CHRISTIAN CRINGE: The Fool – Movie Review

Ray Comfort released a film called “The Fool” where he complains about the ridicule Atheists have given him over the banana argument. I react to it and give a history of our personal disagreements which are pretty funny 🙂 CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW —


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Author: Social Truth Warrior

122 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN CRINGE: The Fool – Movie Review

    1. rovert46 be·lieve




      accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.

      “the superintendent believed Lancaster’s story”

      synonyms:be convinced by, trust, have confidence in, consider honest, consider truthful More


      hold (something) as an opinion; think or suppose.

      “I believe we’ve already met”

      synonyms:think, be of the opinion that, have an idea that, imagine, suspect, suppose, assume, presume, take it, conjecture, surmise, conclude, deduce, understand, be given to understand, gather, fancy, guess, dare say; More

  1. Perhaps he does realize man created god, but continues to perpetuate the notion as he would be seriously out of a job if he admitted it.
    If he does know man is “god” then it would be fair to say “god”(aka man) created the banana(modern).
    Also you are brilliant, you will be my wcw in like 5 days. 😂

  2. Can we just agree as me a Christian and you an atheist this guy is a total fucking idiot who gives people like me terrible terrible names. How the fuck can you believe shit like this. This guy is a fucking loon

  3. Sorry but the sex jokes are too much to pass up. I think he has done a Freudian slip for his true cravings. He’s got flesh bananas on the mind. You can’t possibly make that many Freudian slips without suspecting Ray might be secretly gay. I think you should make your next video to him a coming out party to encourage him to speak out his love of flesh bannanas lol. Its like I was watching a south park episode.

  4. Ah yes, the banana. That almighty & super thoughtful god was nice enough to shape (no he/she/it did not) the banana in such a manner that it would be perfectly suitable for a girl’s very first foray into the dark and mysterious realm of masturbation with sex “toys” readily available at home. That is, of course, after graduating from the hair brush handle….

  5. A lot of Christians are such prudes and yet obsessed with sex, who’s having it, how they’re having it, with whom, how often, how many people etc, in marriage or not… etc.
    So are we surprised everything this idiot says about bananas sounds dirty?

  6. Don’t we already have the Golden Crocoduck award? Oh wait Potholer54 isn’t doing them anymore. Someone should seriously consider taking over his mantle.

  7. Ray Comfort is one of the worse debaters of all time. He keeps saying that you really do believe and you’re just mad at god. He’s such a loser and even believers shouldn’t support the jackass.

  8. the funny thing about this, is the fact it is a lot easier to open the banana from the other end, than it is from the “tab” end. a whole lot easier!

  9. actually, originally bananas looked very different from what it looks like today. it was GENETICALLY MODIFIED in order to fit our needs
    and preferences


    1. That is not what atheism is, if you want to know what atheism is just ask us, we are usually more than happy to share 🙂

    1. @JaclynGlenn
      What is the point of attacking christianity?
      ( BTW i am an estonian ATHEIST, so i comment to you from one of the most atheist countries on the planet, this means i don’t defend christianity, but i find it odd how you focus on christianity, when ISLAM is much more dangerous and problematic )
      Why don’t you attack ISLAM?

      Afraid of something? Maybe The crazy leftists who protect ISLAM?

      1. In the US Christians try to force their religious rules on the rest of us, so it’s only natural to resit them. Do you think we should just stay quiet and take it?

    2. Omega Fury she lives in the US… right now, the “American Taliban” is a bigger threat than Islam.

      Ken Ham actually has a point as to why he defends Creationism: if Genesis is wrong, why believe anything else in the bible.

      In that same thought, Islam is based on the god of Abraham… when we demonstrate that to be fiction, anything that claims otherwise is easily refuted.

    3. Francois Meilleur she wasn’t a Christian name same me when your a true Christ believer and not just believing in a book and habe supernatural experiences you don’t just leave.more importantly its not so easy to just”leave” evil spirits are real and will torment you night and day.i can almost bet she uses some pharmakia pharmaceuticals to sleep. Greek for witchcraft.because these “things” dont let you have “peace”

    4. Read up on the “no true Scottsman” fallacy. In my nearly 50 years of life, living in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, I have never once seen any evidence of any kind for “evil spirits”. But I’ll let you provide whatever evidence you have to be submitted for scrutiny… the ball is in your court.

  10. “The banana was clearly intelligently designed!”
    -“lol wtf Ray, you could just look it up!”

  11. I try the discount code ATHEIST everywhere and you’d be surprised how often it works. Most recently at Adam & Eve. (Irony not intended)

    1. It also talks about our universe having a beginning. But there are only two options available “beginning/no beginning” so getting that detail right is literally no better than a coin flip. It would be more impressive if the Bible said something like “13.7 billion years ago your universe came to be, it started as a tiny point and quickly expanded as I commanded it to, then stars formed from the dust and died after a great time, the dying stars seeded heavier dust that formed your world and many others, after another great time I seeded life onto your world and encouraged it to change and grow into many forms…”

      Now THAT would have been a good way to start, but the bible was written by mere humans and they didn’t know what they were talking about.

    2. Virtual Willis know the bible is not made to be insresing its made for the truth. In fact the bible stands for basic institutions before leaving earth

    3. You are the one who brought up the springs in the earth being in the Bible before it was discovered. If that is not what the bible is made to be then why did you bring it up in the first place? The whole reason I responded was because _you_ brought up the point.

    4. Virtual Willis i was explaning somting to someone and i actually exedently posted it to evryone but its still information i know its kina random because that video is not about it

    5. Ah that makes way more sense! Thank you for explaining 🙂 By the way, are there any questions that you had or can think of for me? I’m an atheist and I am always willing to help share my views with anyone who is interested 🙂

  12. Ray only references bananas as proof. Why? Because his argument falls apart as soon as you look at, say, a pineapple. Or a jackfruit. Or a watermelon. Them fruits be practically ironclad.

  13. Don’t no who the heck this guy is and I’m a Christian.. And people the don’t believe God are always going to talked down on God and other Christians like myself.. This does make me mad but whatever all we can is pray for this female. She’s a beautiful girl but hey if she doesn’t believe in God then that’s her. But Don’t make fun of God!

  14. Your really ridiculous if you think God doesn’t exist!! Where the heck do you think our animals & fruits and everything else comes from girl go buy a bible!! I hate that people make fun of God & Christians! & this guy Ray is ridiculous for making Christians look ridiculous!! Smh oh Lord Jesus this world needs help.

    1. What would it take for you to change your mind about the existence of the Christian god Yahweh? How would you know if you were mistaken?

  15. I honestly do not know how you have the patience with this guy. I honestly detest this man with all of my being. As a science teacher myself i find his manipulation, denial of facts, and blatant ignorance of science to be disgusting.

    He is also a liar, and is so disingenuous it is mind blowing. He has been schooled constantly as to how evolution works but he constantly ignores all of this to push his snake oil. If I ever visited the US and had the chance to meet him, I would not be able to keep my big mouth shut.

    Is he full of shit? Yes, absolutely he is. Does he believe what he says, again, yes. Is he a master of manipulation who will lie and do what ever he can to flog his insipid bollocks videos and books that could be debunked by one of my year 7 kids (11/12 year olds, for those outside the UK), yes, without a doubt.

    1. “Does he believe what he says, again, yes.”

      I’m no longer convinced that he does. I’ve been watching him for years and it’s become very clear to me that the guy is in this for the money, he might actually believe a god of some sort exists but all the Bible stuff he considers to be BS, just an easy way to get Christians to give him more cash.

  16. There’s such a huge difference between Jaclyn when she started YouTube and now. When I was Christian, I would hate how she could make a point but could kind of be a bitch about it? And then when I got to the point where I agreed with her, she still would tend to reuse the same arguments and material. But now you can really see how eloquently and confidently she speaks and how she’s developed in her attitudes and arguments. Like, I don’t know her, but I’m proud of her?

  17. Don’t most (if not, ALL) primates “talk”? Lots of animals communicate & in many different ways. There is no one universal language! But I’m glad he speaks my language, so he can read this post, the twat!

  18. I was one of those people when this came out…those that didn’t know better and thought Evolution VS God was so profound. Looking at it now I cringe, but I was a child. It just reminds me AGAIN how damaging religion is for especially children.

  19. I wish you were my girlfriend 😭. I’m in a country where everyone is super religious and it’s so hard for me. Coz I’m the minority I’m always in the wrong. Having someone like you who agrees is soo nice

    1. I’ve been convinced for a while now that Ray is just a masterful troll doing his thing to squeeze money out of Christians. I bet if we got him drunk enough he’d tell us the whole Bible is BS and he doesn’t believe a word of it.

  20. One thing that doesn’t square with me is his insistence that the banana anecdote was originally presented as a bit in front of church-goers. The people in the audience are clearly laughing because of the innuendo. Is this because of clever editing? Or was he a little more devil-may-care about how he got his point across in the past?

  21. stop fighting with Ray, some of his stuff is too easy to tear down as a strawman… God isn’t about filling gaps, God is about making sense of nature and the human experience. Try doing a debate video against qualified moral theistic philosophers/thinkers like Alvin Plantinga (for example ‘Alvin Plantinga on Richard Dawkins’) or Shabir Ally (check Dr. Shabir Ally “THE ATHEIST DELUSION” ***Richard Dawkins FAILED***). Quit playing in the intellectual sandbox with Ray.

  22. Jaclyn

    You will never win against an ignorant idiot whose entire life is based on a delusion

    Religion to people like Ray is the way he makes money….hes a con artist

    Jaclyn your BEAUTIFUL..

    Ray your a fake, making money off ignorant people

    And by the way Ray, sand is the result of erosion

  23. It’s hard to believe that the audience actually found that funny. They were laughing hysterically at something that wasn’t all that funny.

  24. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?! I did not realise that absolute muppet is from my country, I was hoping he was just a dumbass Australian… So disappointing… Just to be clear, we’re actually a relatively secular country, Ray Comfort does not represent us in any way.

  25. I have made so many antievolotion Christian’s by saying: what if GOD was the driving force behind evolution or maybe God made everything and evolution is a result of God stepping back and saying I did good now it’s up to you Yahoo’s not to screw it up

  26. I am a devout Christian but I think this dude is just making fun of us tbh… I don’t think he’s being serious maybe a false prophet

  27. Ray Comfort is truly lost. His brain obviously doesn’t work like that of normal people.

    I mean he obviously doesn’t understand that people made fun of him for believing the banana to be “designed by god”.

    Then he claims that the clip of him being shown without the coke-can example is taken “out of context”, because then everybody would know that the point he wanted to make was that the banana was … designed by god (?). Which doesn’t change ANYTHING about the point he was being criticized on to begin with. That was exactly WHY he was being made fun of.

    Then he calls that whole banana/coke-can comparison a “parody”, even though he was just literally pointing out what he actually believes in (=the banana being designed by god), showing that he doesn’t even know what a parody is.

    And as if all that wasn’t enough, in the interview with you he admids to acknowledge that the banana was shaped by human domestication, which makes even his own points about his whole “designed by god” argument invalid.

    Seriously, how does a normal working brain make sense out of anything of this?

    And then this guy makes videos about this nonsense and gets money for it… what the fuuuuck…

  28. The banana bit was clearly NOT a joke. Its actually worse though if it was meant to be a joke because then I’m going to start wondering if Ray has dementia. The banana bit was not funny. It was not clever. It’s definitely not a satire or a parody. Nobody who’d ever heard a joke would hear that and think, “Aha! A joke!” Ray needs never try to be a comedian ever. He’s just too much of a giant dork to pull it off.

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