Female Comedian Disguise as a Guy To Prove She Is Funny BACKFIRES Equal Rights & Lefts 2

SJWS Always blabber on about equality, This is what it looks like!

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

100 thoughts on “Female Comedian Disguise as a Guy To Prove She Is Funny BACKFIRES Equal Rights & Lefts 2

  1. It would’ve been funnier if her delivery wasn’t deadpan and terrible. Also LOL at that black lady being insulted that the police officer was CONCERNED FOR HER MENTAL HEALTH AND WAS DOING HIS JOB.

  2. re. the mixed tennis matches. I remember years ago asking a random tennis pro at a tennis club, what would happen if he played against the #1 female player in the world.
    He looked at me like it was a dumb question and said, “well, I’d beat her.”
    He wasn’t even bragging or anything. Just answering matter of fact.

  3. This bitch dumb actually thought She would be funny if she became a guy xp not every guy is funny and that guy telling those isn’t helping her either haha

  4. The dude consoling her after is why so many women are fucking deluded. I’d have been like “sorry honey, give up on comedy it’s not for you”

  5. Women are funny but they can’t do the same type of humor as men same goes for the other way around.

  6. What a patient ass cop. Chick was such a piece of shit and he still didn’t disrespect her or anything.

  7. If I had been in the audience, I would have CRAAAACKED THE FUCK UP. Purely because I’d have assumed she/he was one of those purposefully awkward comedians. I mean, the jokes were abysmal but that in itself is hilarious.

    Also, nothing worse than a close support person feeding them unjustified encouragement. Especially in the arts. Like those compilations of fucking awful singers on American Idol or whateverthefuck. The judges roast the fuck outta the singer, and they hit back with “WELL ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY SAY I’M REALLY GOOD”. Well, all your friends and family are autistic and straight up should not be lying just to stroke your undeserving ego.

  8. hahaha, fucking bombed! and the guy at the end(of her set) is just a white knight, she was shit don’t feed her delusions!
    and the woman in the car, how is someone asking if you need help coz ur acting like your having a panic attack offensive? dumb cunt is just trying her best to act like a helpless woman to get sympathy and out of a ticket.

  9. Whats the point of telling her “that was good” when it clearly fucking wasnt. It will only hurt the person. Tell them it was shit and to do better next time

  10. This video shows the difference between men and women, feminists and SJW’s can claim whatever bullshit they like, but at the end of the day men are biologically different than women and are better at coping with certain situations, such as failure. Would a man have sat down and cried because something didn’t go his way, any decent man would have learnt from his failure and moved forward.

  11. Woman starts blubbering and crying over an irrational fear. Cop offers to call her an ambulance. She’s insulted the he tried to help her? Then she gets angry when she has to go to court for not being able to provide current proof-of-insurance? Does she think it’s the cop’s responsibility to make sure she always has her current insurance card in the car?

  12. theirr we go myth debunked that just because dudes are male they get laughs, good grief and life as a dude is just as rough.

  13. Perfect reason why cops become ass holes. That lady was nuts to the core. Dealing with that on a regular basis changes a person in a reasonably fast time. You become someone else entirely.

  14. She said that if she will be a man for one day and everybody’s laugh. Well, nobody’s laughing now.

  15. Kudos to the cop man…we saw the entire interaction and not once did the guy do anything threatening to her or get nasty with her at all. He gets called a skinhead and she says “I’m scared of police because you guys kill black people” pretty much saying all cops kill black people and he doesn’t even break a sweat?! Fucking badass

  16. You can clearly tell by the sound of her voice, she’s a girl. Her comedy was astounding btw. Did terrible.

  17. That was obviously a sketch. Very funny cause she failed in the sketch. He told her in the end to keep the beard on.

  18. what’s with the fake cry and the sob music? the crying was unwarranted based on the crowd reaction. they weren’t vicious. they were all polite with a few people chuckling. then after the fake cry the couple kissed with the female still wearing the beard. it’s supposed to be funny and it might kinda be if it was a real moment but it all looks so obviously staged. “look everyone, first she’s crying then hubby consoles her by kissing her. aww how sweet. and look, she’s still wearing the beard! lmao. isn’t that so cute and funny everyone?” holy shit i hate “reality” tv. it’s either scripted or people acting over dramatic for tv

  19. She is in disguise as a man to prove women are funny but cries like a woman when it doesn’t go her way. Then her own man says he doesn’t see her as either. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING BRO HAHAHA.

  20. Terrible “disguise.”  She didn’t even make an attempt to create any kind of impression of a man.  I’m sure everyone in the audience was waiting for the punchline that went with the obvious costume.

  21. Lol! “They’re going to come out here and see a dude crying his eyes out!”

    Yeah bitch, that’s it. That’s exactly it. Much more embarrassing as a dude, eh?

  22. Hahahahahahahahaha.. well that was soul crushing for her.. why is he patronizing her?? Don’t baby these dumb bitches, he must be FUCKING her.. WOMEN ARE NOT FUNNY PERIOD.. and that dumb black crying drama queen at the tragic stop should be hanged what a dumb rude bitch

  23. She needs to realize its not her gender why she sucks but she needs to actually work on the jokes

  24. Comedy: man, purse 🤔
    Man + Purse = Murse 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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