ATHEIST VS CHRISTIAN – Ray Comfort Interview

I interviewed Ray Comfort to discuss our history of drama and to talk about his new film “The Fool” that I’m featured in.
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If you want to see the unedited interview, here’s the link. It’s the same thing with dead space cut out and two camera angles added. I just wanted to have this here so everyone can see that there was no manipulation in editing.

Thanks to Brian for fixing my terrible audio (it was really bad)

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

107 thoughts on “ATHEIST VS CHRISTIAN – Ray Comfort Interview

  1. I love how you so perfectly cornered him at the end and he became completely unable to answer your questions. That’s how you know you’ve won.

  2. The banana thing became a “joke” the second Ray realized how stupid it sounds. The inclusion of the coke can actually puts his statement further away from being comedic in my view. And its exceedingly clear that he doesn’t understand tongue in cheek humor at all.

  3. Hey Ray, Tthe banana fits perfectly up a man’s ass (just as TJ Kirk or any gay porn star ever). Clearly your god designed it specifically for gay men. And for lesbian women to use as the first dildo in place of the male genitalia. So turns out your God is not only pro-lgbt, but he actually designed fruity sex toys for the gays!
    Checkmate, ya homophobic wingnut.

  4. Death and disease is a direct result from mans sin! Death did not exist for creation when God designed and created life, but Lucifer tricked human creation and caused the first sin which perverted God’s greatest creation, humans and therefore God as explained in genesis in the bible curses the ground of the garden of Eden. Man would then suffer and took away at the soil for food and man would need to sacrifice animals to appease God and gain His favor!

    I believe in God which has provided me great favor in my life!

  5. I fuckin love how Jaclyn looks at the camera whenever Ray is about to say something completely irrational, like saying “listen to this retard”

  6. Ray really tried to avoid the banana topic. He accepted in the same conversation that bananas have been modified, but he also said they were designed by God, and that he was not serious when making the comparison with a coke can, but still used it as an argument of intelligent design. I wonder if he really does not realize how inconsistent all of this is. I believe Ray is a good guy but he’s so misled by his faith.

  7. If its arrogant to question the stupid stories in the Bible then isn’t it also arrogant to question the stupid stories in any holy book that claims it’s own validity? The principle is exactly the same. We should by that principle humble ourselves to every religion.
    I don’t think Ray understands what humble means.
    Can he humble himself to admit he might be mistaken?

  8. Kirk Cameron used to be an atheist? We were ALL atheists when we were born, only after indoctrination by our parents does religion take hold. Some find supernatural claims hard to accept because of the lack of evidence.

  9. Bless him, no pun intended. He’s clearly a low IQ guy and doesn’t understand. I feel a bit sorry for him. He’s a pretty harmless bloke who’s just of low intelligence and can’t grasp the simplest of ideas. Someone like Jordan Peterson, who I’m not sure admits being religious but is extremely influenced by the Bible either for its metaphors or because he believes in God, would be worth discussing this stuff with. But this was still a great watch. It certainly exposes why, and I really don’t mean this as a provocation, a lot of lesser intelligent people are easily fooled into ‘believing’. Saying all that, I did enjoy the new ‘ridiculous Bible stories’ theory. Definitely new and he’s come up with that one from somewhere. I’ll give him credit for the unique bullshitting.

  10. I love you, even if I disagree with you on gender. This was awesome all around, though I would have gone into the fact that books are only ever known to have been produced by humans, are solely distinguishable to humans who speak the language it was written in, have only existed relatively recently in comparison to even human life, and therefore are very different from DNA and are much less likely to occur spontaneously. The two aren’t even comparable in any way.

  11. Liar. The banana wasn’t a joke. You actually asked Kraus to delete the mention of the babana story when you agreed with him you wouldn’t delete anything. And still you tried to remove it. That is dishonesty.

  12. Anyone who believes in a god is fucking deluded and insane.

    Neanderthals walked this earth millions of years before the Adam and Eve story was invented…

    Jesus camp…..those people want putting in a nut house…..

    Religion was invented for control , Power , Money , Wealth

    The bloke is on this video is insane..
    The Girl on the video is INTELLIGENT

    Sand was created by erosion on rock
    Your wasting your time with religious fools

    Cant watch it and more….HE IS A FUCKING IDIOT

  13. Hey Jaclyn! Did you see the latest sales email from Hot Topic? You are in it wearing a Wonder Woman costume. That is awesome!!

  14. Ray had “National Geographic”, and it’s logo, hanging in the background. Oh, the irony!

  15. this is why I don’t have a religion I’ll beleave how I want, it causes mostly mostly hate and suffering that’s all I am going to say

    1. *Brammy007a,* It’s more of an “and/or”. (All religious leaders make money off it. Some also believe it.) It’s usually impossible to know until the leader steps forward and admits it (there’s an organization that helps religious leaders cope with losing their belief where lots of priests/pastors/etc admit they no longer believe).

  16. Lmao i honestly love this channel, you trashed islam and christianity and judaism and tried to buff out your athiest asshole behaviour, and then your emo boyfriend fucked someone in a bathroom and you got cucked, if there is a god he has roasted you beyond redemption

  17. Ray Comfort logic: Banana = ridiculous. Banana + coke can = totally legit.

    It’s stupid either way, it’s just that it makes the same point more concisely. Which is pretty much the definition of a meme.

  18. I think she is trying to say that the modern banana used in his “parody” is actually cultivated by people and dont normally grow in nature.

  19. I’m eating a banana watching this, glad I came prepared, here are my reactions while watching this…. okay, coconuts don’t grow in the oceans, they don’t just wash up and land on your feet on an island, they grow on palm trees… this guy really needs to go on more vacations… moving foward, this guy must have never use his freezer to make ice ever…… “we can’t make ice” … What???? Now we say all good things are created not bad stuff. You like kittens? You like kittens? Created by God himself! Watch as he creates a kitten without procreating the cat! *Crowds in awe*…. really? SNAKES CAN TALK!! If I told someone this I’d be placed in an asylum for crazy people! This just sounds like someone should explain snake language to me so I can talk to snakes. Ok now he hears dogs talking can anybody say Son of Sam please? DEAR LAWD NOW HE KNOWS WHAT EVERYONE BELIEVES HOW HUMBLE!!!! Hey! Sometimes I damn Mother Theresa okay pal! You don’t get to decide what comes out my mouth! Buster! *Stubs toe against a dresser* Damn it Mother Theresa! Shit! Okay look sometimes the police do really dumb shit and to say that people don’t like the police because it’s a moral issue not an intellectual issue is not intellectually correct because God can do some really dumb shit too. Moving on. I feel it’s insulting to ask that if you ever really knew the Lord when you were religious? This seems like it’s heading the direction of trying to convert vs trying to talk about the message he’s trying to send. You don’t get to pride into people’s personal life like that who the Hell does this guy really think he is? I’m insulted! Okay I see his problem I’m the heckler to his parody not his joke because there’s a difference some one should’ve warned me about that lol. This guy is as bad as my chancleta flip flop. If my husband knew an invisable man better than me, I’d question a couple things but to narrow it down I’d say his life. The bottom line is eat the banana, not slip on it, but in some cases slip on it because ignorance is bliss.

  20. I can’t believe I’m sitting here listening to an argument over bananas……some one please dub this video with hollaback (banana footage only please). My goodness!

  21. Cringe at 44:37. I’m not asking you to believe the crazy stories in the bible, but to accept the gosple.
    Um……as a Christian myself, if you don’t accept the entirety of the Bible, you have a problem, because as Jaclyn very clearly pointed out, now you have to explain why you believe some things and not others.
    I’m completely for having some issues with them, I find myself having issues, but my view is just because I have an issue doesn’t negate the truth. I may just not understand it, or agree with it. I also know I am a finite being with finite knowledge, who is always learning, and questioning. Compared to God who is infinate, and knows all things. I have enough evidence to trust that what is in the bible is true, not only in principle, but also in physical evidence. I know people say there is no evidence, that is false. What may be true is that there is not enough evidence to convince you, in the way you need it.

  22. I want Jaclyn to make a good living from her work. I also like the idea that fewer and fewer people are interested in what Ray Comfort has to say.

    So..I’m conflicted, but I hope Jaclyn understands if I’m not too sad if this video doesn’t get as many views as some might have expected!

  23. You are such a treasure on YouTube Jaclyn. It is so good to see women skeptics, especially ones who are well spoken and willing to have a civil conversation with these scam artists, and you are much more pleasant to look at than TJ Kirk lol ,who is one of my other favorite youtubers.

  24. 3 fascinating ironies

    1. A majority of scientists (the evolutionists) rely on a minority of the relevant data

    That’s because only about 10% of dating methods give the vast ages required for evolution to work.

    2. A minority of scientists (the creationists) use the majority of the relevant data.

    About 90% of all dating methods support a creation date that it is too young for evolution.

    3. The public’s impression is that it is the other way around.

  25. Hey guys!! God is real and He Loves You. Jesus is the Son of God come in the flesh and he died on the cross for all of our sins, he was buried and he rose again. He is alive forever more. Believe on him and have everlasting life’s. When I die I will be with him forever. If you don’t believe in him before you die, when you die you will burn in hell forever. Please accept him before it’s Eternally too late. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

  26. I have to agree, Jaclyn owned Ray in this interview, but winning an argument does not validate one’s position on the subject matter. I would urge all to interrogate the claims presented in the Bible and come to their own conclusions. I would particularly recommend the books of John and Romans as good places to begin. Should the claims be false, you lose nothing; but if they are true, you stand to lose everything. God is not vindictive neither is he irrational concerning our skepticism. He says, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13…and in 1 Chronicles 28:9, “If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever.”

    If in doubt of God’s love for you, remember this, “but God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

  27. Sick of this pathetic woman. She is no match for the other more professional atheists. Go back to med school you over 30 something ……

  28. I just want to point out that Ray Comfort apologize to Jacqueline he didn’t apologize to all the people that he’s deceiving by speeding things that are incorrect

  29. Why can’t everyone just be agnostic? lmfao. We don’t know shit and we will never know so why claim your idea is right on? You’re a fool to 100% believe in any god and you’re a fool to 100% believe that everything came from a blast. Just admit you don’t know and be okay with that. Just live yo life damn it and do your part in doing good things while you’re alive

  30. Ray (un)Comfort(able) is a project identifier. no gawd at all. “God” is just a substitute parent in your head…….c’mon. “Kids Club”?

  31. Christians get off that saying ‘you know in your heart’ your heart has nothing to do with your thought process, its role of an organ is to supply your brain with oxygen and circulate if through your body, nothing more and nothing less.

  32. Its so funny how they both smile and prevent themselves from insulting each other and saying bad words.Btw good job Jaclyn! I really like how you hold this little debate/interview!

    1. Not.enough to.go.around Wow, it’s almost like she’s originally an atheist based channel ( aside from vegetarianism as well )

  33. I luv furry kittens; therefore, God is a cat.
    The only “Fools” are the ones parting with their money to buy his book of nonsense.
    I like your vids that just goof on their arguments. Actually having to listen to these charlatans makes my head hurt. OTOH, it’s better than listening to stories of dating idiots, unless you sing. You have a pretty voice.

  34. This woman is extremely annoying, rude and logically deficient,she won’t let ray finish a sentence.
    Let the man speak for God sakes or in her case monkey sakes.

  35. PLEASE react to next week Real Housewives of the OC there is a woman who doesnt believe in god and shes attacked for not having a morap compass

  36. If i die and nothing in what I believe is real nothing happens at all but if a atheist dies and and he finds out that everything in Christianity is true yikes

  37. Ex-atheist, Dr Carl Wieland, Managing director of Creation Ministries International, thrilled attendees with scientific evidence for creation in the rocks and fossils. “We are actually surrounded by evidence that affirms the Bible but we need to know what to look for if we are to see it. It is a matter of having our eyes opened.”

    “In particular, atheistic belief collapses when we examine the rocks and fossils”, Dr Wieland said. “When we wear the right ‘glasses’, we discover that, rather than evolution and long ages, the rocks and fossils are recording a global catastrophe on our earth, the catastrophe that is described in the Bible.”

    Dealing with the ‘big picture’ he showed the overwhelming pattern of lack of transitional fossils, from the evolutionists’ own publications.

    Furthermore, the pattern of global rapid formation of huge sedimentary rock formations is consistent with the Bible’s account of the global Flood of Noah and contradicts the millions of years claimed by materialists.

    Dr Wieland knows the importance of creation for Christian evangelism. He came to see the truth of the Bible through being exposed to the scientific evidences for creation while at university. “I came to realize that to believe the Bible was not to commit intellectual suicide but was the logical and consistent position to adopt.” But as an atheist he had no respect for those Christians who were not willing to defend the Bible’s history, rather saying that “God used evolution” and the like.

    “The argument is not, and never has been, about ‘the facts’ relating to origins”, Dr Wieland said. “Rather it is all about how the facts are interpreted. Atheists use a framework that begins by rejecting God and His Word. Although they present themselves as rationalists and free thinkers, they are in fact bound by their biases.”

    Romans 1:20 aptly sums it up: For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

  38. 4 days later and I’m only 20 minutes in. It’s so hard to get through all the cringe.
    UPDATE: I had a very strong drink and finally made it through

  39. trying eat a pineapple while watching but it’s prickly and doesn’t fit in my hand and I broke 3 teeth biting it to. Praying to God I am his creation and not the Devils. Something is physiologically wrong with my body I think!!!!!!! If anyone has advise please reply to this comment. I iz scared of fire

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