Dear cosmo: this isn’t body positive..

I did some meth, I mean MATH on this whole 300 lb issue and I discovered some things and then I told you about them. The end.

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

100 thoughts on “Dear cosmo: this isn’t body positive..

  1. I honestly believe this whole Fat Acceptance Movement is about forcing average size men to find morbidly obese women sexually attractive. I bet they’ll be quick to stick up their noses around fat men and reject them.

  2. No, exercising and crash dieting to try to “fit” what you consider healthy ISN’T a good thing. It’s called yo yo dieting and causes more health problems than continually being slightly over weight. See ER visits for anemia, bolemia, malnutrition, and fad diets.
    What this movement is saying is this BMI is one not the only factor to healthiness….. only taking height and weight is highly inaccurate btw.
    If someone has no other unhealthy symptoms how is that less healthy than someone with a good BMI ratio along with excessively high blood pressure?
    There are some severely obese people who are obese simply because of poor life choices but if we’re being honest, most of the time it’s a symptom of a different disease (like depression, pcos, anxiety, hormone imbalance)

  3. Pause at 1:18 for an example of strain under pressure. She should line her shoes with coal, she’d have diamonds every evening.

  4. Cosmo are just trying to get bigger market share from all the fat wobble bottoms in the UK. Barbara went from being a cute European girl to a West coast girl pretty quick, resistance is futile, you will assimilate..or not 😉 Please put on a pair of glasses, get a cigar and try some Grouch Marx quotes (Might go with the eye bushes)

  5. And that is not 300 pounds of muscle. On a side note, doesn’t the extra fat on the face hide the normally unique facial features that make every human look distinctive?

  6. Shaming is a valuble tool in controlling social and personal behavior. Its the only tool that doesnt require courts.
    Shaming itself can be a problem and its natural control is risk. You risk peronal safety by confronting an unknown person. Which is why most people use shame for personal relationships and anonymous shame through magazines and social settings.

  7. The only thing I can say is gross, I am 6′ tall and 285 pounds and trying to lose it but that is a little gross for my taste. I wish that they can throw us a easier way that does not cause pain to are joins to lose wave, Because it is an actual pain.

  8. I’m very body positive, I just don’t think it’s for food addicts. Its for people with burns, missing limbs, bad eyebrows, that sort of thing.

  9. I love BBW🍆💦💦💦💟💙💚💛💜🖤💗💞 SEXY pussy👅👅👅💖👄👐🏾👐🏽👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿

  10. She’s a role model for people that aspire to die young from an exciting range of horribly painful and distressing health problems caused mainly by the fact that she consists of as much fat as she does bones, skin and organs. I don’t mind if you give up on yourself and would rather indulge in a shorter, more hedonistic lifestyle, but please don’t try to make out like people that aren’t attracted to you just have some irrational hatred of you as a person or as if being fat wasn’t unhealthy.

    It’s scientifically proven. Your body, your choice, but that choice doesn’t encompass rewriting medicine books because you don’t like being reminded of the consequences of said choices.

  11. That person is morbidly obese, like it or not. There is no value in arguing the point. Ps you have two caterpillars on your face. Just saying.

  12. When I was obese everything was miserable, but I really didn’t have a clue until I lost it, and felt so much better. My lower body was constantly in pain from supporting way too much. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe. I had chronic headaches and hypertension, probably also from not being able to breathe properly. I didn’t know how poor my health was until I began travelling in Europe, where fatness is frowned upon. Now I have to deal with all this awful loose skin.
    Moral of the story: Don’t get fat.

  13. I would like to know that in what clothing line a 300 lb woman is a size 22. I only weight 245 and wear a size 24 or 3X (for most clothes)

  14. Women

    You are all just becoming a collective embarrassment

    In 2018.

    Feminism and feminist drool has ruined women mentally beyond reproach

  15. I have mixed feelings about the concept of body positivity. I don’t think worth should be defined by weight or looks, and you should be able to love yourself no matter what your weight is. But you should also be logical and realistic about your weight and habit- you can do that and separate that issue from your self-worth. It’s not healthy to be significantly underweight, it’s not healthy to be significantly overweight either. You might be obese and free of any current health issues- at least obvious ones- but you know that isn’t going to last and sooner or later it’s going to be a problem, and the longer you put off dealing with that, the harder it’s going to be when you have to. Is it “okay” to be fat- well, it’s not a moral issue, so sure, it’s okay. But is it a good idea? No. Let’s be truthful. I would never be unkind to a person because they are obese, but I also can’t pretend that I think rolls and stretch marks and cellulite are beautiful things you should be proud of, in the very same way that I don’t think that the effects of extreme dieting and deprivation are beautiful either. I don’t want to see anybody’s bony sternum protruding through the gulf between their waif cleavage or be able to count all the tendons in their feet, either. You can’t slam one and cheer the other if you’re being intellectually honest.
     At the same time, I don’t understand why you’re so angry about this. It isn’t an “unrealistic beauty standard” because it’s not a standard. Holliday is just one person. Women aren’t being pressured to become fat; it’s one image vs. thousands. It has little to no impact.

  16. Ugh.. #WORD All these delusional IG big-boned models glorifying obesity… they’ll end up eating us all. Oh and they’re all so rad, avant-garde, and …healthy.. LMAO It’s just pathetic.

  17. She looks more than 300 pounds btw… body positivity should be about loving yourself so much you strive to be healthy..she clearly loves her fridge and food inside it more than life itself.

  18. So she wants to be fat but nobody to notice she’s fat? Sorry Tess my beauty stick is right %100 of the time it’s never led me wrong and it’s not interested in you at all. That being said I still really don’t care how you look whatever but stop acting like you’re beautiful and trying to change what everyone else likes and thinks is normal or beautiful. you’re a fetish for a small % of people get over it.

  19. OMG 😮
    How this is a thing?
    They are just unhealthy…
    New subscriber here
    Greetings from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    Great eyebrows by the way 😎

  20. She’s the perfect globalist consumer. Big clothes more expensive. High food bill bigger medical bills he double wheelchair. 2 staff on minimum wages to hoist her when invalid after stroke etc media clickbait mesmerized peep show people and and mind separatism and mind anger. She’s fat how come she gets attention and I don’t having worked like a dog all my life now still get ignored as freaks get all the attention now have ha oh well at least I don’t buy cosmopolitan trash mag

  21. I believe most obese people are in denial and most likely have an eating disorder they don’t think they have or address . ( binge eating ) and THAT IS UNHEALTHY so we’re basically praising an Eating disorder

  22. She is at least 400 pounds if you see her in interviews she can barely move and struggles to breathe. I’m sorry she’s disgusting mostly because she sees herself as brave for being the size of a bus.

  23. The 300 lbs model is not healthy .. However.. She is far prettier and much sexier than the girl in this video… so idk.. 1 is healthier.. And 1 Is more attractive

  24. My main issue here is that the Body Mass Index was never meant to measure obesity, and it can throw out a LOT of false results (Almost every professional wrestler, bodybuilder, and football player comes off as morbidly obese). It’s a lot like using a ruler to measure ingredients for baking. You can do it, but those are gonna be some weird cookies, and it’ll take a long time for you to figure out the conversion rate, especially when measuring cups exist

  25. She is not a size 22. Ppl have said they bring her 22’s on shoots and she throws a fit because they’re way small. She’s more like a 28. She is a bullshit lie. If she ever looses weight she will have hanging skin and be very sad at how she looks. It’s like putting mama June from honey boo boo on Cosmo cover. She just has a pretty face.

  26. This fat bitch is fucking disgusting. There are different body types, but she’s basically killing herself with food and these SJW retards are applauding her death. Why don’t we just put junkies on the covers of these magazines?

  27. Tess isn’t a size 22. I’m 5’9 and 235lbs and a size 18/20. Her being as squat as she is, she’ll be wider. Her ass is around a size 26/28 at least

  28. while your overall message s write you should look in to the history of bmi it has 0 sciintific validity. it is an equation made by a mathematician not a doctor.

  29. Oh yeah I so agree with this! You don’t have to be very skinny, but don’t look like that! And also… if the whole society finds fat men gross, why do we have to see fat women beautiful? I would never fatshame anyone, but I’ll always tell the truth. I’ll never believe what they say – they’re always out of breath, they walk slow and since I have a friend, who’s quite overweight, I exactly know how it feels – as I saw her struggling with almost everything. #trudat

  30. Tessa does have a point, it really isn’t any of our business whether or not she is healthy, that responsible sits roundly on her shoulders. If someone wants to be unhealthy, knock yourself out, be unhealthy, why should I care about them, if they do not care about themselves.

  31. I disagree with you conceding Tess’s point that she doesn’t owe anybody anything. When healthcare premiums are rising bc so many people not taking care of themselves, that affects me and my wallet.

  32. The evil left wing feminazi females just want to have an excuse to be obese and unhealthy and then later we tax payers have to pay for all their health issues and surgeries

  33. I changed my diet and started exercising due to blood pressure issues and m not even obese. Its stabilised since the change, a women of her size is a walking heart attack

  34. Mental health is the reason why we got fat asses, gender whatevers and all kinds of other bullshit becoming the norm, because nobody wants to just state the fact that all these people are fucking crazy.

  35. your cat is fantastic . I ve never see you without makeup – veeeeery nice 😉 keep going with vloging. greetings from Poland

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