It’s sad that people are just recognising that now!

  8. Oh FFS, these people do my fucking head in. Victims, Victims, everywhere! When someone says they are not racist they still try to force their opinion on them by saying “Nope, you’re t shirt says you are”…WTF!! SERIOUSLY! They don’t have a valid argument so they just throw out their typical “you’re racist”, “you support blah blah so you must be blah blah”…SO they can assume we are racist but if I assume their gender I’m a bigot??? AND THESE PEOPLE ARE IN COLLEGE? THANK FUCK I NEVER WENT TO COLLAGE AND HAVE NO INTENTION ON SENDING MY CHILDREN TO COLLEGE ANYMORE EITHER! I do not want my children to be fed bullshit and this new agenda that men are evil and hate women and being white means you’re instantly a racist (which is an oxymoron in itself.

  9. I find it OFFENSIVE that we are being mocked because we want tolerance! I self-identify as a SJW and want nothing but equality! But, all the haters just don’t understand that. We are not the problem, you are!

  10. I’ve been dealing with this liberal shit my whole life and I’m sick of it. I’ve come to realize those idiots never knew what the hell they were doing if they were really trying to help. But most likely they just wanted cheaper labor and cucked men.

  11. It’s okay to be whatever race you are. It’s not okay that people keep putting different races on pedestals for no reason.

  12. 4:39 if trump would have been the one to step in and put a cap on the amount of Asian Americans who entered Harvard he would be called racist for it. But instead he stepped in and stopped it which he was also called racist for…. idk how that works

  13. Whereabouts in Australia are they in the first clip? I wanna move there at some point and want to know where I can go to avoid these retards…

  14. Kathy, really. Do you even think before you talk. You need to stop coming on these show. They don’t make you good, just trying to help you girl. Please stop.

  15. These bitches from another fucking continent should not be talking about Charlottesville, I grew up in Charlottesville and Antifa, a fucking registered FBI terrorist group was also in Charlottesville not just those alt right fucks who were in my home town

  16. ‘Im proud to be black’ said the black person.
    ‘Im proud to be asian’ said the asian person.
    ‘Im proud to be white’ said the racist

  17. It’s not okay to be white? Then it’s okay to be racist?
    Feminism: TRIGG-

  18. I didn’t enslave anyone, did not diminish women in any way, all I have is mind is get to see my family in holidays. Why isn’t ok to be white?? Fuck this shit

  19. Its impossible for leftists to have a Civilized conversation. They can’t be reasoned with & they’re destroying the world as we know it. They ALWAYS rage out because they have the communication skills of a cave man & simply have no facts to back up their arguments. “ME YELL. ME HATE! ME CUSS & SCREEEEAM! YOU RACIST!!!!!!!! ARRRGHHHH!”

  20. As sudamerica citizen, is interesting how the left-crazy-brain work in the same way. You start asking questions and in a minute they turn aggressive

  21. so its dumb assed white bitches saying its not ok to be white !?! WTF is the matter with these morons !?! It truly is a mental disorder !

  22. I’m not racist but I prefer to have my white baby daughter in a class full of white kids, then black, latino, yellow, arabs…. To each their countries !!!

  23. Slander to the word ” Muslim” is NOT racist. Muslim is a RELIGION not a race. That said , saying things like “Muslim N****r or Arab/Persian/Lebanese and so on in the insult…..then it becomes racial. Saying Fuck Muslims is not racist, but saying Fuck “Towel Head” or shit like that is racist. Just like all Christians are NOT just white or Just Black and so forth…….stop being victims.
    IT’S OK TO BE:
    I would say blue , but that person may be suffocating , so no Blue People unless You can keep Awesome Rhythm
    Natural Breasts/ implanted breasts
    another words- HUMAN!
    Please stop believing what ” Others” expect from you. Be your own person and not someones” bitch.
    I love you all….except bitch-made people pleasers……

  24. 8:40 Interesting the guy on the loudhailer yelling “NoTrump! No KKK! [silence]” I guess he knows that with the crowd he’s supporting he’s definitely going to need an MRA or two on his side soon.

  25. What’s ironic, throughout the whole video is that the so called ‘alt right’ are continually stating _”we’re against the far right…blah…blah…Tommy Robinson left the EDL because of the far right element….blah….blah…”_ and yet, should anyone actually look at the far right, such as in the UK, the National Front of Tindall and the BNP, you will see that they wanted a land, for white people to live in, not mixed with the very peoples that the alt right are concerned about with today – Muslims and Africans.
    The Far Right political parties have ALWAYS been right in their views. They were merely the canaries in the coal mine, who foresaw what would happen to Europe and the west, if it continued to allow immigration into it.
    Everyone remains silent on Israel, which has its own ethnostate, only for Jews to live in and attacks anyone in the west for wanting the same. These stupid, white people promote Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans and Europe for everyone.

    Enoch Powell was correct. More and more people are saying he was correct. Here in Scotland, English people are piling in, in their droves, but they won’t tell you the truth as to why. They’ll give you the BS that it’s because it’s pretty, or cheaper housing and better schooling and healthcare, but the reality is their own communities are becoming overpopulate with Africans and Asians, creating white flight. And it’s in their reply – better schooling and healthcare, because here in Scotland, it’s nowhere like many parts of England where classes are 10% white and 90% non white. This tells people JUST what the future demographic of that area is going to be.

    I am far right. I don’t hate anyone, but I certainly don’t want to see white people become a minority in their own lands, just as I don’t want to see blacks become a minority in African lands, Asians in Asian lands, Polynesians in Polynesian lands etc etc.

    If you are white you really have a choice to make and it’s a simple one. That choice is to side with the far right and work towards the repatriation of 98% of non whites back to their ancestral lands, or else, if you choose to remain an utterly stupid and ignorant left wing or liberal fool, you will be, to quote Enoch Powell _”building your own funeral pyres”_ and creating a hell for your future generations when they are a minority in their own lands.

  26. Silly woman talking about Trump killing diversity, when she foolishly thinks that affirmative action is a good thing, which is a blatant persecution towards white people. Harvard giving 42% of admissions to Asians? Are you serious? 5.2% of the USA is Asian. 62% is white. !2% is black. How on earth can they cite these figures as fair in any way? And if it was proportional representation, then the overwhelming majority of people in Harvard would be whites, followed by blacks, Asians and Jews. Today, however, it’s clear that there are more Jews and Asians in Harvard than whites, vastly disproportionate. _”It’s because Asians and Jews are more intelligent”_ BS. It’s called blatant persecution of whites in America, by (((you know who))).

  27. Correct me if I’m wrong but the last video is Melbourne Australia isn’t it? What the fuck are these morons shouting _”no Trump, no KKK, no fascist MRA”_ for? Is this anything to do with the screening of the film _”The Red Pill”_ by any chance, about the Men’s Rights Movement? This is insane. The world has gone absolutely mad!!!

  28. They just bring in Cathy Areu because she’s a magnificent source of comedy, surely! They KNOW what she says is hypocritical, they KNOW what she says is crazy, they KNOW she is just STUPID!

  29. Socialism, Communism, and Nazism all discriminate against a group of people, the Nazis chose the Jews, the Communists chose the rich, and Socialists have chosen white people. Who are the racists again?

  30. This is hilarious. Yes there are racist white people but there is always a group of people in a race that are racist. It’s sad but true. It’s ok to be white. It’s ok to be black. It’s ok to be asian.It’s ok to be any race for the floor’s sake. It’s not like anyone got to chose their race anyway.

  31. This is why every time I see black people in good jobs I never ever give them any credit. They got there solely for being black and having to fill affirmative action quotas. #blackprivilege

  32. feminists are gay. alpha males are gay. gays are gay. trans are disgusting. leftists are gay. everything in this world is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  33. Love how they are about equality and peace but every group that represents them only supports a certain group

    Ex: black lives matter, feminist rights organization

  34. Thank fuck I live in America. Rights are Americans priority and not second hand. Someone said racism only exists in America, look up brazil!

  35. Can you believe all these leftwing cry babies are going to one day be in the real world? I hope we abolish welfare before any of them hit the job market otherwise the USA is over.

  36. Videos against right wing SJWs that whine about minor things like kneeling NFL players, fictional minority characters, and Kathy Griffin would be rad. They prove horseshoe theory correct.

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