Dont Misgender BABIES “Theybies” SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #61


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Author: Social Truth Warrior

105 thoughts on “Dont Misgender BABIES “Theybies” SJW FAILS AND CRINGE #61

  1. They say a disease, war or a great climate change could destroy human kind however if these “progressive” liberals actually take control were fucked

  2. This is just uneducated people flaunting their crazy brains everywhere and I hope their toxic cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) doesn’t get on me or my kids!

  3. “Theybe”? Can I get my ticket to mars please…these people fucking crazy….so the very small percentage of transgender people expect the rest of the world to do this? Shit is crazy. To each their own but this is going too far! Just like transgender folks saying “if you call breast feeding natural, is discriminating against transgender people” ..what the fuck

  4. Can’t make shit that isn’t equal, equal. Men and women are different, and you are born one or the other..what you identify as is a different thing and if a boy decides he wants to be a girls later… but teach him what is real and what isn’t.

  5. I think its more insulting and inhuman to call someone a they, and calling your child a they I would be so pissed if my parents did that.
    way to make your kid hate your guts and go nuts

  6. Carson’s fucked. He doesn’t try to listen or relate to what his guests are saying at all. Zero. He just invites people on his show to act superior, he’s gross.

  7. I identify as jelly and not human so I dont have to pay taxes.. based on their theory if I am forced to accept this th egoverment as to accept me as jellly

  8. Well, if anything, these children are good for a social experimentation. How will these kids turn out being raised like this. If you do it as an official study, it’ll get shutdown fast quickly.

  9. I can see it now. SJWs walking into a bookstore and see a book called ‘A Child Called It’ and are delighted to purchase what they believe is some kind of ‘woke’, enlightened piece of literature and a guild to raising a child the ‘correct’ way.

    For those who don’t get it, ‘A Child Called It’ is a notoriously graphic book about sever physical child abuse.

    1. Starlight_Feather I read that book it is very sad. My niece liked Ninja turtles when she was four, she likes unicorns now (she’s five)

  10. I can’t and never will understand the mindset of a sjw. Someone has a different opinion than you, that doesn’t mean you should harass them

  11. Nobody below the age of 18 should be getting any kind of hormone treatment, or any other kind of medical procedure that allows them to transition to the other gender. I would even argue that an age limit for such a thing should be even higher since human bodies don’t stop developing until around 25 or so. It ruins their bodies for future development when they transition at such a young age.

  12. ok listen,, while i agree with what this fox news anchor is saying,, he’s saying it ALL types of wrong. Instead he should be talking about how this could seriously mess up the child. When I was a kid I used to play with bratz dolls, and if my parents were like “oh you decide who you are” I would probably want to have been a girl. Big problems happen when you put the kid on puberty blockers, hormones, even give them fucking surgery. Because many times, like I did, kids grow out of it. They stop playing dress up. It was never a serious thing for them, they were just PLAYING because they were CHILDREN and that’s what CHILDREN do. Even if you just get puberty blockers and don’t mess with hormones, or surgery, that can SERIOUSLY stunt your growth, and either leave you with a 2 inch peen for the rest of your life, or size A tits you know? And your voice won’t ever drop. You won’t grow as much. Honestly I don’t think people should be allowed to get on any type of hormones until they’re at least 17 with parents consent, 18 without. And we should just get rid of puberty blockers altogether.

    1. I think the age someone can go on hormones should be 22 because that’s when the brain reaches full maturity

  13. What would happen if theybie parents had their genders taken away from them and they had to live as, well, you know what? Well what would theybie? ??????? Then how many theybies would they produce??????????

  14. Not labeling a child until its 4 isn’t even that terrible. Unless they feed their child hormones I really don’t care. It might actually give us some great insight on how much of male and female personality is caused by biology vs society

    1. yeah of course and I agree that that’s probably the better option. It would still be interesting to hear how these kids develop.

  15. I usually agree with Ben but forbidding your 4 year old son to wear dresses is stupid. Clothes don’t hold that importance in my opinion and letting him wear a dress if he wants won’t necessarily make him weaker or less of a boy in the future. He will most likely grow out of that more of a feminine phase when he’s older just like Ben said his daughter grew out of playing with trucks. Denying your son or daughter to dress the way they want or play with certain toys because of their gender I think does more harm than good. This is why people are so fucked up always wanting to change their gender because they don’t fit into the role of gender that society infiltrates. So in conclusion what Ben said was very contradictory

  16. I don’t think this whole theybie thing is so harmful. I came to laugh, but endet up cringing about that fox News anchor..

  17. Theybies?  Those SJWs in Commiefornia have lost their effing minds.  I guess that bright ball in the sky theysunmoonabiey?

  18. So who’s responsible for the heartbreak of a little girl when she somehow, almost certainly with complete confusion and misunderstanding as to what the fuck is going on, realizes she can’t bare a child, because she has a dick and a Y chromosome? Who’s responsible if such a trauma ultimately leads to depression and even potential suicide later in life?

  19. Watching these videos makes me want to beat the crap out of SJWs. But there’s none in my area, if there were, I’d be in jail.

  20. Crazy Cathy is just priceless. Equality and gender have nothing to do with each other. Humans aren’t the same, we are different. Man and woman are different, but that doesn’t mean were not equal.

  21. Well for one thing you can save a ton of money in kindergartens by having only one bathroom since they’re all theybies

  22. Does anyone ever says to his boy “Oh my tiger!”
    i call to my child by his name, not gender, not animal.
    I say “Hey mark, do you wanna eat?”


  23. Neighter i say “Hey Mark, you have a penis – so your a boy!”
    i just say him when he shouldact masculine – “be a man! don’t cry”

    whats bad in it?

  24. My boy like cars from when he was born, and i didn”t said him
    “Hey you know what, you’re a boy, you should like cars!”


  25. For all of you morons who think you are awake to the NWO and constantly blame Jews….THIS MAN is a Jew..a REAL Jew…you morons still know NOTHING of the globalists and the NWO if you are blaming jews…Zionist are NOT Jews….Zionist have used Jews as their scapegoat for literally hundreds of years.

  26. When I have kids I’m gonna raise them like my parents raised me. With truth and mercy. But also discipline, that way they will know how the world really is. I just don’t want my kid stuck in this stupidity.

  27. “Who cares about genitalia?” Are you effing kidding me? Ummm…let’s see….last I recall….you need a combination of a real penis and a real vagina in order to CREATE life! Umm….so, yeah….genitalia is kind of important!

  28. I’m sorry business owner, you came for our constitutional rights, and the city you live is taking that away, its a shame.

  29. Typical stupid libtards.They protest and condemn the very hatred that they continually and constantly exhibit while chasing fake Nazi ghosts. Can’t get any more backwards, brainwashed, or stupid. Thanks for destroying America dumb fk libs.

  30. Did anyone else notice Ben Shapiro’s double standard when it comes to his children? He’ll let his daughter openly play with toys that are for boys and seen as a masculine thing by society but if his son were to wear a dress he wouldn’t allow it. He justifies this by saying that he is the parent and he is allowed to control what his son is allowed to do in regards to things that are feminine but does not hold the same standard for his daughter.

  31. Wait till these kids grow up, look at their parents and want to know how stupid they are that they can’t tell if it’s a girl or boy

  32. They accuse him of conducting himself in a hateful manner yet ignore the fact that the hateful, intolerant left is throwing feces at his building and customers. 👏🏻 Please continue your behavior on the left. Between your outlandishly ignorant hatred and the fact the the left is now pushing socialism, it ensures another Trump victory in 2020z

  33. Good luck trying to dress you’re “theybies”. What, do they just dress them in green or red every day, can’t do pink or blue!

  34. Oh for fuck sake. Boys are boys, girls are girls. If you think any different you are mentally ill and need locking up.

  35. Ridiculous shit like this bitch speaking is simply a distraction. Please stop wasting your lives on this shit while real problems hide behind it.

  36. Wait! What? Did she say that babies are little human beings 07:52. She is not on board with the Left’s agenda! Heretic!!!! So, since babies can’t recognize that they can’t fly until they reach a certain age ….. we should not inform them of that fact until they can fully understand the implication of getting to close to steep drop-offs.

  37. Wtf. ”Babie” is already gener neutral. You just wanna be part of a minority so that you can be ”oppressed”.

  38. There’s like 0.1% children that are confused about their gender, and in order for them to feel included we try to confuse 100% of the children about their gender. This is Madness!

  39. I don’t want kids ever.
    But If I do I will not be happy if they listen to this crap and turn into a nonbinary teenager.

    Edit: I remember seeing the girl before in the same setting!…
    She said breastfeeding isn’t natural anymore and we should hand the bottle to daddy smh

  40. How would you call the baby when you wanted that baby to pay attention. What would they type on their social security card?. just the number but no name?? I think not. Just don’t pay attention to any of this crap. It is just a very very very small amount of people doing this. Ignore them and they will go away.

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