106 thoughts on “Do Women Have Unrealistic Expectations? RE: SPEED DATING

  1. She really is going to be single for a while. The moment she referred her list as values, I knew she was going to end up with no one from the very get go. She doesn’t even know what actual values are and her criteria for a partner seemed more like she was looking for a trophy she can show off to others. I think the larger problem is that no one actually wants to get to know each other anymore (actually date people). If you don’t meet the standards, you don’t have a chance…and then you just end up alone.

    Glad to have you back, Britt. Missed your videos like crazy and I can’t wait for more. Going to tweet now hahaha

    1. I’d say she has a high probability that she’ll end up being stuck with a man, trying to raise a child and then get a divorce and become a single mother with the maturity she has so far

  2. No wonder man and women loose virginity at the time of marriage there chance of beeing married till death tends to 89 percent. Left just ruin everything.

  3. The funny part is that the older you are the less you wanna party and she’s already more than 24 y old. The age where you are trying to secure your future with jobs, and school.

  4. as a guy, I find her a bit cute, would definitely have sex with her (she could drop that hair color and tan though), but her mentality and attitude is a no-no in terms of dating. firstly, a foot fetish is really common, and while I don’t have it myself, I understand why it is. choking? obviously women love strong, manly men and definitely enjoy being dominated, and I won’t judge a woman who likes it, but I’m not sure how common it is (as far as I’ve noticed it’s less common), so basically ”what I like is ‘open-minded’, but what others like is just weird, despite the fact that it’s far more common”. hypocrisy at its finest. having standards or certain preferences is fine, but you need to be ready for their possibility to not always be met and be willing to compromise if you’re so ‘open-minded”. it’s similar with chocolate. you may love chocolate, but you need to eat it mindfully and with moderation otherwise you’ll get fat, a tooth decay, get ill, etc. and also pretty much everything you do is going to be met with judgement. have high standards if you want, but don’t get upset or act like a victim if somebody criticizes you for them. you chose to have them, you should know what’s coming with it. lastly, how the fuck does she expect to have a mature man if she wants him to act like a teenager? she whines about always being with ”bad boys”, but she only seems to be attracted and attracts only them. practically the closest thing you have to ”mature” men (strong, bold, exciting parts only) and party goers combined, because apparently this is what she wants. lastly, she doesn’t seem to be like the ”giving love” type, no matter how strongly she claims and demands that she expects much in return, especially with that party loving mentality. I’ll give her props to her points with children though. if you are young and want to enjoy your life, you are free to do so, but does she have an idea how long 7 years are?
    P.S. I’d want to buy the black dude, the ”Thanos” guys and the last guy who told her that she’s going to be single for a while a beer!

  5. For all of the complaints about open female hypergamy, that video actually does a nice job of demonstrating how such a sexual strategy is often a double-edged sword. It advantages women, but it can also advantage men who understand it and counter to it.

    What the short film doesn’t show is that most women do eventually pair bond, co-hab or marry someone. Recent never married studies reveal there is no marriage strike and that only 15% of all women are never married by age 45.
    It’s just that the pair bonding happens much later than it probably should (her decision) and that millions of these older, high mileage women have such an over inflated view of their value to men and relationships, she invariably feels given her past flings with superior male specimens that she has “settled” for less. Resentment, sexless marriage and divorce soon follow.

    Alas, Hypergamy doesn’t care.
    And doesn’t give one truck stop fuck how much you cringe at it either.

  6. The girl is shallow and self centered – guess what – people are shallow and self centered – you’re not discovering the wheel – people are like that – not just women .
    It’s funny how much you hate other women. You think men aren’t shallow – I’m a man and I can tell you for certain we’re even more shallow

  7. Time is important, we have a limited amount of it.
    Females time is not your friend, the longer you wait to have a committed relationship, the more likely you will not have one at all.
    Also the more man you slept with decrease your chance of finding a man that will commit to you for life; this doesn’t mean you cannot get sex from a man, it means you will have a harder time finding commitment from a man. Truth! am out!

  8. PLEASE don’t lower your standards. These standards are exactly what has made it the best time in the world to be a man. Her standards assure that she will still have sex with us because she can never spend a moment alone, but she won’t pretend it’s serious, or lead/pressure us into anything more than fun, casual pump and dump, because she’s waiting for a sucker who never shows up.

  9. Not only is she not mentally ready to have children of her own. I don’t think all her partying has kept her body in a well enough physical state to optimally support a growing fetus. And if she’s a vegan, even worse. Gotta get those omega 3s for your baby’s brain etc. before you get pregnant.

  10. Seems like she’s afraid of not meeting the standards of guys she dates because she felt like she wasn’t good enough in the past, so she’s trying to defend against it by having even higher standards. Even if she met a guy with all those ridiculous standards I suspect she would still find a way to sabotage the relationship.

  11. I want travel….but this has to do with having children in what way. I want a tall, hard drinking, dancing, outgoing, rich, stable, semi-rough sex fiend, someone who doesnt want kids too early, as a serious long term partner. Ok so she wants a day trader player that is also dedicated to commitment. XD. Pathetic. Sad.

  12. I commented this in the original. It’s even funnier when you think about it because she ran out of guys before she ran out of demands – it’s too fucking funny. And is representative of most Women around her age – entitled Princess Narcissists

  13. Wow, you’re so smart and beautiful! I really have a thing for conservative woman, it’s just an oasis in this desert of feminists and shallow girls x.x

  14. I also preferred to date a guy older than me but here I am, madly in love with someone 2 years younger than me. When it comes to love you should not have a list of requirements. This will sound extremely cheesy but just follow your heart and be nice to everyone <3

  15. 03:33 *googles “conversion calculator for outdated feet and hands thingy”
    …OH! 😀 She wanted to say “at least 1,8034 meters”! Why didn´t she say so in the first place?? That´s barely average for a european man. Tiny asian midgets, lol…^^
    I have several girl friends who are a good, fair bit taller than that.

  16. “Standards”???
    I would not touch that with a loooong pole….
    She doesn´t seem mature enough for the 26 years she claims to be old.

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  18. I’m 6’1, but I would’ve bounced after the first question. She’s done dating “bad men” but likes to party and be choked…? Hmmmm

  19. -i love to dance
    -Im black 🤣🤣🤣 mah dude lmao
    3:40 ohh “fuck its happening” “fuck its over” “she about to Thanos us” these dudes lmao
    But hey im pretty tall i play ball and *aparently* from these vids girls love ppl over 6ft. WHERE R ALL THESE BITCHESE AT THO SMH

    😂 ill see my self out.

  20. I think, given that the men of this community seem to find it fit to speak from the female perspective, it’s absolutely acceptable for you to speak from the male perspective.

  21. is it me or is there a problem with the mic, some kind of slight echo or after tone or something. other than that good video

  22. oh shit, bitch is ugly…LOL. She needs to look at herself in the mirror first before raising all these standards for men…oh boy..and her attitude is shitty…

  23. I just realized my boyfriend is almost the exact opposite of her list. He hates dancing, 5f 5”, and almost 3years younger than me. I don’t think he’s into chocking either. If you judged him on these things alone you wouldn’t know how badass he is.

  24. Having seen this a few times, it’s GREAT to hear a female’s perspective on it. I remember in college I really liked this chick, and she really liked me, but she was 2 inches taller than me. THAT was her deal breaker. I was average height for a man, she was tall for a woman, and she’d never date a guy who wasn’t 6′ tall. My only thought’s were, would you only date a guy who was white? Would you only date a guy who had all his hair, or who’s hair was blonde, brown, black, or red? Would you only date a guy who didn’t have freckles? What do arbitrary GENETIC physical attributes have to do with anything?

    Now DON’T get me wrong, I totally understand not wanting to date a fat guy, or a lazy guy, or a broke guy who never works. THOSE aren’t things predetermined by his birth. But how tall a guy is? As if that’s supposed to be some sort of indicator of how he’ll take care of you? How he’ll work? How he’ll raise your kids? How he’ll treat you? His height, yup, that’s the factor. And bitch, you’re short, don’t try pulling off this bullshit of being “pretty tall for an Asian woman”, that still means that your ass is short. I don’t know what kind of stripper shoes you wear when you go dancing, but being that short, we’re talking 4-6 inch shoes that you enjoy partying with, and I can already see why so many of your relationships have ended poorly.

  25. Basic thot
    -getting wasted
    -being choked
    -goes for tall guys
    -guy needs to be older (probably so he has money)

    Yep. Perfect example of a thot

  26. The thing I dislike about her is that she wants her “significant” other as a well perfectionist for her taste, I understand the fact everyone has a preferences on every point, out their taste, but what she is doing is something very dislikable, she is noting the values she likes in others, way way organizedly, like way out of hand, I can see why she is single lmao, because she lacks understandment, and is all about “herself” a self centered person that Dosent indicates what she lacks, but indicating others by what the lack, and has major demands on her “preferences” (I’m sorry but this is how I see her from my view)

  27. It’s a lot like buying a used car… you want a red, 2 door, 5 spd, awd, whatever… the more stipulations, the less chance you’re going to have finding what you want.

  28. I’m a 5’9 female. Being a bit taller than my significant other has never been an issue. But I do like being little spoon, so cuddling with someone taller is a bit more comfortable. But would never be a deal breaker for me!

  29. when looking at what women bring to the table (both risk and reward, long term). women score -5 to 4 . men score 1-10. that is the reality. most women think they score 8-10 (extremely delusional, this is part of the reason women get a low score). I’m glad, I’m not taking part of that shit show of looking for and being in a relationship. much better to kick back and watch the train wrecks. some of them are epic. as for any accusations I’m heartless. I’m not here to sacrifice my health and well being. I’m not here to be abused in that shit show, and destroyed in the train wreck that has nothing to do with me. Life really is good, much laughter and joy, for men who see reality. If women’s scores go up (gynocentric laws and society are removed, that would move women up a few points. women stop being delusional, that is a point increase. women stop sport riding cocks, a few points. there are ways the score for women can go up), then I would reconsider. But not a second before, and she would have to be within a point of me. The only men as it currently sits who be ok for them to find a woman (and that woman would have to be better than most) to be with is a man who is a 1-4. It’s that ridiculous.

  30. yeah, I understand the first two guys departure.
    I don’t like the color purple; and sometimes you just have to own up if you prefer black women, Asians, etc…
    for me it would be a deal breaker to have purple hair.

  31. As comedian Patrice O’Neal says, “Pussy ages like bread, not wine.” and “After it hits 30 years old it is not worth anything”. Sounds crude, but it is true by most male standards which is why he would get so many laughs with those 2 comments. Even as attractive as she was, that lady will either change her standards or be the 45 year old woman with 9 cats and no man.

  32. I wouldn’t be putting that much effort into a girl. There are many nice ones out there, and typically the ones who are bombarded by guys left and right have terrible attitudes and a ‘nose in the air’ complex. Being physically attractive has its cons as well. I’m sure such girls actually pass up really nice guys because they’re so hounded by many guys in the first place.

  33. My husband and I waited 9 years by choice to have kids. We’ve been married 34 years and our kids are now successful professionals. So, I think she is wise to wait if she knows she’s not ready for kids. Kids need your all and you have to be ready to put them first ALL the time.

  34. As a short guy, I hear the height thing often. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have heard, “You’re a perfect guy, if you were taller.” I am going to start asking women how much they weigh when they ask my height. LOL

  35. I do disagree with one point. I don’t think her standards are, “too high,” she’s entitled to those, “high standards,” but what she (and a lot of other women who demand the same things from men as she does), might not understand is that there’s a serious chance that she doesn’t fit their standards either/she’s simply not worth the trouble; hence, why all of those guys left her sitting there.

    LMAO, “SHE ABOUT TO THANOS US!!!” Gets me every time.

  36. Thank you, ABitOfBritt for this wise video. It absolutely hurts and makes me furious when I see guys or girls with these qualities, and trust me I’ve seen a lot in my school. The Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13 (not to be preachy here), has been abandoned and people wonder why stuff like this happens. Looking forward to your next video.

    Stand firm everyone!

    1. What’s the difference between love and lust?
      One satisfies you for life, the other only satisfies you for 10 minutes.
      BA-DUM, TSSS! XD I’m sorry, I had to.

  37. These aren’t unrealistic expectations or even high expectations these are stupid cheap non expectations… women and men have fallen so far!! No values no morals no nothing just cute funny sexy and sexually active… I’ll be damned if I dated this hoe of a woman.. she has nothing worth having

  38. to be honest if I did this game, I would probably have no one left. I am a Christian so I would only date a Christian man (hopefully he is a virgin because this is a testament to strong willpower and strong faith in God) who is in good health and is a moderate republican but not a mgtow. he should be at least as smart as me and want children (i want four). he should be not repulsive to look at and not shorter than me, but we can be the same height. i will be a surgeon so he can’t be insecure about potentially making less money than me. divorce is not an option unless there is abuse. my standards are high, but the opposite of the girl in the video.

  39. As a girl myself..omfg LOL……. (you gonna stay alone for a while) yessss omg hahahaha this is amazing is she retarded

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