B U R N your Nike for Trump and MAGA!!!

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

106 thoughts on “B U R N your Nike for Trump and MAGA!!!

  1. People actually trying to fight me on how I’m mispronouncing the word “Adidas” due to my “accent” or “not being American” is a highlight of my day.
    Adidas is a GERMAN brand, therefore the proper pronunciation is [ˈadiˌdas]

    L O L

    1. Adidas pronounced Adi-das in Europe as the name comes from Adi Dassler the founder of the company. Pronounced differently in North America due to the RunDMC song since the brand wasn’t a house hold name prior to their hit song.

  2. I love all these white crackers going crazy.. it makes me feel warm inside. I want to give a big shout to the kkk for making this possible and their autistic kids. Please keep it up so we can turn the tables and start killing you for no reason 😂😂. This is so beautiful. Thank you soo very much

  3. Vote in midterms for pro christian pro america pro trump candidates this November!! May all cheating plots be exposed from darkness to light, may the plans to criminally cheat, using voter fraud be penetrated & exposed in every congressional district & every state.

    You’re the best Barbara

  4. Nike or any companies or any shoes or clothes line shouldn’t do deals with activists that will jeopardize their companies and other factories that help Nike made them overseas.

  5. So, Nike losing millions, tell me again, who doesn’t understand boycott ? Mmh ? Just because you own a youtube channel and thousands of fans who for most just want to fuck you, doesn’t make you omniscient. Maybe remember that next time.

  6. Have to admit, I am disappointed in your response. This whole thing with Kapernick and Nike is wrong in so many ways , yet you decide to blow this one off as trivial. Sorry, but I’m gone.

  7. I am not going to burn my Nike products, I paid for them before this happened. So I will continue wearing my year old or two year old sneakers and converse, but I will never buy Nike products again! Like my Air Force ones! I wear my, make America great cap at the same time!

  8. I’m not burning my Nike shoes that I payed for with my hard earned money just because some mediocre SF quarterback never sacrificed a thing in his entire life. It’s a waste of money and would be better if you would give your Nike attire away to the less fortunate.

  9. It’s more of the fact that Kaepercunt has already donated money to a organization that praises a cop-killing domestic terrorist. Being said, burning something you have already paid for is stupid, just don’t buy more. I will wear the Nike gear I have currently, but I personally won’t be buying Nike products until this blows over.

  10. buy puma instead

    taking a knee is still a sign of respect and hes bringing attention to corruption within police departments…stop riding the hype train,if you tried to speak out against corruption in your town guess who might harass you under orders from a third-party

  11. holy shit chick shut the fuck up. you’re one the most annoying people I’ve ever seen on YouTube . please stop making videos

  12. Nope,how much do they go against the people. The point is Nike,NFL,NBA,Colin,LeBron James. Can go f themselves,they boycott us the people all the time. It’s a short time return on controversy, with long term damage to the company. #getwokegobroke

  13. Burning Nike shoes …. reminds me of anti burning flags or muslims burning flags.
    This just proofs that the right also has alot of RETARDS.

  14. Lmao gotta luv these ignorant bigot anti colin kaepernick mufukas who still cant fathom the thought that his stand has nothing to do with the flag…from the young to the old…and gotta blame the old because theyre just setting an even worse example for the young smhhh…burning nike products? Lmao yall still lost nike made their money from yall a long time ago…nike stays winning and kaepernick stays winning

  15. Nothing you say offends me. I just wish you would give Faith a chance, I believe you will someday. My daughter has small feet, it’s the only shoe that works for her.

  16. Those people trashing their Nike shoes and apparel love the US and Trump and respect the flag and the military veterans soooo very much. So much that they’d rather burn Nike products instead of donating them to the thousands of homeless veterans or “Wounded Warriors” or any of the various charities that help vets.
    Not only are they idiots they’re Trump-level idiots.

  17. Nike/Adidas thrives off of slave work. Fuck them. Oh and fuck that overpaid athlete Colin who thinks he’s actually making a difference LOLLL still trying to figure out what he’s protesting against.

  18. Im not going to burn clothing that I already bought. Thats stupid. I won’t buy any more for sure.
    And it’s NIK,, E not NIK. Speak English. You sound stupid.

  19. Tired to be sure. If you don’t like a shoe brand, just don’t buy them. There are lots of companies that have CEO’s that are quite liberal and way off in their philosophies. If you don’t want to support them, then don’t support them. Anyhow, I hope things are going well for you in Slovenia. You are truly one of a kind!

  20. I stopped using Nike’s years ago, becausw they started to make shit quality shoes. Especially the running shoes sucks ass, new pair lasted 100km and started worn out.

  21. The France Soccer team was represented by half black people, so is the British soccer team, it is time we whites start moving away from Professional Sports. We need young white boys to be able to look up to strong white players.

  22. Kaepernick is a jock. The stereotype for jocks is someone who may be dumb and is good at sports….O.K. there are a few guys who are smart and are also good at sports ,like the Stanford University football team, but people of high to medium intelligence tend to feel jock = dumb. They also tend to be the kind of guy who is not afraid that he will get into a fight, so some jocks are rude. So when that boy is not standing while the anthem is playing, the majority of people think, uh…while the anthem is playing you don’t do anything else……isn’t that simple enough that anyone can understand that ? , and the majority……….oh he is..protesting because the cops are white supremicysts who shoot unarmed black guys? ummmmm, no that doesn’t make sense, that flag is what the American soldiers carried in the civil war, when they went down south and freed the slaves, killing 1 out of every 4 redneck men in the process. Now if they raised the rebel flag (confederate ) and the band played ‘I wish I were in Dixie” and he wouldn’t stand for that, ..well that would make sense……Hey Colin, what you should protest is how football helmets do not completely protect your head, and too many of football players brain cells have died. THAT would make sense too…..What the NFL should do is imediately after the final note of the anthem is done put a spotlight on the guy who is kneeling while the other lights are dimmed, and the announcer says ” somewhere a village is missing it’s idiot”

  23. I’ve never been into Nike much I do own a pair I’ve had for a long time I don’t plan to burn them but imho Nike was never really very important to me anyway I don’t care if I ever own another pair or not either though.

  24. Dear Barbara, I’ve been away from my phone go awhile. But..I’m back!so..getting caught up on your sites. I donated all my Nike to good will. I won’t wear them. I know how everyone thinks, but the US is sorta going throu a race thing, and a whole lot of things. You know what i mean. It’s a sad thing.

  25. Nike’s shoes are uncomfortable anyway. Under armour and Adidas has made better products long before the boycott. All these companies to boycott i can’t because I never used their products in the first place.

  26. It’s called symbolic protest. People burn flags as a symbol. Burning Nike shoes is a symbol. I’m not going to do it because.. i need my shoes but.. lol

  27. I agree, it’s ridiculous. People are dying and starving, the planet is so polluted there will soon be more plastic than fish in the ocean, thousands unemployed and homeless, sleeping in their cars, and people are angry about…. shoes??? And as you said, the contract was signed years ago. Burning shoes is bad for the air quality, too. If people wanna get rid of their shoes, they ought to donate them to homeless or poor people.

  28. Oh yes they will remember so you are not in the US so basically why comment when you do not matter.The US is not your Country so zip your lips ? So post your issues in your Country and take up issues like Immigration in your Country that has ruined it.

  29. I’m just gonna keep using my 6 year old black sneakers that I inherited from my father that were originally white just because there is only 1 hole in them and new ones cost too much

  30. Huh, for once I disagree. So look, really think on this just a sec: if you’re enjoying some brand, and the brand’s image changes in your mind, it’s no longer fun to wear that brand. If you already know you’re not going to use something you already had, choices are: 1) trash 2) take up space 3) kill it with fire!! why not make a statement then

  31. Both Mizuno and Asics makes better running shoes then Adidas and Nike, both of them have become a fashion company, and do no longer strive to create the best sport-shoes.

  32. fact: Nike and Adidas were founded by two germans… that are brothers so mainly the same family have shares in both companies and don’t give a f*** about your ban

  33. Arabs sell pork while Mennonites play bad-mitten in Ibizia, and a sector of a political faction wishes me to boycott a free enterprise entrepreneur? Gah, is madness.

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