Hypnosis – Does It Work?

The Skeptic’s Guide To Wellness EP. 2. Can hypnosis cure me? They tried to hypnotize me, did it work? Let’s find out…
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

105 thoughts on “Hypnosis – Does It Work?

  1. without even having started to see it: i bet this will result in some fukkn _therapist,_ telling you that you gotta _believe_ in him.
    because that is what they do.
    well let’s see…

    1. hmm… tricky.
      at least the first one said some things quite similar to that, which you followed, while the second one had the comfy chair as an overtaking tool instead…
      so idk… does it count? does it not count?

  2. I’m so happy you’re posting your episodes from your TV show. I saw them once thru the full screen app but since then I haven’t been able to watch them again. So yeah.. I’m so happy you’re able to post these💕

  3. I’ve always wondered if hypnotherapy truly worked. My Mom swore that it helped her stop smoking. I always assumed it was the better health aspect, lol, but she firmly disagrees 😹

    1. It’s not so much a working or not working thing. You can look into tests that have been done to see the affect it has on brain activitiy.
      It does exist, but maybe not in the form you imagine it to exist

  4. Wait a masters in spiritual psychology? Spirits haven’t been proved to be real so why would that have a masters for it. Or is it just called that and it’s just another field of psychology.

  5. You are either obeying what he tells you and you are considered hypnotised or you don’t do as he says and people tell you that you have to be willing to be hypnotised. wow, didn’t realise hypnosis was just doing what you were told to do.

  6. Thank you very much for checking out hypnosis; when you find someone with whom you find rapport, hypnosis can really help you make changes.

  7. When people go into hypnoses very fast, it means you have excellent concentration/mindfulness skills, and are high in openness. People who can’t be hypnotized, or resist, have higher anxiety levels, and get distracted easily. So it’s actually a very good sign if you get hypnotized easily. I’m not sure if Jaclyn is just anxious, or she’s resisting to prove a point subconsciously.

  8. _lies in a comfy chair with eyes closed for an hour with someone with a smooth voice talking_

    “Are you relaxed?”


    “You’re welcome it was hypnotism”

  9. Trussssssst in meeeeeee. 😛

    Seriously though, hypnosis is certainly real, but in the way that most people believe it is from stage shows or media outlets. It’s not about being totally mindless and being a servant, it’s like being in highly suggestive state, where your subconsious is far more active. And you also have to accept being hypnotized. Someone who dosen’t want to be hypnotized, will not be hypnotized.

  10. It seemed a bit manipulative when you were not feeling any force pulling your hands together, and he implies “you’re resisting,” which seems to be a passive way of shaming the person into just complying whether they feel anything or not. There’s a difference between active resistance and just not being affected.

    The “you can’t be made to do anything you wouldn’t normally do” excuse also always seemed like a thin deflection, because what does that really mean? I wouldn’t kill in cold blood, but I would kill in self-defense, so couldn’t the hypnotist tell me that I had to kill person X or he would kill me? It seems like that would be very easy to work around; the other option is that hypnosis can’t actually make you do anything. You’re just agreeing to do what the hypnotist says, and maybe convincing yourself that you really want to. Interesting, perhaps, but hardly mind-blowing.

  11. Jacklyn I was like you, If you choose to not want to get get hypnotised you won’t , i will say it’s all about reprogramming your brain.

  12. Information guys, thank you Jaclyn for making this kind of videos, really helps spreading out what really works, and also exposing those who wants to deceive us and just want our money

  13. They exploit habits and use the power of suggestion. It’s an art form rather than an actual power. People still believe in telekinesis despite mind control but telekinesis doesn’t exist in any variation or context……obviously. “Your fingers didn’t move because you’re resisting” Whose fault is that? If you have to play along, it’s not hypnosis, it’s pretend. You could say Manson hypnotized people to kill but rational people call that brainwashing.

  14. I’m pretty sure the beginning part of hypnosis is suppose to get you to relax which is why it didn’t work with Nick which was probably because Jaclyn was so pessimistic about it actually working. If you fall in to a relaxed enough state the hypnotist can then talk to the subconscious mind. I’m not an expert but that’s what I assumed was going on. I’ve seen hyponotism work before and all hypnotist say that if you don’t want you be hypnotised you won’t be.

  15. It took all my self control so finish the video before commenting, but I’m glad I waited, and I’m glad you found Rochelle! I’ve never experienced… whatever it was Nick was doing, but I’ve done group hypnotherapy similar to your time with Rochelle. Hypnotherapy as I know it isn’t a party trick or something you can accidentally do to someone because at best it’s a handshake with the hypnotist to follow their instructions and put your trust in them. It’s just visualization and meditation; it’s really wonderful and effective, and you can come out of it feeling a little loopy, but you’re not gonna go “away” or anything. If you do decide to further explore what hypnotherapy can accomplish, ask Rochelle about the swish technique, or swish pattern. To me it’s a pretty fascinating device for re-framing trauma.

  16. There’s actually a misconception with that pendulum idea. It’s not used for hypnosis, but rather a demonstration of it.

  17. My grandma supposedly got hypnotized to not like junk food or something and she lost a bunch of weight. I bet its a placebo effect, lol

  18. Deliverance (aka: A religious thing that half fucked me up) is the same thing as Hypnosis. It is a very real and I only say “half fucked up” because hypnosis can be therapeutic when done with the right intentions.

  19. Honestly, go to a stage hypnosis show with a group of people you know. I’ve seen some of my friends who are not talented actors do some very convincing stuff! Some people just can’t really get hypnotized (myself) and you’re the same clearly!

  20. Once again, just another placebo effect, where you have to _believe_ it’ll work for you to actually get an effect from it. -Just like faith and religion.-

  21. I’ve been hypnotized before and they aren’t controlling you. I was aware of everything I was doing and I knew I had the choice to not do what I was being told. I was told to go on stage because I was affected when I was in the crowd. You have to be open to the idea of it otherwise it won’t work. I was listening very closely to everything the hypnotist was saying. I’m not comfortable being on stage in front of people but I danced on stage. I was aware of everything I was doing but I just didn’t care about anything I was just willing to do what I was asked. Everything was kind of hazey like dream. So yes it’s real

  22. These clowns were utterly incompetent. Unfortunately that’s the default for “mainstream” hypnosis. They might only manage to hypnotise 1 out of 10 people and they’ll just write off the 9 failures as being “resistant”. Then they call it “science”. It’s a type of intellectual fraud that’s rampant in psychology circles, where they pretend that they’re controlling all the variables except for the most important uncontrolled variable in the entire experiment. Namely the grey squishy one between the subject’s ears.

    If you really want to learn anything about hypnosis you need to track down someone from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Real hypnosis is not even comparable to this nonsense. This is like “yeah do the hokey pokey and please go into a trance”, and real hypnosis is like being hit in the face with a freight train and things start going sideways and you have no idea what even happened. Also, the way a competent practitioner from the ASCH would explain hypnosis is very different from the way these guys explained things. In fact you’d probably end up in a trance before they even finished explaining to you what a trance is.

    Also, and this a very important point: every behavior, even your skepticism, can be used as a means of inducing a trance (and/or hypnotic phenomena). Anyone who does not understand that very basic point does not deserve to be called a hypnotist.

  23. “Hypnotism only works if you let it work.”

    Could you imagine if anyone said this about anything else?

    “This self defense trick only works the attacker wants it to.”

    1. Yeah, no matter my views on hypnosis, I have always called bullshit on the “you can’t be hypnotised against your will”. It’s a cop out, because say something enough, or “program” someone enough with enough visual and auditory stimulus, then yes, I do believe anyone can be hypnotized to do anything. Hypnosis can forcibly change one’s mindset if done enough times and making the subject (or victim, if evil intent is in mind) do whatever the hypnotist wants them to.

  24. 4:26 When the first guy said to do that string wrapped around finger thing, I actually put my fingers together. My body was letting whatever happen. I let my fingers go together because I wanted that to happen. So it’s true you can be hypnotized but only if you truly want it to happen.

  25. youtube is so fucking annoying… I got an email notice saying there was a new upload but when I go into my subscriptions for todays new videos, Jaclyn’s isn’t there

  26. I started watching this honestly expecting hypnosis bashing to some effect, I’m glad she actually gave it a chance, though there are many different methods of hypnotizing others, and some people need certain methods or repetition to actually get things going, I’m kind of disappointed she only visited hypnotherapists though, rather than trying out different aspects of hypnosis, like recreational stuff. I dabble as a recreational hypnotist, mostly with the intent of altering sensory perception in a variety of ways. though I can see how people might be reluctant to attempt such things.

  27. “skeptic of my skepticism” Bravo Jacklyn.
    Unlike some “so called” activist atheists who don’t know how deep their skepticism must go before they can declare themselves true skeptics.

  28. You’re getting sleepy Jacklyn and once in deep meditation you will find you have a daddy complex and need an older man:D

  29. Bad relationship decisions? That scepticism would annoy any partner. I bet she’s a know it all type of person and nothing is good enough for her. Little patience and gets bored easily. That’s a her anxiety feed. Woowoohoohoo won’t work for her but meditation and mindfulness might help her find gratitude.

  30. Im one of 100% sceptics for this field of “science”. I dont believe in this bullshit and I never had, I believe that people can put themselves on some trance stage, but not because of some hypnotist, but because of perfect environment to do so.

  31. How can people believe that hypnosis is not real lol? It’s not voodoo or mindcontrol. Gosh, there are scientific proof and all that stuff

  32. Just wanted to make sure your aware that I love this series! Knowing your just as skeptical about things as I am let’s me know I can trust what you have to say!

  33. Just wanted ya’ll to know that I just sneezed and a snot projectile shot out and landed on my cats head while she was dozing beside me and she was so startled she jumped like 3 feet in the air and then landed and shot to the corner of the room, and just huddled there, looking terrified with her fur bristling.

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