CHRISTIAN CRINGE: 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

RE: 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage
So much cringe in one video, and it’s a long one!!
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Author: Social Truth Warrior

105 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN CRINGE: 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

  1. I just wanna let you know, not all christians are like this. Im a bisexual democratic christian. I dont agree with these crazy christians.

  2. “there’s always a chance you can make a baby if you have sex” Yeah, that’s why condoms, the pill, other contraceptive, the morning after pill, abortion, and adoption exist. Even if you’re married, there’s no telling if you’re ready for a baby at that point in time.

  3. sex is an escalation of affection
    and intimacy
    love comes from nurturing a relationship through affection
    if you meet someone and marry them just out of wanting something that we haven’t taken the time to nuture that’s basically trapping someone

  4. How is it bad or cringe worthy to not have sex before marriage? What’s so bad about abstaining from sex? What this guy is saying is that you must get to know each other without sex and when you wait until marriage the sex will be that much better. Meaningless sex is a waste of time, because it fulfills only the flesh and not the spirit!

  5. I hope nobody ever marries him. Or if she does, she divorces him and gets everything because he is repellent. I doubt he is going to learn how to be a good partner…I just don’t see him improving. Somebody needs to make a reasons TO have sex before marriage…why do I never see that one?

  6. See, I personally am Asexual, and I’d rather not have sex in a relationship due to reasons that I’d rather not state, but even I know that the original video is stupid. People are different, some want intimacy and some don’t.

  7. If you breathe, you’re a T H O T. And that’s okay.
    I’ve had my fair share of sex, and I’ll be honest I don’t like it very much. It wasn’t until my previous relationship that I enjoyed it ‘cuz I felt an emotional connection with my ex. I had to develop the emotional connection first before I enjoyed having sex. So right away most of this guy’s points don’t even apply to me.

    There’s so much to say to this guy’s points, but damn if I’m not annoyed to the point where I just don’t even care. Lol.


  9. I’m sorry, but I have a big problem with you in this video….WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HOLDING THE GLASS LIKE THAT???!!!, you should be holding it by the stem!!!, otherwise you will add heat to the wine

  10. Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
    Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.
    Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.
    If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.
    This guy should learn that…………….

  11. jaclyn im a pretty new subscriber but i just wanted to say i really enjoy your vids! you’re super fun and personable, keep doing you <3

  12. This guy is really poorly spoken but I think he’s reasonable at the very least. He sounds unintelligent but I think he makes some fairly valid points here and there.

  13. This dude is just braggin’ and using the word “Shit” as if he’s a cool up to date christian, plus he hates woman.

  14. Sex also creates what is called a “soul tie”, which means in this life you will always be connected to that person on a spiritual level! The less “soul ties” you have the healthier mentally and spiritually a person can be, but as I’ve stated it’s an individual choice to engage in sexual activity. I for one only have 2 partners in my whole life, not for lack of sex appeal, I just don’t desire sex as much as most men.

  15. I realize that there are a lot of cringy Christian videos on the internet. But b/c the internet is what it is, I’m sure that there are cringy videos for almost every religion. Why are so many of your videos anti-Christian? You don’t post things about any other religions. I may be wrong, but I thought your parents were Christians. Why go out of your way to ridicule, and make fun of their religion? You say that you are close to them but then you are disrespectful of Christianity. I don’t often watch your videos and this is why. You seem to go out of your way to find the worst examples of something that ppl consider the core of their being and make fun of it. Why are you so desperate to prove Christianity is wrong? This guy may be cringy but how do his beliefs hurt you? Live and let live

  16. Let’s just say, both points are valid, BUT (and that’s a big BUT, no pun intended) this guy is not correct in ALL his points. It’s great to date and get to know each other first ten at a specific point in time the couple can choose to get married or split. I prefer to let God lead my heart to the one He wants me to be with, I do get extremely lonely and God knows this so He will let me meet my true love in His time, not my time. I choose to live this way because if I submit myself to God the relationship as a whole will be better, and the sex with be great!

  17. Getting married to have sex is very common in Utah:/. Drives me fucking bonkers

    I will probably end up editing this multiple times haha:). The duct tape thing sounds a lot like the “chewed up gum” thing the LDS church promotes. You have no flavor, you’re not desirable. You’re worthless is basically what they get at. I hate that argument:/.

  18. The divorce statistic is actually pretty easy to explain. If you don’t have many partners, you’re less likely to get married. If you don’t get married in the first place, you don’t get divorced.

  19. Jaclyn, I have a lot of respect for you. But in this video it felt like you were twisting his words constantly. You made a few good points, but the rest of the time you were putting words into his mouth. I’m only posting this because it would feel biased if I refrained just because I like you.
    And btw this is coming from someone who has casual sex and isn’t religious in the slightest.

  20. Personally I think waiting is a viable option. But a lot of people end up going into bad marriages for the sake of sex. I think you should only have sex with someone you trust and love. Not just someone you met the other day. Someone who you know is safe from any diseases and you should definitely use contraceptives to protect against unwanted pregnancies.

  21. The only reason I would like to date someone who had sex with a small amount of people is because I’m unsure of my performance and very nervous that they won’t like it because they’ve had better, and I also recognize that this is selfish. So I wouldn’t pursue women with limited sex experiences but I would be less anxious if they did.

  22. This guy is Captain Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do. _Hey guys, sex before marriage is bad for you; it makes you waste time in bad relationships and it makes you unable to evaluate your relationships, etc..etc..blah blah blah. But I totally have had loads and loads of premarital sex and it was _*_awesome_*_ !_

  23. Hey! You drink Barefoot too! Have you tried the pinot grigio? It’s awesome. Also, sex before marriage is awesome. Don’t any of you deny yourself! Yes, I’ve had wine.

  24. I know a couple that got married at 18 specifically because they wanted to have sex and their Christian parents wouldn’t tolerate it unless they got married. This shit is WAY WORSE than anything sex before marriage could cause because now this young couple is forced into what is supposed to be a long-term relationship even though they’ve barely been together a year.

  25. i am a Muslim and everything you say is against the foundation of my religion
    yet i agree with your points
    in the arabic/islamic nations the concept of ‘love’ barley exists

  26. It’s all about control. That’s all it ever was about. Religion is all about controlling women. That’s why his video wasn’t truly about waiting until marriage. Underneath his message, and you Jaclyn found this out and said it, was mostly directed towards women waiting and not having sex. There’s no deep spiritual message. Gotta stay in control.

  27. Yup, I agree, I think this is directed toward women, but at the same time suggesting removing agency from women, i.e., women’s behavior is conditioned on men’s behavior and men’s desires, not on what the woman wants for herself. So he suggests women should exert control of their bodies and sexuality as a response to men’s libido or intentions as to relationships, not because, well it’s their body and their sexuality and they have agency as to what happens to both. Oh, and look at the black and white fallacies: women just want relationships men just want sex; short term sex or long term friendship; and in a not so veiled way, whore or madonna. And yes, he certainly is calling women with multiple sex partners “hoes”, he’s just giving himself permission to do so, by saying, well, men with multiple sex partners are also bad.

  28. Ah God the tape metaphor. Still not as good as the shoe metaphor. “Sock!? Socks don’t protect my heart Michelle!”

  29. Why are religious men so obsessed with women being “pure”? I used to be Muslim and I got married without ever having sex and it was so awkward because I had no idea what to do! What guy wants to deal with that? Lol, fortunately now my husband and I are both atheists and we can look back and cringe.

  30. ” why open your legs when you can open the Bible? I only bust it open for Jesus” his video wrapped up in that meme😂💀

  31. He acts like if you have sex, your body will CONNECT with them and even if you don’t like the person later, your CONNECTION will make u stay with them or something

  32. Yes, as a lesbian, I don’t want sex. I’m not actually attracted to women. It’s just nice to have a relationship without sex.

    Because female sexuality is fake….

  33. Trust me, life without sex is no fun. I talk from experience. I stay away because I have to, because my past has a dark secret and I do not want to set anyone at risk because of that, but as I also have a decree in Psychology, sex is healthy, it is good and fun, it connects you to a person on a whole different level. Just stay safe and clean, that is all you need and have fun.

  34. I was in a church community that thought this way. It was very slut shaming and very “boys will be boys and it’s the girl’s responsibility to keep them in line”. It led to a lot of relationships where the women were not physically attracted to their husbands and were even repulsed and/or traumatized by sex. To make matters worse they didn’t believe in birth control so there were a lot of pregnancies that put the women’s lives in danger and put families at odds with each other. When I met the man I am now married to, I did some personal reflection and made a decision that I wanted to have sex with him because I felt I would regret it if I walked away from the relationship without exploring our physical attraction. It was one of the best decisions I made. We’re married, happy, best friends, and have a great sex life! This type of thinking makes women out to be automatons who cannot be rational about relationships and are ruled by their emotions instead of beings who have personal agency and autonomy.

  35. Relationships fail for different reasons not because the couple has sex. Intimacy is a important part of a relationship and if it’s to the point where the two feel that spark and decide to have sex it’s a way of connecting to that person and feeling closer to them. If the relationship fails it’s not because of having sex it’s other issues usually. Plus getting married just so you can have sex is very stupid. That’s a sure why to trap two people together who barely know each other and aren’t sure of they are right for each other all because they wanted sex. This guy is so misinformed about this it’s laughable.

  36. I’ve been with my bf for 9 year’s. We have 4 kids together and we recently just got engaged 2 years ago. 😊💙❤

  37. “Having sex is what blinded me from seeing the problems” nah dog, you’ve BEEN not wanting to see the problems lmao.

  38. Yea, dating one year before marriage. How about 6 months to learn to know the other person to see if you should form a relationship and then be in 10+ years before getting marriage – that would at least give you a chance to see if it works and is worth chaining yourself to till death do you apart? Hnm…

  39. Getting married before having sex is like buying a car without taking it out for a try out drive. You want to find someone who fits you and even though sex is not all that matters it is pretty important.

    Also my two kids are born out of wedlock not baptised. So they are doubly doomed. 😛

  40. Dude. I’m a Christian and I respect when people say they want to wait, but this video was so extra and you’re right it was very sexist and misinformed. Props to you Jaclyn for picking these things apart. love you girl!

  41. Guaranteed this wierdo has never heard the word cunnilingus, much less how to do it correctly. I’ll double down and guarantee this dude has never pleased a woman ever, or even knows those “women” creatures can orgasm.

  42. Honestly my ex fiancé had sex but it didn’t work out because he was acting childish over some argument. Now I’ve moved on and I’ve been on two dates with this cool dude. His parents even bought me vegan pizza. I don’t care sex is natural and women do have needs as much as men. Hell if this guy I’ve been seeing I will defiantly have sex with him

  43. 0:13 to 0:16
    Reddit has a lot of ammunition now too.
    Again exactly 2 minutes later, at 2:13 to 2:16

  44. The divorce rate actually isn’t 50%, it’s really closer to 35-40%, which is still bad, but it’s not 50%.

    Everybody, don’t wait 5 years to get laid!

  45. These are the things that further these negative stereotypes about women AND men.
    For men= they don’t want a relationship, they just want sex
    For women= they don’t want sex, they just want a relationship.

  46. wait babies come from sex?!?!?! i always thought they came from a bird…i was playing my game boy in sex ed.

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