CHRISTIAN CRINGE : Christian Guys On Modesty- Bikinis?

Cringe warning- I found one of the worst videos on youtube. Two guys talking about how women should dress. Make sure to subscribibibibe!
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

108 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN CRINGE : Christian Guys On Modesty- Bikinis?

  1. This video got instantly demonetized. Please consider supporting me and other creators on Patreon. If every video gets hit like this it’s definitely not a sustainable path.

    1. JaclynGlenn If they can demonetize your videos shouldn’t they demonetize all videos? What kind of business model do these people have? Seems like Youtube is a shitty god with a special preference for a select few.

  2. Damn girl whoever sent this to you deserves a slap to the head. 😂 Bet yet may I suggest the female first. We go from milk to meat wow. Jesus’s freaking christ. Have a wine Jaclyn be my guest you earned it. 🍷🙏❤️😜

  3. Bible-believing christians walk towards the same goal which is the kingdom of God. In light of this, we try our best to not be a stumbling block for the other gender. That is why, it is always interesting for us to hear what causes people of the opposite sex to stumble. Hope this made sense ^^.
    That being said, I completely agree that there barely is any difference between wearing a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini. The video is incoherent and you are right to point it out Jaclyn.

  4. she has tats
    but yeah she’s fucking annoying
    and yeah they’re probably doin some freaky 3way for jeezus while she sqeaks and squawks evey taco tweak

  5. you never leave me with pure thoughts
    yes I am horrible
    christians are just completely oblivious to two things
    human sexuality
    and denial of human sexuality
    you can tell those dudes are talkin up the purity because they are thinkin impure 😉

  6. No. It’s only about their responsibility. God said pluck your fucking eye out if you can’t not be a horn dog. You pos.

  7. Damn Jaclyn… you such a hoe! If only I didn’t find hoes with such sexy brains so damn attractive, maybe I could unsubscribe and finally be done with you forever! 😛

  8. Hmm keeping yourself pure…. pretty sure permanently marking your body with tattoos is a sin and gawd don’t like it !

  9. CONTROL! CONTROL! CONTROL! CONTROL! This is classic christian values so its cringe level is strong. The problem with following antiquated doctrine. I was part of the Mormon church when I was a young boy, They refer to each other as Brother/Sister…..suuuuuuper creepy when I think back on it.

  10. Bible thumping morons…. and the sad part about it is they weren’t even brainwashed well whatever church they went to didn’t do a good job hahahahaha

    (Disclaimer; I do not have a problem with religious people I have a problem with the one like this who shove it in everyone’s face and think they are better than everyone)

  11. So we should not show our bodies, yet god made people without clothes…? Yeah um… Explain that to me. (Plus who would want to cover up bodies, these people are crazy)

  12. holy God (pun medium-intended?) this is awwwwfulll!!!! I cannot believe people actually watch this!!! vomit!!!!!

  13. So just to be clear, if ur not a girl, u can’t have an opinion on what’s modest for a girl to wear? Oh oh, retard alert.

    Btw, I’m also an atheist so my opinion isn’t influenced by “my lord and savior jeezuz” lmao

  14. Sorry Jaclyn, 1:30 in and already can’t finish this. Hearing that girl’s first sentence was annoying enough. But now I’ve heard her speak 2 or 3 sentences and I can’t take any more of this. Ugggggh! What the fuck kind of freaks are these people?

  15. Alright, I’m a non-denominational Christian who serves at his church 3-4 days out of the week. I think these guys come from a good place but they’re coming at it from a weird perspective. I think this idea that women and only women should dress a certain way to not make a guy lustful is quite frankly idiotic. If I see an attractive women like say Jaclyn here, for example, it shouldn’t be on her go make me lust. That would be on me. Same thing here. It’s not on Christian women to keep men from lusting. You are taught as a Christian to work on yourself through Christ and to be humble enough to admit it when you fall, not put the blame on others. Point is, these guys might have good intentions but they are wrong in my eyes. They’re just shifting blame. Take responsibility for what you think, do and say.

  16. I’m a Christian and there is something I find attractive about girls who dress more modestly. Like it’s more expressive of who they are instead of being attractive just because it shows more skin. However I do cringe at most channels like that and find a lot of what they say stupid.

  17. Why do you have so many videos targeting Christianity but not other religions where people actually still kill people for being gay?

  18. I’m glad you’re getting back to your roots, talking about religion, instead of doing drama vids about your ex

  19. Christian girls . . . no ALL girls shouldn’t wear bikinis (Giggity), that is the world i one day want to live in

  20. You said in one of your videos that you hate people fighting over faith and atheism yet you go making a ton of videos attacking Christians

  21. Hmm… In 2018 is it wrong for me to point out that she has nice tits? Or are too people gonna get *Triggered?*

  22. holy shit those people and their videos are so fucking cringey it’s
    like i really had to look away from the screen or turn down the volume a few times cuz i felt so embarrassed for them 😅

  23. It’s late 2018 and you’re lame unoriginal ass is still using “cringe”? Cringe this, cringe that. Shut the fuck up!

  24. Paul must jack off like 20 times a day to keep that raging demon inside of him at bay. That look on his face says it all, he’s in too deep with this chick now, no backing out – he probably thought he could slowly but surely convince her that Jesus wants her to take a load on the face, but 10 years into the relationship he’s finally starting to doubt that his good looks and knowledge of scripture, just isn’t going to have the effect he had hoped.

  25. Omg i cant help but think paul and morgan are just adorable together 😂 ya know, whatever makes them happy. Im happy theyre happy together.

  26. Jaclyn : These guys are so idiots. I can’t handle it.

    The guy on the left: Yeah. -Dabs-

    Me: Seems the guy agree with her xD

  27. This video and the concept of not wearing bikinis doesn’t even make sense. Men and women alike have sex drives. When someone has a sex drive they have their own personal things that give them that drive. Just because you are trying to eliminate your belly button at the pool does not mean people are going to stop being horny or whatever. Baiting suits I hardly even something as a priority for me when it comes to being conservative. Go outside and look at what people wear today versus 10 years ago or God for bid 50 years ago. I remember going to see Ariana Grande intothousand15, my two friends and I were the only adults without children there. All of the kids at the show had probably adult like clothing, I’m talking sexy boots and little skirts and all that. These were children dressed like street walkers! If children dressing like adults isn’t a problem and now look at what people wear as adults. What was once known as scandalous is now considered team and what was unforgivable and not even an option is your day to day outfit. Even if we aluminate bikinis from beaches it will not stop people from being sexually deviant or horny or whatever. If anything it would just make them that much more aggravated and that much more desperate to get some shit done LOL my final thought on this if you would be to consider fetishes, fetishes make being a conservative well just procreate person almost impossible. You could go outside wearing a tux Cito or church outfit and someone could have a fetish for that and you’re fucked. People just need to look away if they don’t like what they see and get the fuck over it. I love your videos keep it up, you’re amazing.

  28. Stuff like this is part of the many reasons why I use to be a devout Christian and now I’m not. Put all of the philosophical, historical, and scientific reasons why God most likely doesn’t exist and the Christian God DEFINITELY doesn’t exist aside for now. The “church community” is ridiculous. Every church I ever attended was just one Giant judgement festival. You better dress the right way, speak the right way, and say the right things. It’s all a big contest to see who the “best Christian” is and who is “most Godly” then that person gets to tell the rest of them how to live their lives. Then these “godly” leaders sit around and talk shit ,or “gossip”as the Bible prohibits, about those “Worldly” non-believers and all of those other pesky lost Christians following a different denomination. Funny story, one time I was talking to a Christian and I told him my story of how for 25 years I was a Christian and the more I learned the more I came to realize that I was believing in mythology, I explained all of the hard irrefutable evidence for evolution and I explained why logically the god of the Bible cannot exist and he said “oh, you were just going to the wrong church, if you had gone to MY church you would have stayed.” I laughed, put my hand on his shoulder and said “People like you are another reason why I don’t want to be a part of that religion.” And walked away.

  29. I just stumbles a crossed your channel today, I have to say I love you.  ANNNND you just got your 716th subscriber

  30. I have friends who are Christian, one talks about wanting to uh… sMASH (before marriage obviously). And they wear bikinis and stuff, it’s kinda funny.

  31. 4:05-4:15 the way he looks at him. I dont think it’s a stumbling block for that brother to see girls in a bikini. He looks sooo bummed when other dude says brother. He’s about to cry that his buddy doesn’t see him as more

  32. When I saw you in a bikini top, I immideately became “impure”. This is all your fault, Jaqlyn. I was so pure up to today. :'(

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