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Author: Social Truth Warrior


  1. make a ”special persons” day but don’t fucking destroy fathers day because of sjw anti-male, anti-white, anti-west scum

  2. This make me sad ….I real don’t know who my dad is…. Meaning in persona …..freshmen year was the last time I saw him.

  3. Every mom will be confused when all their daughters or boys say happy Father’s Day when their mom is clearly a woman

  4. Men have been getting shit on in the parenting circle for a while. Try showing up at a child support case without a lawyer or hell even with one.

  5. So since my mom wasn’t around growing up and my pops was always thereI should have said happy mother’s day to my dad?? Mmmmmm No!

  6. Next Mother’s Day, I want to see #HappyMothersDayDad trending in this bitch. Seeing the feminist’s reactions will be absolutely priceless

  7. Well if we’re replacing Father’s day with “Special Person’s Day”, then it’s only right to take away Mother’s Day as well. But we all know that the Feminists will get Uber triggered

  8. i always wondered, even as a kid, why there’s black history month but to white or asian history month.

  9. Single parents do twice the work. Two jobs = two calender days of celebrating those jobs. That Part is well deserved. Single dads deserve shout outs on mother’s day too. Calling it “mothers/fathers day” does not exclude or exempt anyone. It simply celebrates the person taking that role be it a single parent, step parent, adoptive parent or anyone else. If they did the work they get the praise. Fathers day isn’t about who donated sperm, mother’s day isn’t about who’s vagina you came from. Those holidays are to honor whoever closest to that role raised you. The holidays stay as is and if you don’t like it then call it something else or don’t celebrate it.

  10. If there’s not gonna be a father’s day no more might as well make there be no mother’s day. *Equality*

  11. I think this is more sad than anything else. Do you think there would ever be a commercial on Mother’s Day for Dads who had to raise their children w/o a mother around? I seriously doubt it! This just proves what most of us already know: modern feminist society simply doesn’t respect the role of men in a child’s life and it’s because it doesn’t respect men, in general.

  12. How about the single fucking dads? What about the amazing men who have had to take care of multiple children on their own and take care of themselves? What about fucking them?!
    If we are going to get rid of fathers day then we should get rid of mothers day. Feminists want ” equality of the genders “, right?
    If we are going to rename fathers day to special persons day, then rename mothers day to that too!

    You cant just fucking exclude the single fathers and praise the single mothers.
    Its fucking hard to deal with only having a father, it’s harder to not even have a fathers day itself, let alone have to go through mothers day with out a mother.
    Dont just be so selfish to take away fathers day and not mothers day, it hard to live without a mother too

  13. i know a guy who was a single father since his wife left him for a better looking guy and didn’t care for her children ,so yeah single fathers don’t exist..

  14. Guess some like pandering to the minority groups while others cant seem to bring themselves to thank the many fathers in the world both single or not or kids without moms or mom/dads lol

  15. Isn’t changing the name to “special person’s day” just a double standard because there’s a shit ton of people who don’t have mothers? Don’t pretend it’s for “inclusion” when it’s no know than a feminist agenda

  16. Fuck dads, right? Fuck the men who raise their children, right? Who needs them. It’s not like we should have a day dedicated to the men that help build future generations, right? Fuck them.

  17. what was wrong with the first clip? im not sure how it’s being an sjw to acknowledge moms who filled paternal roles ….. they do the same things for mother’s day . jeez it was harsh to put that in there

  18. Why are people trying to change fathers day. There are alot of fathers still in their kids lives. Matter of fact there are alot of women not in their kids lives and their fathers are raising them by themselves.

  19. i swear to fucking god if i ever have a fucking kid and im a single parent and they fucking tell me happy father’s day mom i will disown them oh dear god why

  20. Omega son i fell the same way my mother left me and my brother and not only that but she tryed to kill us befor she did i after that my hole life i was rased by my father how even ruined his whole life just to keep us alive

  21. A lot of these would have been wonderful for Mother’s Day. It’s a shame they tried to override the hard work and appreciation of fathers.

  22. That is not your dad, that is your mother.

    We really need to do one of these for single fathers on mother’s day so we can watch the SJWs lose their fucking minds.

  23. So then we should change mother’s day forthe same reason for the kids that grew up with only dads. I’m sick of guys being the victim

  24. None of this happened on Mother’s Day. Men are being harassed and targeted by women. Fuck you you dumbass fuckin feminist scums

  25. Okay I’m a feminist but some of these are going too far. A lot of people with single parents will celebrate that parent on both mother’s and father’s day. But getting rid of one of the days or changing it is going too far. There’s single dads out there just less than single moms, both deserve to be recognized.

  26. MFW the clearly effeminate person tries to play up how his single mother taught him to throw a punch completely incorrectly .

  27. I was raised by a single mother since age 12 she was great she did what she could. I needed a father. This video enraged me

  28. Yeah no this is bullshit leave the fathers and mother day separate I was raised by a single father due to a drug addicted mother I Don’t tell him happy Mother’s Day, he is not my mother keep that shit separate.

  29. So mothers day!!! Don’t they celebrate that with their mothers…or single dad’s who do it all do they get mothers day????? Tell you what, rather than create a new way for card manufacturing to sell more cards and gifts…stick to the day given by the name…then everyone gets a look in!!!!!

  30. And come mother’s day we do the same thing but with fathets, let us see these monsters and their fake outrage.

  31. Great job for all these single mothers who went through that… that is why we have a day called mothers day

  32. why can’t we just have one day that shows love for fathers? If ur ofened by fathers day your a fucken pussi

  33. My mother died when I was 14 due to breast cancer and my dad raised me and my sis pretty much alone for the 6 years until we gently moved out of his house.
    At time I despised him, was angry at him… but in the end I realize the man was probably in such pain after freshly losing his own mother one year before and still managed to keep us to be decent people.
    Sometimes I think my mother would not have managed the same. And the level of disrespect these people have for the same fathers that are the reasons they can so much as use everything appearing in this video… fuck them

  34. Uuuh I know a women whod bring her kid when she didn’t want take sex. She’d say retarded shit like. What do you expect me to do. Leave her in the car? That’s that projection. I didn’t say That but it was implied I would. That poor girl was used like a pawn. Like single moms use their kids all the time. Like these women are using their kids. To sell phones and paper towels. I’m a dad and what I never did was include my sons in my adult situations and I also didn’t say dufus shit like. You not gonna help me? I won’t let you let my kid down. Uuuh gober your kid your problem.

  35. Nigga that don’t make any sense…it’s FATHERS DAY…fathers day Is for FATHERS…NOT FUCKING MOTHERS..my moms a hoe..walked out and started an entirely new family



  37. “Special Persons Day”? Are we going to rename mothers day that too? Yes I’m a special person to my daughter but I’m a FATHER too. Fuck you.

  38. This is exactly the problem with families today. The father is not a part of their childrens lives. Children need both a female mother AND a male father in their lives. Fathers step up and be there for your kids!

  39. Since my mom raised me as a mom and father I always tell her happy Father’s day. But this shit is disgusting…

  40. These fringe identity politics aren’t a rep of most progressive minded people. Fuck. These idiots are why we have trump 😡

  41. Tbh I didn’t see anything wrong with videos about father’s day. They weren’t saying that there aren’t single fathers they were focusing on the fact that the MAJORITY of single parents are mothers and this was made around Father’s Day most likely in a way to say that even though you didn’t have a father you had a mother that was still there for you and you should take that day to appreciate her since she had to take on the role of 2 parents vs 1. Now this is in no way saying that ALL single mothers are amazing I’m just talking about who the message was aimed at, I just wanted to clarify just in case

  42. So these people are saying a can’t celebrate Father’s Day because their mom was a dirty whore who can’t remember who she slept with?

  43. LEAVE FATHERS ALONE! THEY ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS MOTHERS! it’s not like there aren’t any male single parents out there so why don’t they get any praise? this is equality, men have something…we cant have that….lets wreck it or take it over

  44. This video pissed me off so fucking much… like for fuck’s sake! Let good father’s have one day god dammit! Fuck these selfish mother’s that don’t believe there are good father’s out there, and just give up looking for one… Raising children as a single mother and thinking it’s ok or better without a dad is fucking child abuse!

  45. 9:08 that guy just summed my problem up. if that made anyone else think feel free to join the conversation.

  46. This is a beautiful message. We celebrate the fathers in our lives with Father’s day, but need to recognize the women and mothers in this world as well. I know we have Mother’s Day, Women’s Equality Day, American Business Women’s Day, and Gold Star Mother’s Day but this is not enough. We need to allow these women to take away the only day that is to celebrate the fathers and step-fathers in this world as well. #equality

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