108 thoughts on “Body Positivity IS Normalizing Obesity RE: Tess Holliday on Cosmo

  1. Self improvement hasn’t been a strong focus of the culture in America for a long time. This is the result. Worse people. Fatter, weaker, less disciplined, lazier people with no work ethic who treat others like garbage. I’m not completely innocent, but far too many have completely given up on even trying. I’m off to the gym.

    1. Western civilization, fat acceptance, before feminism it’s where handsome men had to jack off to porn essentially, feminism exploited the already gynocentric, uncouth, Victorian era to something much worse, humanism. A lot more toxic than Victorian era. Humanism is effeminacy, sociopathy and narcissism etc. packaged. All the worst aspects of gay guy’s and women in one, anything effeminate. hahahah! Social engineering is funny though, this world is not the end all be all, Jesus Christ ascended master, not fundy satanist Christian, told you this, the verses are misinterpreted by the fundy’s. faith in god over good human being = salvationist scamming you. Islam say’s same, Abraham didn’t talk to god, it was the devil, El shaddai, Astral being stuck in our solar system fallen angel god head, Lucifer if you prefer.

    2. Muhammad same as Abraham, same approach by the same entity, Fallen Elohim, not good Elohim such as Christ. Fallen Elohim are weaker, way way weaker than the good guy’s. Your ruling elite have their own paganism, black sun, bottom feeding Kabalism, not the good kind, the moralistic kind instead which is what it supposed to be used for lol. Black magick is the bad kind, witchcraft 101, and don’t even bother with it, do good alchemy. John Dee think’s he controls the fallen entities, as do other’s deep in the occult, but that’s an illusion given by the entity you summon. While you get the false impression that you’re under control, they point in fact have the whole handle on you. That’s how the demonic works. so stupid this place lol.

    3. Mrs. Britt, can you put on an Israeli Military uniform, it wouldn’t affect me, but I know this simp who would droll all over it. You can pretend to be middle eastern, they’re a composite of races, convert of Judaism, white people and other. The Israelite’s looked like Lebanon and Egypt people, sort of persian or Parthian, depends. Tell your westerners to stop watching 300 movies, the greeks are Dan’s, that means they’re Abrahamic, Mediterranean people. Abraham was no man of god, man of Saturn. The demon El shaddai, god of mischief in norse mythology (your people there you go) told the shit bag of feeble geezer and cocks*cker to sacrifice his son on Moriah, the last minute the so called god head of f*ck, he sends a demonic minion to make him stop, tight tight tight tigh tigh, cool cool, he’s a functional slave afterall. That’s your world lol. They cloaked the real teaching of Jesus with what? The 1/2 truth and disinfo bible, the old testament tells you of the multi dimensional ET presence on earth, fancy themselves your creator, they took your vessel and made it etherically weak, your genetics were manipulated, this is why we have to learn spiritual alchemy, good one’s, not the satanist stuff.

  2. ive been trying to lose weight cause i know my body isnt how i feel on the inside. and i used to be into fat movement stuff but now im not when it started to effect my actual health and how it effected people cause of my chooses. ive lost over 20 pounds. ive self taught myself about healthy eating and different types of work outs online and all sorta to health lifestyle without going to a gym cause im poor. but i dont judge you for making this video nor should anyone else. you speak words that i think everyone now a days should hear before making unhealthy chooses.

  3. Great video! How about everyone encouraging their friends and family to do some exercise together instead of watching tv/internet or sitting around talking- let’s keep moving even if it’s for a short walk!

  4. One part of me wants to do something and another gives two shits about them (essentially) killing themselves. It just means less and less men will fuck these disgusting fat cunts, and they’ll die alone with their cats.

  5. Well, I disagree, my new coach says that’s not an issue…

    And for people using normal units: 1.60 m for 127 kg

  6. Body positivity season is always just after summer because those fat bitches didn’t reach their summer bmi goals and are angry now .

  7. I don’t get why they say that it’s for “self love”. If you love yourself you’ll do the best for your body and treat it like a temple, that means, eating healthy nourishing food, being active, going to the doctor at least twice a year to see how your health is going, etc.

  8. Tess Holliday is not 280 pounds, maybe 380+, she’s been known to lie about her size. These fat activist will not live to see old age, lol

    She also scammed her fans back in the day, and people she’s worked with say she’s a spoiled diva.

  9. Obesity comes from food addiction. Addiction comes from filling a need that couldn’t be filled. Common across this generation is shitty parents that starved their children of needed parenting.

    This generation is damaged in a way that can’t be mended easily. The only hope is raising the next generation better, giving them the parenting we lacked. Trick is to know what that lack is, since we never received it ourselves.

  10. So apparently I am underweight according to bmi with a height of 180cm and weighr 50 kg 5.10 feet and 100 pounds

    Although I would say I am slightly overweight look wise.

  11. you definitely have a point, but if ppl are happy with themselves then who are you to tell them any different? it’s very nice to be concerned for their health but at then end of the day it’s more or less their own problem, not yours.

  12. its not only these magazine, its in netflix movies now too, there are movies, now on netflix, showing fat girl gets a guy, and there is another movie, where 10 years ago , that girl wouldn’t be considered pretty to be in a role of a leader role in romantic movie, a girl is eyebrow bushy no make up wearing, i don’t know just so much was wrong with it, i am not a heavy make up wearing girl myself, its just the movies are changing, i know in reality we do see guys with more heavy girls, and a guy is skinny and even cute, we see that, i don’t have anything against heavy girls don’t get me wrong, i know sometimes is a diabetic issue, or insulin resistance issue, and some other health factors that its impossible for those kind of people to be in shape, but well anyway, don’t want to sound bad, but the movies are changing with liberal agenda, and i don’t know how else to name it,

  13. Tess is 280?

    Ok so real talk I’m 6’1″ 270 with a very muscular physique from power lifting and jujitsu.

    This chicks half a foot shorter than me and heavier with it being mostly fat not muscle.

    Try to explain to me how the hell that is healthy in any way shape or form

  14. God I hate that I saw all those rolls in her back >.< im 400lbs and im convinced that its a mental disorder that these people justify it, youve gotta be crazy to think otherwise

  15. I’ve seen a clip of Tess talking to Holly Wilibie (correct me) and Phillip Schofield, she’s addicted to two things: that fucking cake (maybe it’s an idiotic intimidation tactic or as the cool kids call it: trolling) and the word “like”, as if she’s struggling to create a coherent sentence.

    1. Looking at the Tweet at 5:59, she must be so edgy, so bold, THAT SHE’S STILL TOO SCARED TO SAY THE WORD “FUCK”! I’d say she sounds like she has some sort of depression, something that’s holding her back but considering she’s mocking her enemies, She deserves no sympathy.

      There’s not being the size the patriarchy wants you to be and then there’s waiting for the fucking grim reaper!

  16. Recently i gained 2 stone from steroids to treat my crohn’s disease and its a horrible feeling to be unhealthy but the most disturbing thing i find is I don’t stand out from the crowd because they are mostly overweight or obese even at 16. personally i plan to lose the weight as soon as i am better but i cant comprehend how anyone could want to be this way.

  17. Ashley Graham may be slightly overweight, Tess Holliday looks nothing but a tragedy. No way anyone can defend that, severe obesity is not a beautiful sight or a healthy joyce. Giving publicity to people as ill as Tess Holliday is irresponsible.

  18. The most hypocritical part is you know these far models would never date a fat guy. They only want other people to see there fat as beautiful but they don’t find it beautiful in a partner themselves. It’s just kinda ridiculous

  19. I don’t give a fuck what body type is on the cover of a magazine, as long as nothing unhealthy is being pushed as healthy.

  20. Its part of a bigger plan, they load our food with complete garbage, intending to catch us on the downside of weight loss diets. _if they can’t disarm us, they can at least slow us down lol__
    Throwing in the notion, we should to eat at least 6 smalls meals that turns into 3 large and 2 medium meals; completely leaving out that fasting for a week is very much healthier.

  21. I don’t think most people in america know what a normal sized body looks like anymore. I am 5’9 154 lbs and most people say I look skinny but my bmi is 22.9, which is well within the normal range.

  22. That is an insanely fat women! I don’t even know how to react to her. I have never seen someone that size.
    The fact the clothing, fashionable clothing,goes to these huge sizes also shouldn’t be a thing. A lesser enabler, but still enabling.

  23. Fuck em…. let em die… Fat people are a waste of space and a waste of food… Plus if zombies ever do come to existence we skinny folks will be glade that there are sooo many lard asses that cant run 🥞🎂🍦🍩🍰 😅

  24. Funny. They seek to gain freedom from “societal” standards yet, pretty soon, the only freedom they’ll be seeking is the ability to get out of bed.

  25. All these people pushing for fat acceptance movement are the same people who shat on size 0 supermodels back when I was in the 6th grade (2006).

    Promoting eating disorders of any kind- is evil.

    EDIT: I posted this before Britt made that conclusion herself. 😂 great minds think alike I guess.

    Not even in midevil times were the rich and wealthy class overweight like today (because food was 100% natural, and people still had to go out and get their food)- even the ruling class had people get food for them, and it wasn’t always a consistent thing. They just got to eat more on average than the poor, working class.

  26. Yeahc Great idea! Kill all the millenials with type 2 diabetes, heart attacks and every other lardy arse fat illness going so that their children have to be raised by the grand parents who still have some common sense, a sense of decency and 2 genders to correct this ideological blip in human development so that the human race can get back on course again!

  27. Pictures of fat people should have a warning printed on them, just like packs of cigarettes must have a warning. But that’s not going to happen. Even worse, here in Belgium, our minister of public health is an obese woman. If you don’t believe me, just look her up on Google: Maggie De Block.

  28. I am a firm believer in the concept of “Survival of the Fittest”. Anyone who is massively overweight, and makes no effort to rectify this, is clearly not fit to survive. Leave them alone, and focus on improving your own self. They will leave the gene pool soon enough.

    As long as they don’t reproduce, the problem will correct itself in a few decades. Because, unfortunately, the only reliable way to ensure bad ideas die off is to wait for the holders of those ideas to literally die off.

  29. “Sometimes less is more”, less weight more energy, more fitness, more clothing options with more cash in your pocket, more room to move, more ability to move, more oxygen, blood flow, more ease on the heart, the muscles, the joints, more life(in many ways), more fun, more freedom, and just more, life.

    And this is coming from a guy who knows he’s overweight( *very* overweight), and knows he’s not trying as hard as he should, but is trying☺.

    Much love, and God’s blessings☺.

  30. Most of us wont be bikini models or bodybuilders as hard as we try but doesn’t mean you have to balloon up either. Just eat healthy and stay active.

  31. Why is this happening?

    1. Big money for Big Pharma
    2. The more unhealthy we are, the more dependent we are on Big Pharma and thus easier to control, and the less likely we can fight back against martial law

  32. As someone who used to be really overweight and am still working on it: you’re right about the crab mentality thing. I think they know that being overweight is bad for themselves but feel so bad about it that they lash out at anyone who succeeded in getting out of the problem while they themselves are stuck there.

  33. I’m Australian and just got back from holiday in the US. The amount of overweight young people in America is astounding. The way it’s been normalized is astonishing. Good to see a young person speaking openly and rationally on the issue.

  34. This model is 5′ 3″ and 280 pounds? I believe when she hits 320 she will be as wide as she is tall. Yuk, you could roll her around like a ball if you had a bulldozer.

  35. “Body positivity at any size”. Brought to you by the cognitive dissonance found exclusive on the political Left in the U.S.

  36. It’s no different than smoking cigs or drinking alcohol though. Both of those are still glamorized and Nobody says shit. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  37. Honestly from a former fat person, we like feeling thinner than the next fat person to feel better and think you’re not that bad/fat. If I’m not as fat as the other person so I’m doing better. It’s not how it works.

    I went from 351 pounds to 200. My fat is now 8% when it was 49.8%. It’s not fun changing yourself but I want to live a decent life. I wanted to go to the clothing store and be able to find my size. That was major for me. I went from 4x to Large/medium and 54 waist to 33. I’ll do whatever it takes to never go back.

    Being fat is a disease I believe with the easiest cure. I play video games a lot and use the gym to be active. Make almost all my own food, still eat fast food occasionally. Just would never want to feel the way I did going to a clothing store again.

  38. Hardly any good looking women left in America they are almost all overweight! When you see that one hottie with the smoking legs you lose you shit!

  39. you should watch bios3rawtv’s take on this. I like the part where you discussed identifying as fat. the body is just a giant chemical reaction and it is highly malleable. Identifying with things in general is a bad idea. I know a girl who is 25 and hates that she is that old. It’s the same thing, you don’t have to identify with your age because it isn’t actually a negative until you grow past age 50, and even then, you can be extremely healthy.

  40. Once again feminism asserts that women are children with no agency and insists that everyone else pretend that this lack of agency is empowering.

  41. The women on that article that first shows. That’s something that shouldn’t be a huge concern. Holiday is another story. We’ve gone from “don’t glorify 75 pound women” to the COMPLETELY extreme opposite.

  42. Time to militarize our society like Ancient Sparta did. Not with all of Sparta’s policies and values (example: training eight year olds to fight is too overkill), but we need to bring discipline and courage back into our society.

  43. I’m 6’5″ 215 I’m overweight. I have been working out the last three weeks and watching my weight I am 22 and I am trying to take control of my life when I have little control due to my disability. I want to be in control of everything that I can have control over in my life. To be able to bench 250 hopefully and I can currently squat 400 lbs easy. Wrap Tess Holiday around me I will lift her and then when I put her down an earthquake will ensue… that last one was a joke her fat will not let me get a grip if I tried. I am not insanely buff but I am trying to get more toned.Keep bettering yourself you will feel great trust me.

  44. I always lov
    ed petite women like yourself. my parents were not overweight, nor grandparents. but I was always 220lb standing 6′ tall. at my peak, benching 410lbs, one hand curls we’re 95lbs, and was 770 squats. I could do a 2 mile run in 14 minutes and as I worked more and more, I lost lots of muscle. I can bench 360 now, but am overweight, shy and paraplegic. without use of my legs, losing weight has major benefits, but we haven’t found a way to make it work

  45. Tess Holiday does not weigh 280. i used to weigh 330 pounds and not even close to being as fat as here. She weighs at least 400 pounds. Sad and pathetic that we are supporting unhealthy lifestyles. shame on us.

  46. Welcome back Britt. Good to see you again. I know I’m over weight myself, but I’m far from obese. But I also lead an active lifestyle and eat reasonably healthy. I won’t win any fitness contests, but I’m still healthier than these land whales.

  47. People would help the anorexic models normalize their eating disorder but more people would likely attack a plus size model for doing wanting to fix their eating disorder. They are trapped in role society wants them to play now.

  48. I agree with you on your overall point, but my god you are full of shit. Your 3 pieces of evidence showing body positivity promotes obesity includes 2 articles talking about the same study, which purely looked for a relationship between comfortability with your weight and your BMI, an extremely flawed methodology, and the other article you showed had nothing to do with body positivity at all, it was an op-ed that included an interview with a fat guy and talked about how hard is to lose weight when grocery stores are riddled with unhealthy items. No wonder you think the left is more racist than the right, lmfao.

  49. I don’t know why we should have morbidly obese models for the purposes of representation. One of the major criticisms against the fashion industry has always been the use of anorexic, bulimic, and other unhealthily thin models. Someone a bit thinner, or a bit larger isn’t really a problem, but when people get to these very unhealthy weights we should not reward them with modeling gigs.

  50. Well.


  51. Once Low Carb/Keto finally finds its way into government nutrition recommendations (and it’s on its way), a decent chunk of the overweight population will drop off. Lost 20 pounds in 2 months, still going. A lot of practicing doctors are out there talking about this. Real research & data supporting it. Not a fad.

  52. To honest I’m fat and i truely don’t get the body positivity movement like most over weight people I’m fat because I’m inactive not because society or bullshit excuses like i was born this way i wish more people would be honest with themselves

  53. I agree with the points about Tess Holiday but what irks me is that Ashley Graham is sometimes seen as part of the problem when she does actually live a healthy active life. Sorry about the pettiness, but it gets on my nerves sometimes, as a person who also is very active and still can be considered by magazines as plus sized

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